What Does Ue Mean On Washing Machine LG

What Does Ue Mean On Washing Machine LG


Next to the icons on Siemens washing machines, you can read their decoding:

  • Black T-shirt icon indicates dark synthetic fabrics.
  • The multiple shirts icon is associated with the washing mode for shirts, linen and business clothes.
  • The mountains represent the washing mode for sports, protective and functional clothing.
  • The dial picture indicates quick wash modes. The program duration is marked on the dial (15 or 30 minutes).
  • The pelvis icon with an arrow down indicates drain mode.
  • Snail icon indicates spinning.
  • The image of a basin with water means rinsing.
  • The picture of a T-shirt with horizontal lines is associated with an intensive wash of cotton clothes.
  • The leaf icon indicates eco-friendly cotton washing.
  • The icon of the sweater on the hook is associated with the washing of synthetics. If trousers are shown next to it, then this is the mode for washing mixed laundry.
  • Nightgown symbol indicates delicate laundry.
  • Pictures of a basin with a hand and a ball of wool indicate a delicate wash (hand and wool).

On devices from this manufacturer, you can see standard icons that mean:

  • Pre-wash.
  • Regular wash.
  • Rinse mode.
  • Stop rinsing.
  • Spin mode.
  • Draining.

Also, these machines have icons indicating that the filter is dirty and the end of the washing program.


On different machines, the rinsing process can be indicated:

  • Drawing of a basin of water.
  • Image of a watering can and water drops.


This manufacturer cares about the usability of its products, so you will see more than just icons on Indesit washing machines. Next to each icon, you can read the name of the program, as well as see its number.

The icons on Indesit typewriters are quite clear to users:

  • Washing of cotton items is indicated by a schematic picture of a opened cotton box.
  • A chemical flask is present to indicate the washing of synthetic materials on Indesit machines.
  • A flower image indicates a delicate wash cycle.
  • The picture of the pants indicates the wash mode for the jeans.
  • When you see the picture of the curtain, you will select the curtain washing mode.
  • The skein is shown next to the wash mode for woolen fabrics.
  • Wood pattern denotes economical wash.
  • Iron image indicates light ironing function.
  • The dial picture is a very quick wash.


In some cars from this manufacturer, navigation is very convenient and is represented by inscriptions, while in others you will see only icons. They can be deciphered like this:

  • The cotton box is suitable for washing cotton white and colored clothes with normal and light soiling. If there is an inscription Eco next to it, then the program is suitable for fading color cotton clothes and white cotton.
  • The flask icon indicates a wash of synthetic or mixed fabrics.
  • The flower image means washing delicate fabrics such as rayon or acrylic garments.
  • A ball of wool and a basin of water correspond to the same mode, suitable for washing wool and delicate materials that need to be washed by hand.
  • The butterfly image corresponds to the special washing program for silk clothes.
  • The blanket picture indicates the washing of bedspreads, duvets, quilts and synthetic blankets.
  • The image of trousers means that jeans, dark clothes and knits can be washed in this program.
  • The curtain picture corresponds to a special curtain washing program in which there is a prewash.
  • The image of a sneaker indicates the washing of sports items.
  • The shirt picture tells the user that this program can wash five shirts with light dirt.
  • Wavy lines for rinse and wash in cold water.
  • The snail image indicates the spin mode.
  • A basin with a downward-pointing arrow indicates water draining.

By turning the handle on typewriters of this brand, you can choose the following wash:

  • Regular. It is marked with a picture of a pelvis with 2 vertical lines.
  • Fast. It is marked with a pelvis icon with horizontal lines and the letter R.
  • Cotton things. It corresponds to the image of a box of cotton.
  • Manually. Its symbol is a basin with a hand lowered into it.
  • Daily. An image of T-shirts answers her.
  • Synthetics. A picture of a flask points to it.
  • Delicate. It corresponds to the image of a feather.
  • Wool. A picture of a ball of wool points to her.
  • Preliminary. She is depicted as a pelvis with one vertical line.
  • In cold water. The image of a snowflake will tell you about it.
  • Without spinning. It is denoted by a crossed out snail.
  • Energetic. It is indicated by a basin with two wavy lines.

Functions are selected separately:

  • Rinses. It has a picture of a watering can with three drops.
  • Spin. It is indicated by a snail.
  • Extraction with drain. There is a downward pointing arrow next to the snail icon.
  • Turn-on delays. Its symbol is the dial.
  • Additional rinse. This mode is indicated by two watering cans with water drops.
  • Crease resistance. The picture of the iron will tell you about this mode.


On the control panel of Ariston machines you will notice:

  • Picture of a cotton box indicating the washing mode for cotton items.
  • Flask icon associated with synthetic fabrics.
  • A flower image for a delicate wash cycle.
  • Wood picture indicating economy mode.
  • Iron image indicating light ironing (in this washing mode, there is no last spin, and during rinsing, water is drawn in a slightly larger volume).
  • Hand basin icon associated with hand wash mode.
  • Image of two balls of wool, indicating a wash of wool.
  • A picture of a trouser that indicates a wash of jeans.
  • Curtain picture indicating curtain washing mode.
  • Full basin icon with one vertical line associated with the soak function.
  • Pelvic image with waves and dots indicating rinsing mode.
  • A picture of a basin with a downward arrow indicating a drain.
  • Spiral image indicating spinning.
  • Icon of the month and stars associated with the night wash mode, in which the machine runs silently and does not drain water.
  • Dial image for super fast wash.
  • Picture of an empty basin with a vertical line indicating the prewash.
  • Image of a basin with waves, dots and a plus indicating an additional rinse.
  • An arrow and two vertical lines icon associated with the start of the wash program and the pause.


Most often, the image of the basin is used to mark the standard wash modes, which is complemented by other elements. For example, if the basin is depicted with a hand, then such an icon denotes hand wash.

Some icons will tell you that the included operating mode is suitable for washing curtains, sportswear, baby clothes, blankets. On many typewriters, icons also indicate modes for different fabrics. wool, jeans, cotton, synthetic materials and others.

Also, icons associated with washing are pictures indicating:

  • Washable at low temperatures. Cold water during washing on some models of machines is indicated by a snowflake.
  • Quick wash.
  • Pre-wash.
  • Economy mode.
  • Half load.
  • The ability to increase the rate of water.


The control panel on Bosch washing machines is represented by a start button and other buttons for selecting the main washing modes. The number of revolutions during the washing process is selected using a separate switch. over, the more dirty the fabric and the higher its density, the higher the speed should be set. A separate switch is also used to set the washing temperature. It also helps you select a mode for your fabric.

On such a technique, you can see the following icons:

  • The picture of the underpants and T-shirt next to the T-shirt indicates the washing mode for the cotton garment. A similar pattern indicates a heavy wash, but the images are distinguished by an outlined outline.
  • A wash basin with a wavy line at the top indicates a wash that uses a significant amount of water.
  • The picture of the empty bowl corresponds to the quick wash mode. Also, the symbols of super-fast washing on Bosch machines are dials with a time interval marked on them.
  • The iron icon indicates that the light ironing mode is selected. The number of revolutions in this mode does not exceed 600.
  • T-shirt image indicates synthetic washing.
  • Drawn nightgown denotes delicate wash.
  • The hand basin and wool skein icons indicate the program for washing wool, as well as the option to select a hand wash.
  • The picture of the trousers is a symbol of the jeans washing program.


Almost all designations on typewriters of this brand are represented by common symbols found on most such equipment. However, you may also notice some icons that are specific to Candy cars:

  • The image of 2 droplets and a plus corresponds to the “aquaplus” function, which provides for additional rinses.
  • T-shirt pattern with stains indicates heavy wash.
  • The clock and the left arrow represent the delayed start function.
  • A drawing of an empty basin, into which a stream of water falls, is a symbol of rinsing on the Candy machine.
  • A basin with the letter P on typewriters of this brand indicates a pre-wash.
  • Three balls of wool represent the wash cycle for woollens.
  • The basin, next to which is the number 32, can be seen next to the button that turns on the quick wash.
  • Feather pattern will tell you that the selected wash mode is suitable for delicate materials.
  • The picture of a cloud and a downward arrow means washing durable fabrics.

Washing machine icons, mode designations and decoding

Modern washing machines are designed to make it easy for any user to control the washing process. However, dealing with newly acquired technology is sometimes difficult. Some of the designations on washing machines are understandable, but there are also icons, the meaning of which cannot be understood at first glance. In addition, each manufacturer’s icons on the front panel of the device are somewhat different from the equipment of other brands.

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It is very convenient if there is an inscription next to the icon that deciphers it, but on the panels of many cars you will see only icons. You can find out what this or that icon means in this case from the instructions attached to the technique or from the Internet.

LG washing machine UE error: description

There are often situations when the UE error is displayed on the LG washing machine. The problem occurs before spinning starts. What does this code mean and how to fix the problem that has arisen? You will have to deal with such questions in order to bring the washing process to the end.

What to do to fix the error

If a typewriter writes UE code, first of all you should pay attention to the contents of the drum. Insufficient laundry can prevent spinning from starting. For normal operation, you will have to add a few things and try again.

Overloading the washing machine can also cause a malfunction. You need to balance the content by removing a few unnecessary things. Blankets, robes, and other bulky accessories can be more difficult to get started. You can help the machine on your own by squeezing out some of the excess water from things by hand.

Before loading the washing machine, you need to read the operating instructions, which indicate the norms for the weight of the laundry for each wash mode.

In the process of washing, laundry, which is very different in size, is repeatedly mixed and intertwined with each other. This can lead to an uneven distribution of things. To restore measured rotation, it is enough to manually distribute the clothes, getting rid of lumps.

Why does it fail

The display shows the UE error when the machine does not spin the laundry after washing and rinsing. The system tries to start the drum, but it does not pick up speed and constantly stops. Work stops with a characteristic signal and a code flashing. Failure can happen for several reasons:

  • the amount of loaded laundry is insufficient;
  • the load of laundry has been exceeded;
  • things are unevenly located inside;
  • the car is not level;
  • error in the control module.

Such problems can periodically arise for each user if the operating rules are not followed. Most often, you can solve the issue on your own, without resorting to the help of specialists.

The UE error has not been resolved. How to be?

If manipulating the laundry does not help, you can try other solutions to the problem:

  • check the installation of the washing machine on a horizontal level;
  • restart the machine, eliminating the possibility of a software failure.

The cause of regularly occurring malfunctions can be wear of parts or mechanisms. In this case, you will need to repair the equipment, which can only be carried out by a qualified master.

How to open the car door

The door of the washing machine will open automatically a few minutes after the signal appears and the UE code appears. If this does not happen, then there is water left inside the drum.

To drain the machine, disconnect it from the mains and open the filter cover. Using the emergency drain hose, carefully drain off the remaining water and close the filter compartment.

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Found a bug? Highlight it and press the buttons:

The first officially patented washing machine was made of wood and was a box with a frame, half filled with wooden balls. Inside, they loaded laundry for washing, detergent and, using a lever, moved the frame, which, in turn, made the balls move and rub the laundry.

Washing machines are related to the origin of the expression “money laundering”. In the 1930s, American gangsters used the laundry network as a cover for their illegal activities. By passing off the proceeds of crime for the proceeds from cleaning clothes, they turned dirty money into clean money.

There is a “bachelor” washing machine. The laundry washed in this unit does not need to be ironed at all! The thing is that the device does not have a drum: some things can be placed inside the container directly on hangers (for example, jackets and shirts), and smaller things (for example, underwear and socks). on special shelves.

The expression “soap opera” (“soap”) did not arise by chance. The earliest series and shows with female audiences were televised while housewives were cleaning, ironing and doing laundry. In addition, to attract viewers to the screens, commercials of detergents: soaps and powders were often played on the air.

History knows the fact when a kitten got into the drum of a washing machine and, having gone through a full cycle of washing on the “Woolen things” program, got out of the unit safe and sound. The only nuisance for a pet was an allergy to washing powder.

It is convenient to use a regular plastic bag for washing small items on the road or in a hotel. Knead socks or tights inside a tied bag along with water and a little detergent. This method allows you to pre-soak clothes and perform washing without damaging the fabric and without spending a lot of powder and water.

Washing machines equipped with the “No Iron” or “Easy Iron” functions can wash your laundry without wrinkling it. This effect is achieved due to a special approach to spinning. it is performed at low speeds, with long pauses, and a small amount of water remains in the tank.

In the 19th century, washing ladies’ toilets took a lot of time. The dresses were unstitched beforehand, and then washed and dried each part separately so that the fabric would not deform. After washing, the clothes were sewn again.

Astronauts, while in Earth orbit, solve the problem of dirty things with an original method. Clothes are thrown from a spaceship and burned in the upper atmosphere.

What does the UE error mean??

LG household appliances are very popular because of their high quality and excellent performance. Many people keep washing machines of this famous brand at home. Such a technique is reliable and durable, however, even here problems and malfunctions may arise.

Usually, at the end of the washing process, the washing machine drains the water and proceeds to spin the washed laundry.

It is at this moment that a device malfunction may appear. At the same time, the drum continues to rotate, as before, but the revolutions do not increase. The machine can make a couple of attempts to start spinning. If all attempts were in vain, then the washing machine will slow down, and the UE error will be displayed on its display.

If the above error lights up on the screen, it means that at this stage there is an imbalance in the drum, due to which spinning was impossible. It should be noted that household appliances of the LG brand refer to the UE error not only in this, but also in other cases. It is quite possible to notice the difference between one problem and another, since the error can be indicated in different forms: UE or uE.

When the display shows. uE, there is no need to interfere with the operation of the washing machine. The technique independently will be able to evenly distribute all loads along the axis of the drum, carrying out a set and drainage of water. Most likely, the branded unit will succeed in this, and it will continue its work further.

If the display shows these letters during each start-up of household appliances, this means that not everything is in order with the LG washing machine, and you need to take the necessary measures to eliminate them.

So, if the UE error is displayed during the entire washing cycle, and in machines with an inverter motor, there is a characteristic drum shake, this will indicate that the tachometer is out of order. This is a very important part that is responsible for the speed of rotation of the drum.

During the washing process, the LG machine may make a crash, trying to start the spin.

After that, the device simply stops, and the error in question is displayed on its display. Such events will indicate that an important part such as an oil seal or bearing has failed. These parts break down due to natural wear and tear, moisture ingress.

UE error on LG washing machine: causes, elimination

Modern household appliances attract consumers not only by their multifunctionality, but also by their convenient operation. So, on sale you can find a lot of “smart” models of washing machines with many useful configurations. Even the highest quality and most reliable devices of this type may experience malfunctions, but you don’t have to look for their cause for a long time. everything that is needed is displayed on the display. Let’s find out what the UE error means using the example of LG technology and figure out how to fix it.

How to fix?

If you notice that a UE error has appeared on the display of a branded washing machine, then first of all you need to pay attention to what is currently in the drum of the device. If the load is too small, the spin start may be blocked. For the device to function properly, it is worth adding a few more things and trying again.

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Laundry machines from LG often do not spin the laundry even if the drum is very overloaded with things. In this case, it is important to balance the contents of the unit by removing several products from there. If you wash bulky bathrobes, blankets, jackets or other bulky items, then starting the process can be noticeably difficult. You can “help” the washing machine by supporting it on your own. Squeeze out some of the water from the washed items by hand.

In the course of washing in an LG typewriter, products that vary greatly in size, mix with each other many times and may even intertwine. As a result, this often leads to the fact that the distribution of the laundry is uneven. In order to ensure the correct and measured rotation of the drum of the device, you should carefully distribute all the products with your own hands, get rid of the stray lumps.

There are situations when all of the listed solutions do not affect the functioning of the machine, but the error continues to flash on the display. Then it is worth resorting to other attempts to solve the problem that has arisen. Let’s get to know them.

  • You can independently check the installation of household appliances on a horizontal level.
  • It is worth trying to restart the washing machine. Thus, you eliminate the possibility of a failure in the device program.

If the matter is in a faulty tachometer, then it will have to be replaced with a new one. You can do it yourself or contact the professionals.

Only by replacing it will be possible to solve the error associated with the failure of the oil seal and bearing. These components are easily replaced on your own.

In modern washing machines, the “brains” are electronic boards. These are small computers with their own processor and memory. They contain certain software, which is responsible for the operation of all possible units of household appliances. If these important components are damaged, then errors on the display may appear incorrectly, since the information is interpreted incorrectly by the system. It also happens that the controller or its control program fails.

If an error is displayed due to problems with the controller of the washing machine, it must be disconnected from the network and left deactivated for a couple of minutes. If this manipulation did not help, then it is better to contact specialists.

If errors and malfunctions occur on a regular basis, this may indicate that the parts in the washing machine are undergoing serious wear and tear. This may apply not only to individual elements of technology, but also to complex mechanisms. If there is such a cause of problems, then the equipment will have to be repaired. To do this, it is advisable to contact an LG service center or involve a professional repairman in the case.


If a branded washing machine has signaled the presence of a UE error, you should not be afraid.

Usually this problem is solved quickly and easily.

If you decide to find out on your own what the “root of the problem” is, as well as to solve it yourself, then you should arm yourself with some useful tips.

For the main mistakes of the LG washing machine, see below.

First steps

If the uE error appears in the LG washing machine, while the first letter in the code is small, then nothing needs to be done. Wait until the machine completes all the manipulations. Perhaps nothing terrible happened. If the machine stops and the display shows UE in capital letters, take the following steps one at a time.

  • Open the drum of the machine and manually redistribute the laundry, most likely it has crumpled.
  • If there is too much laundry, remove some of the laundry and start spinning again. If, on the contrary, it is not enough, then wring it out with your hands or add something else and start the spin function.
  • It is also worth checking how level the washing machine is, using the building level for this.
  • If the error persists, then try restarting the machine. To do this, switch it off, then unplug it. Wait 15-20 minutes and turn on the equipment again in spin mode.

LG washing machine UE error

Self-diagnosis of faults and irregularities in the operation of the washing machine is a useful function of modern washing machines. The code that appears on the display can help narrow down the troubleshooting circle, which will shorten the repair time. Let’s pay attention to the UE code in LG washing machines. What do these two letters mean on the screen, what to do when they appear? Let’s talk about this further.

Decoding the code and the reasons for its appearance

The UE error in the LG washing machine can appear both at the end of the program before starting the spin, and in the intervals during the wash. Before this, the machine tries to pick up speed for several minutes in order to start an intermediate or main spin. Attempts end with an error on the display.

Pay attention to the letters of this error. Two uppercase UE may appear, or the first letter may be a lowercase uE. This nuance in the programs depends on the model of the washing machine.

The essence of these two variants of the code is as follows: if a combination of a small and a capital letter appears, this means that the machine is making various attempts to distribute the laundry evenly in the drum. For example, it collects some water, then flushes this water. After several failures, a code of two large letters UE is displayed on the display, which means that the LG machine itself cannot cope with the problem, perhaps there is a breakdown. In older models of washing machines, only a code of two large letters is displayed, which, in the absence of spinning, indicates a malfunction.

The reasons for the malfunction may be as follows:

  • overloading the washing machine with linen, leading to wear of parts;
  • improper drum loading. too little or too bulky and light laundry;
  • crash of the program;
  • incorrect installation of the machine, with a violation of the level;
  • wear of parts, long service life.


If the above steps did not help to eliminate the UE error on the washing machine, then call the wizard or look for the malfunction yourself. We will try to help you with this. In this case, the following parts break:

  • electronic controller;
  • oil seals and bearings;
  • tachometer;
  • in cars with a collector motor, the belt is pulled or torn. The belt only needs to be changed.

The electronic module is the most difficult part to repair. The fact is that you need to determine which triac or track burned out. To do this, you must have knowledge in the field of electronics, the ability to read circuits. Without knowing the nuances, you can completely ruin the electronic board. It is easier not to repair this part, but to replace it completely, but then the repair will be more expensive.

If the electronics in the LG typewriter breaks down, we recommend contacting the service center.

When the UE error lights up on the display, and during operation you hear a rumble or see a puddle with oil stains under the machine, then there is certainly a problem with bearings and oil seals. To replace them, you will have to completely disassemble the machine and pull out the tank with the drum, which requires free time and skill. We have described this process in sufficient detail in the article Replacing bearings in a washing machine LG, there is a desire to do repairs. God help.

Another detail that can lead to a lack of spinning and, accordingly, to a UE error is a tachometer. It rarely happens, but let’s not overlook this malfunction. This sensor is responsible for the engine speed, and if there are not enough of them, then there will be no spin. To replace the tachometer, you need:

  • open the back wall of the machine by unscrewing the screws around the perimeter;
  • find the engine under the tank;
  • remove the drive belt from the drum pulley and from the engine;
  • disconnect the USB stick with wires from the motor;
  • unscrew the screws that hold the engine and pull it out of the car;
  • remove the ring with wires (tachometer) and put a new part in its place;
  • assemble a car.

In most cases, LG machines do not have a collector motor, but an inverter one. Therefore, below you will find on replacing the tachometer in such a washing machine.

To summarize: on the LG washing machine, the ue error is displayed for various reasons. Some of them are easily removable by hand. In the case of replacing a worn part, think carefully whether to call the master or get down to business yourself. Good luck!

LG Washing Machine. Error Codes UE and uE

The LG washing machine has finished rinsing, emptied the water, but still does not spin. The machine turns the drum in the same way as for washing and rinsing, but it does not pick up speed. For some time it does not stop trying to gain speed and wring out the laundry, and then it stops, “writes” the UE error (large letter U!) On the display and ends the washing program. Some LG models with a screen may also display a uE error (small letter u!).

Depending on the model, in LG washing machines without a display, with this error, the following may flash or light up at the same time:

  • all spin indicators (lights)
  • LEDs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

UE error. what to do, how to fix it yourself

  • Quite often, an overload of the LG washing machine (they put a large blanket to wash) or, conversely, an insufficient load (put 1-2 small things) leads to the occurrence of a UE error. In such cases, you will not be able to “force” the machine to wring out the laundry. The drum weight distribution control system will not allow you to do this. And the error that occurred is the normal reaction of the washing machine to violation of the operating rules. Unload (or vice versa, reload) the machine, and then it will wring out, and the error will disappear.
  • Try opening the clipper and moving the items in the drum more evenly by hand. Sometimes, when washing items of very different weight, the washing machine cannot unfold them automatically. Then restart the spin.
  • Check with a spirit level whether the washing machine is level.
  • There may be a malfunction in the control unit (electronic controller) of the washing machine. Try unplugging the machine and plugging it back in 10.20 minutes later.
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Decoding the error

For some reason, the washing machine was unable to evenly distribute the load of the drum along the axis of rotation. Distinguish between uE and UE errors.

The uE code (small letter u!) Means that the LG machine has detected an imbalance in the load and is trying to fix this problem on its own (adding a little water and distributing the laundry along the walls of the drum). uE (small letter u!) is highlighted for information, no action is required on your part. The UE code (capital letter U!) Means that despite all efforts to distribute the load along the drum axis, the washing machine failed to do this. your intervention is already required.

The appearance of the inscription UE (large letter U!) On the display could lead to both minor problems that can be solved on our own, and serious malfunctions. First of all, you should pay attention to the regularity of the error. If it appears from time to time, then most likely everything is in order with your washing machine. But the appearance of the UE code and the lack of spinning with each wash, unfortunately, indicates a malfunction of your LG.

Probable faults requiring repair

In the table you can see a list of typical malfunctions that cause the UE error.

LG machine does not spin with every wash and shows UE error

The control module (programmer or electronic controller) is out of order. a microcircuit, which is the “brain” of the washing machine.

Repair of the control board is required (soldering of burnt elements) or a complete replacement.

The LG washing machine with a long service life makes a lot of noise (especially when trying to spin), does not spin and “writes” the UE error. Black oil stains may form on the floor under the washing machine. The drum of direct drive models may twitch.

The destruction of the bearing began due to wear and moisture ingress. Oil stains on the floor mean that there is also a “drip” seal, which prevents moisture from entering the bearing.

UE error on the washing machine. what does it mean

This type of problem usually occurs when there is a kind of imbalance in the drum of the device. Most often this occurs when the laundry is loaded unevenly or incorrectly. In addition, experts identify other possible malfunctions:

  • uneven distribution of laundry in the drum;
  • insufficient amount of laundry;
  • you decide to wash too many things at the same time;
  • check the drum drive system.

Typically, the above problems occur at 3, 7 or 9 minutes of spin. This indicator depends on the model and brand of the manufacturer of the washing machine. You must remember that the error must be eliminated in a timely manner, so you can significantly extend the life of your household appliances.

UE error. what to do

If the washing machine writes the UE error, then you need to consider several options for your actions, which directly depend on the reason:

  • Only one or two items have been loaded. in this case, you need to add a few wardrobe items and continue washing;
  • You have loaded one, but very large, large item. the drum cannot evenly distribute the load, an error appears. you can reduce the number of spinning revolutions or turn off the function altogether;
  • We wash completely different types of laundry, each of which absorbs water differently, has a different weight. load the same type of laundry;
  • Bed linen is quite often the cause of the UE error. things are twisted, clogged, extremely unevenly distributed over the drum. remember that the total weight of such things should not be more than 2 kg. Also set the spin speed to no more than 800 rpm;
  • To avoid overloading, carefully study the instructions, which usually contain a table indicating the weight of things.

What does the UE error mean on the washing machine

The washing machine has become an integral part of the life of any modern person. Its breakdown can significantly complicate the process of washing things. One of the most common problems is when the display shows a UE error. If your home appliances give out a similar error, then you must definitely figure out what is the root cause of the malfunction. In this article, we will look at what UE is on a washing machine, what to do in this case and whether it is possible to deal with the breakdown yourself.

How to troubleshoot Samsung, LG

The UE error in the LG washing machine signals the uneven distribution of the laundry in the drum. If the breakdown is not eliminated in a timely manner, it can cause a failure in the electronic controller system. UE on LG washing machine is usually accompanied by wash cancellation and time stop.

UE on a Samsung washing machine usually occurs during the drying process, if provided by the manufacturer. To eliminate the problem, you must carefully study the instructions for use of household appliances. Samsung washing machine UE error is a problem that can be solved on your own.

What to do

So, if you have a similar problem, you must act according to the aLGorithm below:

  • Press the Off button;
  • Remove the plug from the socket;
  • Wait until the door is fully unlocked and can be opened;
  • We distribute things evenly over the drum;
  • We start the washing process again.

If you cannot open the door, then you must make sure that the water is completely drained from the drum. To do this, you can carry out a special function called emergency water drain. To make sure the washing machine is working properly, you can first run a test wash cycle.

What does the UE error mean on LG washing machine

If you have an LG washing machine in your use, then sooner or later you may encounter such an error as UE. It most often occurs when the unit does not start the process of spinning the laundry, after the water is drained, or the drum is spinning monotonously, without increasing the speed. In such cases, the washing machine stops the spinning or washing process and the display shows the error UE. over, this type of error is of two types: UE and uE. It depends on the model of the washing machine. In this article, we will explain why the UE error occurs on the LG washing machine.


If you accidentally overload the machine or, on the contrary, the drum is not loaded, the washing unit writes the Ue code on the display. In this case, it is not recommended to restart the machine, or rather, you should not do this, in order to avoid the failure of the software. It is necessary to add, or vice versa, unload the laundry, after which the machine should start.

In some models, you can open the hatch yourself and place the laundry more evenly if the machine does not work. Most things have different weights, and during spinning, they may be unevenly distributed over the drum, which will lead to imbalance, and the operation being performed will be interrupted automatically, which the machine will notify you in the form of an error code Ue or uE on the display of the unit.

It is also worth checking whether the washing machine has lost its balance, whether it was installed correctly during installation. If it stands unevenly, it is necessary to correct its position to a more level.

If all else fails, then there is a high probability of a failure in the control system. In order to fix this problem, it is necessary to disconnect the unit from the network. over, do this very carefully and wait about half an hour.

How to decipher the error

First, you need to distinguish between the Ue and uE errors on the LG washing machine. The uE error is lit in the LG machine for a single reason, and it means that a load imbalance was detected and the attempt to fix the problem in automatic mode failed. It is possible to solve this problem yourself, by adding water, so that the laundry is more evenly distributed over the drum.

The Ue error code may appear on LG machines regularly, but this does not always indicate a malfunction. Infrequent occurrences of an error, on the contrary, inform the owner about the normal operation of the unit. However, if this error occurs during the spinning of the laundry, with each wash, it means that there is a high probability of damage to the LG washing machine.

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precise operating and maintenance instructions can be obtained from the user manual. We hope this article helped you understand the question of why the UE error can occur on the LG washing machine. We recommend that you do not engage in self-repair if you do not have certain knowledge in this area. The best solution in such a situation is to contact a service specialist.