What Do The Icons On The Bosch Washing Machine Mean

Interpretation of symbols for basic display types

Usually, the icons from different manufacturers are somewhat similar, so it’s worth looking at a couple of basic examples.


Gorenje, Beko:

Electrolux, AEG:

Siemens, Bosch:

Ariston, Indesit:

These explanations can be found in the passport of your washing machine, and sometimes even similar tables with an adhesive surface are attached to them. That is, the instructions can simply be attached to any prominent place near the machine or on it, so as not to get confused in the future.

Groups of symbols on the washing machine

All these images can be divided into 4 main groups.

The first group of icons includes those that indicate the course of washing:

  • prewash;
  • regular wash;
  • rinsing;
  • additional rinsing;
  • drain;
  • spinning;
  • drying;
  • wash is over.

On different displays, you can find additional designations like “rinse with softener” or “hold rinse”, this is due to the peculiarities of the functional basis of a particular technique. The standard designations for all cars have the same interpretation.

The second group of icons shows modes for specific fabric types. The main difference between these modes is the temperature barrier and, of course, the frequency and intensity of drum revolutions.

Signs on the washing machine

Today, most washing machines are created with the expectation that any beginner can easily cope with its management. The intuitive system assumes that every grandmother who bought herself a washing machine will figure out what to do with it. Unfortunately, it actually happens that the whole family cannot understand the meaning of the symbols on the display of the new washing machine.

Most common designations

  • cotton;
  • synthetics;
  • silk;
  • wool;
  • jeans.

The third group of designations includes those washing modes that you can use at your own discretion:

  • delicate fabrics;
  • handwash;
  • things with stains;
  • economical wash;
  • night cycle;
  • intensive wash;
  • quick wash;
  • hygiene items;
  • curtains;
  • Kids’ things.

It’s worth noting that lately manufacturers have been struggling to add at least one more icon to this group. The capabilities of washing machines are thus growing every day, trying to get ahead in the fight against competitors.

The fourth group assumes the presence of a separate button for each icon. This is a group of additional functions that can be included in the selected wash mode. Very often, designations are pumped from the third group to the fourth and vice versa. For example, if in one machine “washing things with stains” can be a separate mode, then in another the same image is displayed above a separate button and is an additional function to washing. But basically this part of the panel includes a list of symbols like this:

  • crease resistance;
  • reduction of washing time;
  • reduction in turnover;
  • foam control;
  • more water.

In addition to the listed designations, each machine has the ability to select the washing temperature and / or the number of drum revolutions.

Do all firms draw the same signs on the washing machine

Take a close look at the appliance you just bought. Each equipment must have a control panel on which various signs necessary for operation are indicated.

The symbol on the panel prompts you to select one or another suitable mode for washing, rinsing or spinning. In the same way, other additional functions are selected with which the machine is equipped. For convenience, the icons are located near the buttons that activate this function. The most convenient to use are those models that have a verbal meaning next to the icon. Do not try to apply instructions from another brand or model of equipment to your machine. The discrepancy between the symbols on the icons can confuse you and even lead to damage to the unit. Although in essence, almost all modern models mark the icons on the washing machine approximately the same.

This applies to the following brands:

What Do The Icons On The Bosch Washing Machine Mean

Sometimes the description of the designation of the programs can be found in German or English. Don’t be alarmed. This speaks to the authenticity of your model, and just learn some terms in a foreign.

What do the buttons on a Samsung washing machine mean?

Samsung equipment can be confidently called the most ergonomic.

Everything is always simple and clear in it. the modes are signed with words, and there are very few symbols:

  • Smiling child. turning on the “child” mode;
  • Dirty T-shirt. intensive washing;
  • Spiral. spin;
  • A bowl with a wavy line. rinse;
  • A basin with water and a plus sign. additional rinsing;
  • A basin with two vertical lines. prewash;
  • The crossed out spiral. no spin;
  • Clock. delayed start.

There is no button for draining the washing machine on Samsung equipment, since the removal of excess water in case of a program failure is carried out mechanically through the hatch located in the lower part of the case. This feature is worth knowing so as not to worry about minor hardware problems.

Washing with Samsung is very easy. After switching on, the mode is selected with a switch, while the spin intensity, cycle duration and temperature are automatically set.

In some cases, these indicators can be changed up or down, but not always.

The duration of the program is adjusted by choosing a pre-wash or an additional rinse, and a delayed start is recorded by “hours”. When you click on “start” the program starts.

Washing modes

Bosch washing machines are equipped with the following washing programs:

  • Badge with a picture of a shirt hanging on a hanger. Synthetic fabrics. The duration of the regime is from 55 to 91 minutes at a temperature of 40 ° С.
  • Dress with flower and bodysuit. Mode for cotton and linen fabrics. Water temperature. from 40 to 90 ° at the user’s choice. Cycle time. from 80 to 135 minutes.
  • Dress with a flower and trousers (on some models. dress, shirt, body). Used for washing mixed fabrics at 40 °. 60 ° C. Execution time. from 50 minutes.
  • Shirt with a bow tie. Delicate linen made of silk or satin is gently washed at 30 ° C. Spinning is performed at minimum speed. Duration. half an hour.
  • A skein of thread and a basin with a lowered hand. Hand wash wool. The mode is performed for 40 minutes at 30 ° C. The drum rotates very slowly, the amount of water is increased, the spin speed is low.
  • Sliders. A program for children’s clothes. To remove all bacteria and microbes from them, the mode is performed for a long time and at high temperatures.
  • Jeans icon. Designed to wash denim for 40-80 minutes. Water temperature. 40 °. 60 ° С.
  • Drawing of a shirt or blouse. Mode for washing appropriate items. Duration. from 40 to 80 minutes at a temperature from 40 ° to 60 ° С.
  • T-shirt icon with number. Washing sports clothes at 60 ° C for 80 minutes.
  • Image of a winter jacket. Down jackets program. Designed for washing products with filler at 40 ° C and maximum spin. The program does not allow down or other contents of the jacket to stray into a single lump.
  • Drawing of the month with stars. Night cycle. Designed for regions where the cost of water and electricity at night is lower than during the day. For this program, spin and notification of the end of the mode are disabled. The user can enable these functions upon waking up in the morning.
  • Pelvis with an arrow pointing down. Draining. The function is launched if things do not need to be wrung out or if you need to stop the program execution.
  • Dial mode. Fast and energetic work in 60 minutes.
  • A half or quarter full dial means a quick 30 or 15 minute wash. Modes are used to freshen up laundry. A full wash is not possible with these programs.
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The icons on the washing machine mean Bosch

In recent years, washing machines. automatic machines have noticeably changed. The factories that produce this type of household appliances are constantly changing both the design of the models and their internal equipment. These changes entail changes to the dashboard with new icons. At the moment, comfortable touch buttons have practically replaced rotary and lever knobs and buttons. Washing machine models are updated, filled with a mass of a variety of programs.

How the icons are deciphered in “Bosch”?

All pictures depicted on washing machines from the Bosch brand can be divided into three categories:

  • Badges about things. They specify what exactly is washed. jeans, curtains, shoes, children’s or sports items.
  • About the type of fabric. Indicate the material of manufacture of products. cotton, wool, silk, synthetics.
  • Programs and subroutines.
  • Special functions.

Here are the descriptions of the pictures used by the German brand, and we will understand more in their classification.

Basic icons

These include the illustrations that are used on all Bosch models:

  • On-off button designation. It looks like a circle with a vertical line inside.
  • Washing. The picture is a basin half filled with water. There are many process options. manual, preliminary, delicate, express, economy.
  • Rinsing. Basin of water.
  • Spin. Twisted spiral. Selectable rpm.

Special functions

These are options that are not available in all, but in individual Bosch models. Thanks to the unique settings, it is possible to qualitatively wash things from stubborn dirt in the shortest possible time. Special functions in washing machine maxx 5, logixx, classixx:

  • T-shirt with a dark spot. For very dirty things. Intensive washing to get rid of stubborn stains. When choosing this program, you need to take into account the type of fabric. not everyone is suitable for high temperature and speed.
  • A basin with a vertical strip. Prewash. Used to facilitate cleaning. The function is similar to the soaking function. Choose for heavily dirty clothes.
  • Iron. Easy ironing option. Prevents wrinkles of things. The essence of the process is rotation at low speed. After this function, the washed items are easier to iron.
  • A bowl of water and an arrow pointing up. This is an extra rinse option. Installed for better rinsing.

The above functions not only affect the quality indicators of the process, but also save resources.

How to add laundry in a conventional front washing machine “Bosch”?

This cannot be done without draining the water. Therefore, it is worth stopping the program if you have forgotten something important in the drum, and it is economically unprofitable to load the laundry. it will be easier to wash the forgotten item separately and in the next batch than to drain the water, add the item and start the program again. But, this is your decision, so here’s the instructions:

  • Stop the program by pressing the STOP button. The machine will drain the water forcibly.
  • Report things or get extra things.
  • Select again and start the wash cycle.

Designation of buttons on the LG washing machine

LG technology is distinguished by a simple design, in which the emphasis is on clear Russian definitions and terms.

However, in everyday life there are sometimes old models in which you have to focus on symbols.

  • A circle with a vertical line inside. the power button of the LG washing machine;
  • Triangle and two vertical stripes. start and pause;
  • Smiling lock. child lock;
  • Asterisk. drum cleaning;
  • T-shirt. quick refreshing wash;
  • Skein triangle. gentle cleaning of woollens;
  • Cross flag. hypoallergenic wash.

The number of spinning revolutions is set by the switch, and the mode is selected in the same way.

Types of fabrics and washing options are signed in Russian, so it is impossible to make a mistake.

The user can program LG for a variety of parameters:

  • tissue composition;
  • the color of things;
  • purpose of products;
  • cycle time.

Launching LG is easy.

  • After switching on, the switch is moved to the mark of the desired mode, the time is set. Required mode options are automatically activated and cannot be canceled.
  • Additional functions are available for selection and are activated either by a special key, or by switching “options”.
  • Next, powder is poured or poured into the compartment and press “start” to start the cycle.
  • If there are children at home, lock the control panel by simultaneously pressing two dedicated keys.

Basic icons

First, you should highlight the main designations for the Bosch washing machine, which are available on almost all models of this brand:

  • On and off button, indicated by a circle with a short vertical line.
  • Washing. Often this mode is marked as a basin half-filled with water. You can choose from a wide variety of washing modes, including: pre-wash, hand wash, quick, economical.
  • The gargle is depicted as a basin. This mode allows you to effectively rinse the laundry from the remaining detergent and remove the residual dirt.
  • The spin mode is indicated by a swirling spiral. You can select the desired number of revolutions with the corresponding keys.

Also on the Bosch brand equipment you can see other designations, which will be described later in the article.

Washing modes

There are different washing modes which are suitable for each type of laundry. It is very important to choose the correct setting in order to wash your clothes thoroughly without damaging them.

The first image is a shirt with a hook at the top. This mode is ideal for washing synthetic fiber items. The duration of the program depends on the amount of loaded laundry. from 0.50 to 1.50 hours. The water heats up within 40 degrees, while synthetic items are not damaged.

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The second picture allows you to select the mode for cotton fabrics. The washing program lasts about 2 hours, depending on the choice of additional options, the time may vary. The water temperature can reach 90 degrees, which will allow the cotton to wash off better.

The third pattern indicates a combination wash. Also this image is used for quick wash. The duration of this program depends on the amount of clothes loaded and the type of washing machine. For example, units of type classixx 5 up to 30 minutes, and washing machines of class logixx 6 up to 50 minutes. Otherwise, the purpose of the main icons is identical for any type of Bosch washing machine. Quick wash water temperature reaches 50 degrees.

The dress next to the bow tie means the cleaning of delicate fabrics, this becomes immediately clear when you first look at the image. This washing mode allows you to safely wash even silk and wool. Cleaning is carried out at a water temperature of 30 degrees, it will not damage delicate fabrics.

The second picture indicates the start of a hand wash. It is best to wash woolen items with this program.

The number 3 indicates the start of the jeans wash program. Cleaning takes about 40 minutes, for classixx 5 models 1.30 hours.

The shirt or blouse is located under the number 1. The washing mode is semi-delicate, with a water temperature of up to 50 degrees. The second picture indicates the start of the cleaning program for sportswear at 40 degrees. The third mode is washing children’s clothes.

Adjust settings

Images can also indicate subroutines, thanks to which you can control the washing parameters.

As you might guess, the first image is a water drain. This function may be needed in order to forcibly stop the washing process.

The second image indicates rinsing. This useful function will effectively rinse your laundry from the remaining detergent. You can also set the intensity of rinsing.

The spiral pattern allows you to choose the spin of things. The spin speed can also be adjusted to suit your needs. If you want to get almost dry clothes at the exit, you must select the maximum value of this parameter.

The first image indicates a quick wash, thanks to which the soiled items can be cleaned up in no time. When this function is selected, all settings are set to default, and the cleaning process takes no more than 40 minutes. The second mode is an especially quick wash, which will allow you to quickly wash even very dirty things.

What are badges for??

Everything is very simple. In order not to write on the main panel of the washing machine what this or that function means, Bosch manufacturers decided to designate these settings and programs in the form of special characters. This is just an ingenious solution, because symbols take up less space on the main panel of the washer than words, they are easy to remember and have a more informative meaning.

If you look at a certain icon, then in most cases it is intuitively clear what it characterizes. For example, the image of a butterfly is the embodiment of tenderness and lightness, respectively, this icon programs a delicate mode in which you can wash things from delicate fabrics.

Special functions

Special functions are specific to a particular model of Bosch washing machine. These unique settings allow not only to qualitatively clean clothes from stubborn stains, but also to make this process faster. These functions are also indicated quite simply and clearly. Washing machines of the maxx 5, classixx, logixx types have characteristic special functions:

  • Very dirty stuff. A particularly intensive type of cleaning is involved, in which even the most difficult dirt can be removed from the surface of clothing.
  • Prewash. Before the main cleaning, things are pre-washed. This function helps to clean very dirty clothes more effectively.
  • Easy ironing. By choosing this program, you will prevent the formation of hard-to-remove folds on things. This becomes possible due to the fact that the drum of the washing machine rotates at a reduced speed, after which the process of ironing the washed items will be more pleasant.
  • Additional rinse. This program starts a second rinse after the main rinse in order to more effectively remove the remaining detergent from the fabric.

There is no doubt that the above features are useful. Thanks to them, you can not only determine the washing process, but also reduce the amount of water and energy consumption.

To find out which mode to choose for a particular garment, before washing, you should study the information displayed on the tags of things. Often it indicates whether a given thing can be washed in automatic mode, whether it can be wrung out, and what temperature of the water will not harm it.

If this information is ignored, then this can lead to the fact that after washing a particular thing will become unusable for further use.

What do the icons on the Bosch washing machine mean?

Unfortunately, the icons on the Bosch washing machine are not clear to everyone. Many users look at these “hieroglyphs” before starting the washing machine, trying in vain to understand what this or that designation means. over, by choosing the wrong washing mode, you can completely ruin the thing. Today we will look at the main symbols on Bosch washing machines.

On this, perhaps, that’s all. As you can see after reading this article, there is nothing difficult in this matter. Now you can easily choose the washing mode that best suits your laundry.

Separate button

The fourth group includes not just icons, here each symbolism has its own separate button. In fact, these are designations of additional functions included in the selected main operating mode of the washing machine. In other words, on the panel you can find the following designations:

  • Temperature control.
  • Selecting the number of revolutions.
  • Topping up water.
  • Reduction of washing by time.
  • Foam control.

In most cases, icons from the fourth group migrate to the third, as well as vice versa.

For example, on one model, the “washing clothes with stains” mode can be a separate functionality, while on the other it is a separate button symbolizing an additional washing option.

What do the icons on the Bosch washing machine mean? Many models of washing machines from this company are equipped with panels with the most understandable designations. It will not be difficult for an ordinary consumer to establish the necessary regime and be content with a good result. As a rule, all standard modes are grouped around the rotary knob and labeled accordingly. It is enough to install it in the necessary point and press the start button, then the machine will do everything itself according to the selected program.

However, for the most part, this applies to the main modes, while additional functions are indicated only by icons. What is at stake, one can only guess. At the same time, there is not so much additional functionality, and it is usually indicated by certain symbols.

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What the icons on the washing machine mean are shown below:

  • A dirty T-shirt indicates a heavily soiled mode.
  • An empty container with a vertical bar indicates a pre-wash.
  • Iron indicates crease resistance.
  • A container with an upward arrow filled with water indicates an increased amount of water.
  • The thermometer indicates the desired temperature regime.
  • The clock will be evidence of a delayed start.
  • The spiral is used to denote the intensity of the spin.

In this case, the icons can be located on the panel in any form or be near the display.

What is shown on Siemens technology

In order to decipher the icons on the panel of the washing machine from Siemens, you should refer to the instruction manual. It provides a detailed description of each icon:

  • Dark T-shirt drawing. washing the laundry of the corresponding shade.
  • The icon for multiple shirts is for washing linen items. As a rule, these are business clothes.
  • Mountain range. in this mode you should wash clothes for outdoor activities and sports.
  • Arrow basket icon. start to drain.
  • Spiral icon. spin mode.
  • Water container. rinse.
  • T-shirt design with horizontal lines. intensive wash for cotton laundry.
  • Leaf image. eco washing program.
  • Jacket on a hanger. washing synthetic items. If pants are drawn next to it, this indicates cleaning of mixed fabrics.
  • Basket with hand or ball of wool. delicate cycle.

As you can see, it is easy to guess what the icons on the Siemens washing machine mean. Some of them have already come across on the dashboard of washing machines from other manufacturers.

This once again confirms that all manufacturers try to indicate the generally accepted basic designations of the main washing modes.

Washing process

The first group refers directly to the washing process itself. Therefore, the following symbolism applies to it:

  • preliminary process;
  • regular wash;
  • rinse mode;
  • additional rinsing;
  • drain mode;
  • spinning process;
  • drying clothes.

over, not all of them can be found on the panel of the washing machine. For example, not all models are equipped with the extra rinse mode. At the same time, sometimes such functions can be found on the panel. “rinse with softener” or “hold rinse”. This is mainly due to the characteristics of a particular washing machine. The standard symbolism for all models is interpreted in the same way.

Basic notation

Regardless of the manufacturers of washing machines, all images on each model can be conditionally divided into 4 main groups. It is about them that will be discussed further. A careful study of this material will allow you to find out what the icons mean on a “Bosch” washing machine or another brand.

Popular Samsung Brand

As for most models of washing machines from this Korean giant, icons on their panel may be completely absent. Instead, the manufacturer indicates with specific names one or another mode of operation of equipment.

At the same time, some models have only icons. However, they are intuitive, what is the merit of Samsung specialists.

You can understand the decoding from the following designations:

  • T-shirt. This icon is usually used to denote an intensive wash or cleaning of synthetic products.
  • Clock. This is a familiar symbol that denotes a delayed start.
  • T-shirt with soap balls. It is possible that this very pictogram is still unknown to someone. It stands for Eco Bubble mode, i.e. washing in cold water.
  • Container (basin) with shading. As you might guess, this symbol hides soaking.

Understanding what the icons on the Samsung washing machine mean is not so difficult. In addition, the equipment of this brand has all the names in Russian, which means the purpose of the equipment for the city. Therefore, it will not be difficult for our compatriots to understand which regime to choose in each specific case.


One has only to look at the panel of almost any model of the washing machine from the Indesit company, as it immediately becomes clear that the developers care about their consumer. Like most other similar equipment, there is also a knob that can be turned to set the desired washing mode. Only they are usually indicated by numbers from 1 to 13 with some additional symbols.

The decoding of these designations is located near this handle. In most cases, this is not a special panel, but the actual compartment cover for filling with washing powder. over, each description is supplemented with an indication of the corresponding temperature regime.

Thus, each consumer can easily understand what the icons on the “Indesit” washing machine mean. By and large, you don’t need to memorize anything here, since everything is in plain sight.

Additional washing modes

The third group is represented by icons denoting those washing modes that you can use at your discretion. That is, these icons are needed for different purposes:

  • delicate fabrics;
  • hand wash;
  • things with stains;
  • economical washing process;
  • night mode;
  • intensive regimen;
  • quick procedure;
  • hygiene items;
  • curtains, curtains, tulle;
  • children’s things.

Recently, many manufacturers have been trying with each release of a new model to include at least one more additional symbolism in this category. In other words, the capabilities of washing machines are growing every time. This allows companies to stay afloat and keep up with their competitors.

Fabric type

The second group includes those icons that denote a particular type of linen fabric. That is, the main difference in these operating modes lies in the temperature limits and the drum speed.

The question of what the icons on the Bosch, Samsung, Indesit, Siemens, Electrolux, etc. washing machine mean, is asked by each user. But especially those people who purchased equipment on the secondary market without instructions. Often on the panel you can see the following designations of the types of fabrics:

  • cotton;
  • synthetics;
  • silks;
  • wool;
  • jeans.

That is, based on the selected type of fabric, the machine automatically starts a special wash program. It already contains the temperature required for each specific material, including the number of spinning revolutions.

What does the flower icon on the washing machine mean? It corresponds to the delicate cleaning of things.

What do the icons on the washing machine mean: designations, decoding, description of modes

Sooner or later, it becomes necessary to change the old washing machine to a new one, or to make a purchase in the absence of such equipment. Of course, no one doubts its usefulness, but some housewives may be interested in what is indicated on the control panel. A number of manufacturers put their decoding near the symbols. Otherwise, what the icons on the washing machine mean can be understood from the instruction manual. And it is mandatory included in the equipment package.