What Bearings Are On The Washing Machine Samsung

Causes of wear

The bearings begin to wear out as soon as the packing seal is damaged. This element in the design plays a protective role, protecting the bearings from interaction with water. In case of damage to the oil seal, water begins to seep, the grease is washed out and the most important working unit of the machine suffers. If the replacement is not carried out in a timely manner, in the future you will have to change the drum, which is very expensive.

What Bearings Are On The Washing Machine Samsung

Many users ask themselves: why do bearings become unusable? Experts say that even in such high-quality and reliable units as Indesit, Bosch, Ariston, Samsung, after 6-7 years of operation, natural wear occurs. If the breakdown occurred earlier, it is likely that the equipment was not properly operated, it was often overloaded.

Bearing dimensions

To fix a breakdown, many men prefer not to call a master to their house, but to do all the replacement work with their own hands. In order not to be mistaken when buying new spare parts, you need to know that each manufacturer uses different elements that differ in size. So, in Samsung models, the bearings are numbered 203, 204. The manufacturer of Atlant models uses components numbered 6204, 6205. Bosch supplies washing units with bearings of different sizes. Each model is equipped with a different bearing system. So in the model range, you can find bearings from 6203 to 6306. over, each number corresponds to certain indicators.

What bearings are on the Indesit washing machine? In these models, the accessories 6204-2RSR are installed. inner diameter 20 mm, outer 47 mm, height 14 mm and ZVL 6205-2RSR. inner diameter 25 mm, outer 52 mm, height 15 mm. Which bearing in the Indesit washing machine is installed in a particular case, you can find out from the instructions supplied by the manufacturer to the equipment. In LG washing machines, components designated by the numbers 6204, 6203, 6205, 6206 are usually installed.

All about bearings in a washing machine: types and functions

The washing machine, which is the helper of every housewife, is certainly a complex mechanism. It is filled with various details that power the entire unit. But, any technique, even the most reliable, ever fails. To fix the device, you need to know what parts are inside and how you can replace them. One of the main components of the washing unit are bearings. As soon as they fail, the washing machine begins to make very unpleasant and rather loud sounds when spinning. To eliminate the breakdown, it is necessary to replace, and for this you need to know which bearing is on the drum of the washing machine.

Drum bearing

What is a bearing?

In automatic washing units, the bearing system is one of the most important in the operation of the entire structure. This unit is the link between the drum and the pulley. Usually, it is located in the crosspiece. Although in some models, the location of this system may vary slightly. The crosspiece can be located both at the rear of the drum and in the side.

The working unit consists of two types of bearings, differing in size. The first is located near the drum and takes over the main load. It is more powerful and larger in size. Today, new models of machines appear, equipped with double-row bearing units. These are hardened systems that can withstand much higher loads than their predecessors. Such systems are called mono bearings.

So which bearings are in the washing machine? It turns out that modern units are equipped with one of two types of bearing systems:

  • Plastic.
  • Metal.

Metal models are popular with manufacturers. Although, plastic ones equipped with dust covers can be called more reliable. An ordinary user can ask a quite reasonable question: what bearing on the drum of a washing machine can be made of plastic? Will it last long? As practice shows, units with plastic bearing systems last much longer than those with metal equipment. The fact is that the plastic analogue consists of two layers: a metal one and a top plastic one. Thanks to the top coating, the metal base is preserved for a long time, and the bearing does not fail for a long time. But such filling for household appliances is not cheap. Therefore, for the production of washing machines in the middle price category, manufacturers use conventional metal bearing systems.

Summing up

Considering that the bearing system is the most important unit in the design of washing machines, if this component fails, it is important to replace it. To select the appropriate components, you need to know the dimensions of the bearings. Most manufacturers use elements that are similar in size. To determine the exact size, you can study the instructions that came with the unit, or remove the old component from the washing device and purchase a similar one.

How to replace a bearing in a Samsung washing machine

Replacing the drum bearing of the Samsung washing machine is a common procedure in workshops and service centers. This part undergoes a powerful load during operation, therefore it often fails. Replacing the bearing of a Samsung washing machine with your own hands is a painstaking, troublesome job. This is due to the design features. The back wall of Samsung models is deaf, cannot be removed. Be prepared for the fact that the machine will have to be disassembled almost to the cog in order to get to the drum. By conscientiously removing all interfering parts, you will preserve their integrity while pulling out the tank. Ready to bring your washer back to life? We will help you with practical advice, links to useful resources.

How much does a bearing on a Samsung washing machine cost?

To replace, you will need 2 bearings. internal, external, always a new oil seal. Therefore, it is more advisable to purchase a repair kit.

Step one. selection of parts

To find a suitable repair kit, you will need the full model name. It is located above the barcode of the service sticker, on the back of the washing machine.

Take a photo or rewrite the name. specialists will help you choose a spare part. Possibly the required modification is indicated in the table.

Step three. dismantling the washing machine

The main process will also have to be carried out in several stages. Do not forget to photograph the results of your labors, shoot with your camera. This will make it easier to put everything back together. Let’s get started:

  • Remove the top cover:
  • Choose a suitable screwdriver, attachment for your favorite screwdriver, unscrew the rear bolts that secure the cover.
  • Pay attention to the presence of plastic washers, gaskets. put everything in one place so as not to lose.
  • Push the cover in front of you to release the fasteners from the slots.
  • When the surface moves forward. lift it up, carefully remove.
  • Remove the powder receptacle by pinching the inner latch with your finger.
  • This will open access to two self-tapping screws that hold the front panel, the powder bin. unscrew them.
  • Remove the control panel by disconnecting the wires. The washing machine Samsung wiring is smart. Terminals, connectors are decorated in different shapes, colors, so it will be difficult to confuse something during reassembly. But if you are in doubt, you can take a picture, number with a marker.
  • After removing the module, you will see the self-tapping screws that hold the upper part of the main front wall.
  • Detach the bottom panel by gently prying it off with a screwdriver. this will open up access to the lower wall mounts.
  • Before unscrewing the main screws, remove the metal clamp securing the hatch cuff. To do this, pry the spring with a flat screwdriver.

Insert the cuff into the drum. Now you can remove the front panel.

  • Now that access to the internal components is open. remove the water supply valve, filler, air pipes, carefully disconnect the water level sensor.
  • When removing the drain pipe at the bottom of the machine, substitute the container. it often contains water after washing.
  • Disconnect Bottom Wiring. Tubular Heater, Motor, Pump, Sensors, Ground. Take the bundle of wires to the side, fasten so that it does not interfere, does not get damaged when removing other parts.
  • Using a socket wrench, unscrew the shock absorber mountings, concrete counterweights.
  • Now you can pull out the plastic tank by removing it from the springs.
  • Dismantle all elements that may interfere: motor, belt, shock absorbers.
  • Separate the halves of the tank by prying metal springs-latches around the perimeter of the tank.
  • Remove the pulley. Use a socket wrench with a head for 17.
  • Gently knock out the shaft with a hammer, take out the drum.
  • There are bearings and an oil seal on the back of the tank.
  • Pay attention to the seat before replacing the kit. If there is a large output on the shaft, notches. it makes sense to change the cross, otherwise replacing the bearings will not give the desired effect.
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Step two. preparation

First, prepare the machine for the procedure:

  • Disconnect from the electrical network, communications.
  • Move away from the wall, remove from the closet, niche, from under the sink. you need room for maneuvers, good lighting.
  • Stock up on tools: a set of screwdrivers, a screwdriver, socket wrenches, a hammer, a rag, grease, a repair kit, a marker, a camera, a screw press.
  • Prepare a place for the removed assemblies, panels, fasteners.

How to change:

  • Remove the oil seal.
  • Carefully drive a large bearing into the tank wall, a small one. knock out.
  • Clean the bushing from scale, rust, lubricate with special grease.
  • Lubricate oil seal, rings. refit.
  • Done! It remains only to assemble the washing machine in the reverse order. To carry out the procedure for dismantling, repairing, assembling yourself will help:

As you can see, the scope of work is not comic. But if you are a techie at heart, have a set of tools, the necessary components. step by step you will cope with this matter. We wish you a successful renovation!

How to replace a bearing on an Indesit washing machine

Not satisfied with the spin quality? Is the machine humming and vibrating a lot? Then it’s time to think about how to replace the bearing on the Indesit washing machine. It is impossible to delay this repair, therefore it is better to start work when the first signs appear. How to replace and not harm the equipment? This will be discussed in the publication.

DIY replacement of the bearing in the drum of the Indesit washing machine

Prepare for disassembly before changing a part. What tools are needed:

  • Phillips and slotted screwdrivers.
  • Open keys.
  • Sockets and wrenches.
  • Wooden block.
  • Bit.
  • Pliers.

WD-40 fluid is also useful. It will help to cope with stuck mounts.

Replacing the bearing of the Indesit washing machine involves a complete disassembly of the equipment. This requires free space. If it is not possible to take the car to the garage, then push the case to the center of the room.

  • Disconnect the plug from the socket by unplugging the machine.
  • Close the water supply valve.
  • Disconnect the inlet hose from the body. Immediately place it in a sink or waste container.

Place the Washing machine in the center of the room. Take out the powder dispenser, as moisture is accumulating inside it. Also remove the drain filter.

It is located under the loading door. Wait until the fluid is drained and go to disassembly Indesit IWSC 5105, WISL 102.

Remove the top cover by unscrewing the two screws at the back. Slide her back, put her aside.

  • Use a 10 knob to pull out the upper counterweight bolts.
  • Remove the screws that secure the control panel. Leave it hanging on the wires or place it on top of the case.
  • Unscrew the solenoid valve bolt from the back. Take it out together with the detergent hopper. In parallel, unclench the pipe clamp and remove it from the tank seat.
  • Detach the EMC filter by twisting the rear fasteners.

Go to the back cover of Indesit WISL 103, WISL 83 or other.

  • Remove the drive belt from the pulley.
  • Disable Tubular Heater Chips. It is not necessary to get the part. However, you can do this to descale the heater. Unscrew the central nut, push the bolt inward and remove the heater.
  • Pull the chips out of the engine connectors. Unscrew the mounting bolts and remove the motor from the housing.

Turn the clipper on its side. You can put an old blanket or towel on the floor in advance so as not to scratch the case. The shock absorber bolts are attached to the bottom. Unscrew them.

  • Disconnect the terminals from the pump.
  • Loosen the clamp of the drain pipe, pull it off the tank. Water has accumulated inside, so point the nipple into a container or on a towel.

From the bottom, nothing else is attached to the tank. Put the car on its feet and switch to the front wall.

Dismantling the front panel begins with removing the collar of the hatch cuff.

  • Open the hatch.
  • Fold back the seal and pry out the outer clamp. Pull it out of place.
  • The cuff is tucked into the drum.
  • Remove the UBL screws.
  • You can immediately run your hand behind the body and pull out the UBL wiring.
  • Remove the fixing screws around the perimeter of the wall. Lift it up and take it away.

We will soon get to how to pull out and replace the bearing in the Washing machine Indesit WISL85X, WS84TX. In the meantime, remove the tank from the case. Lift it up while removing from the springs.

Features of disassembling the tank. This element is not collapsible in the “Indesit” washer. Install it on the edge, prepare a hacksaw for metal. There are several sawing features to help you seam the halves later:

  • Sawing is carried out from top to bottom, first to half. Then you need to go back up again and cut the other half.
  • The hacksaw is installed strictly straight. If you place it at an angle, it will flow.

Before starting sawing, map out the locations for future holes. Then self-tapping screws will be placed there to fasten the two parts. Drill holes of a suitable diameter with a drill. Read more about how to cut a tank in a separate article.

After the upper part is removed, proceed to dismantle the pulley.

This is necessary to get the drum out. Block its rotation with a wooden block. Place the key over the center bolt and unscrew it.

To knock out the drum, knock on the sleeve with a rubber mallet.

What bearings are in the Washing machine Indesit? Malfunction symptoms

It must be said that the main reasons for the wear of the driving units are improper operation and natural wear and tear. So that in the future you can avoid unpleasant breakdowns, we list these reasons:

  • Drum overload with laundry. If your washing machine is designed for a load of 5 kilos, this does not mean that you need to hammer it to capacity. Load correctly 2/3 of the total drum volume. Otherwise, the parts have an increased load, which leads to quick breakdown.
  • Incorrect installation of the housing. When the Washing machine is not level, it shakes violently during spinning and vibration increases. All this negatively affects the driving units of the machine. Make sure that the washer stands firmly on the surface.
  • Oil seal wear. Manufacturers state that the packing life is on average 5 to 6 years. When the O-ring loses its tightness and leaks, the water flushes out the lubricant, causing the internal assemblies on the shaft to wear out.

Before changing a part, select a new replacement. So, for the Indesit models IWSB 5085, IWSC 5085 bearings with different serial numbers can be used. To find out which one suits your Washing machine, look at the table.

You can find out how much a repair kit costs on the Internet or on the manufacturer’s website. It is best to select original spare parts. They will fit your model exactly. The set includes 1–2 bearings and an oil seal. All elements are replaced at once, otherwise it makes no sense to carry out repairs.

The wear of the driving units on the shaft is difficult to confuse with something. Its companions are the creak and rattle when the drum rotates. There may be depletion marks on the back of the tank. Let’s start disassembling.

How to remove the bearing from the Indesit washing machine?

  • Place the chisel on the outer ring. Rearrange it cross-to-cross, tap with a hammer.
  • You will have to knock out two elements: inner and outer.
  • After that, clean the seat from scale, dirt, workings.

Install the part from the repair kit into the socket. Using the same movements as when dismantling, hammer the bearings into place.

An oil seal is placed on top. See work carried out:

At the end of the work, assembly is carried out. After installing the drum, coat the edges of the tank with sealant. Hold them together tightly. Then screw the screws into the prepared holes.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the motor bearing in the washer. You can determine the breakdown by poor rotation of the motor rotor. During operation, a scratching sound is heard, a creak. This means that the moving parts are worn out and need to be replaced.

The new part is evenly driven onto the shaft.

That’s all. The work is painstaking and requires repair skills. But there is nothing difficult for a person with skillful hands. Good luck!

How to replace bearings in a washing machine

Reading time:

The washing machine bearing is a key link that allows the drum to spin with a minimum level of resistance. During operation, the main load falls on the bearing. That is why they are so susceptible to wear, and replacement of the bearing in the washing machine is periodically necessary.

The washing machine has become a permanent helper of man.

  • Functionality of bearings in a washing machine
  • How to diagnose bearing wear
  • Step-by-step instructions for replacing
  • Required tools
  • Empty the water tank
  • Disassembling the washing machine
  • Removing a damaged part
  • Mounting of new bearings
  • Assembling the structure
  • Nuances of replacing bearings on different models
    • Ariston
    • Indesit
    • Samsung
    • Bosch
    • : Correct replacement of bearings in the machine.
    • Samsung

      Samsung has predominantly split tanks, which simplifies the repair process. But the repair and replacement of Samsung bearings also has its own characteristics:

      • It is not necessary to remove the top and back walls, but the bottom and side ones. The back wall of Samsung is most often non-removable;
      • When disassembling the tank, you get not two, but three large elements. the upper part of the tank with a hole for the hatch, the lower part with the Tubular Heater (you can not remove it, the main thing is to disconnect the wires), and the drum body with the axis of rotation;
      • You need to change two bearings at once. large and small. The small bearing should be knocked out from the inside out, the large one from the outside in.
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      The design of this type of machine also presupposes for the most part frontal dismantling of the drum.

      Important! The electronics of the machine must be handled with particular care. The wires can be easily torn or torn out, so you must disconnect them very carefully. It is advisable to record or photograph the location of the wires.

      Required tools

      To replace a worn bearing with your own hands, you will need the following tools:

      • adjustable wrench;
      • a small hammer with a bump of soft material. preferably copper or rubber;
      • pliers;
      • slotted and Phillips screwdrivers;
      • open-end wrenches of different sizes;
      • small diameter metal bar or blunt chisel.

      In order to carry out such work, it is necessary to prepare tools that will be useful in the first place.

      It is advisable to have with you also silicone sealant and WD-40 type grease (you can use its analogues) You must first purchase an oil seal and two bearings.

      For the final stage of work, we will need: new bearings, oil seals, silicone sealant, aerosol and lithol, or another type of similar lubricant.

      Empty the water tank

      Before proceeding with the disassembly of the washing machine, it is necessary to free the tank from any water that might remain after washing. It is imperative to do this if the machine refused to work during the washing process, the door remained locked, and it is impossible to drain the water using the program method.

      The easiest and fastest way to remove water from the washing machine.

      There are several ways to drain the water from the tank:

      • Through an emergency hose. most modern washing machines are equipped with such a device. You need to open a small hatch on the front wall, pull out the emergency hose, and wait until the water is completely drained;
      • Emptying the water from the drum is possible if the door is not locked. It is enough to carefully open the door and scoop out the water with a bucket or other container;
      • Through the drain hose. pull the hose out of the connection with the sewer, stretch it to its full length, so that the lower edge is below the level of the washing machine and drain the water. For some models of washing machines, this method is not suitable, since part of the hose inside the machine has the shape of a loop;
      • Through the drain filter. you need to open the hatch located at the bottom of the machine, unscrew the filter grate, loosen the filter fastener and drain the water into a small flat container;
      • Through the drain pipe is the most time consuming method. First, the rear wall and the volute connecting the hose and pump are removed. Then the pipe itself is removed. If water does not start pouring out of the hole, it is necessary to clear the blockage.

      You can find out if your washing machine has such a design feature by referring to the instructions.

      Nuances of replacing bearings on different models. How to diagnose bearing wear

      You can understand that it is necessary to replace the bearings in the washing machine by the following signs:

      • the machine starts washing much louder than usual, you can hear it especially well during spinning;
      • the drum rotates “harder” than usual. this is due to the fact that the resistance increases during rotation;
      • when manually turning the drum, noise and rattling are heard.

      Do not forget that the later the diagnostics are carried out, the more difficult and expensive the repair can be.

      Important! If the washing machine vibrates strongly during washing and spinning, it is recommended to check the shock absorbers first. Worn bearings generate noise, but not vibration, throughout the machine body. Also, the deterioration of the shock absorbers can be distinguished by the characteristic knocking due to drum vibrations.

      Assembling the structure

      After replacing the bearing rings, the structure should be reassembled in the reverse order. Particular attention should be paid to the junction area of ​​the two parts of the tank. it is advisable to go through the seam with silicone sealant. The shock absorbers should also be inspected. if they are worn out, the car will not last long.

      All procedures are carried out in the reverse order. And do not forget to coat vulnerable areas with sealant.

      Some time after assembly (when the allotted time has passed for the sealant to dry), a test wash is carried out. It is needed to check the operation of new bearings.

      Note! It is recommended to take a photo during the disassembly process. This is especially true for the sequence of wires. Fixation in the photo will help to avoid mistakes in assembly.

      Removing a damaged part

      After dividing the tank into parts, you can proceed to dismantle the worn bearings. There is a special tool for this. a bearing puller. But if it is not at hand, you can use a small hammer with a copper tipped part and a small metal rod.

      Bearing puller is useful for your work.

      Attention! You can find advice to use a blunt chisel when removing old bearings and installing new ones. This tool must be used very carefully as there is a risk of damage to the new part or bushing.

      Using a hammer and a rod, the bearings are knocked out. The blows are applied to the circumference of the part socket. Usually the oil seal should also fall out. If it does not fall out on its own, it is removed to assess the condition. Often, along with the bearings, you have to change the oil seal.

      We clean the surface of contamination and proceed to dismantle the bearings.

      Mounting of new bearings

      The bearing seats should be machined before assembly. They are thoroughly cleaned of dirt and lubricated. Then the oil seal is changed, and new parts can be installed. they are hammered into place with a hammer and a rod. This must be done very carefully so as not to damage the part.

      We process the attachment point with grease for the oil seal.

      Bearing classifications

      Classification by type of friction:

      • Friction bearings.
      • Rolling bearings.

      Classification by the way the load is perceived:

      • Radial bearings.
      • Thrust bearings.
      • Angular contact bearings

      Classification by design features:

      • Ball bearings.
      • Roller bearings.

      You can find the so-called needle bearing in the classification. This is a variation on a radial roller bearing that also combines the advantages of friction and rolling bearings. The bottom line is that with increasing speed, the shafts of the needle stop rolling and the bearing begins to work as a friction bearing.

      In addition, bearings differ in diameter (inner and outer) and width. All these parameters need to be considered when choosing a part for your washing machine. Rolling bearings are used in washing machines, and the dimensions can be seen on the marking.

      What bearings are in the washing machine?

      Reflections on the topic: “What bearings are installed in your washing machine” may well visit you. Especially if they need to be replaced. Bearings are used in automobiles, construction machinery, household appliances, including washing machines. About bearings for washing machines and let’s talk further.

      Reflections on the topic: “What bearings are installed in your washing machine” may well visit you. Especially if they need to be replaced.

      Bearings are used in automobiles, construction machinery, household appliances, including washing machines. About bearings for washing machines and let’s talk further.

      How to tell if something is wrong with bearings

      The imminent prospect of repair can be signaled by a characteristic squeak during the rotation of the drum, and even a slight grinding noise during spinning.

      All these are reconnaissance signs that the oil seal has begun to leak water, and water, getting on the metal parts of the bearing, leads to their corrosion. Simply put, bearings rust.

      To begin with, let’s clarify that today there are a great many options for classifying bearings. They can be classified in a variety of ways. Consider the most common classifications.

      How to choose a bearing

      For those who are not ready to delve into all the features of the technical design of bearings, there is a simple form of online selection of spare parts on the alm-zapchasti website. Just select “Washing Machines”, “Bearing Blocks” and the brand of your washing machine from the drop-down menus for a complete list of bearings that fit your washing machine.

      Also for each bearing name on the site there is a table of compatibility with various modifications of washing machines. So, bearings for Ariston machines are perfect for Indesit models. budget bearings from Atlant machines normally “melt” on ARDO washing machines. And bearing blocks for Candy are suitable for installation on models Zerowatt, Continental, AUX, Hoover, Rosieres and others.

      Many manufacturers of washing machines take components for their models, in particular bearings, from the world’s highly specialized brands.

      We also note that the Swedish corporation SKF produces bearings for the already mentioned Ariston brand. And the Italian EBI bearing blocks are installed on top-loading washing units from Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Bosch and others.

      This is for example, but in principle, our craftsmen, in the years of shortage left behind, have learned to adapt automobile bearings for many brands of washing machines.

      And including seals, bearings and bearing blocks for washing machines in a variety of sizes. ALM service consultants will always help you find the right ones!

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      What bearings are on the LG washing machine? Characteristics of oil seals on Washing machine LG

      If you are the first time faced with the need to replace the oil seal and bearings, you should figure out what these elements are. An oil seal is a sealing gum located on the drum shaft, also called a drum gasket. The function of the tank cuff is unchanged. to prevent water from entering the bearings. The gland configuration and size differ on different LG machines. Washers are equipped with two types of seals:

      • single-edged (prevents fluid leakage)
      • single-edged with a boot (in addition to preventing leakage, it protects the nodal connection from dust).

      The oil seal is an indispensable element in the formation of the bearing assembly. When pressed into the hub, it creates a contact pair with a rotating drum shaft.

      Any gland is equipped with a metal insert from the inside, which is very important not to damage during installation.

      In vertical washing machines there are V-shaped seals. They are used together with a reflective disc securely attached to the tank. When installed, the seal fits snugly on the disc thanks to the non-standard V-shaped edges.

      Models of machines and their components

      We will try to help you find the necessary parts and present a detailed list, which includes LG washer models, and describes the corresponding oil seal sizes and bearing types. In the list you will find information about both direct drive washing machine and belt drive.

      • An oil seal 37x66x9.5 / 12 in size and bearing 205-206 is found on models: F 1068 LD, LG WD 1020 W (belt EL 1173J5), LG WD 1030 R, LG WD 1050 F, LG WD 1074 FB, LG WD 1080 FD ( belt EL 1173J5), LG WD 1090 FD (belt EL 1173J5), LG WD 1256 FB (belt EL 1173J5), LG WD 1274 FB, LG WD 8022 CG, LG WD 8023 CB, LG WD 8050 FB, LG WD 8074 FB, LG WD 10130, LG WD 10150 S, LG WD 10160 N, LG WD 10170 TD, LG WD 10175 SD, LG WD 10200 ND, LG WD 12170 ND, LG F1221 NDR, LG WD 12344 ND, LG WD 80130 NP, LG WD 80150 S, LG WD 80158 SP, LG WD 80160 NUP, LG WD 80160 S, LG WD 80180, LG WD 80186 N, LG WD 80187 N (belt EL 1173J5), LG WD 80250 NP, LG WD 80260, LG WD 80490 N (belt EL 1173J5), F 8020 ND1, F 1495 BDS, F 1292 MD 1, F 1096 ND, F 1296 ND, F 8092 MD, F 8091 LD, F 1239 SD, F 1289 ND 5, F 1092 MD, F 1091 LD, F 1068 SD, F 1081 ND 5, F 1289 ND, F 1292 MD, F 1089 ND, F 1039 SD, LG F 1222 NDR.
      • The following washing machines are equipped with an oil seal 25x50x10 and bearings 203-204: LG WD 1012 C (EL 1173J5 belt), LG WD 1040 W (EL 1277J5 belt), LG WD 6002 C, LG WD 6007 C, LG WD 6212.
      • Seal 37x76x9.5 / 12 with bearing type 305-306 is available in machines: LG WD 12210 BD, LG WD 12275 BD, F 14A8 TD5, F 14A8 TD, F 14A8 TDS, F 14A8 TDS 8, F 1281 TD 5, F 1081 TD, F 1281 TD, F 1296 TD, F 1096 TD.
      • An oil seal 75x66x9.5 in conjunction with a bearing 205-206 is found in a washing machine: LG WD 1050 F, LG WD 1074 FB.
      • Equipped with a 25x50x10 gasket and 204-205 type bearings with LG WD 8014 (EL 1173J5 belt).
      • 5/12 oil seal and bearings 6203-6205ZZ-6206ZZ installed on a direct drive machine LG F 1035ND.

      What bearings are on a Samsung washing machine?

      Before proceeding with the repair of the bearing assembly, you need to find out which bearings are on the Samsung washing machine. The diameter and thickness of the “rings” vary depending on the model of the washing machine, and incorrectly selected spare parts will not let you finish the job to the end. If there is no desire to interrupt for the purchase of additional components, we suggest that you immediately understand the size table.

      Correspondence of accessories to machine models

      It is easy not to be mistaken with the choice of components. it is enough to first study the corresponding size table. It contains a list of all popular Samsung cars and bearings with oil seals that go to them. At the same time, the key characteristics of the spare parts are given: width, diameter of the inner and outer holes. So, it is recommended to observe the following “combinations”.

      • Bearing 203-204 fits Samsung S621, S801, P1091, WF 7522S8R, P8091, F1013J, F1015J, WF-F1061 / YLW, S803J, S821, S832, S 852, S1005J, S1021, S1043, SWF-P127, WF 6458 and WF 7520S8C. Also this number is used in the bearing units of Samsung S815, S813, R833, P843GW, P843 GWIYLP and R1031 GWS1U \ YLW machines. An oil seal is needed here in dimensions 25×50.55×10 or 25×50.5×10 / 12.
      • Size 204-205 is installed on Samsung WF0592SRK brand washing machines. The kit includes an oil seal 30 × 60.55 × 10.
      • Rings marked 205-206 are suitable for Samsung brands WF-B1062, SWF-P10, P1043GW / YLP, WF B1061. Also, 205 and 206 numbers are used in the repair of SWF-P10 IW / YLW, WF-B1061, R833 and R1031 washers. The cuff is purchased in the size 35×65,551012 or 44,765,5510 \ 12.
      • Single row bearing 305-306 are installed on Samsung WF-R105 AV washing machine. The largest oil seal is needed. 3575.510 / 12.

      For most Samsung washing machines, a bearing marked 203-204.

      It is easy to see that rings 203-204 are more in demand. The fact is that number 203 has the most versatile dimensions. Its inner diameter is 17 mm, the outer diameter is 40 mm, and the ring width does not exceed 12 mm. The mounting chamfer takes 1 mm, and the part weighs about 0.073 kg. If we consider imported analogues, then the 6203 brand is suitable.

      The next in the size range is bearing 205. As an import analogue, it is number 6205. It has larger dimensions. So, the inner diameter increases to 25 mm, and the outer line to 52 mm. The width is 15 mm, the mounting chamfer is 1.5 mm, while the weight is limited to 0.129 kg.

      The largest typical single row bearing is designated as “305” or “6305” in the international designation. The inner diameter of the ring is 25 mm, while the outer reaches 62 mm. In width, the spare part takes 17 mm, which also affects the size of the mounting chamfer, which is set to 2 mm. The weight also increases. about 0.23 kg.

      Bearings 6201, 6202, 6207 are rarely used in Samsung typewriters.

      If you do not want to compare the serial number of the existing washing machine with the table, you can go the other way. Disassemble the washing machine, take out the worn bearings and show them to the service center consultant. A specialist will easily measure the ring and select an analogue for replacement. At the same time, it will help with the selection of a suitable oil seal and other tools, parts and materials necessary for repairing the bearing assembly (marker, sealant, WD-40 cleaner, hexagon, grease). The main thing is to look only among the original components and check the marking.

      Bearing unit device

      Incorrectly fitted bearings will jeopardize the performance of the washing machine. The bearing assembly “connects” the drum and the pulley to each other, which allows the washing machine engine to accelerate the machine to the set speeds. Therefore, the coherence of the entire mechanism depends on the correct installation of the “rings”.

      Most machines from Samsung and other manufacturers mount the bearings in a crosspiece, which in turn is mounted on the back of the drum. The knot consists of two rows of “rings”. The first, internal, more powerful due to the increased diameter and thickness, takes the main load and is closer to the tank. The second one is several times smaller, is located at the end of the shaft and performs an additional function.

      Modern Samsung washing machines are equipped with a mono-bearing. a solid ring consisting of two rows of balls at once.

      In some models, there is no division into large and small bearings, since mono bearings are mounted there. These are rings that include two rows of balls at once, so there is no need for a second set. In this case, one double-row element is installed instead of two standard ones.

      Varieties and functions of the gland

      Repair of the bearing unit is not complete without replacing the oil seals. These “rubber bands” protect the bearings from premature wear and grease washout. But if the function remains the same, then the size and type of the cuff seal may differ. Now in the production of washing machines, several types of oil seals are used.

      • Single-edged. Only prevent leakage.
      • Single-edged with anther. In addition to protection against leakage, they provide isolation from the penetration of dust and other debris.
      • V-RING. Oil seals with a V-shaped profile. Due to its unusual shape, it fits snugly against the reflective disc, providing one hundred percent protection from moisture and dust. Fitted only on vertical type models.

      All modern oil seals are equipped with a metal grill. during installation it is important not to damage the reinforcing base, while maintaining the original shape of the elastic.

      During installation, the gland is placed in the seat on the tank or directly into the crosspiece. The rubber band goes down with the edge down, due to which a so-called working frictional friction pair is formed with the drum shaft. The sleeve clogs the hole and prevents moisture and dust from damaging the bearings.