Washing Machine Samsung Error Ue What Does It Mean

Error codes for Samsung washing machines with display

Modern home equipment amaze with its functionality and variety of designs. One of the convenient tools is the presence of a digital display on which all information about the washing mode is given. In the event of a malfunction, the electronic sensor also provides information in the form of a specially encrypted code. Explanation of designations can be found in the instructions. Below are examples of the most common codes:

  • Error 5D, error SUD, error SD, according to the manufacturer, signal that there is an excess of foam in the tank. This could be due to the fact that a lot of powder was put in during the load, or powder for hand washing is used.
  • Error H1, error E6, or error H2 appear on the screen if there is no water heating. To correct this malfunction, you need to check if the washing machine is connected correctly. If this is not the problem, you need to check the heating element of the device, and in case of its malfunction, it is better to look at the information on how to remove the Tubular Heater from the washing machine and replace it with a new one.
  • If an E1 error occurs, this is a signal that water does not enter the mechanism. You can fix the problem by checking the integrity of the inlet hose, the water supply valve from the pipeline. If the display shows error 1E, the reason for this may be a clogged inlet filter.
  • Samsung washing machine throws UE error. This code indicates that the drum cannot distribute things evenly. The reasons for this problem are excess or shortage of laundry inside the system.
  • If water spontaneously drains out of the equipment, this will be immediately indicated by the display signal of the washing machine. The LE error signals that the drain hose is low or not properly connected. But the same code can mean the formation of a hole or a crack in the drain tank.
  • If codes 3C, 3C1, 3C2 occur, it is best to contact the master. Perhaps the washing machine motor is overloaded or completely out of order. In this case, you need to disassemble the machine, and for this you need to know the principle of operation of the technique.

What are the mistakes in Samsung washing machines

The washing of the housewives of the past took almost a whole day, and the result did not always justify the effort spent. With the development of evolution, this activity has become noticeably easier, and in the modern world, very little time is spent on it. And washing machines are available with a different set of functions, from standard washing to delicate or ironing, steaming and other features. However, there may be different problems with technology.

The fact that the washing machine has broken down is indicated by a sound signal and a special code, which is displayed on the display of the device. It is easy to understand the set of these codes, having at hand a list with a decryption. And the ability to fix the problem without the help of a qualified technician is not always possible.

Here’s one example: There is a Samsung washing machine. Error 3E is very rare in it, but it can be difficult to fix. If there is a problem, the code of which is E3, the wash stops completely and the equipment stops until the problem is identified and the cause that caused it is eliminated.

Error codes for Samsung washing machines without display

Samsung equipment may have a digital display or be produced without this functionality. For washers without an electronic sensor, there is a certain list of errors and a way of indicating them. The following are the most common combinations and designations of their faults:

  • In the case when all the mode indicators and the lower temperature indicator light up, this means that water does not flow into the tank. There can be several reasons for this problem. First of all, you need to check if there is water in the house and if the tap is open to supply it to the device. The second cause of the malfunction is the kink or failure of the inlet hose. Also, water does not enter the equipment due to a possible clogging of the filter.
  • If the water drain is blocked, the device signals this by lighting up the indicators of all wash modes in addition to the second temperature indicator from the bottom. To eliminate this problem, you need to clean the filter of the drain pump, check if the drain hose is squeezed. Also a possible cause of failure is the failure of the drain pump.
  • The Samsung washing machine gives an error 6E, that is, if there is no display, the indicators of all modes and the two upper temperature indicators light up. This error lets you know that the water inside the system is not heating up. The reason for this may be the wrong connection of the machine to the power supply, the Tubular Heater (heater) is out of order, the Tubular Heater of the drying is broken.
  • If the tank lid is not properly closed on the machine, all temperature mode indicators light up. The reason is simple. either the door is not tightly closed or its mechanism is out of order.
  • When code 3E occurs

    Of course, at first glance, the occurrence of any malfunction can occur even from a banal overload. But do not ignore these problems, as they can lead to more serious damage. Separately, we need to talk about those cases when error 3E occurs, the Samsung washing machine stops working and washing is not performed. Unlike those cases when the display gives an EU error, the cause of this error may be a complete burnout of the tachometer or a complete break in communication with this element. In this case, the engine must also be checked.

    Problems with the tachometer may arise due to the following reasons:

    • oxidation of the magnetic ring;
    • oxidation of the motor shaft;
    • getting dirt between the shaft and the motor;
    • poor attachment of the sensor to the engine.

    The most common cause of a malfunction, signaled by the 1E signal, is that the belt on a Samsung washing machine needs to be replaced. There are several ways to eliminate the cause of the breakdown, depending on the complexity:

    • The most common cause of error is drum overload or underload. Well, everything is simple and it’s easy to fix it. you need to disconnect the device from the power supply, remove or add the laundry and turn on the washing machine again;
    • Drum jam is more difficult to deal with. This can happen if a foreign object has entered the drum. This must be done by removing the heating element by removing the front wall of the device.
    • If the failure of the equipment occurred during a short-term failure in the operation of the equipment, it must be disconnected from the mains, after 5 minutes it must be turned on again. The error should go away.
    • If the problem is that the tachometer is defective, you need to replace it with a new one. To do this, unscrew the rear wall of the unit, remove the drive belt to free access to the part, remove the wiring from the engine and unscrew the broken part. After replacement, you need to carefully return all parts to their places. To do this, it is better to use the instructions, which tell you how to put the belt on the washing machine or remove the back cover.

    What does the error mean

    Any technique tends to break. The main thing is to correctly establish the cause of the malfunction, eliminate it and the consequences. This business, of course, is better to entrust to an experienced master. But in some cases this is not necessary. For large home appliances, here are some examples of simple cases:

    • Washing machine Samsung. The DE error often occurs during the first time using the technique. It means that the hatch door is not closed. You just need to lean it more tightly. But if a malfunction signal occurs during long-term operation, you need to check if the door mechanism is broken.
    • In the case when a Samsung washing machine gives an LE1 error, it is better to contact a competent technician. After all, the cause of the malfunction was the water that got to the bottom of the washing machine. The specialist will disassemble the equipment, correctly determine the place of leakage and eliminate it accurately.

    If the display shows an error 2H, 3H, 4H, this may not be a technical breakdown at all. By means of a code similar to the H2 malfunction, the washing machine indicates that the washing time is more than two hours. This can be determined based on the mode selected for washing clothes.

    Owners of washing machines should be aware that if the same fault code occurs frequently, there is no need to try to eliminate the cause yourself. This can exacerbate the problem, which is more difficult and costly to fix. The manufacturer also recommends, in cases where a 2H error or other malfunction occurs, and no apparent reasons have been identified, do not start analyzing the equipment on your own, but seek help from the master.

    Drum balancing. what is it for

    If a Samsung washing machine displays a UE error, it means that there is an imbalance in its drum that threatens the health and integrity of the unit. If you do not take any steps to correct the situation, more serious malfunctions may gradually develop. This is where the imbalance leads:

    • To breakage of the tank and drum suspensions. powerful springs are used here to keep it suspended;
    • To cracks in the tank. it can hit the walls and burst;
    • Damage to other components. this is the engine, bearings, sensors and much more.
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    The imbalance and the appearance of the UE error in Samsung washing machines most often occurs at the start of the spin cycle. it is at this moment that the beats can become fatal. It all looks like this. the Samsung washing machine starts spinning the drum, and after reaching certain revolutions it stops to start overclocking again.

    If the wash is interrupted with an error, this does not mean that a fatal malfunction has occurred in the Samsung washing machine. This means that the washer is trying to protect itself, informing users that it would be nice to take some steps to remedy the situation. Let’s see what to do in this case and how to get rid of the annoying error.

    On older models of Samsung washing machines, this error is indicated by the code E4, on new models, the code UB is found.

    UE error in Samsung washing machines

    Samsung washing machines, as well as devices from other manufacturers, are equipped with advanced self-diagnosis systems. Analyzing the state of individual nodes and polling the sensors, they independently determine the malfunctions. When a malfunction is detected, a particular code is displayed on the indicators. Knowing the meaning of these codes, you can yourself determine the nature of the breakdown. For example, a UE error on a Samsung washing machine means there is an imbalance in the drum.

    We fix the situation

    If your washing machine shows a UE error, don’t blame the Samsung developers. Most likely, it was caused by incorrect loading of the laundry into the drum. The thing is that each washing machine, focusing on the readings of the sensors, seeks to straighten the laundry in order to provide an easier spin, without beats and vibrations. Usually several attempts are given for this. during this time the drum slowly rotates from side to side, ensuring an even distribution of the laundry on its own walls.

    The main causes of imbalance and the appearance of the UE error in Samsung washing machines:

    • The machine is loaded with a variety of laundry. small and large items must be washed separately;
    • Several types of fabrics are loaded into the apparatus. no less common cause of imbalance;
    • Apparent overload of the washing machine. you probably literally clogged it with laundry;
    • Overweight. some tissues are quite heavy, resulting in imbalance;
    • You wash your shoes incorrectly, putting them in without a bag. this leads to the appearance of the UE error in Samsung washing machines;
    • After the last spin, your things are twisted in someone. they should be straightened.

    Let’s see what you can do when the UE error appears. First, you need to interrupt the current program and wait until the door is unlocked. If the unlock does not work, disconnect the device from the mains. The situation is somewhat complicated if water remains in the tank, which can spill onto the floor. if the machine refuses to drain it when the program is forced to stop, drain it manually by unscrewing the filter.

    After the Samsung washing machine allows you to open the door, you need to properly distribute the laundry in the tub or remove excess laundry. Only then can you try to start washing again by choosing the most suitable program. If you’ve used a filter, remember to screw it back in to avoid accidental flooding.

    There are several other reasons for the UE error in Samsung washing machines:

    • Failure of the units responsible for the correct suspension of the tank and drum. in this case, beats will be observed even in the absence of laundry;
    • Turned off the speed sensor. the rotation is smooth, but the machine signals an error UE. In this case, care must be taken to replace the sensor;
    • Automation has become overwhelmed. as a result, it shows erroneous information about the presence of an imbalance;
    • Incorrectly set rpm. some things during spinning cause wild imbalance.

    In case of detection of complex breakdowns, use useful tips from our website or contact specialized specialists.

    The drum does not rotate during the program, but rotates easily by hand.

    Failure to gain momentum

    Ue error on samsung washing machine: DIY repair

    In case of obvious problems, the display of the washing machine gives out combinations of letters indicating a problem. The code for such errors consists of several letters and / or numbers. Each has a decryption assigned. Samsung washing machine generates a UE error when the laundry is loaded incorrectly, which can be corrected without professional intervention. Samsung washing machine “UE” symbols indicate imbalance inside the rotary drum. Serious breakdowns can cause this malfunction, but more often nothing serious threatens the equipment.

    • When and why the error appears
    • Probable breakdowns
    • How to avoid the error
    • How to fix the error yourself

    How to avoid the error

    To avoid the appearance of this error, one should not neglect other malfunctions of the machine and repair the equipment in time. It is worth carefully loading the laundry into the machine:

    • Bed linen should not lie with small items. If they mix, the machine will not be able to separate things on its own.
    • For different types of fabrics there are special modes that cannot be combined. Each fabric absorbs water in proportional amounts and weighs heavier or lighter. It causes imbalance in the drum.
    • Keep track of the number of loaded clothes: underweight or overweight are also critical in this matter.

    When and why the error appears

    The UE error code in specific models is displayed as UB or E4. On models without a digital display, the indicators for each mode light up, and the second temperature mark from the top.

    E4 and 4E should not be confused, these are two non-identical problems, they do not have a single cause of occurrence and each has its own characteristic problems.

    5 reasons. basic problems that people face in everyday life. The machine throws a UE error in the following cases:

    • overload / underload of laundry in the machine;
    • combinations of incompatible types of fabric;
    • bed linen loaded with small items;
    • things are twisted and entangled with each other in a ball;
    • replacement of spare parts for the washing machine is required.

    Problems associated with improper placement of the laundry in the drum of the machine manifest themselves 3-10 minutes before the end of the wash. The washer “freezes” the countdown time and the drum turns in one direction. the machine distributes the laundry evenly. If it succeeds, washing continues as usual, otherwise it shows the abbreviation UE. For other manifestations of the error, there is a high probability of breakage.

    How to fix the error yourself

    It is worth trying to fix the problem on your own. The Samsung washing machine has a “no-spin” mode. Activating this program will drain the water and unlock the door. Open it and distribute the laundry evenly. Stir the types of materials, set aside some or remove large items for the next wash or hand wash in a basin. Load and monitor weight: if there is an excess, take away, if there is a shortage, report the clothes. Make sure the machine is on a straight surface.

    If these methods do not help, call the wizard to determine the origin of the breakdown and further fix the unit.

    When the inscription on the washing machine “UE” appears, do not panic, because the roots of the problem are probably domestic and are eliminated without calling the master. Due attention is paid to the correct loading of the laundry inside, so that there is no imbalance due to uneven distribution of the clothes inside the drum.

    UE error reasons and methods

    We have already found out what the UE error on the Samsung washing machine means, now it is necessary to identify possible malfunctions. The most common and simplest troubleshooting causes of a malfunction are:

    • insufficient drum loading;
    • overloading the washing machine;
    • uneven distribution of laundry during washing;
    • installing the unit on an uneven surface;
    • temporary control module failure.

    Before fixing the problem, you may need to urgently drain the excess water that remains after rinsing. It is recommended to remove fluid from the machine through the emergency hose. In Diamond, Eco Bubble and other Samsung units, it is located in the lower part behind a small panel.

    If you wash a pair of T-shirts with a maximum drum load of 5-6 kg, you will most likely see an imbalance error on the display on the washing machine UE during the wash process. Load enough items and start the unit again. the code should disappear.

    If underload, you can add a few bath towels to the drum, pre-soaked and slightly twisted.

    Excessive loading of the drum with clothes will also prevent spinning. This often happens when washing bulky items. pillows, blankets, rugs. and you may have to twist them by hand. If the machine is overloaded with small things, just remove a few items, then run the program again. The UE information code may appear if you wash items of different types of fabrics (for example, cotton, terry cloth and synthetics) at the same time. Each of the materials absorbs water differently and has a different weight when wet, so the unit is not able to evenly distribute the clothes. Try to lay out the items yourself on the drum and set a program with a low spin speed.

    If the washing machine is installed on an uneven floor, it cannot properly distribute the load to the drum and displays the UE error. Initially, it is recommended to place the machine on a solid floor. If this is not possible, adjust the level and fix the feet of the appliance in one position, and then resume the spin cycle.

    The reason for the display of the UE code is sometimes a one-time failure of the control panel. To fix it, you need to restart the unit. Disconnect the device from the mains for 5-10 minutes, then turn it back on. the machine should work properly.

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    If the hatch door does not open in the washing machine, wait a few minutes after disconnecting the appliance from the mains. the lock should unlock automatically.

    If the above problems are easy to deal with at home, then the following possible problems may require the help of a specialist. What to do if you didn’t manage to fix the error yourself:

    • Pay attention to the rotation of the drum. If it turns only in one direction and refuses to wring out, most likely there is a serious malfunction in the electronic unit. the relay on the board has broken or the processor has failed. Diagnosing a breakdown and replacing the board will require financial investments.
    • After the UE code is displayed, start the unit and observe the drum. If it is stationary, then the problem is in the motor drive belt. Torn or stretched element needs to be replaced.
    • Unplug the appliance, remove the laundry from the machine and try turning the drum by hand. If it is easy to do this, most likely the engine brushes are worn out and need to be replaced.
    • If a strong rumble is heard during the rotation of the drum and the machine does not wring out, the reason for the error display may be a broken bearing or a worn out oil seal. These details need to be changed, and it is better to entrust such work to a professional.
    • If the UE code appears, not only before the start of spinning, but also at the stage of washing or rinsing, it is necessary to check the operation of the tachogenerator. This is a sensor that is located on the motor shaft and controls the speed of rotation of the drum. If it breaks down, you will need to replace the part.

    In most cases, the UE code arises from the user not following the operating rules. Parts and mechanisms of Samsung washing machines rarely fail, so this technique is considered reliable and durable.

    Samsung washing machine UE error

    If your Samsung machine is malfunctioning, the self-diagnosis function allows you to independently identify the problem and find ways to solve it. For example, you started a program, but after washing and rinsing, the machine suddenly stops, refusing to spin the laundry. If it were not for the appearance of the information code on the display, it would be much more difficult to find out about the nature of the problem. In this article, we will analyze what the UE error means on a Samsung washing machine, how to fix it and get the equipment to work at home.

    How UE code stands for

    The UE error indicates an imbalance in the drum loading. In older models manufactured before 2007, this problem is indicated on the display by the code E4. Do not confuse it with code 4E, which indicates a problem with the water supply. Usually, the display appears at 3, 7 or 9 minutes of spin. During this time, the machine tries to start the last wash stage. If it fails, you see the code UE on the display.

    To determine the severity of the damage initially, try running a dry wash cycle. If the error occurs even with the drum unloaded, the washing machine will most likely need major repairs. The absence of a code on the display and the free start of the spin after unloading the unit indicate a malfunction that is easy to fix with your own hands.

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    “5E” and “E5”

    Another quite popular question is “Samsung washing machine, error 5E.” In other models, this code can be encoded as E2, which means a malfunction that occurred when the water was drained. This may be due to several factors:

    • the sensor that determines the water level has broken;
    • the pump is damaged, more precisely, its impeller;
    • the electronic controller is damaged;
    • the drain channel is clogged with foreign objects. matches, paper clips, coins, lighters, nuts, screws and other trifles.

    Since often housewives forget to carefully check the s of clothes before loading the device, such a code. the most common error that a Samsung washing machine gives. Error “5E” can be corrected very simply. first of all, it is necessary to remove all foreign objects from the drain path and clean the drain filter. How to do this is written in the instruction manual. If you did not find such coding in the troubleshooting section, then look at which model your Samsung washing machine is. Error “SE” in some modifications means the same as “5E”.

    If the E5 code lights up on the machine display, then you have problems with heating the water. This error appears when the temperature in the tank changes too quickly when the heating element is turned on. more than 40˚C / 5 min. or too slow. less than 2˚C / 10 min. Errors “E6” and “HE1” mean the same. You will most likely need to replace or descale the Tubular Heater.

    Washing machine Samsung WF-F1062 gives error H1.

    The instructions do not say what kind of error this is and how to fix it. Maybe you know?


    Error H1 is a Tubular Heater error. The reasons may be as follows: 1.Tubular Heater is short-circuited or open-circuit. 2. Defective Tubular Heater. No contact, temperature sensor malfunction. 3.If the sensor detects lack of water or water temperature of 100-150 degrees, the washing machine turns off the power to prevent overheating of the Tubular Heater. Source http://www.azbuka-service.ru/ru/articles/sendvalues/marki_stiralnih_mashin/samsung/article/158/

    Sergei Yuranov

    There was an H1 error on the samsung wf8590nmw9 washing machine when the washing mode was turned on more than 30 degrees.
    This error occurs when the water in the machine does not heat up to the selected temperature for a certain period of time allocated for this. For 5 years of using this machine in hard water conditions, the H1 error popped up several times and its elimination was as follows:
    1. There was not enough voltage in the network. it was about 186 volts. I had to install a voltage regulator. I put it on the whole house. not bad by the way electromechanical. Andeli 10000VA with smooth smoothing of drops and not noisy. 2015 23 000 rub. After that, the machine worked without problems for another 2 years.
    2. Formation of stone on the Tubular Heater. removed the Tubular Heater and cleaned it by holding it in vinegar for a day. Set. At first everything worked. Then the mistake started to repeat itself.
    3.Changed the Tubular Heater. The price of Tubular Heater made in italia 2017 is 800 rubles. Everything works after tests even for 95 radus.

    Decoding standard codes

    The error codes of Samsung washing machines, as noted above, are indicated in the instructions for the device. If it is lost or there is no Russian translation in it. it doesn’t matter either. Here is the standard list that a Samsung washing machine can give out. Errors are mainly associated with improper operation of its constituent units or their malfunction.

    • Error 1E. malfunction of the water level sensor, it is either damaged or dirty.
    • Malfunctions OE, OF. the water level sensor indicates overflow.
    • Errors of groups 3E, 8E. a malfunction of the engine components, which can be caused by restarting the machine with linen, you should clearly adhere to the table indicating the weight of the linen for each operation separately.
    • Errors of group 9E, Uc. voltage drop in the network.
    • Group bE malfunctions. malfunction of the relay responsible for switching off and on the device.
    • CE error. malfunction of the heat sensor, which does not allow hot water to be drained from the machine.
    • Group dE malfunctions. the door does not close tightly, due to which further washing is impossible. This is due to damage to the door hook or door lock connector.
    • FE error. capacitor malfunction, damaged fan wiring, insufficient lubrication of its rotation bearings.
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    A Samsung automatic washing machine can please and leak water, the LE error indicates the reasons for this phenomenon. This may be incorrect mounting of the Tubular Heater, internal damage to the tank, a large amount of foam formed, loose mounting bolts, defects in the leak sensor. Any Samsung washing machine may fail, LE error. this is a defect that can be easily eliminated.

    EE designation. failure of drying elements, temperature sensor and Tubular Heater.

    To the group of NOT malfunctions that the Samsung washing machine shows on the display, the H1 error is directly related and indicates that the Tubular Heater does not heat up during washing or drying, or the temperature sensor is not working correctly.

    Error “LE”

    If the water level in the system has spontaneously dropped at least four times, the degree of breakdown will depend on how quickly the Samsung washing machine reacts. The “LE” error is just programmed for this. Such a code (in other models “E9”) stops the machine so that the heating element does not turn on and burn out without water. In such cases, you need to disconnect the drain hose from the sewer pipe and fix it, for example, on the toilet. Continue to monitor the operation of the machine. if the error does not repeat itself, then you need to check the correct connection of the hose, it may need to be extended or raised. If the error repeats, call the wizard, otherwise you risk burning the Tubular Heater.

    Samsung washing machine error h1 which means

    The washing machine has broken. “Samsung” error codes

    Almost every modern washing machine is equipped with a self-diagnostic system. This means that the machine itself determines where and what “hurts” and informs the owner about it.

    Washing machine: error codes (“Samsung”). Decoding and troubleshooting

    It’s the 21st century, and every day new models of household appliances appear that make life easier for a modern person. Today, units are produced with large and small electronic displays, which reflect the operating parameters and probable malfunctions. However, no matter how high-quality and modern technology is, it has one negative property. to break down. The washing machine will not escape this fate. The “Samsung” error codes displayed on the displays of household appliances of this brand are very disturbing for their mystery. Will the user be able to quickly navigate, whether he can solve the problem on his own, or will he have to spend money on calling a repairman?

    Friendship with the service center. guarantee of long-term operation of the washing machine

    Any problem related to the operation of the washing machine that you cannot fix on your own requires the intervention of a specialist. This applies to both defective devices and those that give errors after a long service life. Correct troubleshooting is of great importance in the further high-quality operation of the device.

    Therefore, when buying an automatic washing machine, do not be lazy to consult the seller who you can contact in cases where you need the help of a specialist. This will subsequently save you from the worries associated with problems that arise during the operation of the washing machine.

    Troubleshoot UE error

    If the washing cycle is interrupted due to imbalance in the drum, wait until the washing machine stops, disconnect it from the power supply, open the lid and put the laundry correctly. Why is there an imbalance? There are several answers:

    • The first reason is: exceeding the maximum permissible load weight of the washing machine;
    • The second reason can be attributed to: improper sorting of laundry before washing, when large and small items are washed together;
    • The third reason for the imbalance can be: too different tissue types;
    • A fourth cause of imbalance may be the incorrect insertion of shoes into the washing machine. Shoes are put into the car in a bag;
    • And the fifth common cause of imbalance is when spinning things focus on one part of the drum.

    When this error still occurred. UE, the Samsung washing machine must be stopped and the items evenly distributed over the drum.

    To prevent small things from getting into, say, inside the duvet cover, sometimes the duvet cover hole should be simply tied tightly with a string or rope. This is done when there is an urgent need to wash small items with large ones, such as duvet covers and pillowcases.

    When Samsung washing machines get a UE error, you need to stop the program and wait a few minutes until the washing machine door unlocks. It happens that you cannot wait for the door to unlock, then you need to disconnect the Samsung washing machine from the power supply. In this case, the forced unlocking of the door will occur.

    Before opening the door of the washing machine, you must first drain the water from the tank. This can be done both programmatically and manually. If the software cannot drain the water from the tank, then the coarse filter is usually unscrewed, and the water is drained forcibly into some container.

    On Samsung washing machines, when the UE error appears, the washing cycle is stopped using the “Start / Stop” button.

    To stop the program, press and hold this button until the washing machine stops completely. After stopping the wash cycle and opening the door, check the correct distribution of the laundry inside the drum, and, if there is any excess weight, remove it before the next wash session.

    Hardware reasons for the UE error

    This malfunction of Samsung washing machines can also appear due to hardware malfunctions. These include:

    • Weakening of the springs of the suspension system of the drum of the washing machine, as a result of which the drum becomes very sensitive to even minor imbalances;
    • Disruption of the self-diagnosis sensors, which may give out incorrect information, thereby provoking the appearance of a UE error;
    • The spin mode is incorrectly selected, that is, the drum rotation speed is incorrectly set during spinning, which, when washing a certain type of clothes, can lead to an imbalance.

    When UE error appears?

    Often, an error with this code on Samsung machines appears due to drum imbalance. Self-protection sensors very “vigilantly” monitor the state of the balance of the drum of the washing machine, and as soon as the imbalance is detected, an emergency stop of the washing machine occurs, and an error appears on the display.

    The imbalance is very harmful to the general condition of the washing machine, and therefore early detection of the imbalance by the self-diagnosis system is a very important point.

    The growing imbalance, if not interrupted in time, can lead to physical destruction of the washing machine, or its individual units. If moderate imbalance continues for a long period of time, it can soon lead to failure of the journal bearings and the drum suspension system.

    The list of faults that are fraught with imbalance:

    • Destruction of the tank of the washing machine, since with an imbalance, the drum may have physical contact with the tank;
    • Premature wear of the drum bearings, malfunction of the electric motor, damage to the sensors of the self-diagnosis system;
    • Malfunction of the tank suspension system, premature wear of the suspension springs or their breakage.

    An imbalance in Samsung washing machines and the occurrence of “UE” is usually observed when the spin cycle starts. Some expensive models, before the full spin begins, by rotating the drum in one direction or the other, evenly distribute the laundry on the inner surface of the drum. After all the laundry has been laid flat, spin starts at maximum speed.

    In case of imbalance at high rpm, it usually results in a UE error. Also, this error can appear if the Samsung washing machine cannot evenly distribute the laundry along the inner surface of the drum, for example, when all the laundry is knocked out inside the duvet cover.

    The appearance of the UE error in this case does not mean that the Samsung washing machine is faulty, but simply the self-diagnosis system, in order to protect the machine from damage, simply interrupted the wash cycle due to the appearance of an insurmountable imbalance. In this case, user intervention is required.

    In different Samsung machine models, the imbalance error may have a different abbreviation. UE is modern code, but codes can also be found:

    Errors occurring with the Samsung washing machine

    Today it is already difficult to find a washing machine that does not have a complex self-diagnosis system. These systems are used in order to protect the washing machine from operating in modes that can lead to malfunctions.

    Self-diagnostic systems have many sensors on all vital units of the washing machine, and in the event of out-of-limit modes, protection is triggered, an error code appears on the display, and the washing cycle stops.

    In this review, we will discuss such a common error code on Samsung washing machines as “UE”, and what this error signals.

    Samsung washing machine. what the UE error means

    All washing machines, not just Samsung machines, require thoughtful and correct use.

    In order to be less confused with the appearance of the UE error on Samsung machines, you should strictly follow all the recommendations of the manufacturers regarding the correct loading of the machine with things, the use of recommended washing powders, the correct installation of the washing machine, the correct drainage of the water used and the proper power supply.

    And you also need to keep the washing machine clean, periodically clean the filter, and your “assistant” will answer you with long and trouble-free work.