Washing Machine Samsung Error De Which Means

Samsung washing machine error “UE”. which means?

It turned out that all Samsung washing machines are equipped with an automatic system for monitoring the status of the main components and, in the event of a malfunction, they issue a malfunction message. My car has a screen, so it immediately shows the error code “UE”, which allows you to quickly determine what the problem is.

In the instructions, the manufacturer indicates that such an error can occur if the sensors of the washing machine detect an uneven loading of the drum for laundry and, accordingly, stop the operation of the unit so as not to damage the engine. On the Internet, I also found information that if you have a car older than 2007, then the same error will be displayed under the code “E4”.

The reasons that can lead to such an error are:

  • Excessive load (in excess of the norm indicated on the drum), or, conversely, the load is insufficient even for the minimum amount;
  • The drum contains laundry from different types of fabrics, which, when wet, began to weigh differently and created an imbalance on the drum;
  • There are too many small items in the drum and one too large.

Samsung washing machine UE error code: how to fix

I want to share my experience of self-fixing an error on a Samsung washing machine. About six months ago I bought a brand new washing machine Samsung WF8590NLW8 and for three to four months I did not have any problems with its operation. the unit perfectly coped with its function.

But one fine day, after starting the normal washing mode, I realized that the washing machine stops at the spinning stage, and displays the “UE” error on the control display. Without thinking twice, I turned to the instructions to clarify this issue.

How to fix the “UE” error?

Dry theory is, of course, good, but somehow bring the washing machine back to life. The obvious solution is to eliminate uneven loading in the drum, namely to separate products from different types of fabrics from each other, sort large items from small ones.

I unplugged the machine and waited 5-7 for the door to unlock. It may happen that the machine went into error at a time when there was still water in the drum. If so, then you need to do the following:

  • Unplug the power cord from the outlet;
  • Prepare a container for collecting water (it is better to have a 10 liter bucket);
  • Unscrew the plug from the filter, which is hidden behind the hatch at the bottom of the unit;
  • Wait for the water to drain into the prepared container.

After that, the drum flap should be unlocked and, accordingly, it will be necessary to open it and sort the laundry. Beforehand, I also recommend starting the spin cycle on the machine without any laundry at all, to make sure that this is not a breakdown.

If sorting the laundry didn’t help.

If in idle mode the washing machine goes into the “UE” error, then most likely the matter is in some kind of mechanical damage to the mechanism. There can be a wide variety of breakdowns:

  • If the drum rotates in only one direction, while the unit does not wring out and gives an error, then there is a malfunction in the control unit;
  • If the drum does not spin at all, although the hum of the electric motor is clearly audible inside the machine, then this is a break in the drive belt;
  • If the drum turns out to be easy to twist by hand, then it makes sense to look for a malfunction in the motor winding brushes;
  • If you hear a distinct rumble and increased vibration, then the reason is the wear of the bearing or the engine oil seal;

Whatever the reason, in this case, it will be most reliable to call a wizard to diagnose the malfunction and eliminate it.

How to find and fix the problem

What to do if a DE error appears in a Samsung washing machine? Before calling the master, you should try to figure it out yourself. Determine the reason why the machine generates this error, and if it can be eliminated without the help of third parties, do it. Even if it is not possible to figure it out on your own, the information found will be useful for the master. We act according to the following aLGorithm:

  • First, we check if the hatch door was tightly closed.
  • If something prevents you from closing the door to the end (for example, stuck clothes), take out all the laundry, check the lock. Extra objects can get stuck there, threads or hair can be wound.
  • The drum should not be packed too tightly. We remove the extra items of clothing and leave them for the second wash cycle.
  • We check the door with the lock for mechanical damage and deformation.
  • Try to start the spinning mode and draining water.

It is possible that it will not be possible to physically detect damage or something that prevents the hatch door from closing and locking. Then we are talking about an internal malfunction, and you should not try to repair the device yourself. We contact the workshop, preferably under warranty.

Reasons for the appearance

The reasons for door problems that trigger a DE error on a Samsung typewriter are as follows:

  • Too dense “stuffing” of the drum with linen. The fabric can easily get into the gap between the door and the clutch and block full closure.
  • Malfunction of the sunroof locking device. Because of this, the device cannot block the door, and as a result, it cannot draw water and start washing. Sometimes the problem manifests itself at the end of the procedure. then the hatch remains closed, and it is almost impossible to open it.
  • Does the machine issue a “DE” code at the very beginning of the wash? Perhaps the display module is buggy or broken, which controls all events in the unit.
  • The “DE” message can appear even when the door is closed, if there are problems with it. When locking, a characteristic click should be heard, and its absence indicates that the locking hook does not fall into the groove. Most likely due to a skewed door or other similar deformation. It can occur both due to mechanical shock and due to too hot water.
  • The lock itself is also capable of breaking. In such cases, it needs to be repaired or completely replaced.
  • If “DE” appears several times during the wash itself, the problem lies in the control board. It will be necessary to completely or partially change the cables between the board and the electronic lock.

Samsung washing machine DE error. what it means and how to fix it

A modern apartment cannot be imagined without a washing machine. Washing automation makes life easier for anyone, saving time and effort. But in complex technology, breakdowns also take place, which current devices can report to their owner. For example, a DE error on a Samsung washing machine (for example, a diamond) that can appear on the display. To fix such a problem, you will have to find out what it means and how to proceed.

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What does the DE error mean

The “DE” code, which the machine issues, indicates a problem with the door lock. The code can have other types, for example. “Door”, “Ed”, “dE1” and “dE2”. All of them are deciphered as “Door Eror”, which translated from English means “Door error”.

Washing Machine Samsung Error De Which Means

This message indicates a malfunction in the unit. But sometimes the problem can be eliminated on its own, without resorting to the help of masters.

An error with the code “DE” is caused by the washing machine in case of problems with the hatch door. It may appear due to internal malfunctions, for example, a broken lock, display module or control board. Or external, for example, when the door cannot close and lock due to stuck laundry, small objects, hair, threads, etc. Also, the door itself can be deformed and skewed. then the hook will not be able to get into the desired lock groove. Often the error has to be eliminated with the help of a wizard, but it is advisable to try to recognize the cause and fix it yourself.

Error value

Those who are fluent in English may well understand what the SUD error is informing the user about. These three letters are taken from the word SUDS, which means soap foam. It is not difficult to guess that this code did not appear by accident, but because there was too much of this foam in the car. In more detail, this error means that the washing machine has entered the mode of eliminating large foam formation in the drum. For just everything, she stopped for 5-10 minutes so that this foam settled, and then the washing process continued.

Not all Samsung washing machines have a Sud error, but this does not mean that nothing happens with increased foaming. It’s just that in different models of washers, the codes of the same error are different. An analogue of this error are codes 5d and Sd, this is the same thing because the number 5 and the letter s on the small display of the technique are not distinguishable.

Note that even without knowing the exact decoding of the code, you can understand the reason for the machine stopping if you look closely at the drum. You can’t help but notice a lot of foam.

SUD error in Samsung washing machine

If you once again threw the laundry into the drum of the washing machine and started the program, and the Samsung machine stopped after a few minutes, showing the SUD code on the display, then do not rush to call somewhere. After reading everything to the end, you will probably find the cause of this situation, perhaps fix it yourself. Everything in order.

Reasons for the appearance

On the Samsung washing machine, sud error can be caused by various reasons. The main one is associated with powder. The reason is as follows:

  • use of powder not intended for an automatic machine. The fact is that the machine adds defoamers to special powders, but there are no defoamers in powders for hand washing, so they cannot be poured into the washer;
  • fake powder of poor quality;
  • powder dosage exceeded. If things are bulky, it is better to lower the rate of detergent, or use a special powder. And if the powder is concentrated, then it generally needs to be poured strictly according to the dosage.

If the powder you are using is not in doubt, then the whole point is in the malfunction of the washing machine. Such malfunctions include:

  • breakage of the foam sensor;
  • breakdown of the pressure switch;
  • partial blockage in the elements of the drainage system (hose, branch pipe, sewer);
  • failure of the control board, which happens very rarely.

What to do yourself, and what to turn to the master?

You can fix most of the causes that caused the Sud error yourself. The most important thing is to act consistently. First of all, wait until the washing machine itself tries to remove the foam. If the error still lights up on the display, then do the following:

  • press the shutdown button, then disconnect the power to the machine;
  • open the drum and take out the laundry;
  • the door can be locked, then drain the water from the tank through the emergency drain at the bottom of the machine or through the filter;

Be careful, prepare rags and a flat container in which you will pour water.

If, when performing this mode, the message sud appears again, then with a high probability we can talk about a breakdown of the foam sensor. It is not present in all washing models, and in some machines its function is performed by a water level sensor, which is often called a pressure switch. The foam sensor cannot be repaired; it must be replaced. With this problem it is worth contacting the wizard, who will find the necessary similar part and install it correctly.

If the pressure switch breaks down, you can do the repair yourself. This detail changes quite easily, you need:

  • disconnect equipment from communications;
  • remove the upper case cover;
  • find the water level sensor in the upper corner of the washer;
  • remove the air duct;
  • turn off USB sticks with wires;
  • connect a new part;
  • assemble a car.

In some cases, the system may generate a Sud error if foam does not leave the drum due to a partial blockage in the hose or drain. These parts need to be cleaned. The drain hose is disconnected from the machine and cleaned with a cleaning cable. To flush the pipe, you need to get it out of the machine. This can be done through the bottom of the washer, you need

  • put the equipment on its side;
  • if there is a bottom, remove it carefully;
  • unclench the clamps on the branch pipe holding it to the tank and pump;
  • rinse the part and put it back in place.

You may need new clamps after cleaning the pipe, they usually change.

As for the “brain” of the machine, or rather the electronic board, we always recommend contacting the master with this problem. Both the repair and the replacement of this part have their own nuances, which cannot be neglected, otherwise you can harm the equipment even more. But don’t worry ahead of time. If the error sud is shown on the display, the probability of a breakdown of the control module is very low.

Thus, in most cases, you can eliminate the causes that caused the sud error yourself. The main thing is to be patient and act according to the plan. Good luck!

Checking mechanics and electronics

If there is a mechanical breakdown, the hatch door simply will not close / open. There are several reasons:

  • foreign object;
  • skewed loops;
  • broken lock.

“Ed” on the display means not only mechanical problems, but also faults in the electronic unit. You can try to reboot the machine. turn it off and unplug the power cord.

If such a technique did not help to eliminate the error on the display, the reason is precisely in the mechanism of locking the hatch.

Deciphering the “De” error in the Samsung washing machine, the reasons for its appearance and how to solve the problem:

  • If the door does not close, the system will display the code “Ed” or an analogue. the user will not be able to open the door. The reason may lie in the breakdown of the hatch mechanism. We’ll have to change the lock. This is the work of the master.
  • “Ed” is knocked out by the system when starting the wash cycle. Most likely there is a breakdown of the microcircuit responsible for the operation of the display module. What exactly this error means is determined by the wizard after diagnosing. You will need to repair the unit or solder the resistor. If the processor burns out, the module is broken. they must be replaced.
  • The hatch does not slam. the hole in the door and the lock do not match. This is a consequence of the wear of the machine or mechanical damage. The door must be replaced, but sometimes the situation can be corrected by replacing the hinges.
  • When the hatch is closed, the characteristic click of the closing door is not heard. So the reason is in the locking mechanism itself. There are two options for solving the problem. try to save the door and repair it, or replace it completely.
  • The codes are reset, but after a while the system again knocks out the “Ed” error. This is a consequence of the deterioration of the wiring in the lock-electronic module pair, rupture. You will need to replace the loop or wires.
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How to identify a malfunction

When the Samsung typewriter displays an “Ed” error on the display, the user himself can carry out a simple diagnosis before calling the wizard at home.

Error on the Samsung washing machine “De”. what does it mean and how to fix it?

The “Ed” badge, which has knocked out on the screen of the Samsung typewriter, informs the owner of household appliances about problems with the door. Breakage can occur due to careless handling, accidental strong impact. You can cope with the problem yourself. But there are cases when you cannot do without the help of a master. First, it’s better to try to figure out the reasons for the appearance of the “Ed” icon on the washing machine control panel.

Breakage signs

Nowadays the “Ed” code is rarely seen on the screen of the washing machine. In this way, the designation of a breakdown was carried out in a technique that was assembled and produced until 2008. Later, this error code in the Samsung washing machine line was changed by the manufacturer to the symbols “De”.

The code itself is supplemented with digital symbols:

  • De;
  • De1;
  • De2.

In Samsung washing machine models, these codes may appear together with the letter “C” instead of “E”. Sometimes the display does not select a code, but a verbal designation. door error or abbreviated door.

If the machine does not have a display, the problem is reported by flashing lights, suspension of all water temperature indicators at once. Everything indicates that there is a malfunction and it needs to be urgently eliminated.

Breakdowns and problems with “Ed

When the code “Ed” is knocked out on the display of the machine, it means that one of the following problems occurs:

  • the door for loading linen does not close;
  • if the code is knocked out after washing, the door is locked;
  • the door closes, but the locking mechanism does not work.

Given the complexity of the problem, the problem can be either minimal, which you can fix yourself, or you will have to call a repairman for washing machines at home.

Self repair

A Door Error breakdown requires diagnosis and repair by an exclusively experienced professional. But the user can carefully try to cope with the problem on his own.

  • Carefully inspect the hatch door, cuff. Inspection is carried out to identify a foreign object that can block the door, prevent it from closing.
  • Try to restart the system. It is enough to disconnect it from the power supply and leave it de-energized for 10 minutes. If a failure has occurred in the electronics, such a move will allow you to successfully start the washing machine again.
  • Check the quality of the connection of the loop going to the door locking device. If it has moved away, then it should be reconnected. As a rule, after this the error disappears.

If independent actions did not give positive shifts in solving the problem, a call to the master is required. You should not continue trying to fix the breakdown on your own, this can only worsen the situation. All the same, a washing machine is a complex mechanism, the repair of which is better to entrust to professionals, so that later you do not have to buy a new device.

Prevention of malfunction

It is much easier to prevent the problem than to face a serious breakdown of such necessary household appliances. To avoid problems, it is recommended to adhere to the following recommendations of experts:

  • Do not put too many things in the drum, overloading the machine and making it difficult to close the door. This creates an additional load on the washing machine door and other elements of the appliance.
  • Protect the machine from intense mechanical stress.
  • Installation of a voltage surge protection system will prevent various breakdowns, especially related to electronics.
  • Do not place heavy objects on top of the machine, as this can lead to a violation of the rigidity of the fasteners, and lead to sagging of the hatch door hinges.

Reasons for the appearance

There are several reasons for the error related to the door. Some of them can even be eliminated on your own, but to fix serious ones, you will need to call the wizard.

Reasons for the error:

  • Violation of the rules of operation during the washing cycle.
  • Equipment breakdown.

Equipment breakdown

In this case, you need the help of a specialist. If the washing machine is new and is still under warranty service, you should not carry out repairs yourself, even if you have knowledge and skills.

Possible malfunctions of the machine:

  • It is physically impossible to close the door. If foreign objects do not interfere, then the hinges are likely to be skewed. Repair or complete replacement of the unit will be required.
  • When the door is closed tightly, a characteristic click is not heard. This situation can occur if the locking device itself breaks down. The master will repair or change the lock.
  • The error does not always appear, but from time to time. This may indicate a violation of the integrity of the wiring, damage to the loop or control board. Repair or complete replacement will be required.
  • The door does not open after the end of the wash. This situation may arise when the hatch blocking unit breaks down.
  • An error notification appears at the very beginning of work after closing and locking the door. This may be a violation of the integrity and quality of the connection of the wires that go from the door to the hatch blocking device. If the contact has departed, then after its restoration, the launch will be successful. Locking device or electronic controller may need to be replaced.

Violation of exploitation

In the first case, the failure of work is associated with a loose closing of the door. This can happen due to carelessness and when a foreign object prevents the door from closing. It is possible to cope with the problem yourself.

on the topic of the article

What to do if your Samsung washing machine gives error de, will prompt:


In Samsung devices, the error code, depending on the year of manufacture and model, may be “DE” or “Door”, as well as the following combinations of numbers and letters: ED, DE1, DE2, DC, DC1, DC2.

The full decryption looks like this: “Door Error”, which indicates malfunctions that are directly related to the door.

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If the model does not have a display, then the error can be judged by the combination of lit and blinking lights. It looks like this:

  • the lamps near the wash mode indicators are all blinking;
  • temperature indicators are on.

This information indicates a problem with the door. There can be three of them:

  • opening;
  • closing;
  • blocking.

Why Samsung washing machine gives error code de and how to deal with it?

During the operation of the washing machine, various malfunctions may occur, which the unit notifies by the appearance of the corresponding code on the display.

Even with a reliable product like Samsung, malfunctions can occur. One of the fairly common situations is the DE error.

What does the error code de Samsung washing machine mean and how to fix the problem, we will tell in the article.

How to fix it yourself?

Since an error on the display can indicate a wide variety of malfunctions, all options should be considered. Sometimes the issue can be resolved without the arrival of the master.

There may also be a problem with the cuff preventing the door from closing if, after the door repairs carried out earlier:

  • it is installed incorrectly;
  • not original part installed.

After re-repairing and installing the original cuff correctly, the problem should go away. In cases where the interference is a foreign object, you just need to remove it.

Another option is to try restarting the device. For this:

  • Turn off the washing machine.
  • Open and close the door again.
  • After 10-15 minutes, turn on the washing machine. A characteristic click should sound.
  • Retry launch. If the failure was software, then restart will be successful.

Overloading the machine can lead to an error when there are a lot of things and they are tightly packed. It would be better to postpone some of the things and repeat the launch.

What does?

Most Samsung washing machines are equipped with a display that shows information about the washing process. In case of failures, the error coding appears in the window as a combination of letters and numbers. This allows you to specify what kind of violation occurred. In this case. “DE”.

Samsung Washing Machine Shows DE Error: What It Means How To Fix

The DE error on a Samsung washing machine is frustrating, but restoring home appliances to normal operation is usually straightforward. The exception is when the equipment is seriously damaged and needs a full repair. At the same time, the breakdown can be both mechanical and software related, so owners of household appliances should not rush to conclusions. It is better to calmly study the situation and try to find out what led to the malfunction and what caused the unpleasant inscription.

It is important to emphasize that it is not recommended to act at random, as rash actions and incorrect decisions can aggravate the situation. over, the manufacturer of the equipment is aware of cases of problems (the DE indicator on the display did not appear by accident, but to simplify the diagnosis of malfunctions), therefore he provided several simple ways to deal with the trouble.

What does the DE error mean on a Samsung washing machine?

The manufacturer took care of simple troubleshooting and provided a series of codes for various faults. As a result, the appearing inscription clearly indicates what to look for. A DE error on a Samsung washing machine means the door is not closed. There are no other explanations for such a code, so owners of household appliances will have to look for the source of trouble in the hatch.

It is important to emphasize that instead of DE, the code DC can appear or the numbers 1, 2 and 3 appear next to the letters. In each case indicated, the situation does not change, but the source of difficulties remains the same. Other labels such as ED or DOOR indicate a similar problem. In addition, on machines without such indicators, a door that has not been closed is signaled by simultaneously lit indicators of the washing modes. They can be lit or blinking, but the essence remains the same. all existing indicators become active at the same time. In short, for every model of household appliances, including Diamond. there is its own indicator.

What to do if a DE error appears on a Samsung washing machine?

Knowing why Samsung washing machine is showing DE. it is not difficult to cope with the malfunction. For this you will need:

  • check the tightness of the door closing and, if the hatch door is not closed, close;
  • see if the clothes are interfering with the closure, perhaps the washing does not start due to foreign things;
  • clean the latch from threads and dirt;
  • make sure the door is intact and there is no mechanical damage;
  • listen to the sounds when closing, if there was no click, you will need to replace the electronic lock;
  • turn off and turn on the machine to avoid system failure;
  • if blockage occurs after washing, make sure there is no water left in the drum.

In other cases, a full repair is required, since the control board may be faulty. It is not recommended to search for instructions on how to restore it on your own, since an attempt to repair it will lead to major breakdowns and void the right to warranty service (if any).

Causes and types of faults

From the above, it is obvious that the reason is always associated with the door. But the situations that lead to the error message are different. Most often, it is not possible to wash things:

  • due to the fact that the owners did not close the hatch tightly;
  • due to clothing or other foreign objects falling into the gap between the door and the drum of the machine;
  • because of the threads wrapped around the lock of the hatch;
  • due to mechanical breakdowns, for example, the hinges are warped on the door or a dent has appeared that prevents a tight closing;
  • due to a faulty sunroof locking device (UBL).

Sometimes a banal software malfunction leads to a malfunction. At the same time, most of the above sources of problems are easy to notice with the naked eye. Exceptions are cases of system failures and damage to the electronics. But they can be identified simply by making sure that there are no other damages or deficiencies. They also turn out to be guilty in situations when a person’s door does not open after washing. Other options in a similar position look strange and impossible.

Prevention of errors

If the display module shows an error, then the door is left open. For the message to disappear, just close the door and restart the wash. That is, usually the problem lies in the banal inattention of a person, therefore, it makes no sense to talk about serious prevention that will prevent the equipment from issuing unpleasant messages of this type. But a few nuances are worth considering:

  • it is recommended to keep track of loaded things and not allow them to interfere with closing;
  • it is important to timely clean the automatic lock from dirt and foreign objects;
  • in addition, it is worth keeping the door constantly closed so that the hinges do not warp under its own weight;
  • and you need to be careful when opening and closing the hatch. In order not to damage the door.

It is more difficult to monitor the correct operation of the software, in this case it is almost impossible to influence its state, therefore it is recommended to simply follow the manufacturer’s advice.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know