Washing Machine Samsung Error 4 E

Code 4E or E4?

A distinction should be made between errors 4E and E4. The latter often occurs during spinning and means that the drum is out of balance. In this case, removing or adding things, the weight of the laundry in the machine is adjusted to the requirements for use. The laundry is evenly distributed over the drum, straightening the lumps and knots.If this does not help, then the bearings, belts or electronic controller are faulty.

Washing Machine Samsung Error 4 E

Malfunctions that require specialist intervention

Let’s talk about malfunctions that are very difficult to fix with our own hands and it is better to turn to specialists:

  • The washing machine shows signs of inoperability, for example: water does not collect. This can be caused by a malfunction of the intake valve, due to which the fluid supply is regulated. If it malfunctions, it does not open and the water supply stops.
  • During the washing or rinsing process, an error 4E is issued. this may be caused by the inoperability of the controller, which is responsible for controlling the operation of the washing machine.
  • No water is delivered after the start of the wash cycle. This is due to the fact that the relay, which is designed to measure the water supply, has failed. The most common reason for this is:
  • its blockage;
  • damage or disconnection of the relay during transport or misuse.

To eliminate error 4E, it is necessary to clean or replace the pressure switch pipe.

In this article, we examined the causes of error 4E in the Samsung washing machine and the actions to be taken if they occur. If you are not confident in your abilities, then we highly do not recommend that you undertake repairs, and the best solution for you, in order not to damage anything else, would be to contact specialists who know their business.

Appearance at startup

Usually the code appears on the display at startup. First of all, they check the water supply in the apartment.

If there is water in the tap, but the machine does not use it, then you should:

  • Open the supply valve located on the water pipe if it is closed.
  • Carefully inspect the tap, adapter and water supply valve for leaks, eliminate if necessary.
  • Find out with what pressure the water passes through the hose.

If the pressure is too high, the filler strainer becomes clogged.

  • Close the water tap.
  • On the washing machine, disconnect the hose from the back. Cap it tightly to prevent water spilling.
  • Use pliers to remove the filter installed in the Samsung washing machine.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with water, cleaning the surface of the fastening thread from the outside and from the inside, or replace it with a new one.
  • Reinstall the filter and hose.
  • After making sure that the fasteners are tight, open the tap.

If there is no pressure, inspect the water supply hose. In the Aquastop model, a red water supply indicator means that the hose will have to be changed because an emergency blockage has occurred.

If the indicator is transparent or the hose is standard, proceed as follows:

  • Disconnect the device from the network.
  • Close the water tap to the machine.
  • Disconnect the hose from the tap and the device.
  • Fill the hose with water.

If it leaks water, then the malfunction lies in the water supply system, you need to call a plumber. If fluid does not flow, clean or replace hose.

Washing machine Samsung. error 4e

Most models of modern washing machines are equipped with a convenient electronic information display and self-diagnostic systems. Information that is displayed from time to time on a small screen can be quite useful to the user. In addition to the standard functions for determining the duration of the wash and its temperature regime, the manufacturers of washing machines usually program the system with special codes that indicate the detection of a particular malfunction. In this article, we will tell you if the washing machine is “Samsung”, error 4e. what it means, and also consider the main ways to fix it.

Error 4E (4C) in a Samsung washing machine: how to fix it yourself

Only meat grinders and blenders are not equipped with self-diagnostic systems. complex equipment already knows how to independently determine its own breakdowns. The nature of the malfunctions is encrypted with one or another code displayed on the indicators or a digital screen. Self-diagnosis is also present in modern washing machines. If a breakdown or malfunction occurs in the device, you will receive a notification.


The first thing to do is turn on the cold water tap and make sure it is not turned off.

If water is supplied to the apartment, but the machine does not start washing, showing error 4e on the screen, then you must:

  • Check the tightness of the tap and the valve through which the water is supplied; there may be a leak. Leaking water is usually the main cause of this error.
  • Check with what pressure the water is supplied through the hose.

When the water pressure is strong, the reason may be a clogged inlet filter. It is enough to clean it or replace it and try to start the washing machine again. If error 4e appears on the screen again, then the matter is in the internal details of the washing machine, which requires a call to the wizard.

How to fix error 4e when there is no water supply pressure at all. In this case, it is necessary to check the water supply hose to the washing machine, how to do this, we clearly presented in the form of a diagram.

If you still cannot find out the reason why the machine gives error 4e, you need to contact a Samsung service center. Perhaps the reason is the breakdown of the internal parts of the machine, but only a professional can say this.

When the 4e error appeared before the start of the rinsing mode, then the steps to eliminate it should be as follows:

  • Check if cold water flows into the apartment.
  • Disconnect the washing machine.
  • Make sure the drain hose is connected correctly.
  • See what is the pressure of the water passing through the inlet hose.
  • Switch on the machine and start it in the “Rinse and Spin” mode
  • If the error appears again, you will have to call a specialist in household appliances.

Appearance before rinsing

Sometimes 4E occurs between wash cycles, when the machine has already drained the soapy water and in some cases wrung out the laundry. If the device does not start erasing, the error is eliminated as follows:

  • Checking cold water supply.
  • Turn off the power.
  • Make sure the drain hose is connected correctly.
  • Find out what the pressure is in it.
  • Start the rinse and spin mode, after connecting the machine to the network.

We diagnose failures correctly

To avoid confusion, let’s talk a little about the error codes of Samsung washing machines. Some users cannot correctly determine the real cause of the failure or breakdown, as they misinterpret the indicator readings. Decoding these codes requires special accuracy:

  • An E4 error in a Samsung washing machine indicates a drum imbalance. the difference in the character sequence is very important, remember this;
  • Error 4C and 4E. the meaning of these codes is equivalent. They mean that there is a problem in the water supply system in the washing machine.
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Thus, one character difference can be quite serious.

Please note that on some older models, the interpretation of fault codes may be slightly different.

Any error can be caused by a software glitch. To eliminate its consequences, the device is disconnected from the power supply for 10-20 minutes, and then turned on again.

which means how to troubleshoot

An error code 4E for a Samsung washing machine means that the washing machine is not drawing water. Consequently, you do not hear the characteristic sound and do not see how water enters the drum, but the display shows a code. In some models, this error is indicated by code 4C.

Error 5E on washing machine Samsung, LG, Samsung

Users of new, modern washing units need to know not only the nuances of device operation, but also the features of breakdowns. Indeed, “smart” devices are equipped with a special set of codes, each of which signals the user about a certain error. As a rule, codes for common faults are indicated in the instructions for the unit. For example, a 5E error on a washing machine means there are different problems depending on the manufacturer’s brand. Users should be aware that this error appears only on the display of Samsung and LG washing machines.

Samsung washing machines are perhaps the most massive brand of washing machines in the CIS. They meet all the requirements of buyers in terms of reliability and reasonable price.

But any equipment is susceptible to breakdowns, and all modern machines from this manufacturer provide a function for outputting an error code to the indicator when any malfunction occurs. This information makes diagnostics and repairs much easier. Samsung washing machine displays an error in the form of two or more characters, some of them are explained in the instruction manual for the product.

SAMSUNG washing machine error codes:

  • E1 or 4E on the Samsung SMA indicator. problems with water intake. Too low water pressure in the water supply (filter clogged), malfunction of the water intake valve, level sensor, electronic unit.
  • Error 5E or E2. the reason is a malfunction of the drain system. Most often there is a blockage in the drain system, a malfunction of the drain pump or level sensor. Sometimes. failure of the electronic module.
  • E3 or OE. actuation of contacts “overflow” of the level sensor. Faulty level sensor, drain pump, water intake valve, el. module.
  • E4 error code in Samsung washing machine. impossible to balance the drum. Most often occurs in the “spin” program due to low load, or uneven layout of the laundry. To eliminate the malfunction, stop the machine and after shifting things, try to run it for spinning. In case of frequent repetitions of the E4 indication, it is necessary to additionally check the electric motor drive, tachometer, electronic module. The error can also be displayed as UE
  • Washing machine Samsung error E5. malfunction of the water heating unit. Check thermal sensor, Tubular Heater. In case of serviceability of these elements and a repeat of the E5 error, the electronic module must be checked.
  • Error E6 or E8. the reasons for these codes are the same as for error e5.
  • E7. malfunction of the water level sensor. At the same time, the machine does not gain the required level in a certain time.
  • E8. an error occurs if the temperature of the water in the tank has exceeded the set values ​​in the allotted time. Values ​​of 60 ° C (and more) are considered non-standard. for synthetic fabrics, 45 ° C (and more). for delicate fabrics and wool. If this fault occurs, the drain pump is forcibly turned on for 3 minutes. In such a case, check the temperature sensor, Tubular Heater and their circuits.
  • Error Le or E9. water leak, wrong drain connection. Check that the water is not drained by gravity.
  • DE or DOOR error. the door is not closed properly, a malfunction of the locking device, electronic module.
  • CE. issued when the water temperature is above 50 degrees. on “delicate” wash programs.
  • h2. heating rate above 40 degrees. in a minute. This can happen if the heating is turned on when the machine is empty, or if the temperature sensor is faulty.
  • h3. water does not heat up. Check Tubular Heater, wiring.

To reset any of the errors, you must unplug the washing machine. If any of these symbols reappear, more thorough diagnostics and repair of the device is required.

Error 5E in Samsung Baikal series washing machines.

Greetings to you my dear reader.

Today we will return to the errors that may appear on the electronic display of Samsung Baikal series washing machines. Let’s take a closer look at error 5E. When it appears, what does it mean and what needs to be done when a typewriter 5E appears on the scoreboard.

Samsung washing machine error 5e: causes and solutions |

Modern Samsung washing machines not only do an excellent job of their main duty. washing and spinning clothes, but also have self-diagnostic capabilities that greatly facilitate the owner’s care of them.

All faults are displayed on the display or screen of the washing machine in the form of alphanumeric characters, each of which has its own meaning.

Samsung washing machine may display error code 5E or e5. Sometimes a similar error is marked with se, it depends on the model / year of manufacture. In this case, all three options signal that the washing machine has a “Water drain error”.

The calculation is based on the period of time required to completely drain the water, usually within 10 minutes. During this period, according to the program, the water must have time to be pumped out of the tank, if the level has not yet dropped below the specified one, (or, at least, the machine thinks that this has not happened), code 5E appears.

This error can be cleared by pressing the Start / Pause button, although if there are physical reasons for its occurrence, and not just a program malfunction, then the washer will need to be repaired. Otherwise the error will keep returning.

Samsung washing machine does not pump water. various reasons may precede this.

    Clogged filter in the drain

For example, a machine thinks the water is not draining because a sensor tells the machine that the water cannot be drained if there is a problem in the pressure system preventing it from doing so. This is usually caused by a clogged filter that does not allow water to pass through.

  • Clogged drain hose

Garbage that somehow gets into the Samsung washing machine with laundry accumulates inside the system over time, sometimes even getting into the drain hose. There it is stored, gradually forming a kind of congestion and an obstacle for pumping water.

  • Control board problem

Another possible cause could be, if there is a malfunction in the pressure system, that the water is pumped out normally, but the control board does not receive a signal that the water has left, believing that the water is still inside. This is a more complicated case than a banal drain blockage.

  • Drain pump breakage
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This malfunction may well serve as the root cause of error 5e on the display of the Samsung washing machine.

Everyone knows that there are no hopeless situations, so do not be upset and discouraged if the display of your Samsung washing machine lights up with the alphanumeric symbol 5e. Almost all root causes can be corrected by yourself and the faithful assistant samsung machine will return to work.

  • Removing clogging of the filter and drain hose

To solve this problem, the first step is to check the pump filter, which may be blocked. Obviously, it is not worth taking apart the Samsung machine once again to inspect the pump filter if the water is pumped out normally.

This move is appropriate if you have a 5e error and can clearly see that most of the water is stuck inside the car. Just clean the filter or replace it with a new one in order to forget about the problem for a long time.

  • Control board problem

The control board is under the jurisdiction of the minicomputer that controls the entire samsung washing machine. Its breakdown means only one thing. replacement in a service center, since it is difficult to repair it yourself.

The only thing that you can try to do yourself is to carefully remove the board and solder the tracks, it is quite possible that they peeled off over time and the contact disappeared.

  • Drain pump breakage

See if debris is blocking the pump, such as a coin, a hair clip, or a bra bone. Over time, all these elements become overgrown with fibers of threads, hair, fabric, creating a serious problem for the correct operation of the unit.

It will be enough just to remove the stuck debris for the pump to work. If this does not happen, then it is worth checking the power supply to the pump. If everything is in order with this, and the part still does not work, then it must be replaced.

If the water level is still below the reset level frequency (25.20kHz), then 10 minutes after the start of the water drain, this error will occur.

After performing all the manipulations, try to remove the error using the Start / Pause button. This will reset the Samsung washing machine and try to drain the water again.

  • Visually inspect the pump to make sure there are no obstructions and the impeller rotates freely.
  • Check the drain hose and the path of its connection to the drain in the bathroom, if any
  • Make sure the drain hose is not kinked

Before carrying out any work on the device, disconnect it from the power supply.!

After all these manipulations, collect the washing machine and run it through a rinse cycle to check the machine and make sure that it has drained all the water as expected. If everything is ok, the problem is solved.

Error 5E. the washing machine does not drain water.

Error 5E may appear when draining dirty water in the modes: “wash”, “rinse” and “spin”. It is in these modes that water is drained from the washing machine tank.

What needs to be done if the washing machine does not drain the water and an error 5E appears on the display?

And you need to consistently perform the following steps:

Check for kinks in the drain hose located on the back of the washing machine.

If the drain hose has been built up, then remove the extended part.

Clean the drain filter.

To clean the drain filter you need to:

    • Unplug the washing machine from the outlet.

      • Drain the remaining water in the tank using the emergency drain.

        • Unscrew the debris filter plug by turning it counterclockwise.

          • Rinse and remove dirt from the filter.

            • Reinstall the filter plug.

              • Direct the drain hose into a bathtub or sink so you can see the flow of water during spinning.
              • Run the clipper without laundry.

              If the wash cycle goes well, therefore, then the problem is not with the machine, but your sewer is simply clogged and you need to use the services of a plumber to clean it.

              If the error repeats itself, then the problem will have to be looked for in the machine itself, but I will talk about this in a separate article. But when your washing machine is under warranty, Samsung recommends contacting a single support service.

              I, as usual, recommend contacting the seller with a request to eliminate the defect in the washing machine.

              Best regards, Andrey Litvinenko.


              At different times, the machine drains water and, using a special device. a pressure switch, determines its absence in the tank. If the drain did not occur, then the following error occurs. This is due to the following reasons:

              • Sewer blockage.
              • Clogged filter (coins, rubber bands, etc.).
              • The drain hose is clogged or kinked.
              • This is due to freezing in the winter season.
              • Pump malfunction.
              • Destruction of contacts and connections.
              • Damaged pump impeller or filter.

              Note that this malfunction is quite common, due to the nature of the washing machine and the constant connection to the sewer. Most of the problems can be solved by hand. Consider the optimal sequence of actions for diagnostics.

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              Sewerage blockages are a fairly common problem in residential buildings, whether new or not. Very often, the situation is aggravated by incorrect connection.

              To make sure that this was the problem, you need to detach the end of the drain hose from the connection with the sewer and direct it into the container. A bathtub or large bucket is best for this.

              Then you need to select the program mode. separate drain and start. If error code 5E appears, the cause is not a blockage. If the discharge occurs without problems, then you need to clean the sewer pipes.

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              Washing machine Samsung (Samsung). error 5e, e2, 5c, SE

              The appearance of errors 5E, E2, 5C in Samsung washing machines means problems with draining. Sometimes the code reads SE on the display. But this is just the specifics of the reflection of numbers and letters. This malfunction occurs when the Washing machine cannot drain the water. There are several reasons for its occurrence, and if you wish, you can fix it yourself, without involving the master of the service center.

              On machines without a display, this error is indicated by the illumination of the following indicators. the 40 ° button and all mode diodes.

              Filter and hose

              The next thing to check is the drain pump filter. You need to understand that there is water in the drum, and if you immediately unscrew the lid, then there will be a small “flood”.

              Some models have an emergency drain hose. With its help, the easiest way to get rid of excess water. For this, a deep cup is used, and gradually, by opening and closing the hose plug, the tank is released.

              There is one more method, but it is not applicable to all models. If the drain hose comes out of the body from the bottom, then the water can be removed through it by lowering it to the floor and directing the end into a container, for example, a basin.

              In the absence of the opportunity to use these methods, there remains the option of disposing of water through a filter. A shallow cup and rag will help here. Lightly unscrewing the lid, a small amount is drained into the container. Then it is emptied and the operation is repeated.

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              Important! Without this, further diagnostics will not work.!

              After the water has been drained, we take out the filter and check it and the pump snail for foreign objects that interfere with the operation of the pump. Then we select the drain mode and turn it on. Do not close the lid, and see if the pump impeller is spinning.

              If it does not rotate, then this is not the problem. Otherwise, put the filter back and tighten the lid. Then, manually add a few liters of water to the drum. We direct the end of the hose to the bathroom. We start the drain mode separately. If the water has gone, then the breakage is fixed.

              Otherwise, the problem is in the drain hose. The simplest thing is that it is pinched. But as a rule, a blockage occurs, especially if the hose has been extended. A plug forms at the junction, which prevents the passage of water. To clean it you need to remove it.

              This task is already more difficult. It is most convenient to tilt the washer to one side. This will open access to the connection between the hose and the pump. Using the pliers, you need to discard the metal clamp and pull out.

              Rinse under high pressure water. In this case, it is necessary to compress and unclench it in order for the dirt to come out of the corrugation. If it lengthened, then be sure to disconnect. Then collect everything, check the serviceability.

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              Household appliances store

              Repair features

              Before proceeding with the self-repair of household appliances or calling the master, open the cold water supply tap and make sure that the water is not turned off and is supplied under normal pressure. If everything is in order, we understand the reasons that the Samsung washing machine gives error 4e.

              Error 4e before washing

              If there are no problems with the water supply in the apartment, but the machine does not want to start washing, but displays an error 4e, then it is recommended to do the following:

              • Check if the valve and the tap through which water should enter the washer are tight. Possibly fluid leakage.

              Important! Often it is the flowing water that becomes the main reason for the error 4e in the Samsung washing machine.

              • Check if the water pressure supplied through the hose is sufficient to activate the bypass valve.

              When the pressure of the water flow is quite acceptable, but the machine still notifies of the problem, then the reason may be that the filler filter is clogged with foreign objects and small particles, for example, earth, sand or pebbles.

              In such a situation, it will be enough for you to clean or replace the component. After cleaning the filter system, try restarting the washing machine. In a separate post, we gave detailed instructions on how to clean the drain hose of the washing machine.

              Important! If you still cannot determine the reason why the washing machine gives error 4e before washing, you should contact an authorized Samsung service center. Perhaps the problem lies in a malfunction of the internal components of the unit, but only an experienced master can determine this.

              If error 4e precedes rinsing

              If your Samsung washing machine displays an error 4e on the display before the rinse mode, then you can eliminate it by following the following recommendations:

              • Check for cold water supply interruptions.
              • Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply.
              • Make sure the drain hose is connected correctly. Follow the link for all information on drain hoses for your washing machine.
              • Turn on the washing machine by starting it with the “Rinse and Spin” mode.
              • If the error appears several times, then you should contact a highly qualified specialist in household appliances.

              Are errors 4е and е4 equal??

              In solving the problem of error 4e on the “Samsung” washing machine, some users confuse it with an outwardly similar code e4. However, the manufacturing company “Samsung” has developed a software self-diagnosis system for washing machines of its own production in such a way that these designations have completely different meanings.

              Error e4 means it informs the owner of the equipment about the imbalance that has occurred in the drum of the machine. There are several of the most common causes of such a malfunction:

              • when loading the linen, the hostess exceeded the permissible amount of things. competent loading of the tank will help to solve this problem in accordance with the recommendations for the weight of bed linen for washing;
              • insufficient number of textiles loaded into the drum;
              • the laundry got into a lump during loading, as a result. it stuck to the drum;
              • there were irregularities in the operation of the electronic controller, which could lead to damage to the drive parts of the machine.

              What does error 4e mean??

              If your Samsung washing machine displays an error 4e, then this indicates the impossibility of filling the system with water.

              Important! This can be easily understood even on an intuitive level, because by creating complete silence, you will not hear the sounds of a liquid picking up, and you will also notice that splashes do not fall on the drum glass.

              You can hear a signal about the occurrence of such a problem both at the very beginning of washing, and when switching to the rinse mode, when the soap liquid has been successfully drained, but there is no supply of clean water.

              Important! An explanation of the most common faults and how to fix them can be found in our separate review “Error Codes. Samsung Washing Machine”.

              • What does error 4e mean??
              • Popular causes of
              • Repair features
              • Are errors 4е and е4 equal??
              • material

              Most models of modern washing machines are equipped with a convenient electronic information display and self-diagnostic systems. Information that is displayed from time to time on a small screen can be quite useful to the user. In addition to the standard functions for determining the duration of the wash and its temperature regime, the manufacturers of washing machines usually program the system with special codes that indicate the detection of a particular malfunction. In this article, we will tell you if the washing machine is “Samsung”, error 4e. what it means, and also consider the main ways to fix it.

              Samsung washing machine. error 4e

              Popular causes of occurrence

              Displaying error 4e on the information board of your household appliance can be caused by the following reasons:

              • Lack of cold water in the central water supply system.
              • The water inlet valve was blocked by a stuck foreign object.
              • When connecting the unit to the water supply system, the hot and cold water hoses were incorrectly connected.
              • Lack of water pressure, which can be explained by a low level of pressure in the riser.
              • The appropriate hose is not connected to the detergent container.

              Important! Any home appliance needs proper maintenance. So you can keep it working for many years. Take advantage of our helpful tips from the separate review “Caring for your washing machine”.


              In this article, we have told you about the most popular error of “Samsung” washing machines, which are displayed on the information board using code 4e. We hope that in the future you will not have any problems with the use of household appliances and they will please you with a long service life.