Washing Machine Samsung Error 3e How To Fix

Loose drive belt

A belt drive is used to transfer torque from the rotor of the electric motor to the drum. To increase the efficiency of work, a poly-V-belt is used, which has an increased resource. There is no automatic tensioning of the drive, therefore, with natural aging of the material, the belt begins to slip. As a result, the screen displays the code 3E or 8E (depending on the year of manufacture of the equipment), the problem manifests itself at the beginning of the washing process or when the drum accelerates during the spin procedure.

Washing Machine Samsung Error 3e How To Fix

To access the belt drive you must:

  • Switch off the power supply and then disconnect the connection hoses.
  • Unscrew the screws holding the back cover on the machine body.
  • Inspect the belt, no scuffs or cracks are allowed on the treadmill. It is also possible for the elastic element to delaminate or damage to the pulleys. Defective parts need to be replaced, and then check the machine.

A screw puller for rolling bearings is used to remove the pulleys. The small-sized pulley on the rotor is removed after several heating cycles, since a special solution is applied to the joint line to fix the parts. Do not install a new belt on damaged pulleys as sharp metal edges will destroy the treadmill. It should be remembered that in part of Samsung machines, a direct drive motor is used, the belt is removed from the kinematic chain.

Motor problems

In a Samsung washing machine, the 3E error is displayed on the LCD. On equipment manufactured after 2013, codes like 8Ex or 8Cx (where x is an Arabic numeral) may appear on the screen, which indicate similar problems. In older versions that are not equipped with a display, the code is transmitted by constant switching on of the LEDs for the standard wash modes at 40 ° C and Bio 60 ° C, while the orange indicators flash.

The equipment may display an error code after filling with water, but when trying to start, an error code 3E is displayed. This symptom may mean a short circuit or breakage of the turns of the motor winding. The owner needs to manually drain the drum or try to drain the water with a standard pump (by forcibly turning on the drain mode). For manual removal, a branch pipe with a filter element located in the lower part of the housing is used. The liquid is drained in portions into a flat tray or removed with hygroscopic material.

At home, the user can remove the engine, which is located under the drum. The motor is fastened with bolts and nuts, if a test device is available, then the condition of the insulators can be checked. Breakdown of the windings on the case is not allowed, you can also disassemble the motor and find damaged turns.

The motor must be repaired (rewound) in a specialized service, if restoration is not possible, then you will need to purchase a new unit (supplied by Samsung as a spare part).

If a malfunction appears during the washing process, then it is necessary to check the condition of the brushes. When the graphite elements are worn or damaged, sparking occurs in the collector, which leads to a decrease in engine power. When installing new brushes, it is recommended to inspect the collector; if mechanical damage is found, it is necessary to send the engine to a repair shop.

How to fix error 3E on Samsung washing machine by yourself

The 3E error that appears during operation of the Samsung washing machine indicates an incorrect determination of the speed of the rotor of the electric motor. Does the control controller receive an erroneous feedback signal, which leads to the interruption of the washing process? The owner can independently check the operation of the Washing machine units and fix any faults found.

Tachogenerator malfunction

A common reason for the 3E error in a Samsung washing machine is a sensor that detects the number of revolutions of the electric motor rotor (tachometer, or Hall sensor). Electronic components fail or the sensing element on the motor shaft (magnetic ring) becomes dirty. In this case, the machine can wash laundry; when you try to turn on the spin, the motor stops with a code displayed on the screen. The equipment cannot work without a sensor, which limits the frequency of rotation of parts and prevents the destruction of the machine from vibrations.

If excessive or insufficient rotation of the drum occurs, then the cause of the defect is the weakened fastening of the ring to the rotor shaft. To restore operability, it is required to disconnect the equipment from the water supply and drain lines, and then get to the engine. The magnetic ring is fastened with a screw; when the tightening is released, the element slips. It is recommended to clean the outer surface from dirt and oxides, which impair the reading of information by the sensor.

Sensor problems can arise from oxidized or broken wires connecting the sensor to the electronic components of the machine. The cables are checked with a test device in the dial mode or with a control lamp. It is recommended to connect the tester and then wiggle the wire by hand (the defect may be floating and appear when the machine is in operation). The damaged cable sections must be replaced, but it is recommended to install a new harness. Contacts are cleaned from oxidation traces, damaged elements must be re-soldered.

If the error code appears again, the electronics must be checked in the service conditions. The device checks the circuit going from the sensing element to the control controller. A burnt-out diode may become the cause of the defect (the defect is not visually detected). The problem may be due to a malfunctioning electrical heater (Tubular Heater), which is recommended to be inspected and checked with a tester. The combination of a burnt out diode and a damaged Tubular Heater is noted in Samsung Eco Bubble washing machines.

Drum load exceeded

Power drive failure can occur due to excessive weight of the laundry loaded into the drum. For example, the Diamond series machines are designed for 6 kg of items, when an additional 500-700 g is added, the equipment is turned off. The manufacturer has installed an overload protection because the drum with an increased mass breaks the bearings. In addition, damage to the machine’s housing and electronics is possible due to increased vibration levels. With slight overloads, overheating of the motor windings is possible, which triggers the bimetallic fuse.

The owner needs to turn off the equipment, remove the water through the emergency drain, and then remove some of the laundry from the drum cavity. If the error does not appear when restarting the wash cycle, the cause of the malfunction is overload. If the warning light comes on, a power actuator and electronics check is required.

Control Unit problems

If the equipment turns off at the start of washing, then the cause of the defect may be the control unit located in the upper part of the case. The controller contains electronic components that can come loose from the contact tracks or fail due to vibration or moisture. Employees of service centers note poor soldering of electronics and low quality of printed circuit boards, from which the metal substrate peels off.

The block is checked in the service conditions. The user cannot find microcracks in the elements or determine an incorrectly operating diode or transistor. Removing damaged parts and installing new parts requires special soldering equipment. Fatally damaged controller must be replaced.

Possible reasons

An error on the display of the washing machine “3E” can be caused by circumstances that can be eliminated by yourself or serious breakdowns that require the participation of a specialist.

The most common causes of the error are:

  • Finding a foreign object between the drum and the tank. In new machines, this situation can arise even through the fault of the manufacturer.
  • Drum overload.
  • Looseness of the drive belt tension in the machine.
  • Violations in the operation of the control module, tachometer.
  • A drop in the power level of the engine itself. The reason may be a punctured winding or worn brushes.

Frequent stops, jerky work

In cases where the problem lies in the damage to the drive belt, the washing machine may show unstable operation:

  • jerky work;
  • stops at the stage of acceleration, etc.

Also, a malfunction may indicate physical wear of the brushes of the electric motor. Due to their defect, no revs occur. Solution of the issue. replacement of damaged brushes.

Prevention of malfunction

In order to avoid equipment breakdowns as much as possible and prevent the occurrence of error 3E, it is necessary to adhere to preventive measures:

  • Avoid overloading the drum.
  • Do not force bulky items into the drum.
  • Avoid constant presence of the washing machine in a damp room. This can lead to malfunction, oxidation of elements, and their rapid wear.

Drum overload

If the drum is very tight, some of the items should be laid out. This must be done even if the total weight of the items does not exceed the maximum allowable in the passport for the machine.

Machine refusal to spin

The process of operation of the washing machine can proceed as usual until the moment of spinning. Cause 3E may be loosening. If the problem is in it, the wizard will fix the problem without replacing parts. Another possible cause is oxidation. The master will analyze and repair.

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Code appeared at any stage of work

Information about a malfunction and stopping the cycle can occur at any stage:

  • washing;
  • spinning;
  • rinsing.

The problem may lie in an open circuit in the tachometer:

  • breakdown of contacts;
  • short circuit;
  • violation of the integrity of the wire.

In this case, if possible, the wiring is repaired (cleaning contacts, soldering, etc.) or changing the loop to a new one.

When changing the program

This situation is characterized by stable operation of the device, but when the program is changed, the display shows “3E” or one of the options for the error signal.

A similar problem can arise as a result of oxidative processes that have affected the surface of the shaft or the tachogenerator. During the repair, the master will replace the damaged surfaces.

What is it, what does it mean?

The appearance of “3E” on the display indicates a malfunction associated with the tachometer. This is a device that controls the engine speed.

Other names for this small device are tachogenerator and Hall sensor. It is used to measure the engine speed. Also, 3E can signal problems with the engine itself, which disrupt its rotation.

For machines that do not have a light screen, malfunctions can be signaled by flashing of all washing mode lamps. The uppermost and the second from the bottom temperature indicator lights should light up at the same time.

The error associated with the operation of the tachometer is quite rare when compared with the frequency of other failures.

Stopping work after water has been set and a number of drum revolutions have been made

A malfunction with the tachometer can be indicated by a situation in which water is drawn into the machine, the drum makes a number of revolutions and stops. The display shows an error “3E”.

This situation occurs under the following circumstances:

  • the tachometer sends too weak or incorrect signals;
  • Hall sensor does not send signals at all.

Reasons for the appearance

If the washing machine shows code 3E, you should determine the cause and fix the problems as soon as possible so that the error does not lead to other malfunctions. An error may indicate problems with control or the entire design of the equipment. Experts say that the code does not have to point to a specific element or node. In some cases, the technique gives an error in the absence of any part or in its malfunctioning.

Before disassembling the equipment, trying to find a technical reason, you should familiarize yourself with all the possible reasons for its appearance. Repair work of modern household appliances must begin with a full diagnosis and check of every detail. Otherwise, the situation can be aggravated. As a result, you can determine which parts (or one part) need to be replaced.

There are several possible causes of error 3E.

One of the most common problems is incorrect operation of the tachogenerator. If this element is malfunctioning and does not emit the necessary signals, the machine shows the corresponding code.

The operation of the technique stops due to blocking of the drive motor by a foreign object. And it is also recommended to check the bearings, which often jam.

Problems with the power contacts are a common cause of the above error. According to experts, this happens with equipment that stands in rooms with high humidity. The module does not receive the required signals and the machine is draining water.

Many users overload the drum by ignoring the maximum weight allowed. Failure to comply with the operating rules often causes an error code to appear. Do not forget that the weight of the garment increases significantly when wet, which creates additional stress.

The appearance of the above code can be associated with a motor malfunction for a number of reasons:

  • weak or damaged belt;
  • engine malfunctions due to excessive loads.

Problems with the control module of the technique are also possible. Despite the fact that high-quality electronics can boast of reliability, if used improperly, they fail. Sudden voltage drops, moisture ingress into the equipment, strong shocks and other factors significantly affect its safety and performance.

In the manufacture of washing machines, the Samsung trademark uses their effective protection against moisture and moisture. And also the manufacturer uses practical, reliable and durable materials that are not afraid of damage. The original products of the company are used not only in everyday life, but also on the basis of various enterprises.

To minimize the possibility of malfunctions, you should carefully read the operating instructions and adhere to them when using the equipment. The instruction is included with each piece of equipment.

Code meaning

Samsung washing machines can report faults and malfunctions during operation using special codes. Each of them has a specific decryption. One of the most common is the 3E code. It is indicated on the display of the washing machine. In the absence of a screen, the technician issues a special signal from a combination of LEDs.

This signal indicates that the electronic module of the technique cannot indicate the operation of the engine. There can be various reasons for the error. Modern washing machines designed in such a way that the electronic equipment monitors the operation of the motor, controlling the number of revolutions using the amperage.

Error 3E occurs on both innovative and outdated models. When it appears, the equipment automatically drains the water and stops working.

To cope with the problem, it is necessary to correctly determine its cause and carry out the appropriate work. Error coding helps not only users, but also repairmen.

Samsung washing machine error 3E: why it occurs and how to fix it?

  • Code meaning
  • Reasons for the appearance
  • Repairs
  • General recommendations for use

Modern washing machines are equipped with special computer systems. Thanks to them, household appliances have become more functional and easier to use. Due to their intellectual ability, washing machines are able to notify about malfunctions and errors during operation. Why it occurs and how to fix error 3E on a Samsung washing machine, we will consider in the article.


After the cause of the error code has been identified, you need to fix it. If the matter is in a malfunction of a specific part, it needs to be repaired or replaced. It is not recommended to carry out work if you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills. Otherwise, you can aggravate the problem, as well as get damaged during operation. You can’t do without a set of special tools.

If you are going to do the replacement yourself, make sure the new item is suitable for your particular washing machine. In the process of work, you must observe safety precautions.

Let’s analyze the options for fixing error 3E.

  • If a third-party item is causing the problem, remove it. It is necessary not only to carefully get the thing, but also to check the integrity of the “filling” of the washing machine. Make sure the object has not damaged the parts you need to work with. As a rule, small things (they get into the drum of a stylish machine from s of clothes), buttons and other metal elements become the source of malfunction. If you hear unnecessary noises during the operation of equipment, be sure to take the necessary measures.
  • If the power contacts are damaged, they should be repaired as soon as possible. In most cases, simple cleaning is sufficient. And also check the wiring in the apartment and sockets.
  • When the problem is with the tachogenerator, the only way to fix it is to replace it. This item is not repairable.
  • When code 3E appears, unload the drum. He may be overwhelmed. Continue to comply with the maximum load rating.
  • In the event of a malfunction of new household appliances, a service center should take care of its repair. Typically, washing machines come with a one to two year warranty. If the warranty period has passed, you can sort out the motor, check each of its components and reassemble. Remember that this work should only be done by a specialist.
  • If the drive belt is damaged (cracked or out of shape), it must be replaced with a new one. Many users recommend tightening up the old strap to save money, but professional engineers recommend abandoning this idea.
  • By rewinding the rotor or stator of the washing machine, they solve the problem of improper operation of the electric motor of technology, if the problem lies in the winding. As in most cases, it is better to entrust the solution of this problem to a professional who will do everything correctly. The most common cause of winding damage is overloading equipment. Often brushes that transmit electric current fail. This element wears out as the equipment operates.

How it stands?

As always, let’s start by literally deciphering error 3e. It means problems with the tachometer or the engine. Such a lengthy description of the error is unlikely to suit us, so we will try to decipher it in more detail. First of all, we will decipher the twin errors that are found on some models of Samsung washing machines instead of code 3e.

  • An error with the EA code stands for exactly the same as 3e, it is just that this code was used on older models of Samsung washing machines, however, we already talked about this above.
  • Codes 8e, 8c, 8c1 mean problems with the vibration sensor, which is installed on the most modern models of washing machines.

A vibration sensor is a device that allows you to control the movement of the drum in different planes, while a conventional tachometer is only able to control its speed.

  • Error 8e1 indicates serious failures in engine control, in fact, a complete loss of communication with a vibration or tacho sensor.
  • Well, errors of the 3C series may appear due to the loss of engine power of the Samsung washing machine.

Samsung washing machine error 3

On Samsung washing machines, error 3e is not encountered as often as all the others, but, nevertheless, it can create a lot of difficulties for the user who suddenly loses his “home assistant” at the moment when he so needs it. When this error appears, like all other errors, the washing stops and does not resume until the cause that caused the problem is eliminated. Let’s get down to establishing the causes of error 3e, and at the same time we will decipher it.

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Why does the code appear?

Conventionally, the problems that this error “symbolizes” can be divided into two categories. The first category includes malfunctions that do not entail breakdown of parts and assemblies of the Samsung washing machine, and the second category includes more serious breakdowns that give rise to the need to carry out serious repairs to the “home assistant”. So let’s start with simple troubleshooting.

At first glance it may seem ridiculous, but such banal things as overloading the drum with laundry can lead to an error with code 3e or 3C. If you put too little laundry, a 3C error may appear. The indicated codes can also symbolize drum jamming due to foreign objects falling between the tank and the drum if the engine does not have enough power to overcome the jam. Any of the above errors can pop up due to a short-term failure in the self-diagnosis system, and if so, you are very lucky. nothing needs to be fixed.

Let’s move on to the second category of faults. Error 3e can result from the complete combustion of the tachometer and a complete break in communication with it. If a Samsung washing machine has a vibration sensor instead of a tacho sensor, similar troubles may arise with it. Not everything is smooth with the engine either. When a 3C error appears, one can judge the loss of engine power due to worn brushes or a broken winding.

The tachometer may give incorrect signals due to oxidation of the magnetic ring or the motor shaft. Also, dirt gets between the motor shaft and the tacho sensor ring, which causes the same problems. Weakening of the tacho sensor signal, or its periodic disappearance may be due to poor attachment of this sensor to the engine, all this can also generate an error with code 3e.

One of the rarest causes of error 3e and its analogs is a loose drive belt. Due to a similar problem, the engine cannot gain speed and spin the drum, which is sometimes perceived by the self-diagnosis system of the washing machine as a problem with the motor, which is why it issues code 3e.

As you can see, there are quite a few cases of the appearance of code 3e and its analogs, so be extremely careful not to confuse anything, this will drag out the troubleshooting time.

The moment of appearance of the code and its analogues

Error 3e rarely appears randomly. often it “jumps out” at certain stages of the washing program, showing a certain pattern. Imagine a Samsung washing machine starts washing your laundry. Water is collected, the drum gradually begins to spin and suddenly, there is a freeze, the machine stops the rotation of the drum and at the same minute an error 3e appears on the display. It happens in a different way.

  • You are starting a washing program on a Samsung automatic washing machine.
  • The machine draws water and launches.
  • Next, the washer drains out the dirty water, collects clean water for rinsing and starts rinsing.
  • This should be followed by a spinning step, but no spinning occurs. The machine, having slightly spun the drum, freezes, giving an error with code 3e.

After rinsing, the machine tries to spin the drum to a more or less decent speed, but this does not happen.

If you are faced with exactly the above symptoms, but a different code is displayed on the display, remember that error 3e has analogs with a similar decoding. It is very possible that you will come across codes: 3C, 8E, EA, 3e1, 3e2, 3e3, 3e4, 3c1, 3c2, 3c3, 3c4, 8e1, 8c, 8c1. Quite a lot of analogs, it is easy to make mistakes, so be careful. The EA code is typical for washers that came out before 2008, but the 8E, 8e1, 8c, 8c1 codes are typical for washers younger than 2013.

Another question arises: how does error code 3e appear on Samsung washing machines without a display? In the picture below, you will see the answer to it. When such an error occurs, two lamps 40 0 ​​C light up on the display, and then Bio 60 0 C. But that’s not all, the indicators indicating the washing programs will start flashing quickly.

We eliminate the reasons

Well, we have listed the reasons for the error 3e of the Samsung washing machine, now let’s figure out how to fix them. Let’s go in order.

  • If you managed not to report things to the drum of the washing machine or, on the contrary, overload it and this led to error 3e, you will correct yourself. Disconnect the machine from the mains, take out unnecessary items or add additional items if they are not enough, and then start the washer again. the problem will be solved.
  • Drum jamming is worse. If a foreign object gets into the tank, you will have to remove it through the Tubular Heater hole, and to remove the heating element you will have to remove the front wall of the Samsung washing machine. How best to do this is described in the article Samsung washing machine gives error HE2. As soon as you can remove the Tubular Heater, you can put your hand in the hole and remove anything that accidentally got there from the bottom of the tank.
  • In case of a short-term malfunction of the washing machine, you just need to restart it, disconnect it from the mains for 5 minutes, and then turn it on again. Error 3e or similar should be gone.
  • If the tachometer burns out, it must be replaced with a new one of the same type. We unscrew the back wall of the washer, remove the drive belt so that it does not interfere, remove the wiring from the engine and unscrew it. We remove the old tachometer from the motor and install a new one.

To make sure the part is defective, check it with a multimeter.

  • If the motor has lost power, the brushes must be checked and replaced. There are small screws on the sides of the body that need to be removed to remove the spring-loaded graphite rods. They are called brushes due to the fact that they rub against the moving part of the commutator motor and can wear off. If this happened with at least one brush, we change both at once.
  • We treat the disconnection with the tachometer by detailed checking and cleaning of this element. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the inner magnetic ring from oxide and dirt, after which the contact will be restored. Along the way, we also check the integrity of the wire supplying the sensor and its contact.
  • If you still encounter a 3e error, which is caused by a weakened drive belt, you need to replace such a belt immediately. It is unacceptable to continue using the washing machine with such a belt. Read about how this part is replaced in the article. How to put a belt on a washing machine?

Summing up, we note that error 3e is not only multifaceted in itself, but it still has many analogs that are not always deciphered in the same way. To understand all this in more or less detail, read the publication again, and we wish you good luck and patience.!

Error 3E, 3C, EA in the Samsung washing machine

When a 3E error appears on the display, washing stops and does not resume until the malfunction code is cleared. And in order to find out what error 3E means and what to do to eliminate it, you need to determine when it occurs and for what reason.

This code corresponds to a tachometer error. weak or absent signal. Most often, to eliminate it, you need to call the wizard.

What is the reason for the error

The car may show error 3E when:

  • Excessive loading of the drum with things;
  • Foreign objects falling between the tank and the drum;
  • Temporary failure in the control module;
  • Failure of the tachometer;
  • Failure of the vibration sensor;
  • Weakening of the drive belt;
  • Decrease in engine power, which is possible due to worn brushes or a punctured winding;
  • Control module malfunctions.

What does the error mean

If the washing machine Samsung display shows 3E, 8E, EA, then most often this indicates a malfunction in the tachometer or engine. Analogs of the 3E code are deciphered as follows:

  • EA is similar to 3E code, it is simply displayed on the display of early models of Samsung typewriters;
  • Error 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4 also indicates a malfunction of the tachogenerator;
  • Code 8E, 8C, 8C1 indicates problems in the vibration sensor, which is present in modern models of Samsung washing machines;
  • 3C indicates that the power of the washing machine motor is reduced.

To solve this problem, you need to understand the reasons for the display of the 3E code and its “brothers”.

When code 3E occurs

The 3E code has analogues that have a similar decoding. They are the following error codes: 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, EA, 8E, 8E1, 8C, 8C1. The emergence of EA is typical for Samsung washing machines before 2008 production. And codes 8E, 8E1, 8C, 8C1 are found in washing machines before 2013.

If your typewriter does not have a display, then pay attention to the lit lamps: BIO 60 ° C and 40 ° C. The mode indicators flash.

Rarely, a Samsung washing machine gives an error 3E just like that. most often such a code appears at specific stages of the wash, which means a certain pattern. The washing machine gives a problem when the code 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4 is on, when:

  • Spinning the drum at the start of the program;
  • Rinsing linen;
  • Spin, when the machine turns the drum a little and displays 3E.

How to fix the problem

After analyzing the reasons for the error codes popping up on the washing machine display, it is important to learn how to fix the malfunction on your own. Here’s what you need to do to clear the error:

  • If the washing machine is overloaded, turn it off and remove excess laundry. Then start the machine again.
  • If the drum is jammed, remove the foreign object through the Tubular Heater hole. To access the Tubular Heater, you need to remove the front wall of the washer.
  • In case of a temporary control failure, turn off the machine by unplugging the power cord for a few minutes, and then turn it on again.
  • Replace the burnt-out tachometer with a new one.
  • Check the motor brushes and replace them if necessary.
  • If communication with the tachometer is broken, check and clean the element.
  • Replace this element if the drive belt is loose.
  • In the event of a malfunction of the control module, solder the burnt elements on the board or completely replace the module.
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Now you know how to fix problems in a Samsung typewriter. most often you need to involve a specialist in this case, who will fix problems in the engine or tachogenerator. But in the first three cases, you can deal with the problem yourself.

Description of error code 5E on a Samsung washing machine

Error 5E often occurs when using a Samsung clipper. Typically, such a 5E error in the Samsung Washing machine signals a clogged drain filter, but this can be avoided with constant care.

This is quite a popular mistake, but it is not easy to understand what exactly is wrong with it and to figure it out.

Error 5E occurs during the transition from one cycle to another, that is, the transition from washing to rinsing, the machine cannot drain the dirty water and pour clean water for rinsing. The specific decoding of this error is that it is impossible to drain the water.

There are several reasons for this error denotes:

  • Clogged filter;
  • Hose clearance;
  • Drain pump defective.

To fix this error, you must first check the debris filter, it is located at the bottom right. The filter needs to be cleaned periodically, and this is not a complicated procedure, which is described in the user manual. If the filter is clean or cleaned after an error occurred, and the error does not go away, then you need to look at the drain hose, it could be clogged and.

Samsung washing machine malfunctions: categories

The user manual that comes with the machine describes not only how to use it, and what programs are intended for what, but also what errors, what they mean. Almost all errors can be corrected on their own, because the manufacturer took care in advance and included such a wonderful function as displaying errors on the display.

All malfunctions are divided into several categories, depending on the type of malfunction and which unit of the washing machine fails:

  • Water problems, overflow or shortage;
  • Electrical problems;
  • Engine problems;
  • Hatch problems;
  • Overheating of the washing machine;
  • Increased foaming;
  • Temperature problems (Tubular Heaterm);

To fix errors in a Samsung typewriter, it is not necessary to resort to calling a specialist from the service center, you can find any value of the codes and options for correcting them, and fix the problems.

Basic information errors of Samsung washing machines

When choosing a washing machine at an average price, Samsung is usually purchased. Very popular wf8590nmw9 Diamond model and Eco bubble function. Diamond (Diamant or Diamond) is an excellent choice because of the price and quality. As the experience of people purchasing this brand shows, over time, a list of breakdowns was revealed, the designations of which occur most often during washing.

These include:

  • Tubular Heater breakage. caused by settling of water content.
  • Breakage of the drive belt occurs due to uneven rotation of the drum. It can be determined by deterioration, knocking during washing and a violation of the set and drainage of water.
  • Malfunction of the water intake occurs due to leakage.
  • Bearing wear, hum and knocking occurs.

Often nozzles fail. arises from low-quality rubber or fungus, rust will appear on the body. You can familiarize yourself with the errors in the network in more detail, usually a special table is presented, and decoding the errors of washing machines is not difficult.

Samsung washing machine: 18 error codes

List of UE errors on Samsung washing machines

Often, a code is seen from the messages, which means an imbalance in the washing machine. This can happen due to a small amount of laundry, a different amount of loaded, from a different material, a different size loaded, too much.

List of faults in the format (code. what does it mean. causes of occurrence. how to eliminate):

  • 1E. water sensor malfunction: pressure switch damage, pressure switch clamped or clogged, pressure switch wear, sensor oxidation, water level switch worn out, pressure switch disconnected. you need to look at the pressure switch for damage, jamming, clogged or wear, check the sensor.
  • 3E, 3E1-4. generator / engine malfunction: a foreign body gets into the rotor, thereby jamming it, damage or oxidation of the engine contacts, a short circuit of the engine winding or the washer is overloaded, the generator is out of order, poor contact with the relay or a weak signal, the sensor gives erroneous signals or signals are not received, there is a gap or displacement in the engine parts, breakdown or irregularities in the connection of the engine or generator. see if something foreign has got into the rotor, check the contacts and treat them from oxidation, check for closure with special devices, remove some of the things and continue the program, check the contacts of the generator and engine, get rid of them from oxidation, see if the engine is in place, check the connection between the generator and the engine.
  • 4E, 4E1-2. problems with water: the filling valve is clogged, the valve is poorly connected or not connected, the water is incorrectly connected, instead of cold, hot, the hose is not connected to the powder compartment, the water temperature is not correctly selected for a certain program. check the valve, clean, connect the hoses, change the water temperature for the program.
  • 5E. water drainage malfunction: the drain hose is clogged or pinched, the sewer is clogged, the hose freezes, the impeller is damaged, the drain pump is out of order. check the hose, clean the sewer and hoses, the impeller, pump operation.
  • 8E. breakdown of the electric motor: incorrect rotation of the motor, due to the sensor, damage or oxidation of the electric motor, the control circuit is broken. check the sensor, circuit, contacts, clean.
  • 9E1 / 2, US. electrical failure: electrical circuit failure, malfunctions in the control module, voltage drops above 275V or below 175V. check the electrical circuit, the operation of the control module. When the electricity supply is established, the program will continue its work.
  • AE. communication failure: communication failure between the indicator and control modules. check the connection and contacts between the modules, if there is damage, replace.
  • BE1 BE2, BE3. shutdown problems: when the shutdown button is pressed for more than 12-30 seconds, the control screws on the panel are deformed or clamped, the relay contacts are shorted or disconnected. check the screws, remove the clamp or, on the contrary, tighten, relay operation, eliminate the malfunction.
  • CE. violation of cooling: the temperature sensor does not give the desired temperature, overheating occurs. check the temperature sensor, if there is a violation of its operation, adjust it, after draining the cold water, the error will clear itself.
  • DE, DE1-2. door blocking: there was a failure of contacts due to the curvature of the hook, deformation of the hatch, damaged interlock connector or incorrect connection of the connector, insulation failure or failure of the control unit. check the door and its contacts for a malfunction, connectors, isolation and control.
  • FЕ. ventilation is disturbed: the fan or condenser is out of order. check their operation, if something has got there, check the wiring.
  • EE. overheating of the drying module: sensor or drying heater defective. replace in case of malfunction.
  • HEI, HE1, HE2, HE3. Tubular Heater is defective: short circuit or open circuit, sensor broken, lack of water, very hot water. view the contacts of the Tubular Heater and the sensor, press the button in the middle, if the washer does not work, replace the sensor.
  • LE1. leakage: the tank is broken, the air hose has come off, the leak sensor is broken, the Tubular Heater is disconnected, the leak is due to the formation of foam, the hose is not properly connected, the drain pump or hose is not installed correctly, the seal washer is broken. check the tank and sensor, Tubular Heater connection, eliminate excess foam, check pump and hose, seal and gaskets.
  • TE1-3. temperature sensor: water overheating due to the temperature sensor, damaged Tubular Heater. check the sensor and Tubular Heater, their contacts.
  • OE. water is overflowing: breakdown in the water level sensor, or in the hose. check the operation of the sensor, the hose, it could get clogged, remove the blockage.
  • UЕ. the balance is out of balance: the linen is out of order. pull out the linen, then spread it out evenly.
  • SUD, 5UD. foaming: hand wash powder or excess. check powder before use.

A common error occurs in the spin cycle of laundry. The machine can spin the drum several times, and do nothing else, while the time will not change and the machine will stop working.

In order to eliminate this error, you need to press the shutdown button and wait for the door unlocking so as not to break it.

Then open the door and remove the cause of its appearance, remove excess laundry, spread the remaining items evenly. If the laundry is in, for example, a duvet cover, remove it and start spinning. The machine will continue to work.

Samsung automatic washing machine: error codes

In most cases, it helps from mistakes if you pull out the laundry, disconnect the hose and drain the water from it, starting the wash, you can see that there is a blockage if the water barely flows. If, when starting washing and draining the water, you do not hear the specific sound of the pump, then the cause of the error is in it.