Washing Machine Samsung Change Bearing Video

What is needed in order to replace a bearing on a washing machine

First you need to purchase consumables. a sealing gland, grease and bearings, a set of tools. The minimum set of repair tools is presented in the list:

  • pliers;
  • Allen wrenches 8 mm and heads;
  • hammer;
  • mallet;
  • drift;
  • bolt;
  • screwdriver with replaceable flat nozzles and hexagonal bits;
  • grease;
  • adhesive sealant;
  • camera. you can use it to shoot each stage of disassembling the washing machine. It is better not to rely on memory, otherwise, during assembly, there will be “extra” parts.

Try to lubricate the bearing before replacing. Quite often, the drum rotation noise is the result of a lack of lubrication. It will take about two hours to replace the bearing at home. Regardless of the brand of your machine, for repairs, you will need to almost completely disassemble the unit. Move the washing machine to a spacious room and place newspapers or old towels under it so as not to stain the floor during the renovation.

Varieties of bearings for a washing machine

By design, bearings are divided into single-row and double-row. Single row ones contain one row of rolling elements. Double-row, consisting of two single-row, can withstand heavy loads. But the price of such ball bearings is also higher, therefore, having one row of rolling elements are most common in economy and middle class models.


During repairs, some difficulties may arise, since the side covers of the unit cannot be removed, and the tank can only be removed through the upper opening. As with equipment from other manufacturers, it is necessary to disassemble the machine and remove the tank. Some Candy models come with solid oval tanks that have to be sawed at the seam. If the tank is collapsible, then you can disconnect it according to the standard scheme by unscrewing the bolts and opening the latches. At the end of the work, it remains to assemble the unit in the reverse order. Step-by-step photos that you took while disassembling the machine will help you with this.

The sizes of brand bearings are 203–206, they are selected for a specific model. To remove the front wall, you must first remove the collar, and then unscrew the screws. When pulling out the tank, it is advisable to use an assistant. He will lift the part while you unhook the springs.

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Most Whirlpool washing machines have a collapsible tank that can be opened by loosening the bolts. It is pulled out through the front wall. Otherwise, Whirpool washing machines do not have any specific features.

Reasons for failure

First of all, the rubber seal is damaged, which is a sealing material that protects metal parts.

Washing Machine Samsung Change Bearing Video

When this element breaks down, water begins to penetrate into the mechanism. Penetrating water washes out and dissolves the lubricant. Due to physical processes, under the influence of friction force, the bearing wears out.

This usually happens no earlier than 5-7 years after the start of operation. There can be several reasons for premature wear of the bearing mechanism:

  • Factory defect. a defect in the bearing itself or the seat for the oil seal.
  • The machine is systematically overloaded with linen, the permissible weight standards are exceeded.
  • Operation of faulty equipment.

Where is the bearing in the washing machine

This part, depending on the assembly of the washing machine, is located in the back wall or tank lid. The bearing is attached to the housing of this element from the outside. Top-loading machines have two bearings on which the drum is attached.


The model range includes devices with collapsible and non-collapsible tanks. To gain access to the bearing, it is necessary to remove the front wall and the top cover. It is recommended to use two types of grease. WD-40 against corrosion and water-resistant. Litol-24.

What functions does

Serves as a link between the drum, which contains the washed laundry, and the pulley that drives this very drum.

Samsung washing machine self-disassembly

If a breakdown occurs, you need to know how to disassemble a Samsung washing machine with your own hands. Having a tool, minimal knowledge in plumbing and electrical engineering, everyone can make repairs on their own.

Preparation for disassembly

Disassembling a washing machine is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. First of all, you need to accurately determine the nature of the breakdown. If this is not possible, disassembly is inevitable. First you need to prepare for the upcoming repair. To do this, we perform a number of actions:

  • we de-energize our unit;
  • we drain all the water, if it remains there;
  • preparing the tool;
  • determine the place where we will disassemble the car.

For repairs, you will need a spacious, well-lit place. Some parts and mechanisms are quite large in size and weight, so it will be simply impossible to disassemble equipment in a cramped corner.

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The most common tool is used for work. a set of screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, a set of heads. It is imperative to prepare a clean rag, WD-40 liquid for soaking nuts, CV joint grease and sealant. It’s a good idea to have a camera handy, especially if this is the first time you are taking it apart. By photographing each operation, it will be much easier for you to assemble the machine later. When starting a repair, it is advisable to look at this topic.

The success of the work largely depends on the correct organization of the workplace.

When disassembling, you will need simple measuring tools. a ruler, a vernier caliper. Be sure to prepare a soldering iron.

Disassembly process

Self-disassembly of a Samsung washing machine requires the accuracy of all steps. First of all, remove the top cover of the machine. Unscrewing the two screws at the back will be enough for this. The photo shows the location of the screws.

Next, set the removed cover aside so that it does not interfere with further work. Removing the cover, you will see almost all the internal filling of the machine. To inspect the pulley and drive belt, you must slightly pull the counterweight towards you.

The next stage of disassembly is to remove the container for detergents. To do this, just squeeze out its lock. After that, a more difficult and crucial stage of disassembly begins. the removal of the sealing cuff. Using a screwdriver, we take out the retaining ring and carefully remove it from the cuff. The main thing here is to do everything slowly. It is very easy to tear the cuff, and this is an unnecessary expense. Now we fill it inside the car so that it does not interfere.

Next, you need to remove the bottom cover from the body. It is fastened with latches, and it is not difficult to detach it. Removing the trim provides access to the emergency drain hose and filter. On this, the lower part of the Samsung typewriter can be considered disassembled.

It remains to remove the electronic control unit. There will be no big difficulties here either. By unscrewing the self-tapping screws and unfastening the latches, you can carefully separate the unit from the case. So that it does not interfere with further work, place it on the top of the machine. Front panel removal is now accessed. Having unscrewed the seven self-tapping screws, we separate the front panel.

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After completing these works, you can begin to remove the tank and drum of the machine. The process of removing the tank is very time consuming, therefore it is not recommended to carry it out alone. You definitely need an assistant. Before starting to remove the tank, it is necessary to disconnect the electrical wiring from the Tubular Heater (heating element), as well as the piping connected to it. Then disconnect the wires from the engine.

After completing these preparatory work, you can begin to remove the tank. To do this, first of all, you need to remove the counterweights. They are bolted. After removing the counterweights and moving them aside, we begin to disconnect the tank from the shock absorbers. At the end of the process, we disconnect the springs that are attached directly to the tank, and together with an assistant we remove the tank. It remains to disconnect the engine from it. Before doing this, you need to remove the drive belt. If it becomes necessary to change the bearing, viewing thematic is required.

Replacing a bearing is one of the most difficult repairs. Before you start doing it yourself, you need to carefully weigh your strength as a repairman. The whole difficulty lies in the fact that the washing machine tank can be non-separable. To access the bearing, it will have to be sawed, and then glued, having previously sealed it. If the tank turns out to be collapsible, the repair is much easier. It is enough to unscrew the tie bolts or release the latches securing the tank halves. After disconnecting the tank, a drum becomes accessible, on the shaft of which the bearing is located. It is removed with a special puller, or very carefully knocked down with a hammer.

After removing the bearing, it is imperative to clean the seat on the shaft, carefully inspect it and check for wear. If no deviations are found, then the bearing can be replaced.

When disassembling the machine, it is imperative to record the sequence of operations, and it is better to entrust the work of replacing the bearing to specialists.

It is not so difficult to disassemble a Samsung washing machine with your own hands. This requires tools and minimal knowledge of electrical engineering and plumbing. Well, and of course, experience in repair work.