Washing Machine LG Error Oe What Does It Mean

You can fix the OE error yourself in the following cases:

  • If there is a blockage in the drain hose of your machine, then it must be removed.
  • It is worth checking the junction of the washer drain and the sewer. If the hose is connected to a siphon, you need to clean the last one, as it is likely to be blocked.
  • The pump filter should be checked, it may be clogged. To do this, unscrew the filter plug, it is located at the bottom of the washing machine, on its front side.
  • The problem may lie in the machine control unit. You should try to give her a “rest.” Disconnect the power supply for a few minutes and then turn it back on. This option may help if the error occurred for the first time.

What the OE error means?

Error OE indicates that the LG washing machine cannot drain the water within the prescribed period of time (as a rule, it is set for 5-8 minutes). The OE error could arise, both because of the simplest violations, which you will probably be able to eliminate with your own hands, and because of serious breakdowns, for the elimination of which the intervention of a specialist is necessary.

First of all, it is necessary to drain the water forcibly and unload the laundry.

OE error code LG LG. why not merge? What to do with washing

You put on the wash, but after a certain period of time you found out that your LG washing machine with a screen highlighted the error code OE on the display and no longer washes, but does not drain the water either. This error can appear during rinsing or washing.

If your LG washing machine is not equipped with a screen, this error is indicated as follows:

  • The rinse indicators are flashing or on at the same time
  • Spin mode indicators 500, 800 and No Spin (500 rpm, 800 rpm and No spin) are flashing or lit.

What to do?

Before disassembling the unit and looking for the cause of the breakdown, try restarting the machine. Sometimes, one-time failures occur in the control unit, which can be eliminated by restarting the system. Disconnect the appliance from the mains for 10-15 minutes, then turn it on again and continue washing.

If this does not help, it is necessary to check the elements of the drainage system. Start checking from the most accessible places:

  • Check the drain filter for clogging. To do this, open the bottom panel at the bottom of the washing machine and unscrew the part counterclockwise. Remove accumulated dirt from the filtration compartment and rinse the filter under running water, then reinstall it.
  • Inspect the drain hose. It can be clogged or pinched, preventing water from flowing freely from the tank. Disconnect the element and rinse it under running hot water, in case of strong clogging, push the dirt plug with a steel wire.
  • Check the drain to sewer connection for blockages. To do this, unscrew the pipes, clean the elements from dirt and rinse them under running water.

If the previous steps did not yield any results, you must continue looking for the problem inside the device. When the LG washing machine gives an OE error and the pump does not make any sounds or is too noisy, most likely the problem lies in it. You can get to the drain pump through the bottom of the unit. Disconnect the element carefully and check the impeller for blockage, which collects debris that has passed through the filter: hair, wool, threads, etc. When the pump has been cleaned, reinstall it by performing the steps in reverse order. If the code is still displayed after cleaning, the pump may need to be replaced.

Before disassembling the machine, do not forget to disconnect it from the mains and drain the water using the emergency hose.

If you manually drain the water from the tank and after that it does not collect into the drum, there may be a problem with the water level sensor. First check the tubes that lead to the device, they may be clogged and need to be cleaned. After cleaning, there is still no set and water drain? This means that the pressure switch needs to be replaced.

When you have ruled out clogging and damage to the drain system, but the machine still writes an OE error, the problem may be caused by a broken controller. If you do not have the skills to work with electronics, it is better to entrust diagnostics and subsequent repairs to a specialist. Replacing a control module is usually expensive.

As you can see, it is almost always possible to repair the unit when the OE code appears at home. If you follow the operating rules and prevent contamination of the drain system, in half the cases it will be possible to avoid this problem.

Decoding and reasons for the appearance

An OE (0E) error on an LG washing machine indicates a problem with water draining. It happens as follows. The drain pump receives a signal to remove the waste liquid. The unit tries to start draining for 4-5 minutes. If water remains in place within the allotted time, the machine stops trying and displays the error code OE.

If the LG washing machine does not have a display, the absence of draining is indicated by the simultaneous blinking of all the “Rinse” mode indicators or several lit lamps of the “Spin” mode (near the “800”, “500” and “No spin” indicators).

Before you start repairing the device, you need to find out the root causes of the malfunction. Most often, the error is caused by a malfunction of the drainage system and only in rare cases parts that are not directly related to the drainage of water break down. The causes of the problem can be:

  • blockages of the units of the drain system;
  • clogging of the sewer;
  • breakdown of the water level sensor (pressure switch);
  • malfunction of the drain pump;
  • malfunction of the electrical controller.

Error OE (0E) on LG washing machine: causes, recommendations for elimination

An OE error in an LG washing machine usually occurs at the most inopportune moment. The machine draws in water, washes or rinses the laundry, then stops halfway through a cycle with a full tank of water. This situation can seriously agitate the hostess. But if the machine is equipped with a display and a diagnostic system, such as model F1081ND5, then it will not be difficult to determine the malfunction.

What does the OE error mean in LG washing machine, what to do. how to fix the problem at home? You will learn about this from our article.

on this topic

Having determined that the machine gives out an OE error due to a pump malfunction, we suggest watching a plot about replacing a part with your own hands.

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OE error in LG washing machine

The OE error on LG washing machines usually occurs at the most inopportune moment in the middle of a wash program. A drum full of laundry and soapy water, the machine is frozen, and the display shows two incomprehensible letters OE. Within the framework of this article, we will have to decipher the error with the OE code, determine the causes of such an error and outline ways to eliminate such causes.

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Finding the Source of the Error: Procedure

How to start looking for the source of the OE error, what to do specifically? First of all, you need to remove dirt and foreign objects in the most accessible places of the washing machine. the first in turn is a garbage filter. Many people know how to clean such a filter, especially those who read the instructions before using the washing machine. But if you do not know anything about cleaning the filter, then read the article on how to clean the filter.

If the filter of the LG washing machine is clean and after restarting the machine the OE error reappears, then the reason is not in the filter, you need to continue searching. The water still does not go away, which means that the blockage may be in the middle between the sink siphon and the washing machine filter. Checking the drain hose and its connection to the siphon comes to the fore.

Note! If the drain hose of your LG washing machine is not connected to a siphon, but is inserted directly into the sewer pipe, check the connection between the pipe and the hose. Very often blockages form there.

Disconnect the hose, rinse it with water. If there is a serious dirt plug inside the hose, you can use a long steel wire with a hook at the end. If the hose is clean, then you need to look further. Experts advise to listen to the work of the drain pump, because in LG washing machines, the pump works quite noisy. If the pump does not make a sound or makes strange sounds, the problem is most likely in it.

Also, an OE error can be generated by a faulty water level sensor or an electrical controller. Read about how to check and repair the water level sensor in this article. As for a possible malfunction of the electrical controller, in this case you will have to contact a specialist. Since it is categorically not recommended to test the electronics of the washing machine yourself.

Why does the OE error occur in the LG typewriter?

The OE error in the LG washing machine occurs when the program starts the drain pump to remove water, but the water nevertheless remains in the tank. Briefly, experts define this error as follows: “the water from the tank of the machine does not drain.” The error does not occur immediately after the pump was unable to pump out water. The system has a kind of timeout that allows you to repeat the drain attempt up to 5-7 times and after 5 minutes, if water still remains in the tank, the system stops the machine and issues an OE error.

Why the pump cannot remove water from the tank of the LG machine, why does the system error with the OE code occur? The specialists of the washing machine manufacturer determine several typical reasons for such an error.

  • Somewhere in the drain system (filter, hoses) a serious blockage has formed.
  • The sewer system is heavily clogged (sink siphon, sewer pipe).
  • The drain pump has broken.
  • Water level sensor defective.
  • Defective electrical controller.

If there is a malfunction in the electrical controller, then this can manifest itself not only in the issuance of the OE system error. Be careful, observe the “behavior” of the machine when setting different washing modes.

Note! Do not rush to look for a malfunction in the washing machine, first check the sewer pipes for blockages. Unscrew the hot and cold water taps completely and see how fast the water goes down the drain.

Cause of error OE determined: how to fix?

How do I fix the cause of the OE error in my LG washing machine? Everything will depend on what is the cause of the OE error and whether it is possible to eliminate it at all on our own. Experts give some general advice on how to eliminate the causes that generated the error with the OE code, we will outline these tips.

  • Thoroughly clean the drain pump filter, remembering to remove all foreign objects from it.
  • Disconnect the drain hose and flush out any dirt. It is best to use a strong pressure of hot water.
  • Clean the siphon and the connection between the drain hose and the siphon. To do this, the siphon will have to be disassembled and all its parts washed.
  • Using a voltmeter, check the voltage going to the pressure switch and drain pump sensors. One of the sensors may need to be replaced.
  • Disconnect the sensors from the pressure switch and the drain pump one at a time, and then turn on the washing machine. Rebooting the system with connected sensors may fix the problem.

Summing up, we note that if one day your washing machine suddenly stopped working and gave an OE error, do not rush to panic. Examine the decoding of the error code and start troubleshooting. In about half of the cases, the problem is solved on their own in 10-15 minutes, good luck!

What does the OE error mean??

It often happens that the LG washing machine issues an OE code during spinning or in the middle of a program while the wash is still in progress. The user is faced with a serious problem because the drum is full of wet laundry. To understand what happened, you need to correctly decipher the error that is burning on the equipment screen.

The OE code appears on the display when the washing machine starts the drain pump. In fact, at this moment the water should be removed from the drum, but in fact it remains inside, hence the error.

When programming the machine, the manufacturer provided for a short period of time during which an attempt to drain the water should be repeated. If even after 5 minutes nothing has changed and the liquid remains inside, the system issues OE.

It is necessary to understand why the pump, which is responsible for removing water from the drum, cannot do its job. There may be several reasons for this:

  • a debris plug appears in the filter or hose;
  • breakdown of the drain pump;
  • garbage can accumulate in the sewer system;
  • the water level sensor has become unusable;
  • breakdown of the electrical controller.

The last cause of failure is often manifested not only by the described error. The user should observe how the equipment works by activating different modes of operation.

Do not send the technician straight away for repair. The first step is to check the hoses for blockages.

First, they check the quality of the sewage system. To do this, they open the taps and observe how quickly the water leaves. If everything is fine, it is worth checking the filter and drain hose directly on the washing machine.

The trash filter is inspected first. It must be well cleaned, preferably rinsed with water. If it is clean, but the error still appears, then the reason is different. The blockage may be between the siphon and the filter of the technique. If the connection is made directly, and the drain hose is inserted directly into the sewer, then look for a blockage there. Strong dirt plugs are removed with steel wire.

If there are no problems with clogging, you should pay attention to the operation of the pump. In this technique they are quite noisy. Extraneous sounds are easy to hear. However, if the technique is quiet, this is also an indicator of a problem.

The OE error can occur due to improper operation of the electrical controller or the sensor responsible for the water level. In both cases, it is not recommended to carry out self-repair, it is better to contact a specialist.

How to fix?

Before proceeding with the elimination of the problem, you just need to restart the equipment. It will need to be disconnected from the power supply and wait a while. Sometimes there are failures in the operation of the unit responsible for control, hence the non-existent errors on the screen.

But more often than not, to correct the situation, it is enough to simply clean the drain filter. It is he who gets dirty faster than other elements of the system. Access to it is at the bottom of the technique You can do this yourself, without the involvement of a specialist.

Place a small cloth on the floor before opening the valve, as water may spill out of the hole. The filter is replaced after cleaning.

Sometimes the reason for the described error may be simply a pinched drain hose. Water cannot flow freely through it.

If a blockage appears in the place where the drain is docked with the sewer, then you first need to disconnect the pipes, only after that you can start removing dirt. On LG machines, most of the elements of the drain system are easily accessible through the bottom.

It also happens that the actions taken to clean the hoses and filters did not work, and the error reappears on the screen. In this case, it is necessary to look for the source of the problem inside the washing machine.

If, after listening to the operation of the drain pump, the user realizes that it is working quietly or, conversely, makes a lot of unnecessary noise, it is worth checking it.

Free access to the drain pump opens through the bottom. It will need to be disconnected, but this must be done carefully so as not to damage the internal components of the washing machine. Particular attention should be paid to the impeller. There could be a blockage in it. Debris residues that pass through the filter settle here. This includes hair, animal hair, threads and other small items.

After cleaning, the pump is installed in its original place, observing the reverse procedure. If simple cleaning did not help, and the error is displayed again, then it is worth replacing the pump with a new one.

Before starting the repair of the washing machine, you will need to disconnect it from the power supply, and remove all the water through the emergency hose. It must be remembered that a burnt out pump cannot be repaired.

It also happens that the user drains the water from the equipment manually, but after such actions it is not poured into the drum. There is a possibility that there is a problem with the water level sensor.

First you need to check the hoses that lead to the described part. Chances are good that they also have a blockage, so additional cleaning is required.

If the problem is not solved so easily, then the pressure switch is out of order and needs to be replaced. You can inspect the elements of the water sensor by removing the top cover of the washing machine.

In the event that the user has eliminated the problem with blockage and damage in the drain system, but the error reappears on the screen, most likely the problem lies in the controller. Repair of this element should be done on your own only if you have the skill of working with electronics. In the absence of such, it is better to call a specialist.

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Replacing a module is expensive, but most of the time you can fix the problem yourself. If you carry out the prevention of contamination, then the breakdown will not occur soon, perhaps you will not have to deal with it at all.

OE error on LG washing machine: causes and remedies

The LG washing machine is designed in such a way that it itself prompts the user when a breakdown occurs. An error code is displayed on the panel, and from it you can understand what went wrong.


Experts recommend a procedure according to which it is worth inspecting the washing machine in order to eliminate the OE error:

  • when cleaning the filter of the drain pump, you need to remove not only large debris, but also small debris, it is advisable to rinse it well under running water;
  • the drain hose must first be disconnected, and then rinsed well under the pressure of hot water;
  • the siphon also requires regular cleaning, it is removed and disassembled;
  • to check the voltage level of the pressure switch and the drain pump, it is worth using a voltmeter, it will show which element needs to be replaced if a breakdown occurs;
  • sometimes a simple restart will help solve the problem, first you should disconnect the pressure switch sensor, and then the pump.

It should be noted that often breakdowns and malfunctions of the washing machine are associated with improper operation.

Not all users get acquainted with the instructions from the manufacturer, as a result, they do not know that from time to time it is required to perform preventive cleaning of some elements of the equipment structure.

With the correct and consistent approach, it is possible to eliminate the breakdown on its own. It takes up to 30 minutes to clear the blockage, and there is no need to call a specialist, so you can save your own money.

See below for what to do when an OE error occurs on your LG washing machine.

Diagnosing the source of the error

If the LG machine has thrown error 0e, you can determine the cause of the failure and fix it. To do this, remove the blockages in accessible places and check the permeability of the waste filter.

If the filter is clean, check the drain hose. A weed plug or a kink in the hose can block the outflow of water. Faults are easy to identify and fix.

When connecting the drain hose of the LG clipper directly to the sewer, inspect where the hose goes into the sewer. As a result of the turbulence of the water flow, blockages form here. Don’t forget to inspect the accessible part of the sewer pipe.

Disconnect the hose and rinse with running water. Use a long hooked steel wire to remove the dirt plug. If the hose is clean, you can proceed to the search for intra-machine reasons.

The drain pump in LG washing machines makes a lot of noise when spinning. If there is no characteristic noise, the pump may be the cause of the error. Check the pump filter for dirt by unscrewing the filter hatch at the bottom of the front panel.

A faulty water level sensor and control board can also cause an OE error. Do not repair electronics yourself without experience and equipment. To restore the controller to work, unplug the machine for 30 minutes. A volatile electric controller can throw off new settings and, after switching on, restore their initial level.

What to do if your LG washing machine displays an OE error

The drum is filled with laundry and soapy water, but the machine freezes and displays an incomprehensible code in the form of two letters: OE. The OE error in the LG washing machine appears while the program is running. We will decipher what is hidden behind two letters, what can lead to an error and how to fix the breakdown yourself.

What the OE error means: reasons for its appearance

If the program activates the drain pump to remove water, but it remains in the drum, the LG washing machine displays the message: “oe error”.

An error means that water is not drained from the drum of the machine.

The program provides for independent attempts to correct the situation.

The machine can make up to 7 repeated attempts to drain the water. If after that the automatics registers the presence of water in the tank, then the machine stops working and gives an error.

LG has identified a number of reasons for the error:

  • Blockage of the drain system, filters or hoses, manifested by blockage.
  • Clogging of the sewer system, sink siphon, sewer pipe.
  • Failure of the drain pump.
  • Water level sensor defect.
  • A defect in the programmer or electrical controller. a microcircuit that controls the operation of the washing machine. In case of an error, the elements responsible for the drain burn out.

The system not only informs about the breakdown of the electric controller by issuing a signal OE. The defect is still manifested by setting different washing modes.

The breakage may not be inside the washer. Inspecting the condition of the sewer system is cheaper than finding internal problems.
Clogging can be determined by the rate of water flow when the cold and hot taps are unscrewed.

How to fix it yourself

Tips for eliminating sources of error oe:

  • Inspect and clean the drain pump filter. Remove any coins, paper clips and small items you find.
  • Disconnect clogged drain hose and rinse with hot water.
  • Disassemble the clogged siphon and rinse all parts.
  • To check the electrical equipment, measure the voltage at the terminals of the pressure switch sensor and the drain pump with a voltmeter. Disconnect the sensors in sequence and turn on the clipper again. If this technique does not work, replace the equipment.
  • If the processor on the control board is not damaged, replace the lost components. Solder the burned-out tracks. If the processor is damaged, replace the control box.
  • The pressure switch controls the water level in the drum. If the machine does not detect water in the drum and does not drain it, there may be a blockage in the tube. To clean it, just blow it through. If after cleaning the situation does not change, replace the sensor.

If the machine suddenly stops working and gives a diagnostic error on the display, don’t panic. Study the meaning of the malfunction code, in 50% of cases, the problem is corrected on its own.

Cause of the error

The OE error appears at the moment when the program activates the pump in order to drain the water, but the water does not leave. In this case, the error signal does not appear immediately, but after 5 minutes, when the system tries to restart the pumping of water several times. Only after that, if the water does not drain from the tank and remains there, the system is blocked and displays an error on the screen.

Specialists from LG have prudently created a list of possible reasons due to which such an error may occur:

  • The presence of a dense blockage that cannot be overcome even by the pressure of water in the drain system. This usually happens in hoses or filters.
  • Dense blockage of the sewer system where the water from the washing machine is drained. It can be a sewer pipe clogged with waste or a bath siphon, sink.
  • Drain pump breakage.
  • Malfunction of the water level control sensor.
  • Failure of the electric controller.

If there is a problem with the electrical controller, you need to understand that the reason may not only be an error on the display. You need to closely monitor the operation of the unit as a whole and see how the machine behaves during operation in different modes.

It is very important, before looking for problems in the washing machine itself, or contacting the master, to carefully examine the sewer pipes for blockages.

Try unscrewing all available hot and cold water taps and see how fast it leaves.

We fix the problem

You need to start with a small, but obligatory cleaning. LG washing machine accumulates a large amount of dirt during prolonged use. The first in line is a garbage filter. There is nothing difficult in this, if you read the instructions in advance.

After cleaning the filter, you need to restart the machine, and if the error occurs again, then it is worth further investigating the problem. If soapy water remains in place, it is necessary to check that there is no blockage between the siphon, where the drain fits and, in fact, the filter of the washing machine.

Quite often, the drain from the washer does not go to the siphon, but is inserted directly into the sewer, in which case you need to check this place. Most often blockages appear there.

Try to disconnect the drain hose from the machine and run water through it, if it does not pass or does it with difficulty, then most likely there is a blockage inside that needs to be cleaned, for example, with a wire with a hook. If the hose is clean, look further.

Many experts recommend listening to the drain pump. All machines from this manufacturer have a fairly noisy drain pump, and if the wash is over, but it does not make a sound, then the problem has been detected.

Problems may also lie in a broken electrical controller or water level control sensor. In either case, you will most likely have to seek help from a specialist. When testing a washing machine with your own hands, you can completely “burn” all the contacts on the board and the power unit, which will lead to high financial costs.

What does the error with the OE code mean on the LG washing machine

What to do if an OE error appears on the display of your LG washing machine? Do not rush to panic, most likely, you will be able to analyze the situation yourself, identify the cause and eliminate it on your own.

If the cause of the error is found

Let’s say the reason is found, but what to do next? Of course, the specific procedure will be due to a particular breakdown, but experts give general advice in order to eliminate the most common problems:

    • Clean the drain filter as thoroughly as possible, be sure to remove all kinds of objects from it.
    • Rinse the previously disconnected drain hose with a strong pressure of hot water.
    • Clean the siphon and drain hose.
    • If you have a voltmeter at hand, you need to check the voltage at the drain pump, water control sensor and electrical controller.
    • You can try to turn off all sensors, and then turn on the washer. Then again disconnect and reconnect all sensors. Restarting the system in this way can solve the problem.

    In any case, if your machine once shows such an error, you should not panic, but on the contrary, you need to pull yourself together and find the cause of the malfunction.

    Second way

    The classic way to access the pump.

    Let’s consider all the steps step by step:

    • Remove the top cover.
    • We take out the tray.
    • Unscrew 2 or screws that were located under it.
    • There may also be self-tapping screws on top of the panel, but not always. We dismantle them.
    • We pull out the upper bar with control buttons, sequentially unhooking the plastic clips. It can be attached to the side of the case with tape.
    • We open the hatch and remove the clamp around the sealing rubber. Unfasten the cuff from the body.
    • Remove the manhole cover and unscrew the screw.
    • Then we dismantle the self-tapping screws that attach the front panel to the body. They are located below and above.
    • We take out the panel to the side. Unhooking the hatch lock. optional.
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    After this there will be free access to the pump with the volute and all its connections of hoses and nozzles. For convenience, you can remove the self-tapping screws that attach the device to the case.

    Online diagnostics of the washing machine

    If your machine has stopped washing or rinsing clothes normally, then some kind of malfunction has occurred or a breakdown has occurred. You can try to find the problem yourself.

    Select which operation your washing machine does not perform:

    Does not drain 2. Does not rotate the drum 3. Does not spin the laundry 4. Noises, knocks, hums during spinning 5. Does not turn on

    The first way

    Some models are not equipped with a bottom. In this version, you need to turn the machine over to its left side. Then it is easy to pull out the drain hose and the pump itself. In order to check this, you need to remove the top cover.

    To do this, you first need to unscrew the two screws located at the back. Then pull the cover out of the grooves. Sometimes it is held by plastic snaps.

    I work in the field of household appliances repair. Extensive experience in refurbishing washing machines and dishwashers.

    Causes of Error OE

    Let’s analyze the logic of the Washing machine “LG” operation, which leads to the OE breakdown code. During some wash periods, the machine will drain the water. She does this at least two times:

    Within 5-10 minutes, depending on the model, the electronic module, via a pressure switch. checks whether the tank is empty or not. If it detects the presence of water, then the corresponding code is displayed on the screen and the operation is blocked.

    • Drain hose clogged or pinched.
    • Foreign objects in the pump.
    • Blockage in the sink siphon (if the hose is connected there).
    • Sewer pipes clogged.
    • Broken pump.
    • Broken water level sensor.
    • Electronic module defective.

    What does the error code OE (0E) mean in the LG washing machine and how to fix it

    OE error “LG”. Washing machines from LG are reliable and affordable. At the same time, they are equipped with a system for diagnosing malfunctions and breakdowns that may occur during operation.

    A fairly common error that appears on the display is OE. It means problems with draining water. Occurs when the tank cannot be emptied within 10 minutes. There may be several reasons for its occurrence, and most of it is quite possible to fix it yourself.

    Breakage fix

    Consider what needs to be done to correct the situation. First, the machine must be disconnected from the electricity. Since most likely there is water in it, it must be removed. If there is an emergency drain, it is better to do it through it. Otherwise, proceed as follows:

    • will arm himself with a rag and a shallow plate;
    • the pump cover is partially unscrewed, and after filling it is put back;
    • the remaining water is removed with a rag;
    • the procedure is repeated until it stops flowing out.

    Disassembly of the washing machine “LZhi”

    Actions for each of the reasons discussed above:

    • We unbend the drain hose and pull out the end from the connection with the sewer. For a complete check, you need to unhook it from the pump and pull it out. How to get to the pump will be discussed below. If this is the problem, the washer will start.
    • Foreign matter entering the pump is fairly common. The following items often reach him: paper clips, pins, toothpicks, bolts, socks, footprints, pieces of wire and other small things that ended up in the s of things. They block the pump impeller and drain cannot take place.
    • From different points of view, a good place to connect the outlet hose is the sink siphon. The problem is that it can get clogged over time. There are a number of reasons for this: hair, scale and dirt from the washing machine. With periodic cleaning of the siphon, such a blockage cannot occur. In order to make sure that this was the source of the OE breakdown code, you need to do the following. We disconnect the drain hose, and direct it, for example, to the bathroom. Select a separate drain and turn it on. If the water has gone, then the problem is in the siphon. It must be removed and thoroughly cleaned with detergents.

    We remove the pump of the washing machine “LG

    The drain pump on front-loading machines is located at the bottom right when viewed from the door. There are two ways to get to the pump.

    Drain pump location

    Recommendations and

    Here are some tips to help your LG washing machine last longer without errors:

    Washing Machine LG Error Oe What Does It Mean
    • Check the pump filter every six months. And also if there is an incomprehensible sound when draining water.
    • The hose must not be extended more than 4 meters!
    • Clean the sink siphon periodically.
    • A blockage may form at the joint when the hose is extended.
    • After washing, disconnect the machine from the mains.

    These are simple tips for using household appliances, but few people follow them.

    Causes of the problem

    The display can give an OE error on an LG washing machine for a variety of reasons. from a software glitch when switching to rinse and spin, to an electronics malfunction. The system tries to drain the water from the tank and if it fails, it tries again several times. If this fails within 5 minutes, the LG machine freezes and the wash stops, which means an OE error.

    The water in the LG washing machine will not drain for the following reasons:

    • Program crash.
    • Blockage in the sewage system.
    • Clogged filters or hoses.
    • Failure of the drain pump.
    • Problems with the water sensor.
    • Control unit malfunction.

    Problems from the first 3 and partially the 4th item in the list can be eliminated independently without the involvement of a specialist.

    What does the OE error in LG washing machine mean and how to fix it

    In the LG washing machine, the OE error is almost the most common malfunction. In the event of a failure, the washing machine stops approximately in the middle of the cycle. In this case, the laundry remains in the drum filled with water. it does not drain. The OE error code is lit on the electronic board. the indication of these symbols means that the LV machine has paused.

    What to do

    First, we fix the error through a reboot. the way it is done with a computer.

    You need to turn off the machine for 10-15 minutes and turn it on again.

    This is often enough to fix problems and complete the wash.

    However, the OE error may not always indicate a malfunction or failure of the washing mechanism in the LG machine itself. Therefore, in the second place, you need to make sure that there is no blockage in the sink siphon and sewer pipes. You can unscrew the taps for cold and hot water all the way to see the rate of water flowing into the sewer system. If there are no blockages or they have been eliminated, but the error remains, then the problem is in the machine.

    DIY repair

    First you need to check the drain filter for clogging.

    • Open the panel at the bottom of the unit.
    • Pull out the filter.
    • Clean and wash the part from dirt and accumulated debris.
    • Screw the filter back in.

    The problem may also be in the drain hose, which does not allow water to pass through. Sometimes it is enough to straighten it to eliminate kinks. However, cleaning may also be required, as is the case with the filter. You need to pull out and rinse the hose. The accumulated debris can be deep inside and form a mud plug. it can be pushed out using a wire.

    The third common place of clogging in the drain system is in the area of ​​its connection to the sewer. Here you need to unscrew the pipes and also clean everything from dirt. If after all these corrections the problem persists, an OE error on the LG washing machine may indicate a malfunctioning drain pump. In this case, it can be determined by ear. the mechanism emits a strong hum during operation. If the pump is silent or cracking, this may mean that it will have to be replaced with a new one.

    During washing in the drum, threads and other fragments may come loose from the fabrics. Winding around the pump impeller, they begin to hinder its operation. Therefore, the question of cleaning parts in the car arises again. This time the device must be lifted and put on its side. access to the pump and other insides is possible through the bottom.

    Self-cleaning of washing machine parts at home is a simple operation that does not require special knowledge and equipment. But to move the unit or lay it on its side requires accuracy and physical strength. sometimes it may require outside help.

    Professional repair

    If after cleaning the malfunction remains. most likely, deeper and more complex diagnostics will be needed, requiring specialist intervention. Here we are talking about the repair or replacement of spare parts by the employees of the service center.

    Cases requiring professional repair:

    • replacement of the drain pump (pump);
    • malfunction of the weir sensor (pressure switch);
    • partial damage to electronics (microcircuits);
    • failure of the control unit (electrocontroller).

    If the pump impeller has already been cleaned of dirt, its other part, the engine, is checked for serviceability. A multimeter is connected to it to measure resistance. If the readings of the instruments give an infinite value, the pump is out of order, and it must be replaced with a new one.

    When 0E is displayed, the machine sometimes drains the water, but does not turn on the spin. It is possible that the water level sensor does not see its absence and therefore blocks further washing. This mechanism is more complicated. the problem may lie in a leakage, wiring malfunction or oxidation of contacts as a result of high humidity in the unit case.

    A more difficult case at 0E is an electronics problem. For example, a burned-out resistor is easy to see when inspecting an electrical controller board. but many other malfunctions cannot be seen externally. In this case, detailed diagnostics are carried out: first of all, those parts of the microcircuit are checked that are responsible for the operation of the drain system. If a processor failure is detected during the check, the control unit must be completely replaced. this type of repair is the most expensive.