Washing Machine Errors Bosch Serie 6

Error codes for washing machines Bosch (Bosch)

Bosch has released many lines of washing machine models, and although the error codes for them are generally standardized, the means of indicating errors vary greatly. If with modern Washing machines equipped with a display, everything is simple. an alphanumeric error code is displayed, then earlier models resorted to different indication schemes using combinations of flashing LEDs (indicators). In this article we will try to tell you about most of them, including those used in models that have long been discontinued.

Since, in general, the same error codes are used in the Bosch Washing machine, this article first provides a description of all possible codes, and in the future, when listing the errors available for each of the display schemes, there will be links to a general description table.

The indication schemes are not described in chronological order: earlier and, accordingly, already rare models are placed at the end of the article. Since there are a lot of schemes and the article turned out to be long, for ease of navigation, links to the description of all schemes are provided below:

Error codes for Bosch WFP washing machines

Code Description
F01Loading door not closed tightly
F02Water does not flow into the tank or is filling too slowly
F03Dirty water from the tank is not drained in the allotted time
F04Water detected in the Washing machine pan
F05The drum drive motor starts by itself, without a command
F06The water in the tank does not heat up due to a broken temperature sensor or Tubular Heater relay
F07Problems with heating water in the tank
F08The hatch door is not closed
Code Description
F10The circuit is broken between the motor and the control board
F11Malfunction in the drum drive motor or its electronics
F12Problems inside the drum motor
F13Too high voltage applied to main drive motor
F14Main drive motor will not start due to low voltage
F15The temperature of the water in the tank is out of range
F16There is no signal to close and lock the hatch door

All Bosch washing machine error codes

As a result, the electronics block the start of the wash. Possible reasons:

  • Interruption of communication between the UBL control triac (sunroof locking device) and the control controller: ring the circuit, check the contacts
  • Something broke in the UBL, for example, the lock: in principle, the lock can be repaired by yourself, but the UBL. complex block that includes electronics, so it is better to contact the service
  • Door closing sensor faulty: replacement
  • Problems in the UBL control controller: diagnostics and replacement
  • Water does not flow into the Washing machine: the water supply tap is closed, the water supply is weak, the hose is defective or blocked, the inlet valve is clogged, etc. all this you are quite capable of fixing yourself
  • Forgot to close the sunroof door tightly and the electronics block the start of the wash program
  • The inlet solenoid valve has broken: it will have to be replaced
  • Water level sensor (pressure switch) faulty: diagnostics followed by replacement
  • Open in the wiring or loose contacts in the circuits from the control controller to the inlet valve or pressure switch
  • Control controller failure: professional diagnostics and replacement required if the board is faulty

The following can lead to the problem:

  • Something is preventing the water from leaving the Washing machine: defect or blockage of the drain hose, blockage of the drain pump hydraulic system. all this you are quite capable of fixing yourself
  • An open in the wiring or the contacts in the circuits from the control controller to the pump or pressure switch have come off; a similar problem may be with the pump motor power supply circuit
  • The drain pump has broken: you need to call a specialist to check it and replace the winding or the entire engine
  • The water level sensor (pressure switch) is out of order: diagnostics followed by replacement
  • Control controller failure: professional diagnostics and replacement required if the board is faulty

As you can see, there are many reasons for the appearance of this error code, so it is better to call a qualified specialist. See also “Washing machine: pump not working”

Problems can be in the following parts of the Washing machine:

  • Drain pump cable problems: it needs to be inspected and replaced
  • The drain pump is leaking: it is unlikely that it can be repaired, it will have to be changed
  • Inspect other places in the Washing machine where water may leak: inlet and drain hoses, hatch and its cuff, dispenser, internal pipes, tank

As a result, the temperature of the water in the tank will differ from the set one, which will affect the quality of washing:

  • First, make sure that the wiring between the sensor or Tubular Heater and the control controller is in order, that all pins and connectors are securely attached.
  • The absence of a signal from the sensor may mean its malfunction: the faulty sensor is changed
  • Tubular Heater relay “stuck”: it also needs to be changed
  • Problems in the control controller: professional diagnostics and controller replacement are required here

Actually, the engine may not start due to many reasons, note the following:

  • The engine overheats: you can try to let it cool down and restart it, but most likely the problem lies much deeper. in order to avoid the final breakdown of an expensive part, it is better to call a specialist for diagnostics
  • The control triac circuit is broken: damage to the wiring, malfunction of the triac or electronic controller. Since the triac itself and all the elements of its circuit are located on the electronic controller, it is advisable to call an experienced master with professional diagnostic equipment to check.

In many cases, the engine, unfortunately, has to be changed (it is expensive, and the work is not cheap), but you can try to fix something:

This is just a warning, the Washing machine will continue to work, but you must agree that the voltage of 318 V should alert you: to avoid more serious damage, you must definitely stop washing, disconnect the appliance from the mains and measure the voltage in the outlet. If the voltage is also high, you need to call an electrician, if normal, then there are problems in the Washing machine itself and you need to contact a repair shop.

When the voltage is only 172 V, of course, there is no point in washing further: this is still not enough for the normal operation of the motor. see error description “F13”.

Most likely problems with the thermal sensor:

  • First, check that the wiring between the sensor or Tubular Heater and the control controller is in order, that all pins and connectors are secure.
  • The absence of a signal from the sensor may mean its malfunction: the faulty sensor is changed
  • Tubular Heater relay stuck: defective relay must be replaced
  • Problems in the manager in the controller: professional diagnostics and replacement of the controller are required here

See error description “F01”

There are many reasons, here are some of them:

  • The mains voltage is too low: see error description “F14”
  • Heating element (Tubular Heater) burnt out, e.g. due to a thick layer of limescale on it: Replace Tubular Heater only
  • Open in the Tubular Heater power circuit: check wires and contacts
  • Oddly enough, the water may not have time to heat up due to the washing machine in a cold place. rarely, but it happens
  • Electronics problems: thermal sensor, relay, controller. see error description “F06”
  • Something is stuck in the tank and is blocking the rotation of the drum
  • Motor control circuit broken: check wiring, tighten contacts
  • The problem can also be in the power supply circuit of the electric motor, and not only in the wiring or contacts, but also in the electronic components. relay and triac, which are located on the controller board: it is necessary to check and replace faulty parts or the entire controller board
  • The tachometer is faulty: the master must make sure that it is he who is to blame, and replace either the sensor or the entire tachometer unit
  • The drive belt has stretched or slipped off: put the belt back in place, noticeably stretched must be replaced
  • Something has broken in the electric motor: it needs diagnostics, replacement of the winding or the entire motor. with such a problem it is necessary. of course contact the service
  • The control controller burned out: it is only for replacement

The reasons are usual for problems with the sensor: open circuit between the sensor and the control controller, either the sensor or the controller is faulty

Problems with sensors or electronics are most likely due to leaks:

  • First of all, you need to check the triac, which is located on the control controller: it is he who is most often the cause of this error. call the service
  • The speed sensor (tachometer) has broken, which transmits incorrect data to the control module: it must be checked and replaced
  • It will not hurt to ring the circuit from the tachometer to the control box, inspect the contacts
  • The engine itself could have broken, and here you cannot do without contacting the workshop

Error codes for Bosch Maxx 5/6/7 washing machines

Washing Machine Errors Bosch Serie 6

Bosch Maxx 5/6/7 washing machines can be with or without a display. The Washing machine without a display uses five spin speed indicators to display the error: the illustration on the right shows an example of error display “F23”. The only problem is that different models of these washing machine series may have different spin speeds: 1000/900/800/600 or 800/700/600/400; but since there are always five of them, there will be no problem. For some error codes, the 4 status indicators to the right of the spin speed indicators may also be activated.

Further, in the error description table, next to the error code, the spin speed indicators that should be on or flashing will be marked. For brevity, instead of the names of the indicators in the table, there will be numbers of their serial numbers from top to bottom, additional 4 status indicators will be shown on the next line under the 5 indicators of the spin speed. In addition, some errors allow two display options: they will be shown below each other.

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Bosch washing machine error codes

A large number of modern Bosch washing machines (also the Maxx and Logixx series) are characterized by a function in which an error code is displayed when malfunctions and failures occur during washing. In some cases, understanding what the error code means, the user is able to eliminate the malfunctions himself without calling service. We present you a list of error codes for Bosch (Bosch) washing machines with an explanation and description of a specific code. The table also includes a description of the error, the reasons for its occurrence and possible remedies.

Loading door not closed

Check the tightness of the door closing or put the laundry in the drum again so that nothing gets caught in the door.

The tap to supply tap water to the Washing machine is closed.
2. Low water pressure in the tap or the water is turned off.
3. Clogged mesh in the water supply hose to the machine.

Problems with water draining (water does not drain)

There is a water leak

Look for the source and check the tightness of the connections.

The hatch door is not closed

Washing program does not start.
2. Run the program again, if possible.
3. Close the door.

Water intake time exceeded
a) the water intake valve is closed;
b) the filter at the water inlet is clogged;
c) pressure when entering water is less than 1 bar.

Open the water inlet tap.
2. The program stops and the pump starts draining after 5 minutes.
3. It is possible to start the program again.

Water drain time exceeded
a) the drain pump is faulty or clogged;
b) level N1 is not reached;
c) the pressure switch is blocked;
d) malfunction of the water level controller.

Clean the drain pump.
2. The program is canceled and the “IMPORTANT FAILURE” mode is activated, if there is no drain within 90 seconds.

a) malfunction of the heating system;
b) thermostop is not reached;
c) low voltage in the network;
d) lime deposits on the Tubular Heater or malfunction of the Tubular Heater.

Check out the Tubular Heater and its connecting chains.
2. The program ends without heating.

Unexpected heating
a) the temperature sensor (NTC) is faulty;
b) the Tubular Heater relay is faulty;
c) heating occurs during a period when heating should not be.

The program is canceled and the “IMPORTANT FAILURE” mode is activated.

Control system malfunction,
uneven operation of the drive motor, the drive motor does not rotate the drum
a) short circuit of triacs;
b) malfunction of the tachogenerator;
c) the reverse relay is faulty.

After several attempts to start the motor, the program is canceled and the “IMPORTANT FAILURE” mode is activated.
2. Attempts to start the motor occur before the end of the program.

Malfunction of the NTC sensor (temperature sensor)
a) short circuit NTC;
b) NTC sensor malfunction;
c) breakage of connecting circuits.

Aquastop activated
a) water has collected in the pan of the washing machine;
b) breakage of connecting circuits.

Check water system for leaks.
2. Check aquastop.
3. Check the connecting circuits for an open.

Aqua sensor malfunction (water turbidity sensor)
a) lime deposits on the aqua sensor;
b) malfunction of the pressure switch;
c) the water drain system is clogged.

Faulty analog pressure sensor (protects against voltage errors)
a) malfunction of the pressure sensor (pressure switch).

Critical error
Cancellation of the program, the pump removes water, the door is blocked, the control processes are blocked, the indication is blocked.
1. Press ON / OFF to reset.
2. Check pressure sensor.
3. Check the connecting circuits for an open.

Pressure sensor setting error
a) Faulty pressure sensor (pressure switch).

Adjustment not performed, work on old values.
1. Check the pressure switch.
2. Check the wiring.

Flow sensor malfunction (gives an impossible value)

The passage of the volume of water per unit of time.
1. Check flow sensor.
2. Check the wiring.

Maximum water level exceeded
a) the pump is blocked;
b) the water removal hose is blocked;
c) magnetic valve malfunction;
d) incorrect setting of the pressure sensor;
e) malfunction of the pressure sensor (pressure switch);
f) blocking the water removal system.

Removal of water to an acceptable level, the program will be extended.
1. Check the water supply valve.
2. Check the pump.
3. Check the pressure sensor (pressure switch).
4. Check the water removal system.
5. Check the wiring.

The door lock does not close
a) malfunction of the lock;
b) the tongue is stuck;
c) the door is stuck;
d) the gasket is inelastic.

Critical error
Canceling the program, the door is locked, the control processes are locked, the display is locked.
1. Press ON / OFF to reset.
2. Check the door lock.
3. Check the mechanics.
4. Check the wiring.

Lock system defective
a) module malfunction (triac defective or relay defective).

Critical error
Canceling the program, the door is locked, the control processes are locked, the display is locked.
1. Press ON / OFF to reset.
2. Check the control module.
3. Check the wiring.

The program ends without heating.
1. Check NTC.
2. Check the wiring.

Malfunction NTC (temperature sensor) short circuit

The program ends without heating.
1. Check NTC.
2. Check the wiring.

Synchronization error
a) the values ​​of the supply network do not correspond to the permissible.

Critical error
Canceling the program, the door is locked, the control processes are locked, the display is locked.
1. To reset, run the test program.
2. Check the module.

The engine does not rotate
a) malfunction of the tachogenerator;
b) the laundry is stuck between the tub and the drum;
c) blocking the engine / drum;
d) Module malfunction. faulty triac.

Critical error
Canceling the program, the door is locked, the control processes are locked, the display is locked.
1. To reset, you must run the test program.
2. Check the download level.
3. Check the tachogenerator.
4. Check the module.
5. Check the wiring.

No reverse rotation
Module failure:
a) the triac is faulty;
b) the reverse relay is faulty.

Critical error
Canceling the program, the door is locked, the control processes are locked, the display is locked.
1. To reset, you must run the test program.
2. Check the module.

3D sensor: measurement error too high or too low value
a) open circuit in the wiring;
b) power module malfunction;
c) 3D sensor malfunction;
d) SoftWare error.

Decreasing turnover.
1. Check the wiring.
2. Check the 3D sensor.
3. Check the position of the magnet.
4. Check the module.

Flow sensor detected too high or too low value
a) malfunction of the flow sensor;
b) turbulent vortex in the sensor or in the tubes.

The passage of the volume of water per unit of time.
1. Check flow sensor.
2. Check the filter in the filler valve.
3. Check the wiring.

Invalid door signal
a) the door is open or closed;
b) the security lock is activated.

Critical error
Canceling the program, the door is locked, the control processes are locked, the display is locked.
1. Press ON / OFF to reset.
2. Check the door lock.
3. Check the mechanics.
4. Check the wiring.

Functional protection problem
a) the processor is defective;
b) software error.

Critical error
Canceling the program, the door is locked, the control processes are locked, the display is locked.
1. Press ON / OFF to reset.
2. Check the power module.

Card encoding error
a) the coding between the power and control module is incorrect;
b) the software between the power and control module is inappropriate.

Critical error
Canceling the program, the door is locked, the control processes are locked, the display is locked.
1. Press ON / OFF to reset.
2. Re-encode the card.
3. Replace the card.

Motor (electric motor) problem

Check motor brushes.
2. Check the resistance of the motor.
3. Check the contacts of the connections.
4. Check the motor module or main module.

Incorrect module encoding

List of codes and ways to eliminate breakdowns

The devices are represented by such series as Maxx, Logixx, Classixx, Avantixx and Home Professional. The error codes displayed on the sensor of the Bosch washing machine are in most cases the same in all series.

Errors of the Bosch washing machine: analysis of faults recommendations for their elimination

Bosch washers are considered to be one of the easiest to use. Convenience is expressed in the fact that the user, in most cases, can independently correct the mistakes of the Bosch washing machine, with minimal knowledge.

The intelligent system reports faults by displaying them as codes on the display. Let’s take a closer look at what they signal.

Errors due to problems with the water supply

F02 code appears on the display when there is no water. This error can be provoked:

  • breakage of the board, inlet valve or pressure switch;
  • incorrect installation of the device;
  • the tap that supplies water is closed;
  • lack of water or pressure in the water supply;
  • clogging of the filler filter;
  • does not close tightly enough or the hatch does not block.

You can fix these problems yourself. First, restart the controller. If the problem is in it, then you should rewrite the software or replace the board, in this case, use the services of a specialist.

If not, then it is necessary to check the correct connection of the machine, the hose should not be pinched. Check the water pressure in the system and the handle of the tap that supplies it.

Inspect the inlet valve, then the blocker and subjugate if it is faulty. check the pressure switch (pressure sensor) and the wiring to the sensor for damage. Do the same with the door.

The F03 code is displayed if there are difficulties with draining water and there may be several reasons for this error, namely:

  • a trash filter or sewer pipe is clogged;
  • the drain hose is clogged or deformed;
  • critical stretching or rupture of the drive belt;
  • malfunction of the drain pump;
  • module problem.

How do you fix them? First you need to check the drain filter, if necessary, clean it. If that does not help, then inspect the drain hose for kinks or improper placement.

Reinstall it as needed or clean it with special chemicals. Check, correct or replace the drive belt, do the same with the pump. It is better to entrust testing the main board to the master.

F04 code signals that water is leaking. Disconnect the device from the power supply quickly to avoid electric shock. Then turn off the water and find the source of the leak (the place where it started, inspect first), and also check the tightness of all connections.

There may be several reasons for such a problem: leakage in the hose, the drain filter is loosely screwed on, malfunctions with the dispenser, the rubber cuff is torn, the filler pipe in the device’s tank or the tank itself is damaged, the inlet valve pipe is out of order, the drain pump is worn out.

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To eliminate it is necessary:

  • inspect the hose, renew if damaged;
  • screw on the filter plug more tightly;
  • take out the bin for washing powder, rinse, dry, replace if damaged;
  • if the seal is not damaged too much, try to subdue it, in case of wear, replace with new ones;
  • in case of serious damage, replace the cuff;
  • in the event of a tank malfunction, it should be replaced.

The F17 code occurs if no water is supplied. On some models, this error may appear as E17.

It can be provoked by:

  • closed tee tap supplying water;
  • water pressure less than 1 atmosphere;
  • clogged filter or water supply hose;
  • electronic controller or intake valve not functioning;
  • the pressure switch ceased to function.

It is easy to remove the error: open the water supply tap, after which the cycle will end, and the pump will drain the water in a couple of minutes. Reboot the electronic board, and if the problem is in it, then replace the unit or reflash it.

Clean the strainer and any blockage in the hose, if present. Check the voltage on the valve coil, as well as the pressure switch, the controller, the sensor and its branch pipe, change parts if necessary.

When the water in the washing machine does not drain at the right time, code F18 flashes.

Signs and types of error:

  • water can drain slowly due to a program malfunction, for the same reason the machine freezes before draining;
  • irregular discharge (every other time);
  • there is no drain after rinsing;
  • the laundry is not spinning.

This happens due to clogging of the “trash” filter, incorrect installation of the water drain hose (it could bend), if the pump does not rotate or the controller malfunctions.

To solve the problem, restart the washer. If it does not help, then de-energize it, remove the filter and clean it from the blockage.

Then do the following one at a time:

  • the hose must be straightened and installed correctly; check the blades (threads or debris could be wound on them);
  • if the pump is out of order, then replace it;
  • check the control unit;
  • inspect the wiring connecting the module with other elements, to eliminate such problems it is better to call the wizard.

When the Aqua Stop function is triggered, the F23 code appears. Immediately you need to disconnect the machine from the network, turn on the valve, drain the water, check for leaks.

Also inspect the connecting chains for breakage, inlet hose and pipe, hose with solenoid valve, pressure switch. All specified units need to be replaced in case of breakdown.

If the turbidity sensor does not work (code F25), the program will end the wash without rinsing. The reason may lie in the formed limescale on the aqua sensor, a faulty pressure switch, clogged inlet or drain ducts, if dirty water comes in.

The filler and return filters need to be cleaned. Replace the aqua filter (turbidity sensor) or descale it. To rinse the system, run a wash without laundry with the highest water temperature. Contact a plumber or install a flow filter yourself. Replace defective parts.

When the F29 code is displayed, it signals that no water flows through the flow sensor. There may be several reasons: the machine is installed incorrectly, the hatch is poorly closed, there is no or weak pressure, the filter mesh is clogged, the filler valve or pressure switch is broken.

First, check the hatch, pressure and straighten the hoses. Then look at the filter, valve and pressure gauge. After eliminating the root cause, the draining process will begin after 5 minutes, then you can resume the interrupted cycle.

If the permissible amount of water is exceeded (fault code F31), the wash cycle will not be completed until the water is drained. This is a critical error, if it occurs, you must immediately unplug the device from the outlet.

It arises due to illiterate installation and connection of the device, due to a violation of the location of the hose. The pressure switch, water intake valve, pump or controller are faulty.

To fix it, normalize the position of the hoses, if necessary, install a special valve on the drain hose and turn on the drain mode. If it does not help, then reinstall the machine correctly or check and replace the faulty part.

Incorrect drum rotation

Unrealistic engine speed that cannot be controlled will trigger the code F42. The error is critical, so restart the device with the power button and check the module.

Also, F42 can occur due to a damaged TACHO sensor (controls the speed of the device), due to engine breakdown or malfunction of the triac on the board. You can fix the problem by replacing the speed sensor, repairing the engine and its wiring, or a section of the electronic board.

If the engine is blocked and the drum does not rotate at all, then code F43 is visible. This fatal error occurs due to the luggage being stuck between the drum and the tub.

To fix it, you must:

  • restart the machine;
  • see if the limit level for loading the laundry has been exceeded;
  • check the serviceability of the TACHO generator;
  • make sure the module and wiring are functioning correctly.

This error requires immediate repair. Therefore, check the drum, the internal parts of the device, replace them if necessary.

When there is no rotation only in the opposite direction, F44 is visible. The error is critical, therefore it is necessary to enable the restart, and then check the module and parts responsible for rotation.

A failed triac, drum imbalance, an overloaded tank or a broken reverse relay can provoke a malfunction. It is necessary, after testing, to replace the triac on the board, relay or controller.

Machine door problems

Due to an insufficiently tightly closed loading door, the F01 code appears. Immediately make sure that the door is closed tightly, rearrange the laundry so that it does not interfere with the correct fixation of the hatch (you must clearly hear a click when closing).

Also, the problem may lie in a faulty hatch handle, door parts, guide part or locking element. In the event of a breakdown, they must be subdued or replaced.

The F16 code signals that washing does not start due to the open hatch. In this case, you will need to slam the door and restart the program again.

If the error persists, then check the operation of the door, locking tab, locking element and, if necessary, renew damaged parts. Check wiring.

If the door lock has not slammed, then F34 flashes on the screen. This is one of the critical errors, so turn off your device immediately. There can be two root causes. The first. the door does not close, and the second. the door does not automatically lock.

In the first case, the door does not slam or opens again, or the hatch cannot physically close (something interferes). This happens due to the skew of the door during deformation, or the latch hook does not fall into a special hole, or when the plastic guide is worn out.

In the second situation, the problem lies either in the breakdown of the blocking element, or in the clogging of the blocking device (litter or small objects), or the control module has broken (which happens very rarely).

You can fix it by disconnecting the device. Next, check the lock, hinges and the door itself, the locking system and its wiring. Then, if necessary, repair or replacement of parts is carried out. The module is checked, and if it burned out, a replacement is needed, if the software flew, then you need to reflash it.

Critical error F36 signals a malfunction of the locking system (broken lock). The reason may be an open hatch or no blockage. Reboot the machine, check the tightness of the door closure, view the wiring, hinges, lock and control module. Update or fix parts.

The F61 code indicates that the door has an incorrect signal (it is both open and closed at the same time). This error is critical, so press ON / OFF immediately.

The reason could be a module hang. To eliminate it, do not turn on the device for 30 minutes. At this time, call the master or check the module yourself, the hatch lock (locking mechanism) and the wiring.

Motor malfunctions

The code F21 hides a breakdown of the motor, since the rotation of the drum depends on it. When you see this code, you must immediately interrupt the wash, unplug the device, drain the water, remove the laundry, wipe the drum inside and call the technician.

This error can be blamed on:

  • too much load of laundry;
  • a stretched or damaged drive belt;
  • failure of the control board;
  • breakdown of the TACHO sensor, worn out engine brushes;
  • breakdown of the motor itself;
  • an object stuck in the tank that blocks rotation;
  • the bearings are worn out and flowed.

To fix, check the drive belt for breaks. it may need to be corrected or updated.

Inspect the wiring and control unit, wires and contacts. sometimes a module replacement may be required. If the machine runs on a commutator, and not on a direct drive motor, then its important part. carbon brushes. could be damaged. They cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Next, test the engine, if necessary, repair or replace with a new one, disassemble the washer body and remove a foreign object, renew the bearings.

If there is a problem with the motor, a fatal error E02 occurs. Turn off the device immediately, otherwise there is a danger of fire in the wiring or engine and call the technician. He will check if: the graphite brushes of the engine, the motor, its resistance, connecting contacts, key modules, as well as engine modules, TAKHO sensor are in good working order.

The heating process is broken

If there is a problem with water heating, code F19 flashes. The reason may be low voltage or its drops, scale formation, burned out Tubular Heater, malfunction of the temperature sensor or board.

To eliminate it, restart the device, normalize the voltage. If not, the thermostat, Tubular Heater and wiring must be checked and updated. In some cases, descaling the Tubular Heater helps.

The F20 code informs the user that an unplanned heating of the water has occurred (the temperature is higher than the set one, things are shedding, the device is very hot).

The error can be triggered by a program malfunction, a broken thermostat, a failed heater relay (Tubular Heater). Each element must be checked and replaced by first disconnecting the device from the network.

When the NTC sensor (thermistor) is out of order, the display shows F22.

There may be several reasons:

  • the connection to the water supply is broken. not enough water circulates in the system, therefore there is no heating;
  • low voltage in the mains or its absence;
  • breakdown of the controller, its wiring or electrical heater;
  • incorrectly selected washing program;
  • failure of the level sensor or thermistor.
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Check the inlet hose and its location to correct the problem. Then. the electronic board, perhaps you need to repair or replace the element. Repair of module wiring or electrical circuit may be required due to burnt contacts. Check Tubular Heater and temperature sensor functionality, update if broken.

Test the operation of the pressure switch, and if it is broken, replace it. It makes sense to connect a stabilizer that will “save” from power surges.

Code F37 means that problems with water heating are associated with a breakdown of the NTC sensor. In this case, the sensor itself or its wiring leading to the board could break.

Please note that there are different sensors: bimetallic, gas-filled, electronic. Each of them requires a different repair. Eliminate system failure immediately and check thermistor, wiring, control board, then replace necessary parts.

A short circuit of the thermistor will show as F38 on the display. Disconnect the machine from the network immediately. A breakdown of a thermistor, a voltage drop, or a malfunction of the module may be the cause of an accident. It is necessary to inspect the NTC sensor, check the voltage, having previously disconnected the washing machine from the network.

Software malfunctions and system protection

F67 code signals a breakdown or overheating of the card (controller). Reboot the machine immediately. If the code reappears, there may be an error or failure in the card coding between the power and control modules.

It is necessary to call a specialist to replace it with a new working part or reprogram the module. Repair of the card is possible if the processor is fully functional.

Code E67 is visible if the washing machine module is out of order. An error can be displayed due to unstable voltage, wiring or power surges, breakdown or burnout of key parts (capacitors, triggers, fuses) or random pressing of the control panel buttons.

If the module is overheated, unplug the machine from the outlet for 30 minutes to reset it. When the voltage stabilizes, the code should disappear. Owners of technical skills will be able to independently repair the card and replace the board, reprogram the controller, otherwise, call a specialist.

When the functional protection of the machine has been triggered, F63 appears on the display. The error can occur after a short circuit. The reason may be a software malfunction or a processor breakdown.

To eliminate it, you must reset the program by turning ON / OFF, then see how the module works. The F63 code is not displayed. everything is in order. Otherwise, you should call the wizard to carry out a full diagnosis and find out the cause of the problem.

There may be several such reasons. Most often, the machine can knock out plugs or an automatic machine. This is due to a broken Tubular Heater, Start button or motor. The root cause of the failure of elements lies in high humidity or oxidized contacts, it is they who knock out the plugs or the machine.

If the machine does not start and F40 is displayed, it means that a power failure has occurred. In simple words, the washing machine does not start.

This error can occur when:

  • voltage below 190 W;
  • if it knocks out plugs or a machine;
  • RCD is triggered;
  • broken cord, plug, socket, or deteriorated noise filter.

Also, the cause may be a breakdown of the start button or board.

In such cases, you should consult with an electrician to fix problems or check and replace parts yourself.

Sensor problems

If F26 lights up on the display, the pressure sensor (pressure switch) in the machine may be broken, which protects the device from voltage problems, it is also needed to measure the amount of water in the tank.

This is a critical error, you need to fix it like this:

  • turn off the washing machine for 30 minutes. (ON / OFF button) to reset it;
  • check how the pressure switch functions;
  • check that the connecting circuits are not interrupted.

If this sensor is not configured, then F27 will be displayed. In this case, it is necessary to restart the machine, check the pressure switch, wiring, water pressure and inlet hose. Repair or replace broken parts as needed.

When there is no water in the tank, F28 flashes. This is due to a malfunction of the flow sensor. First, reboot your system. Then diagnose the flow sensor, filler valve, and also check the wiring for faults (debris got, no pressure). Update defective parts.

If the flow sensor fails and it gives too high, or, conversely, a low value, then the display can see the code F60. The reason may be low or high pressure in the water supply, problems with the filling valve, lack of water in the system, failure of the level sensor or board, breakdown of the blocker or heater, or problems in the drain pump.

Check if the wiring, flow sensor, filter in the filler valve are functioning properly. If there is a problem with the plumbing, then it is easy to solve it yourself or by inviting a specialist. In other situations, it is necessary to check all specified parts and replace them.

F59 appears when the 3D sensor is not functioning and a measurement error occurs. The reason is a module error, a loop of the electronic board goes off, a sensor is burned out or faulty.

In such a situation, you must first restart the device, then check the correct position of the magnet, wiring and 3D sensor of the device, module and troubleshoot.

Reasons for the error

The E18 code in Bosch washing machines indicates that waste water is not drained from the tank. This error can be indicated by different codes depending on the model of the washing machine. Code E18 is also identical to F18 and D02.

Water may not drain from the tank for the following reasons:

  • The drain hose is not connected correctly;
  • The water drain hose is bent or pinched;
  • The drain system is clogged. It includes pipes, filters and pumps;
  • The pump is out of order;
  • The water level sensor has broken;
  • Damage to the control module of the Bosch machine.

Eliminating the E18 error in the Bosch washing machine

  • Reasons for the error
  • Clearing the blockage
  • How to repair your pump
  • Failure of the control module

The owner of a Bosch washing machine may encounter an E18 error during operation. In this case, don’t be upset. After all, any malfunction can be eliminated. Let’s try to figure out what this code means and what actions to take when it occurs.

How to repair your pump

The next step is to check the drain pump of the machine. To do this, you need to open the latches and disconnect it from the snail. After dismantling the volute, the impeller will be visible. the rotating element of the pump. Free rotation of the impeller can be prevented by hairs wrapped around it. All this leads to the fact that the pump does not function.

It should be noted that the problem may not only be a damaged impeller. The electrical part of the drain pump of Bosch equipment may also fail. In any case, a broken part should be replaced with a new one. This work should not be difficult.

Next, to eliminate error E18, you need to do the following:

  • connect the pump to the snail;
  • use new clamps to connect the pipes to the pump.
  • connect a chip with wiring;
  • fix the pump on the washer body;
  • fully assemble the Bosch machine;
  • check the performance of equipment.

If the drain system was in good order, then the E18 error appears due to problems with other units of the machine. Water may not drain out due to failure of the water level sensor. If it malfunctions, washing equipment may stop working with a full tank. This item is checked with a multimeter.
The pressure switch in Bosch typewriters is located in the upper right corner of the case. Getting to it is not difficult. To do this, remove the top cover. First, check the condition of the tube from the sensor. It is also important to check the wiring contacts connected to the pressure switch. Only then can the sensor be removed and checked.

If this part is defective, it must be replaced with a new one.

Clearing the blockage

If water does not drain from the tank of the Bosch machine, the first thing to do is to shut off the water supply. Then turn off the washing machine.

To find the cause of the breakdown and eliminate the E18 error, it is necessary to drain all the water from the washer tank. This can be done with a small drain hose. It is located near the drain filter. To find it, you need to open a small plastic door, which is located at the bottom of the washing machine.

There is another way to drain the remaining water in the tank. To do this, it is necessary to dismantle the drain filter. However, to do this, place a container under the machine, and also place rags under it. The filter should be inspected after unscrewing it. Probably, it was because of him that the drain system in the Bosch washing machine was clogged and error E18 occurred. If dirt and debris has accumulated in the filter, then it must be cleaned and then rinsed thoroughly.
Next, you should inspect the drain hose. Perhaps he bent over. After draining the water from the tank and inspecting the filter, you can continue to search for the cause of the E18 code in the Bosch washing machine. It is necessary to pull the equipment to the place where it will be convenient to work with it.

You also need to prepare all the necessary tools.

Next, to eliminate error E18, you need to do the following:

  • dismantle the bottom plastic panel and unscrew the fasteners located under it;
  • remove the clamp that holds the cuff with a screwdriver.
  • remove the lock device;
  • disconnect the chip with wires connected to the lock;
  • remove the dish for detergent powder, and then unscrew the bolts under it;
  • carefully remove the control panel of the Bosch machine;
  • remove the front part of the case to the side;
  • find a drain pump. It is located at the bottom right;
  • loosen and remove the clamps on the pipes connected to this pump;
  • check connections. If there is debris in them, then remove it.

Failure of the control module

If this element is defective, absolutely any error may appear, not only E18. After all, it is he who is responsible for the functioning of the washing machine as a whole.