Samsung Washing Machine Error Le What Does It Mean

What does error LE or LE1 mean??

Both of these errors tell us the same thing. In the washing machine, the water drained out of the tank on its own, and the level sensor four times in a row recorded a change in the level downward.

If your machine has aquastop, the leak could also be fixed by the float, which is located in the pan. In this case, the error le will also burn.

If your Samsung washing machine displays this error, do not rush to call professionals for help. You may be able to deal with the violation yourself.

LE or LE1 error code of the Samsung washing machine (Samsung)

Imagine that you, as usual, loaded the laundry into the drum of the washing machine, turned on the washing mode, but bad luck, after some time, to your deep chagrin and disappointment, you found all the dirty water on your floor, and the error code LE or is lit on the display of your washing machine. LE1.

  • LE error on Samsung washing machine. What to do?
  • What does error LE or LE1 mean??
  • You can fix the LE error yourself in the following cases:
  • Probable problems that need repair:

You can fix the LE error yourself in the following cases:

  • When it’s all about the drain system. Check your drainage hose, possibly the reason is in it.
  • In the event that your washing machine immediately after starting for several minutes does only what simultaneously fills and drains water, and then an error le appears, check at what level the connection of the drain hose to the sewer is located. If it is below the level of the tank, then it is wrong. The hose must have an upper loop. Install it correctly, or use the services of a specialist.
  • Is the drain filter the problem? Make sure it is fully screwed in.
  • If, together with the le error, water oozes out of the detergent dispenser, it is necessary to clean its channels, most likely they are clogged with residues of detergent and softener.
  • If foam appears from the dispenser instead of water, and we are still worried about the error code le, then the matter is most likely an incompatibility of the detergent powder. And perhaps in his overdose. Try changing the powder to a better one. We also draw your attention to the fact that when washing fluffy or porous things, the amount of powder should be halved.
  • Check if the connections of the branch pipes from the tray to the tank and from the latter to the pump are arranged correctly. Possible water leakage at the connections.
  • The problem may lie in the machine control unit. You should try to give her a “rest.” Disconnect the power supply for a few minutes and then turn it back on.
  • Are the electrical contacts reliable? Perhaps there are violations somewhere and they should be eliminated.
  • Inspect your washing machine again for deviations from the normal state, perhaps the cause of the error le is elementary simple.

LE error on Samsung washing machine. What to do?

Or perhaps this error appeared literally immediately after starting the wash:

  • not even a few seconds have passed after starting;
  • within a few minutes the machine drains and fills water at the same time, and then the error le appears.

Maybe this, the le error code appeared during the washing process, although at a superficial glance no violations are visible.

Probable problems that need repair:

Our specialists have extensive experience in the diagnosis and repair of washing machines. They prepared a table listing the most common causes of the le error.

The of repairs are given, as well as the cost of consumables. The final cost can be determined after diagnosis.

If you have not dealt with the le error on the Samsung washing machine yourself, you should seek the help of the company’s specialists /

During the conversation, you can choose the most convenient time for the arrival of a specialist who will conduct free diagnostics and carry out a high-quality and quick repair of the washing machine

Possible problems

The LE error information code indicates to the user that there is a serious water leak. The reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon can be very different:

  • improper installation of the drain hose. for example, its location is too low;
  • incorrect connection of the hose to the sewage system or the machine itself;
  • abrasion and leakage of the sealing layer;
  • mechanical damage to the body or drum, which leads to the formation of cracks and weakening of the seal attachment;
  • breakdown of the pressure switch;
  • burnout of contacts and sections of the pressure switch connections;
  • control module malfunctions.

The LE1 error can appear when the drain filter is leaking, if it is not properly secured, as well as when the internal hoses are leaking. Damage to the cuff or leaking water from the cleaning powder compartment may also cause the problem.

What does?

It happens that you put dirty laundry in the drum, connected the machine, set the desired mode, pressed “start”, and after a few minutes you found that the floor was flooded with dirty water, and an LE or LE1 error lit up on the unit screen. It also happens that the error makes itself felt already during the washing process, but no visual signs of problems were found. Any washing machine has a pressure switch. This is a sensor that analyzes the volume of water in the tank. If, for several minutes, it notes a drop in liquid below the level required for a certain wash cycle, then the machine immediately issues a corresponding error.

In technology, which provides the “Aquastop” option, a special sensor in the form of a float usually reacts to a leak, it is located in the pan. If, for one reason or another, the process of water intake and drainage is disturbed, the sump immediately overflows and the sensor floats to the surface. In this situation, the operation of the equipment immediately stops, and the error flashes on the display.

Please note that LE error coding is typical for modern Samsung washing machines such as Diamond and Eco Bubble. Models manufactured earlier than 2007 show code E9 with a similar failure.

If the machine does not have a monitor, then the problem is indicated by the blinking of all indicator sensors of the washing mode and the signal of the cold wash indicator at once. If within several minutes the pressure switch detects deviations in the operation of the unit, it immediately loads the automatic liquid drain. Do not be afraid of this. in this way the control system tries to prevent the appearance of excessive loads.

The meaning and elimination of the LE error on the Samsung washing machine

Modern Samsung washing machines have a built-in electronic module that continuously analyzes the operation of the unit. If any of the systems fails, then a message with an error code is shown on the display. In our review, we will dwell in more detail on what the appearance of an error with the LE code means, what are the reasons for its occurrence and how you can establish a breakdown.

How to fix?

If an LE error is displayed on the screen of your Samsung washing machine, you should not immediately look for a wizard. in the vast majority of cases, it is quite possible to fix the violation on your own. When the problem lies in the operation of the drain system, then to determine the cause of the malfunction, first of all, it is necessary to inspect the hose through which the drain is going. most likely, the problem is in it.

If your Washing machine, after switching on for several minutes, simultaneously fills and drains water, and then the LE error is displayed, then the hose is probably located below the level of the tank. this should not be so. The hose must always form an upper loop. Correct its position. in most cases, after that the machine will work in the right rhythm.

If you lengthened the hose yourself, then check the attachment section of the “additional fragment” with the factory one. probably the leak occurs there. In this case, it is worth disconnecting the extension cord, and leading the hose to the sink or bathroom until the causes of the malfunction are fully clarified. It is possible that damage touches the drain filter, be sure to make sure that it is screwed on well.

If the error signal is accompanied by the fact that liquid begins to ooze from the powder dispenser, then most likely its valves are clogged with residues of detergents and conditioner. And if, instead of water, foam appears from there and the LE error is not reset, then there is an incompatibility of the selected powder or its significant overdose. Try changing your cleaner to a better one.

Do not forget that when washing porous and fluffy clothes, the amount of powder must be halved.

Check the quality of the connection of the pipes from the tray to the tank, as well as from the tank to the pump. it is likely that water is leaking in the connection areas. Sometimes the malfunction is associated with the failure of the Washing machine control unit, in which case you should give it a rest. turn off the power for 20-30 minutes and then turn it on again. Once again, carefully inspect your Washing machine for any abnormalities. If visually you are unable to determine the cause of the breakdown, and none of the above methods helped you, you will have to contact the workshop.

It is possible that the matter is in a mechanical puncture of the drain pipe, which was damaged by a sharp object. as a rule, in this case, the element is completely replaced. If, after turning on the machine, the washing does not start for several seconds, and the display shows an LE error, then there is a high probability of a malfunction of the water sensor. In this case, blowing the pressure switch usually helps. If these measures did not work, then you will have to completely change the sensor.

An unfortunate error can make itself felt during the wash, this indicates a failure of the control panel microcircuit. Usually, the decision to repair directly depends on the degree of breakdown. both minor repairs and a complete replacement of the element are possible. It is possible that the leak sensor itself has completely worked out its resource, so it began to work even when there is no leak. This problem is solved by replacing the sensor with a working one.

The LE error can be displayed on the Samsung when there is a leak from the back of the Washing machine. This often happens when the drain hose is worn out, it must be replaced with a new one. It happens that the error does not light up constantly and sometimes disappears. this is a clear sign of problems with the electrical. Most likely, the machine has poor-quality contacts of the plumes of the nodes responsible for the amount of water. All damaged parts must be replaced or spliced.

Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the insulation.

The LE error in Samsung washing machines can also indicate such serious breakdowns as:

  • damage to the laundry container with sharp objects or in areas where it is fixed with bolts;
  • detaching the Tubular Heater (heating element) from the mount;
  • notched cuff seals.

In such cases, self-repair is allowed only if you have the appropriate skills, any amateur performance will only lead to a worsening of the situation.

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Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that the LE error signal does not always mean some serious problem. Knowing in what situations such a code may appear, you can try to find out the source of the problems yourself and correct the situation on your own. However, if your efforts have not led to the desired result, then you should contact a specialist. If you do not fix the problem quickly, you can simply flood your neighbors from below and thereby incur serious financial losses.

See below for how to resolve the LE error on your Samsung washing machine.

What to do if the display shows an error code

So, the LE error in Samsung machines means spontaneous draining of water from the unit’s tank. There are several reasons for such a breakdown:

  • The drain hose is not installed correctly.
  • The connection of the hose to the sewage system is broken.
  • Damage to the water drainage tank (crack, loosening of the bolts).
  • The drain filter is not completely closed.
  • Disconnection of the air tube, due to which water begins to flow during spinning.
  • Malfunction in the water level sensor.
  • The indicator itself is broken.

Failure Procedure

An error can appear on the indicator both at the beginning of washing and during rinsing or spinning. To fix the problem in time and bring the washing machine back to life, follow the next few steps.

  • Disconnect the machine from the mains by unplugging the power cord. Press the off button on the body of the washing machine.
  • Carefully inspect the drain hose for cracks and breaks. Check well its position, integrity and connection to the sewer.
  • If the position of the drain hose is incorrect, connect one end to the bottom of the machine, and point the other upward, attaching it to a special hook. The fastening of the hose to the drain pipe must have good tightness and be located at a distance of at least 70 cm from the floor.
  • Consider the drain filter design. To open the lid, turn it counterclockwise, close. accordingly, you need to move the lid clockwise. If the cover is firmly attached and covers the drain hole, then the problem is not with the filter.
  • When it is impossible to identify a malfunction with the naked eye, it is better to contact the service. It is likely that the breakdown lies in the interior of the machine. For example, a tubular electric heater (Tubular Heater) has broken, a crack has appeared in the tank, another part has failed. Qualified specialists will study the cause of the error and, if necessary, replace the failed part.

If this is the first time the error code appears, unplug the machine for a few minutes. Perhaps the reason lies in the failure of the control module, and in order to resume correct operation, you just need to restart the equipment.

What to do if an LE error occurs on a Samsung washing machine

New generation washing machines are designed in such a way that they themselves inform us of a malfunction. Imagine: you decide to wash your laundry, load it into the drum, set the desired program and suddenly find an impressive puddle of water on the floor. And on a Samsung brand washing machine, an error LE, LE1, LEC or E9 was displayed. If you understand the meanings of these codes, you can understand the essence of the problem.

We decrypt codes

Errors in a Samsung brand washing machine can be indicated in different ways, but signal the same problem. a water leak from the tank. Depending on the model year of this brand, the screen may display the codes LE, LC, E9, LE1. The E9 code, for example, was used by the manufacturer in early models of washing machines, until about 2007.

The design of the machines provides for the presence of a pressure switch, or a water level sensor. If the sensor 4 times in a row detects a drop in the water level below the set rate, then one of the listed error codes will appear on the display.

What other mistakes can there be

It’s not just the LE code that tells us about self-draining violations. It happens that dirty water does not drain out of the tank at all. Then the display shows the code 5E. It, in turn, is associated with a clogged drain hose or filter, or with a malfunction of the drain pump. It is quite possible to repair the drain pump with your own hands.

Error 5d also applies to water leakage, but this time together with soap suds. The reason for the increased formation of foam may be the wrong choice of detergent (for example, intended for hand washing only) or exceeding its volume by one cycle. There is no need to deal with this problem: after a while the foam will settle by itself and be removed, and the washing process will start again. But for the future, remember that only specialized tools with appropriate marking are recommended for automatic machines.

In no case do not use powders for hand washing: after all, they not only ruin clothes, but can also cause damage inside the machine itself, and this is much more serious.

Remember that spontaneous draining of water is a rather serious error in the operation of the machine. After all, you can easily flood your neighbors from below if you don’t pay attention to the problem in time. Manufacturers of modern Samsung models made our task much easier by providing the presence of codes on the display. Knowing the decryption of a particular code, you can fix the breakdown with your own hands. Just approach the solution of the problem responsibly, weigh your strength: can you fix the failure yourself? If not, then it is better to seek help from professionals who will make repairs and give advice on how to avoid repeated water leakage in the future.

LE error in washing machine

Errors displayed on the display of the washing machine in the form of codes are needed in order to inform us about a breakdown of the machine or warn us about a possible breakdown. There are a lot of error codes, in this article we will talk about LE error on Samsung washing machine.

Description and causes of LE error

The LE code, and on some LC machines, appears on the screen when there is a water leak from the machine’s tank. over, the water level drops sharply. When this error occurs, the operation of the machine is stopped so that the heating element does not turn on. After all, if the Tubular Heater warms up without water, it will simply burn out.

There are many reasons for such spontaneous water leakage, we list them:

  • The fastening of the heating element is broken.
  • The air tube is detached and water flows out during spinning.
  • The water tank is damaged at the bolted joints.
  • Detergent hose not connected correctly.
  • Incorrectly connected and positioned drain hose.
  • Damage to the drain hose.
  • Drain filter not closed properly.

The LE error on the washing machine most often appears before rinsing.

Eliminating the error

When the machine generates an LE error, you must immediately de-energize it. First press the shutdown button on the machine control panel and then unplug.

Now we define the error. You can start by checking the drain hose. To prevent water leakage, it must be properly secured. One end of the drain hose is initially located inside the machine, and is fixed at the bottom, you do not need to touch it. The second end is directed upwards and the hose is fixed on a hook, which the manufacturer has taken care of in advance by mounting it in the upper part of the machine. The rest of the hose is directed down to the branch of the sink drain pipe.

The fastening of the hose to the drain pipe must be well sealed and located at least 60 cm above the floor. How to change the drain hose of the washing machine, this question may arise if a crack appears in the drain hose, which leads to the appearance of the LE error.

Important! It is not recommended to join the drain hose in order to increase its length. Additional connection point may cause water leakage. In addition, when pumping a hose that is too long, the drain pump fails faster.

Easy to check the drain filter. It is enough to open the cover by turning it counterclockwise. And then closing again by turning clockwise. The filter cover must fit snugly and cover the drain hole.

If there is an internal breakdown, for example, the Tubular Heater is disconnected, a crack appears in the tank, then in this case you cannot do without the help of a professional. He will select the necessary parts and install them correctly.

Other errors related to water leaks

The LE error is quite serious, because the water leaking from the car can flood your neighbors if you live in a multi-storey building. But this is not the only mistake associated with draining water. So, for example, if the water is not drained at all, then error 5e appears on the screen. You can read about how to fix it in the article Error 5e on a Samsung washing machine.

When water flows out of the drum along with foam, the machine generates an error 5d. Increased foam formation can be caused by hand wash powder. In addition, exceeding the amount of powder can also result in copious foam that comes out of the machine through the drum or powder tray.

To summarize, we note that eliminating the LE error on a washing machine requires patience and some skill. Before unscrewing anything, assess your real capabilities, maybe you should immediately contact the specialists and not aggravate the problem.

Decoding the error

So, there is an LE error on the Samsung washing machine display: what does this information mean? This code reports a water leak or self-draining.

Each washing machine is equipped with a pressure switch (sensor) that analyzes the water level in the tank. If, for several minutes, the sensor detects a drop in the level below the mark required for this wash cycle, the washing machine generates an LE error.

In units equipped with the Aquastop system, a float sensor, which is located in the lower part of the machine (in the pallet), reacts to a leak. If for any reason the process of water intake / drainage is disturbed, the sump is filled and the sensor floats. The work of the equipment is suspended and an error is displayed on the board.

Modern Samsung washing machines, such as the Diamond or Eco Bubble, will report a water leak with an LE error, while earlier models manufactured before 2007 will display the E9 information code for a similar failure.

Errors are caused both by serious breakdowns, the elimination of which will require the help of specialists, and minor failures in the operation of the system, which can be dealt with on our own. Let’s consider the possible causes of the problems.


The LE error can appear on the display both at the beginning of the wash and at the end of the cycle, at the time of rinsing or spinning. Follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  • press the shutdown button on the body of the washing machine and disconnect the unit from the mains;
  • inspect the drain hose. it must not be kinked or pinched. Check the integrity of the hose, its position and connection to the drain and the machine. The hose attachment must be airtight and be at a distance of at least 70 cm from the floor (washing machines are equipped with a plastic loop that allows you to fix the drain hose at the required height);
  • see how tightly the drain filter cap is screwed on (after the next filter cleaning it could be screwed on poorly);
  • if you have some experience in repairing equipment, you can try to check the connections of the pipes leading from the tray to the tank of the machine and from the tank to the pump (the clamps could loosen and the joints began to leak);
  • if you have the necessary skills, check the contacts and connections of the loops of the wires going to the pressure switch and the float sensor (if they have moved away, they need to be corrected);
  • make sure that the sewage system itself or the water supply system does not leak (such a leak can cause water to appear in the pallet of the machine and trigger the Aquastop sensor).

If it is impossible to identify a malfunction with the naked eye, it is better to seek help from specialists. A breakdown could have occurred in the interior of the machine: the tubular electric heater (Tubular Heater) has failed, a crack has appeared in the tank, another part has broken.

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The table provides a list of the most common malfunctions that can be reported by the LE information code that appears on the monitor.

MalfunctionPossible reasonsWhat to do
Water under the clipper and LE error on the displayMechanical damage to the cuff (seal) or water drain pipeSmall cracks can be sealed, but most often you have to replace the damaged part. Contact service
Error LE appears when trying to startFaulty pressure switchCheck the sensor for faults. Replace parts if necessary
An error appears when changing washing cycles (switching to spinning or rinsing)Malfunction of the electronic moduleTo restore correct operation, the board can be re-soldered. If the processor is completely burnt out, the unit needs to be replaced
The machine with the “Aquastop” function starts the wash cycle and displays the LE errorMalfunction of the module or breakdown of the float sensor if the equipment is working properlyReload the car. If the error persists, you may have to change the Aquastop sensor
Washing machine leaks from the back and displays the LE codeHose problemReplace part
The error disappears but appears againWiring failure (damaged or worn out)The problem can be solved by twisting the wires or replacing the loop

The error codes under consideration do not always indicate serious malfunctions, however, they are a signal for immediate action. If you do not fix the problem in time, you can flood your neighbors and incur significant financial losses. We hope that our tips will help you fix the damage yourself. If you are in doubt, seek professional help.

Causes of occurrence

We have found out that the LE information code is reporting a water leak. Now let’s figure out for what reasons such a failure can occur:

  • incorrect installation of the drain hose (for example, its low location);
  • incorrect connection of the drain hose to the machine or to the sewer;
  • leakage of the seal;
  • damage to the drum or housing (loosening of the bolt reinforcement, cracks);
  • malfunction of the pressure switch;
  • malfunction of contacts and connections of the pressure switch;
  • failure in the control module.

Samsung washing machine LE1 error, as well as information code Lc1, appear, as a rule, for the following reasons:

  • leakage of the drain filter (it may be poorly tightened);
  • leaking drain or internal hoses;
  • hatch leak (cuff damage);
  • water leaking from the powder compartment.

The LE information code, accompanied by the appearance of foam from the detergent drawer, signals a problem with the powder: either you are using a low-quality (or machine not intended for the machine) detergent, or you overfill it.

If this is the first time the error code appears and there are no visible signs of a leak, try unplugging the machine for a few minutes. The reason may be a malfunction of the electronic control module, and for proper functioning it is enough to restart the washing machine.

What if the error persists? Consider possible ways to troubleshoot yourself.

Samsung washing machine LE error

New generation washing machines are equipped with an electronic control module that continuously analyzes the operation of the device. If a failure occurs in one of the machine’s systems, the module displays a message with the corresponding error code. In this review, we will find out what the LE error of the Samsung washing machine means, what are the reasons for its occurrence and how you can fix the malfunction yourself.

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What to do if a DE error appears on a Samsung washing machine?

If your Samsung washing machine shows a DE. before calling the master, it is worth checking for possible malfunctions yourself. Often a malfunction occurs due to an excess of the permissible amount of laundry during washing, or too hot water. In the latter case, the metal becomes very hot and expands, thus causing slight deformation of the machine walls. To fix the problem yourself:

  • check if the hatch door is completely closed;
  • if the signal about the malfunction does not disappear, then open the door and check if the laundry falls on the lock;
  • check whether foreign objects, threads, hair interfere with the operation of the lock;
  • make sure there are no mechanical damage and deformation of parts;
  • after checking, put the machine on spinning and draining the water;
  • if there is too much laundry and it interferes with completely closing the lid, then remove the part;
  • if there is too little laundry and a problem occurs during the spinning process, turn off the machine. Add more laundry to the required weight and turn on the machine, and repeat the cycle.

What does the DE error mean on a Samsung washing machine?

On Diamond washing machines, the DE or ED code means Door and signals that the appliance door does not open after the end of the cycle. On models without a digital display, all indicators light up in this case. To make sure that this malfunction is not caused by a software glitch, you should check if the hatch is closed correctly. If the hatch door is not closed, the wash does not start.

Causes and types of faults

We have already found out that the DE error on the Samsung washing machine means that the hatch door is not closed. We have prepared a list of the most common causes of this problem that you can fix at home. Causes and types of breakdown.

  • The door does not close and the washing process does not start, which means that the door lock device (UBL) is faulty. This type of breakdown can also occur at the final completion of wash cycles, then the door remains locked and it is almost impossible to open.
  • The signal pops up at the very beginning of the process. evidence that the display module, which controls all program processes in the machine, has failed.
  • The machine shows an error even when the door is closed. If there was no click during the closing process, then the hook does not fall into the grooves of the lock. If a problem occurs, the hinges are warped and the door may need to be replaced.
  • Mechanical damage to the lock during operation also causes a breakdown. To fix the problem, a complete replacement of the lock parts may be required.
  • It constantly appears and disappears during the wash cycle, this means that the control board is defective. To solve the problem, full or partial replacement of the loops connecting the electronic lock and the board will be required.
  • There are several variations of the classification of errors associated with a hatch malfunction: DE1, DE2, DE3. Each of the above indicates its own cause of the malfunction, which is a hint in diagnosing the problem.

Samsung Washing Machine Shows DE Error: What It Means How To Fix

The washing machine is a modern lifesaver for every housewife. Automated technology will turn the washing process into an easy job where you only need to load the laundry into the machine and unload it from there. It happens that in the process a DE error pops up on a Samsung washing machine, and the question immediately arises what it is and how to fix it. We have prepared an article on what to do to fix the problem and what are the causes.

Error prevention

To avoid possible trouble associated with a breakdown, simple preventive actions should be performed. They will help to avoid blocking the door at the most inopportune moment. For this:

  • do not overload the machine with linen;
  • put on a flat surface so that there is no possible skew;
  • clean all available mechanisms in the machine;
  • avoid mechanical damage;
  • install protection against voltage drop;
  • do not put heavy objects on the surface, the constant impact of the load on the walls of the machine leads to deformation and distortion;
  • do not lean on the door while loading laundry, this contributes to the hinges sagging and the formation of distortion.

Before you send the machine to the service center, you should make sure that the breakdown is significant and requires a call to the master. Modern models have special signals that will help in decoding. You can contact the manufacturer’s support line and follow the operator’s commands to diagnose yourself. The sound signal that will emit the error is recorded by the operator and then, after decoding, the cause of the malfunction is reported.

Samsung washing machine. error codes OE, E3, OF, OC

You started washing according to the selected program, the Samsung machine took in water, but after 5-10 minutes it stopped turning the drum and turned on the drain pump. At the same time, the error code OE / E3 / OF / OC was displayed on the display. Sometimes, the Washing machine may show a code immediately after pressing the “Start” button or while filling water.

Most often, an OE error in a Samsung washing machine is displayed on new models, and Samsung with a release date before 2007 write an E3 error.

Attention! Do not confuse code E3 with code 3E! These are 2 different errors.

In SAMSUNG washing machine models without a display, in case of a similar error, two temperature indicators 40 ° C and Cold water will simultaneously light up and all indicators of washing modes will flash.

Decoding the error

In Samsung car, the OE / OF / OS / E3 code means water overflow error. The washing machine receives a signal from the level sensor (pressure switch) that there is more water than is needed for the selected program. Therefore, the machine stops washing and turns on the drain pump.

The OE code literally from English means an overflow error. Overflow Error. The OF encoding is the same repetition of the word OverFlow (overflow). Although the reason can be both an actual overflow of water, and incorrect readings of the level sensor. pressure switch. In Samsung washing machines manufactured before 2007, the error coding looks like E3.

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Attention! Do not confuse the E3 error code with the 3E code, which refers to problems with the washing machine motor.

Masters “” know that the overflow error is 0E, E3, etc. in a washing machine, Samsung speaks most often about a malfunction that requires a specialist call. But sometimes, with such a “wrong” coding of the problem, you can figure it out yourself.

Error 0E, E3. OF or OC. when you can fix it yourself

A large amount of powder or the wrong grade, for example for hand washing, will cause a lot of foam. Which gets into the pressure switch tube and creates excess pressure. Because of this, the sensor sends a high frequency signal to the control module and it starts the water drain. And the OE code appears on the washing machine Samsung display.

To eliminate the false overflow error due to foam, turn on the spin mode to completely drain the water, remove the laundry and run the machine in rinse mode to rinse the drum. Then, to check, turn on the wash again without laundry and powder. If the OE / E3 code no longer lights up, then you have eliminated the cause of the error.

Cause 2. The machine is filled with water from the drain through the drain hose

It is possible that your Samsung washing machine is not connected to the sewer correctly. Therefore, water from the siphon of the sink or sewer enters the washer. If there is a large amount of it, the level sensor detects it and issues an overflow error code.

To eliminate the cause of the overflow, connect the drain to the sewer correctly. You can do this yourself or using professional services for installing washing machines. Then drain the water by running the spin and remove the laundry. For a complete check, you can run a dry wash without laundry. With the correct connection of the hose to the sewer, the flooding by sewage will stop, and the overflow code will no longer “pop up”.

Note! Overfilling can also occur when the machine is turned off. The reasons can be found here.

Cause 3. Control module failure

Electronic “brains” sometimes make mistakes and give out trouble codes for no reason, just like that. You can fix this problem yourself by restarting the washer. Turn off the unit with the power button, unplug the power cord and let the machine rest for five minutes. Then plug in the power and start the wash again. If the error was “invented” by the control module, the code will no longer light up.

When the “reset”, washing from the powder and checking the connection of the drain hose do not help, and the Samsung washing machine stubbornly gives an error 0E / OF or E3. here you need a professional inspection of the equipment by a specialist and its repair.

Probable faults requiring repair

The specialists of “” considered that they had already repaired 3225 washing machines manufactured by Samsung (solid experience of repair, you must agree!). Based on the data of these repairs, it was found that there are a number of major breakdowns, due to which the code 0E / 0F / E3 lights up on the display. They are shown in the table below.

After turning on the Samsung clipper:

  • immediately shows the overflow error code OE, etc.
  • or without completing the set of water, interrupts the wash and turns on the drain. OE / OF or E3 coding lights up on the display

Water level sensor (pressure switch) defective. It has a short circuit or membrane damage. Therefore, the sensor issues a high water level signal regardless of the amount in the tank.

The pressure switch needs to be replaced.

Debris in the tube or in the air chamber of the pressure switch. The tube is connected to a high pressure chamber in the sensor, where a diaphragm with a tip for relay control is fixed. If there is dirt in the tube or chamber, the membrane closes the relay and the sensor signals overflow even with a low water level. One of the reasons for contamination is the wrong laundry detergent with high foaming.

Washing machine Samsung:

The electronic controller (control board) has broken. The cause of the breakdown may be damage to the tracks on the board, a burnt out resistor (fuse) or breakdown (short circuit) of the microcircuit.

Damaged tracks are soldered to restore contact, the fuse is replaced with a new one.

It is impossible to repair a broken microcircuit, you need to completely change the controller.

The Samsung washing machine fills up a full tank of water in 1-2 minutes immediately after starting on any wash program. Then an overflow error is displayed.

Breakage of the water inlet valve. Faulty valve does not shut off water after stop signal.

Attention! In this situation, do not wait for an overflow error code to appear! You run the risk of flooding your bathroom or kitchen with water. Disconnect the machine, de-energize it. And also turn off the water tap.

Water filling valve replacement required.

After starting the wash, water does not collect, after a few seconds the overflow error lights up and the Samsung machine turns off

Open circuit in the water level sensor circuit (weak contact, wire break). The control module receives incorrect information about the overflow due to a wire break in the pressure switch circuit or burnt contacts. Rodents often spoil the wiring in cars, especially in private cottages and summer cottages.

You need to make a twist to connect the damaged wiring or put a new cable. Contacts are cleaned and, if necessary, soldered.

How to fix LE error on Samsung washing machine

When the letters LE light up on the board, the machine stops working, in this case you should not panic, since you can solve this problem yourself. The general information that this code contains means that there is self-draining or water leakage from the equipment. Often this can simply be seen on the floor in the form of a huge puddle mixed with foam.

Decoding the letter value LE

For the letters in question to light up on the display, the water level must fall below the mark that should be for this wash cycle. For this, modern washing equipment has a special sensor in the form of a float located at the bottom of the machine.

If the model is not entirely modern, then instead of the letters in question, the E9 code may light up.

There may be several reasons. It is quite possible to cope with some of them on your own, while others are corrected only with the arrival of a specialist and a full repair.

The cause of the problem

A system failure and the appearance of an LE error code on the display may occur for the following reasons:

  • the equipment for draining is incorrect or too low;
  • errors in connecting the hose to the sewer;
  • body or drum problems;
  • leakage of the seal;
  • the air hose is detached (in this case, a leak occurs during the spinning process);
  • breakdown of the pressure switch.
Samsung Washing Machine Error Le What Does It Mean

Also, the problem occurs when the control system fails. If there is no water leak, and the code is displayed for the first time, then for a start it is enough just to disconnect the machine from the network. If the problem is in the control module, then after a reboot everything can be fine.

How to fix everything

In order to fix the problem, you must clearly find out the cause. To do this, we look not only what code is on the display, but whether there is water under the machine, whether washing starts, and other details. How to fix the device depends on this:

  • If there is water under the apparatus, most likely you will have to contact the service, since there are cracks on the drain pipe.
  • If the error in question appears at startup, check the sensor for serviceability, and, if necessary, replace.
  • The problem appears when changing cycles. replacement of the electronic control module is required. You need to either replace it, or just re-solder it.
  • Equipment leaks from the rear. fix or replace the hose.
  • The error appears and disappears. problems with the wiring. It just needs to be replaced.

If the problem is a malfunction or incorrect installation of the drain hose, then such a problem can be easily eliminated with your own hands. It is important to check that the connection point is not below the tank level.

When the dispenser compartments become clogged, a leak occurs and foam appears from the instrument hatch.

Samsung Diamond most often gives an LE error as a problem with the float or the Aquastop system. To begin with, it may be enough to restart the machine, but otherwise you will have to call a specialist and change the system sensor.

The LE error on the Samsung washing machine is not a critical breakdown, but it often requires urgent intervention in the washing equipment system. A water leak indicates serious damage and is visible to the naked eye.

Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities and in the exact cause of the breakdown, it is better to call a specialist. To prevent damage to the machine, it is necessary to select the correct detergent powder and carefully check the s before washing.

Samsung washing machine: le error what does it mean

The Samsung brand has long established itself as a reliable creator of high-end household appliances. This statement is also true for washing machines of the brand in question, including the Diamond line (Diamond) and Eco Bubble (Eco Bubble).

However, despite modern technologies and high-quality materials used in production, like any other equipment, Samsung washing machines may be subject to some malfunctions during operation. The technician immediately notifies the user of this by displaying certain alphanumeric combinations on the scoreboard.

The code under consideration is associated with spontaneous draining of water from the washing machine tank. When the liquid in the tank does not reach the required level, an emergency shutdown of all programs is triggered. It should be noted that the error is most often displayed before starting the Rinse mode, this is especially typical for Samsung WF F861 and Diamond.

The machine stops working with one main purpose so that the main heating element simply does not burn out in the absence of water. For additional safety net, the user must also disconnect the unit from the power supply.

The main reasons for this “behavior” are:

  • violation of the Tubular Heater attachment;
  • separation of the air tube. therefore, external leakage occurs during spinning;
  • tank damage of various nature;
  • incorrect installation of the hose for detergents;
  • incorrect connection of the drain hose. or it is defective;
  • incorrect installation of the drain filter.

What to do to fix the error?

  • First sort out the drain hose. It may be damaged. In this case, they should be removed or the hose replaced with a new one.
  • Check at what level the connection point of the drain hose with the sewage system is located. Connection located below the level of the cistern is inadmissible. The hose must have a so-called “top loop”.
  • Check the tightness of the drain filter.
  • If there is a leak in the detergent dispenser, it is recommended to thoroughly clean all the channels in the reservoir. perhaps they are clogged with detergent residues.
  • When not water comes out of the dispenser, but abundant foam, then the reason is the wrong selection of washing powder specifically for the automatic machine.
  • Check the correct organization of the connections of the corresponding branch pipes from the tank to the pump and from the tray to the tank itself.
  • Test the wiring thoroughly. integrity of contacts.

If the above methods did not work to fix the problem, water is collected and spontaneously drained, and the Washing machine continues to give an error, then it is recommended to contact a specialized service department.

There are also a number of problems in which the display shows le, the elimination of which must be carried out exclusively by specialists.

  • Damage to the mechanical nature of the seal or the drain pipe.
  • Presosstat malfunctions.
  • Malfunctions of the electronic circuit-indicator.
  • Incorrect operation of the AquaStop sensor.
  • Various kinds of wiring defects.

LE, which means spontaneous discharge of water, is a rather serious mistake. It can lead not only to serious damage to the unit itself, but also to flood the neighbors from below. And this, in turn, will lead to major construction and financial troubles.