Indesit Washing Machine Error Codes Without Display

Model EVO-II Low-End Table Error Codes

Indesit Washing Machine Error Codes Without Display

List of EVO-II errors and their interpretation

  • Only KH4 is on. error F01. The control triac of the electric motor has closed.
  • Only KH3 is on. error F02. The tachogenerator does not signal that the machine’s engine is running. This can happen if the drive belt is stuck, the circuit is short-circuited or broken.
  • KH3 and KH4 are on. error F03. a short circuit has occurred or the temperature sensor circuit has broken.
  • KH2. F4. one-time informing about the opposite things (the level relay reports that the tank is full and empty).
  • KH2 and KH4. F5. After the command to drain water from the tank has occurred, the level switch does not indicate that the tank is empty. In this case, the following malfunctions are possible: breakdown of the pressure switch (level switch), the drain pump (pump) is out of order, the drain system is clogged.
  • KN2 and KN3. F6. The command is not understood, there was an error in the buttons on the control panel.
  • KH2, KN3 and KH4. F07. The heating element of the washing machine (Tubular Heater) does not heat. Can happen when not in water.
  • КН1. F08. The contact group of the heating element relay is stuck. Broken Tubular Heater or wire problem.
  • KN1 and KN4. F09. The volatile memory of the machine is out of order.
  • KH1 and KN3. F10. There is no message that the washing machine tank is empty or full from the pressure switch (level switch).
  • КН1, КН3 and КН4. F11. There is no electricity supply to the drain pump. Most likely, there was a wire break.
  • KH1 and KH2. F12. There is no message between the controller and the display module.
  • KH1, KH2 and KH4. F13. Broken wires or short circuit temperature sensor.
  • KH1, KH2 and KN3. F14. Defective drying heating element. Such a breakdown is possible only with machines that have a drying function.
  • КН1, КН2, КН3 and КН4. F15. The drying heating element is out of order. This breakdown can occur with washing machines with a drying function.
  • All indicators are off. F16. The drum of the washing machine is jammed (only for models with top loading).
  • LED4 and KH4. F17. No voltage is applied to the door lock of the washing machine. Or is it open.
  • LED4 and KH3. F18. Failure of communication between the controller and the processor that controls the electric motor (asynchronous).

Error codes (malfunctions) washing machines Indesit and Ariston

Models made under these brands for a long time and equipped with an outdated EVO-I control system also have the ability to inform the user about errors that have occurred. Only error codes are displayed not using the display, but due to the blinking of the indicator light. The essence of defining the code by blinking is pretty simple. For example, 5-fold blinking with a very small time interval, after which the blinking stops for a while and then repeats again, will inform us that an error has occurred under the code F05.

In washing machines that are made with the EVO-II control system, there is another way to determine the error code. Different models with this system differ in functionality. And it makes it a bit difficult to read errors.

Inexpensive washing machines made under the Indesit and Ariston brands lack a display. In such models, error data is shown by displaying a whole combination of illuminated indicators.

It is easier for everyone to understand the error code on washing machines equipped with a display. There letters and numbers are shown on this very display.

How to determine the error code for an EVO-II car without a display?

In such washing machines, you can understand the fault code using the light that appears on the various indicators. The indicators for these models are as follows:

  • KH1. Timer,
  • KN2. Super wash,
  • KN3. Fast. washing,
  • КН4. Add. Rinsing,
  • LED 4. Pressing the laundry.

Some of these indicators are lit and by which of them do it, you can understand what kind of error occurred.

Detailed analysis of error codes for Indesit and Ariston washing machines and their repair

Next, let’s talk in more detail about the errors that occur during breakdowns and malfunctions of washing machines and how to fix them.

  • Make sure the engine is not stuck.
  • Inspect the J9 connector carefully. Make sure that it is tightly connected and that there are no contact disturbances.
  • Measure the resistance of the tachometer. Make sure that it is normal (from 115 to 170 Ohm.)

Resistance is measured at connector J9. Between the first and second contact. If the circuit is closed, then test the wiring from the tachometer. In the event that an asynchronous engine is used in the machine, you need to make sure that the sixth and seventh pins of the same connector are securely connected and in good working order.

Candy error codes with display. Service test (diagnostics) Candy

To run the service test, you need to do the following:

  • Preparatory work: clean the drum of the machine from clothes, set the program selector to OFF
  • Hold down the first add button. functions (left), move the program selector to the second position (usually a mark of 60 degrees)
  • After 5 seconds, all LEDs should light up, release the held button and press “Start”.

If it does not work, try holding another button for additional functions on the left.
The service test consists of the following steps:

  • Water is drawn in an amount of 6 liters, passing through the detergent compartment for prewash;
  • Pause for 1 second and turn on the Tubular Heater (water heating) for 20 seconds;
  • Additional water intake through the detergent compartment;
  • The drum starts rotating counterclockwise at 55 rpm for 16 seconds;
  • Pause for 4 seconds;
  • Water intake begins and at the same time the drum rotates clockwise at 55 rpm for 16 seconds;
  • The drain pump turns on, until the state of “empty tank”.
  • The spin program starts for 15 seconds at half the maximum speed. This completes the self-test.
  • At the end, all lit LEDs should flash together
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Candy washing machine error codes

These trouble codes aren’t just for Candy. but also for Hoover and ZEROWATT washing machines. since Candy owns these brands. They all use the “Cuore” control board (translated from Italian “Heart”), which is used to select programs and is welded directly to the PCB.

The new “Cuore” control module is installed on washing machines where the first few characters of the model number start with the following letters:

  • CO
  • COS
  • GOF (Fuzzy) Candy GO
  • SMART (Fuzzy) Candy Smart (

So, if your model number starts with these letters, then the Candy error codes below will work with your washing machine.

How to find out the Candy error code (no display)

If there is a display, the fault is shown as a numerical code. If there is no display, then you can see a flashing light on the front of the washing machine and the number of flashes determines the fault code, so you need to read them. First, there is a pause for about 5 seconds, and then a series of flashes, and all over again in a circle. It is this series of flashes that needs to be counted, its number is the code that is deciphered below.

Candy error codes without display

Before you start self-repair, you need to know and take into account the following notes:

  • Our site is not responsible for your safety or for any damage caused. Everything is at your own risk;
  • The site provides common causes of fault codes, but we cannot guarantee that the recommendations for elimination will help in solving your problem. Breakdown diagnostics and solutions are under your responsibility;

You should also understand that error codes do not give “100%” the cause of a breakdown, errors tell you that there is a problem, they give a general direction where to look for a problem, they cannot replace a professional specialist with fault diagnosis skills.
It is also worth noting that manufacturers can change the meaning of errors in their equipment models and there is no guarantee that these error codes will fit your model.

Faults and error codes of the Indesit washing machine: decoding and repair methods

  • How to identify the problem?
  • What are the “Indesit” error codes and what to do?
  • F01
  • F02
  • F03
  • F04
  • F05
  • F06
  • F07
  • F08
  • F09
  • F10
  • F11
  • F12
  • F13
  • F14
  • F15
  • F17
  • F18
  • H2O

The error codes for Indesit washing machines are very similar to those given by the washing machine and Ariston, since there is only one brand manufacturer. Therefore, if you have previously encountered “Ariston”, then it is much easier to understand the principle of identification. All data on error codes “Indesit” can be found in the instructions for use, which must be attached with the purchase.

How to identify the problem?

There are two ways to determine the specifics of the error generated by the Indesit washing machine:

  • by the code reflected on the electronic display;
  • by blinking (for “washing machine” of an older model, on which there is no display) buttons.

The first option is relevant for washing machines manufactured after 2000: they are distinguished by more sophisticated electronics and an improved self-identification system of faults.

What are the “Indesit” error codes and what to do?

The main errors issued by Indesit have values ​​from F01 to F18, as well as H2O. However, there are exceptions to consider:

  • F16 is specific to top-loading washers;
  • F13-15 not available on Indesit clippers, which do not have a drying function.

When a breakdown occurs, the code of which is displayed on the display or is recognized by the number of blinks, the door is locked. Indesit error codes can signal both technical problems and incorrect input (exceeding the permissible load limit, for example). The washing machine “Indesit” can give an error both at startup and during operation (when switching to rinsing or spinning, if a functional inconsistency is found).

The error indicates a failure in the operation of the electric motor, possibly a short circuit in the circuits.

  • Checking the engine electrical circuit.
  • Replacing the control semiconductor in the event of its combustion.
  • Repair or replacement of the control board.

A washing machine without a display will signal a malfunction by a blinking light on button 4.

The error signals a breakdown of the tachometer or an open contact between it and the module.

What to do if the washing machine behaves like this?

  • Checking the contacts of the tachogenerator.
  • Checking the control module.
  • Perhaps replacing the tachogenerator.

Washing machine without display will blink kn. 3.

Code F03 “Indesit” will show in case of failure of the thermistor or “sticking” of the relay.

  • It is necessary to diagnose the sensor, check the resistance (if necessary, change the part);
  • Inspection of relay contacts, restoration of burnt ones.

The old model washing machine will blink 3,4 buttons.

The F04 code indicates that the pressure switch readings are incorrect. It is possible that the water is turned off, the shut-off valve is not open, there are blockages in the inlet filter or a breakdown of the pressure switch.

How to do it right?

  • Check the water, open the shut-off valve.
  • Remove blockage in filter.
  • Inspect the pressure switch, clean the tubes, in case of a serious breakdown. replace.

If the washing machine is of an old model, the error will be reflected by the blinking of button 2.

Was the Indesit washing machine showing the code F05? Drain pump problems! There may be several reasons:

  • broken pump, wiring interruptions;
  • the drain system is clogged;
  • the pressure switch has broken.
  • diagnostics, restoration of damaged wiring sections.
  • elimination of blockages in the pump or filter located behind the hatch.
  • it would not hurt to inspect the pump impeller.
  • in a critical situation. you need a new pressure switch.

“Indesit” without a display in the event of a similar breakdown shows the book. 2.4.

The error is related to a problem with the control system. There can be three reasons:

  • the controller controlling the panel is out of order;
  • broken contacts between the board and the controller;
  • the main module is inoperative.
  • First of all, you need to diagnose in which of the listed sectors the failure occurred.
  • Repair or replacement of unusable parts.

By buttons, the error will be indicated by flashing 2,3.

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The water does not heat up. Perhaps, the heater relay “sticks”, its contacts burn out. In the worst case, the Tubular Heater has burned out or the pressure switch has become unusable.

How to deal with this situation?

  • Check Tubular Heater, pressure switch, replace if necessary.
  • Checking the adjustment of the pressure switch connections.

Error in the language of the model without display. blinking of buttons 2, 3, 4.

Corresponds to the “sticking” of the heater relay or malfunctions of the board.

  • relay check (most likely, you will need to install a new part);
  • research and “flashing” of the control module.

If there is no display, 1 will flash.

The F09 code indicates a problem with the RAM. Diagnostics of the electronic controller is required. “flashing” or replacing the board.

By blinking the buttons, this malfunction can be recognized by a combination of flashing 1 and 4.

The pressure switch stopped giving signals. There may be several reasons for this error:

  • no water is supplied, the water supply valve is closed;
  • blockages in the drain system;
  • the level of the water sensor.

You can repair it yourself:

  • simply check the water supply or open the valve;
  • clean the drain system, inspect the intake valve;
  • the sensor may have broken. and it will have to be replaced.

Old-style washing machine will blink with buttons 1,3.

The error is caused either by problems with starting the pump (clogged filter, pump impeller), or by a lack of drain (pump malfunction).

  • Clear the filter from clogging, if the impeller does not turn, you will have to clean the pump.
  • Check the resistance of the pump winding: if not correct, the pump should be changed.

“Indesit” of the old model will signal this by blinking the combination of buttons 2, 3, 4.

It is difficult not to pay attention to this error. the indicators will not light up when the buttons are pressed. This leads to the burnout of contacts between the blocks.

  • Diagnostics of the controller, control module.
  • Restoring burned out contacts.

The machine without display will flash with buttons 1, 2.

The drying sensor is lousy: contacts fail or the sensor itself is broken. You should check the contacts, restore damaged ones. In the worst case, you will need to change the drying temperature sensor.

1, 2, 4. a combination of flashing buttons on “Indesit” without display.

Junk Tubular Heater, which is responsible for drying laundry. There are several reasons: the Tubular Heater burned out, there was a risk of overheating and the Tubular Heater was turned off, all the water from the drum did not drain.

Solutions to the problem:

  • change of Tubular Heater;
  • remove residual water from the drum thanks to the “drain” function;
  • if the contacts leading from the board to the Tubular Heater are damaged. their restoration.

You can also recognize it by blinking buttons 1, 2, 3.

The drying relay “sticks”. The problem may be associated with a breakdown of the control board, loose contacts or inoperability of the relay system itself. It is worth “fixing” the wiring leading from the Tubular Heater to the control board. Did not help? It is necessary to examine the module, which is better to entrust a specialist.

A flashing combination of 1, 2, 3, 4 indicates a similar problem.

The door is not closed properly. Perhaps it was not tightly pressed, or perhaps. the electronic lock is junk, the wiring is “coming off” (it should be checked first).

An error on a less advanced “Indesit” will be reflected as a blinking LED 4. kn. 4.

The code indicates incorrect operation of the controller. This is fraught with repair or complete replacement of the electronic module.

By blinking, a breakdown is recognized by LED 4. kn. 3.

The code indicates a blockage in the drainage system sector or the washing machine is not connected correctly. There are two solutions to the problem: cleaning the drain system or reconnecting the machine.

Thanks to the achievements of modern electronics, according to the indication, which is endowed with the washing machine “Indesit”, it is possible to determine with great accuracy the cause of a technical malfunction or inconsistency of the input data. If the washing machine “Indesit” gives an error related to malfunctions of the control module, it is better to entrust diagnostics and repairs to the master, so as not to aggravate the situation.

EVO-II system with display

Most modern and easy to read. Let’s give her an explanation of the code designations that appear on the display:

  • F01. Malfunction in the control system of the main electric motor. Its specific manifestations are quite diverse and require additional search (maybe a thyristor burned out; water got on the motor power contacts or, conversely, they burned out, etc.)
  • F02. No signal from the tachogenerator (speed sensor) of the electric motor
  • F03. Malfunction of the water temperature sensor or the Tubular Heater switch on relay
  • F04. Two signals go simultaneously: “tank is empty” and “tank is full”. This happens when the sensor contacts “stick” in the “empty” position, although in reality the water tank is full
  • F05. The drain system does not work. This can be due to a jammed drain pump or a complete clogging of the filter.
  • F06. This item is missing in the “Indesit” washing machine
  • F07. The actual Tubular Heater of water heating does not work
  • F08. Faulty Tubular Heater enable relay
  • F09. Error in the entire washing machine program
  • F10. The level sensor does not work, although there is water in the tank
  • F11. No feedback signal about the operation of the drain pump
  • F12. No communication between the display and the main electronic control board
  • F13. Open circuit or short circuit. in the temperature sensor circuit
  • F14. Drying Tubular Heater does not work
  • F15. Faulty Tubular Heater relay (Items F13, F14, F15. only for Washing machines with this operation)
  • F16. Drum is blocked (for Top loading washing machine)
  • F17. The door is not closed or there is no power on the sensor of its status
  • F18. Fault in the electronics of the main board

Let’s note this circumstance: some of the positions can be seen, as they say, with our own eyes, for example F05. no drain. Others are “silent” (F02, F11), but they block further cycle operations.

Fault identification by code is important not only for repair technicians, but also for ordinary users.

Some of the faults (for example, cleaning the filter. code F05.) can be done even by an inveterate housewife.

Find out how to choose a washer-dryer. And is it worth buying “two in one”?

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How to choose and replace brushes for electric motors of washing machines? Step by step instructions in this article.

Fault information methods

Depending on the control system (EVO) used in the Washing machine “Indesit”, there are three ways to report a problem with the machine:

  • EVO-II with display. Malfunctions are coded and displayed as an alphanumeric combination (code)
  • EVO-II without display. Codes replaced by a combination of lighted indicators
  • EVO-I (old system). The malfunction has to be determined by the number of flashes of the luminous indicator

What do the error codes of the Indesit (Indesit) washing machines say??

Modern washing machines (Washing machines), in addition to the fully automatic washing process, have another valuable quality. they are able to report faults in their units and even in individual units.

Fault localization is important not only for the repair technician, it will also help the user of the Washing machine; sometimes it is not difficult to fix the problem with your own hands or, at least, to control the repair process in the service center and not pay extra money for diagnostics.

EVO-II without display

In the absence of a display, the fault code is determined by a combination of illuminated indicators. These washing machines have five of them (indicators):

  • KN1. Timer
  • KN2. Super wash
  • KN3. Quick wash
  • KH4. Rinse
  • LED4. Spin

EVO-I system

For a Washing machine with such a control system, the malfunction has to be determined by the number of flashes of the illuminated indicator.

To identify the code, you need to slowly turn the program selection knob, fixing on each position and waiting for the indicator’s reaction. In the event of a malfunction, the indicator operates in the “blink. pause. blink” mode. The number of flashes is the error code.

For the last two control systems (EVO-II without display and EVO-I), the fault indication is summarized in a table and is defined as an analogue of the EVO-II system with a display.

Code correspondence table:

EVO-IEVO-II without displayEVO-II with display
1 blinkKH4 is onF01
2 flashesKN3F02
3KN3 KN4F03
fiveKN2 KN4F05
6KN2 KN4F06
7KN2 KN3 KN4F07
nineKN1 KN4F09
tenKN1 KN3F10
elevenKN1 KN3 KN4F11
12KN1 KN2F12

DTCs make it easier to diagnose the machine, make it possible to install a faulty unit with a high probability. The person working with the equipment, in some cases, can repair the Washing machine by himself.

How to read the system message Indesit (Ariston)

To determine exactly which of the indicators reflect the malfunction on a given model, you should consult the equipment manual. Most washing units Indesit WISL, WIL, WIUL, WIDL (Ariston Hotpoint, AVL, AVSL) illuminate a horizontal row of buttons and several vertical indicators of rinse and spin speed in combination with a start / stop button. Deciphering the error of Indesit washing machines without a display is done by the number of blinking LEDs. The values ​​of all indicators are summed up. The resulting number will be the error number.

Error codes washing machine Indesit (Ariston)

Numerical value of LEDs (from bottom to top):

  • 1;
  • 2;
  • 4;
  • 8.

The default letter code for these devices is “F”. If the indicators “4” and “1” (41) are on, then the error code will be equal to “F5”.

Error codes on a typewriter

Illustrations of the principle of indication and the correspondence of LEDs to numerical values ​​on the Ariston washing machine are shown in the photo.

Ariston, Indesit (Merloni) error codes

How to understand the system message of the LG machine

Indication of prewash, main wash, product types. lamps used by LG washing machines without a display to signal a malfunction.

The main fault codes and their display on LG typewriters without a screen:

  • IE. low water pressure. the modes “main wash” and “prewash” are on or flashing;
  • DE. the hatch is not closed. all indicators of temperature, washing, rinsing;
  • tE. low water temperature. all temperature indicators;
  • OE. drain error. indicators 800500 “no spinning”;
  • UE. content imbalance. all spin bulbs;
  • FE. overflow. “preliminary” “main” wash wool synthetic blanket.

LG washing machine error codes

How to read a malfunction message on a Candy machine

The list of faults and their coding on Candy Aquamatic units without a system screen is slightly longer than the nine-digit ActivaSmart and is 19 points (together with zero) listed in the user manual. When a problem occurs, Candy Aquamatic stops working and starts a cycle of several flashing lights on the control panel. Having signaled the required number of times, the washing machine pauses for five seconds, and then begins to repeat the cycle until it is switched or the power is turned off.

Candy washing machine error codes

If the indicators on the Candy dashboard do not blink, but are on steadily, this is the “zero” item on the list, which means a breakdown or malfunction of the control electronic module.

Overview of washing machine models without display

Among modern automatic washing machines, models without a display are consistently high in popularity due to their lower price than a machine with a screen and their high maintainability. Products from LG, Bosch, Indesit (Ariston), Candy and other manufacturers are equipped with an electronic control system that has a test mode and internal diagnostics of problems.

Candy machine control panel

Cars without a system screen, like their more high-tech counterparts, can signal a software failure. Error codes for washing machines without a display are highlighted by flashing washing, rinsing, temperature and spinning lamps in certain combinations.

What do the system messages of the Bosch machine mean?

Simultaneous blinking or backlighting of the spin and rinse speed buttons on Bosch devices signals error codes for washing machines without a display, corresponding to 14 major breakdowns with the “F” index:

  • F01. UBL malfunction. indicator 1000;
  • F02. no water. 1000 rinse;
  • F03. faulty drain. 1000600;
  • F04. water leakage. 1000800600 “rinsing”;
  • F06 (07). breakdown of the temperature sensor. 1000800;
  • F08. the hatch is not closed. 1000;
  • F16. the hatch is not completely closed or UBL breakdown. 1000;
  • F17. the water intake time is exceeded. 1000 “rinsing”;
  • F18. it takes too long to drain. 1000600;
  • F19. heating takes too long. 1000600 “rinse”;
  • F20. Tubular Heater malfunction. 1000800;
  • F21. motor malfunction. 1000800 “rinsing”;
  • F22. the temperature sensor is faulty. 1000800600;
  • F23. the “hitchhiking” system worked. 1000 800 600 “rinsing”.

Bosch washing machine error codes

In case of malfunctions, the cause of which is difficult to determine, it is recommended to contact the service center for repair. It is dangerous to use faulty household appliances for washing.