How To Wash Sneakers In A Washing Machine

Features for different types of materials

Depending on the material from which the sneakers are made, the rules for caring for them will differ.

Key recommendations:

  • Leather and suede products do not tolerate contact with water. They should only be cleaned dry. Wet processing is only allowed in an emergency.
  • Fabric products. Shoes can be washed in automatic and manual mode, but the manufacturer’s recommendations must be strictly followed.
  • Nubuck sneakers. The material is considered fastidious, therefore it is advised to process it with a special brush and professional means.

Washing sneakers in various washing machines

The washing cycle for your athletic shoes will vary depending on the brand of washing machine. All features are presented in the table:

Washing machine brandName of the wash cycleFeatures of the mode
Samsung (Samsung)Quick wash or delicate wash.The quick wash lasts 15 minutes, but there is no way to turn off the spin. Delicate wash lasts about 45 minutes.
LGDelicate wash or wool program.Water temperature. 30 or 40 degrees, washing time 50-60 minutes.
BoschDelicate wash.Water temperature. 30 degrees, light rocking of the drum. Duration of washing. 30 minutes.
IndesitSport shoesWashing temperature. 30 degrees, rpm. 500, washing time. about 40 minutes.

How to dry properly?

Dry your sneakers naturally. Most products do not tolerate direct sunlight.

Shoes should not be heated by exposing them to a radiator or next to a gas stove.

You can speed up drying by taking the sports pair to fresh air or to a room with low humidity.

To give the sneakers the correct shape, you can fill them with paper. Read more about drying shoes after washing here.

Which program (mode)?

When choosing the optimal washing mode, you need to focus on the brand of the machine. There are models that are equipped with a program called “sports shoes”.

If it is not separately highlighted in the menu, then it is recommended to handle shoes in a delicate mode. It can also be described as “sparing”.

It is not difficult to set up the clipper yourself. To do this, remove the spin function, or set the number of revolutions at 400-500 per minute.

How many degrees to wash? The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. With these parameters, the washing time will be reduced to a minimum.

Can I wash?

Sneakers can and should be washed. Even with the most careful wear, they will lose their attractive appearance after some time. Competent cleaning will allow you to refresh your shoes, update their color and extend the life.

Sports couples made of materials such as:

  • leather;
  • suede leather;
  • velours;
  • nubuck.

Do not wash sneakers that consist of several types of fabrics at once, for example, natural leather, rubber and foamed polymers. It is dangerous to load shoes with minor defects into the machine.

Most often, manufacturers place information in signs. If the product cannot be machine washed, then the label will display a crossed out square with a circle inside.

Processing nuances depending on color

Depending on the color of the sneaker, there are the following recommendations for their care:

  • White shoes are washed separately from colored items. It is allowed to process sneakers with non-aggressive bleaches.
  • Black sneakers shed heavily. This must be taken into account when washing. In addition, they cannot tolerate strong friction.
  • Colored sneakers should be washed at low temperatures so as not to provoke leaching of the pigment.

Read how to wash white fabric sneakers here.

Features of washing in an automatic machine

If the shoes can be washed automatically, then they must be properly prepared. To do this, the following recommendations must be observed:

  • Examine the pair carefully. If foam rubber, threads stick out of it, and there are also poorly stitched parts, then you need to refuse intensive washing.
  • Unlace shoes, remove insoles and inserts. These items are processed separately.
  • Clean shoes from debris, sand, leaves, gravel, dried mud. Small stones stuck in the sole can be removed with a knitting needle or dry brush.

When the shoes are ready, you can start washing.

Step-by-step aLGorithm of actions:

  • place the steam in the drum;
  • add liquid detergent to the compartment;
  • start the wash program, after it has finished remove the shoes and dry them.

It is not recommended to process more than 2 pairs of shoes in a washing machine in one cycle.

Using a special bag

To make washing as safe as possible, you need to place your shoes in a special mesh bag. It is fixed with a zipper or with laces. Sneakers or trainers, while in the bag, will not be exposed to excessive wear.

This device allows you to protect the drum, since the shoes will not knock on it, which means it will not be able to damage its internal structure.

How to wash sneakers in a shoe bag is covered in this article.

Important recommendations

Top 5 tips for washing your sneakers:

  • carry out competent preparation of shoes for the upcoming cleaning (removal of laces, insoles, dirt, stones, etc.);
  • use a special net when washing shoes automatically;
  • to minimize the time of contact of sneakers with water;
  • do not wash suede, nubuck and leather shoes in automatic mode;
  • thoroughly dry the steam after wet cleaning.

If the shoes are not stitched, but fixed with glue, they can only be washed by hand and without pre-soaking.

How to properly wash sneakers in a washing machine?

Everyone knows that sneakers are comfortable, almost universal shoes. How good it is to go all day in such comfortable shoes or work hard in the gym, after not feeling any pain and discomfort. But, unfortunately, the sneakers need to be washed, otherwise it will not be possible to avoid the unpleasant smell.

Today we will talk about how to wash sneakers in the washing machine. You will learn how to properly wash your favorite shoes without causing any harm.

First, let’s talk about shoes that are best not washed.

How to wash?

The choice of the mode and temperature of the water is an important part of the water procedure, the appearance of the shoes after washing will depend on it.

  • Putting the sneakers in the car.
  • Temperature. within 30-40 °. It is at this temperature that the probability that the sole will come unstuck is minimal.
  • Washing is done with a delicate cycle. If your washing machine is equipped with a shoe washing function, choose it.
  • Pour in the same amount of powder as for regular washing.
  • We do not dry in the machine, as the washing machine may deteriorate due to heavy load.
  • Getting the sneakers out of the car.

Say no to washing!

Shoes that are best not machine washed:

  • cheap, low-quality sneakers;
  • leather goods. the leather may shrink and the sneakers will become unusable;
  • shoes, the soles of which are torn, can completely fall apart after washing in a machine, moreover, the “filling” of sneakers, which fell out after washing, can damage the machine;
  • shoes with reflective stickers. jewelry may fall off after washing in an automatic washing machine.

Preparing shoes before washing

Before you wash your sneakers in a washing machine, you need to inspect them and prepare them for washing:

  • free the outer side of the sole from coarse dirt and stones, wash it, if necessary;
  • take out insoles and laces, as they will be better cleaned by washing separately.
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Useful secrets. Drying

After washing, naturally, the shoes need to be dried.

To dry your shoes, follow these steps.

  • Once you’ve got your sneakers out of the washing machine, you’ll need cotton rags, napkins, or just toilet paper. plenty. It is not recommended to use newspaper sheets, as after the paper gets wet, the ink will stain the inside of the sneakers.
  • Fill your sneakers with one of the above fillers so that there is no empty space inside.
  • Do not place wet shoes near a heater or battery as this can damage the appearance of the shoes.
  • The paper will quickly absorb all the moisture from the shoes, preventing unpleasant odors from forming, and you will get clean and dry sneakers.!

So, you have read the article and now you know how to wash sneakers in the washing machine. This is a simple matter if you know how to approach your shoes correctly. Wash your sneakers no more than once every 3 months and they will last a long time.

Stage Drying

When everything is already washed, it remains to dry all parts of the sneakers. It is enough to hang the laces in any place convenient for you, but to dry the sneakers themselves you will have to make a little more effort.

Do not dry your shoes with heating devices. this will negatively affect their appearance.

There are three ways to dry your shoes:

I believe this is the most efficient and simple drying method because the paper absorbs moisture well:

  • Crumple old newspaper or other paper into small balls.
  • Place them inside the shoe so that they fit snugly together.
  • Wrap the filled shoes in other newspapers, preferably in 3-4 layers, as in the photo.
  • Place your shoes in a well-ventilated area.

Remember to periodically change wet paper to dry paper.

This technique is quite long in duration, but the simplest:

Is it possible to wash sneakers in an automatic machine: 4 nuances

First, it’s worth figuring out whether it is possible to wash sneakers in a washing machine at all? Yes, you can, but only if these are high-quality fabric shoes. However, this does not apply to all types of sneakers.

If you find any defects on the shoes. tears, deep scuffs, peeling of some elements, etc., you should refrain from machine washing.

Precautionary measures:

Tip 1

The first thing to learn is that it is only possible to wash sneakers made from fabric materials.

Do not machine wash sneakers with loosely attached soles.

Stage Preparation

When you are convinced that your shoes will definitely survive washing without consequences, you can safely proceed to the preparation stage:

Take the insoles out of your shoes before washing. Regardless of the material of manufacture, the insole is better not sent to the machine. The easiest way to wash them is by hand:

Pretreate stubborn grime or stains from food, body fluids, paint, etc. with alcohol or stain remover.

How To Wash Sneakers In A Washing Machine

Stage Washing

When the sneakers are ready, go directly to washing. In order not to spoil your shoes, follow the recommendations outlined in the table:

Wash your shoes in a special bag.

If you don’t have a bag, replace it with an old pillowcase.

How to wash sneakers in a washing machine: all 3 stages of competent cleaning

Sneakers are perhaps one of the few things that every second person has in the wardrobe. Ragged sneakers are comfortable, but at the same time they get dirty easily. Sometimes even careful care cannot protect the fabric from stains. What to do? How to wash sneakers in a washing machine and is it possible to do it?


I’m not afraid to wash my sneakers in an automatic machine, but I don’t advise you to abuse it. Still, glue and other water-soluble components are used to make shoes. I will be glad to read your questions and additions in the comments.

If you still have doubts about machine washing. white sneakers or any others can be washed by hand. How to do it correctly, you will learn from this article.


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  • How to wash microfiber
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How to wash sneakers in a washing machine. Washing sneakers in an automatic machine

Place prepared sneakers in a shoe-washing bag. Put one or two pairs of sneakers in the drum of the washing machine, no more. Use liquid detergent for delicate washing, it dissolves better and does not leave streaks. You can also add a small amount of color preserver or bleach.

The washing temperature should be no higher than 30-40 ° C. If the water is too hot, the shoe can come loose. It is advisable to choose a delicate wash mode. If there is a spin and a drying mode, it is better to turn them off, otherwise the sports shoes may deform.

Should I wash my sneakers in the washing machine??

Modern sneaker models are often a duo of rubber soles and a foam blend, with an addition of leather / faux leather or other fabric that covers the outside of the shoe. In this regard, there is some risk.

First of all, it should be borne in mind that washing in a typewriter can cause running shoes to lose their original appearance. In addition, they can simply come unstuck, and then they will have to be thrown away. This is especially true for cheap, low-quality shoes.

In addition, many manufacturers of sneakers and household appliances claim that washing such shoes is unacceptable. However, as practice shows, this method is quite common and quite effective.

Preparing sneakers for washing

Take a close look at your sneakers. If they have glued elements, it is better to wash the shoes by hand, since there is a high probability that these elements will be torn off after washing. In addition, you should not machine wash sneakers with artificial or natural leather parts. However, most modern sneakers are made of synthetic materials that can withstand multiple washes.

So, thoroughly wash the outsole and upper of your running shoe to remove dust, gum, dirt or stones. They can clog the washing machine if they enter it. Cleaning can be quick and easy if you soak your shoes in warm water.

Then unlace your shoes. Wash the laces by hand, as they can also get caught in the drum of the washing machine and damage it. Remove the insoles. They can also be put in the washing machine for better stretching. Do the same with the sneakers if you decide to wash them.

Drying sneakers after washing

Dry your shoes after washing. It is convenient to use white paper towels or napkins for this. After wetting the boot with them, remove excess moisture.

After that, tuck a dry piece of towel into the inside of the shoe to maintain the shape of the shoe. It is better not to use newspapers for this purpose, since printing ink can stain the inside of the shoes. Place your shoes to dry your shoes naturally, at room temperature, away from heating appliances.

If for any reason you are afraid to wash your sports shoes in the washing machine (there are leather elements, there is no delicate wash mode), you will have to clean the shoes by hand. After rinsing the sneakers from dirt, wash them thoroughly with a sponge and soap, rinse well. And then put to dry as described above.

Can sneakers be washed in a washing machine: tools and step-by-step instructions

To wash your athletic shoes, you will need the following products:

bag for shoes;

detergent for washing: dry laundry detergent or gel capsules;

chlorine-free whitening or color preserving conditioner.

Preparing shoes for washing

Before you wash your sneakers in the washing machine, you need to prepare them appropriately. First, you should thoroughly wash your shoes, clean the soles of street dirt, sand and stuck stones. This can be done with a knitting needle or an old toothbrush.

Residual dust can be conveniently washed off under running water. This stage is very important, since small debris can clog the filters of the machine, which will further affect its operation. To clean your shoes quickly and effortlessly, you first need to soak them in water for a while.

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The shoes are now ready for a more thorough wash. All that remains is to remove the insoles and laces. These removable parts are washed separately. The laces can be easily cleaned of dirt by hand using soap, the insoles are perfectly clean with a shoe brush.

We place the sneakers in a special mesh bag for washing.

We put the shoes in the washing machine and on the control panel select a gentle program for delicate washing at low drum speeds. The temperature for gentle washing should not exceed 40 ° C. Ideally, it should be 20 ° C.

We put a portion of washing powder into the machine and press start.

Can leather sneakers be machine washed

Manufacturers consider washing leather sneakers unacceptable and do not guarantee the safety and integrity of shoes after the procedure. Meanwhile, many owners of sports shoes note that washing in the washing machine did not affect its condition. They also say that this did not affect the operation of the equipment in any way.

Which sneakers cannot be washed

The modern market increasingly began to offer us sneaker models that combine a foam mixture, rubber soles, natural leather and its substitute. Washing these types of shoes can cause them to lose their original appearance. The same applies to cheap sneakers, as well as to those models that have glued reflectors and protruding foam. Decorative and functional parts will most likely not adhere after prolonged contact with water.

Experts say that some shoes cannot be washed in a washing machine.

Suede sneakers are very susceptible to moisture, so after washing in the machine, they can be sent to the trash bin.

Shoes with any damage and defects will deteriorate completely.

It is better not to machine wash sneakers with decorations, as stones, stripes and rhinestones can come off.

Low-quality shoes tend to be held together by cheap glue. Therefore, you should not wash sneakers of dubious production.

Can my sneakers be machine washed? Step-by-step instructions for safely washing sneakers in a washing machine

Sneakers are the favorite shoes of active people whose lives are in constant motion.

It’s no wonder they get dirty quickly and require careful maintenance.

It’s not just about daily cleaning and cleaning of sneakers, but also about washing them.

Today you will find out if your sneakers can be washed in the washing machine or is it better to choose another method for the general cleaning of these sports shoes.

How to machine wash and dry sneakers correctly

If you do not have a special mesh bag for washing shoes, then along with the sneakers, you need to throw a few towels into the machine. You can also use an old pillowcase instead of a bag. This will improve the quality of washing and reduce the beating of the products against the drum of the machine.

Do not wash more than two adult pairs of sneakers at a time to avoid damaging the glass of the machine.

If you use liquid detergent for washing, it will save your shoes from stains. The liquid detergent dissolves perfectly and effectively removes dirt. You can also add color preservative or bleach during the wash, depending on the color of the shoe.

Do not use water temperatures over 40 ° C for washing. Hot water can cause shoes to peel or shed.

To prevent sneakers from deforming during washing, turn off the spin and dry mode on the machine. Only in this case they will retain their shape.

Insert clean insoles and laces into shoes only after they are completely dry.

Drying your sneakers correctly

Now that the sneakers have been successfully washed, it remains to get them out of the machine and dry thoroughly.

Using a heater or battery. In winter, shoes can be dried near electrical appliances. For sneakers to get the correct shape, they need to be filled with paper napkins, towels or cotton rags.

It is best not to use newspaper to dry, as it can stain the inside of the shoe. If you decide to dry your shoes on a battery, then you should first put some rags on it so that the sneakers do not stick out.

On the balcony. In summer, when the weather is warm and clear, it is better to dry your sports shoes outdoors, in direct sunlight.

With a special dryer. Machine-washed shoes can be dried with an ultraviolet shoe dryer. This device in 4 hours in delicate mode will provide excellent drying of sneakers and their antifungal treatment. The dryer also disinfects and deodorizes the inner surface of sports shoes.

Now you know if your sneakers can be machine washed. However, the final decision is up to you. If the shoes are very expensive, then it is better to take time to clean them regularly, then machine washing is not necessary.

The essence of the problem

To begin with, we note that sneakers come in different types. The lower part is rubber or foam, and the upper part can be made using leather, leatherette or fabric.

In almost all models, the fabric is present inside, and metal or plastic elements can also be used.

The main danger is that the shoes can simply come apart or deform if washed incorrectly. In addition, if metal elements are present, they can leave permanent traces of rust.

And some details, for example, reflectors, may come off completely. Based on this, not all sneakers can be washed in the washing machine. But this is not a complete list of dangers.

During the washing process, strong vibration and shaking of the drum occur. Because the sole of the shoe is hard, it can knock out a hatch or damage the inside of the machine. This means that you need to be careful and take measures not to break the automatic machine.

Can sneakers be machine washed

This particular type of shoe, which we use for long walks and sports, often takes the bump in dusty roads, autumn slush or puddles. It is impossible to clean it like shoes, and washing it in a basin is rather difficult and not always effective. We will learn how to wash sneakers in the washing machine so that your favorite shoes become clean again.

Basic washing rules

While many manufacturers warn that sneakers cannot be machine washed, people ignore this because they want to speed up the process. In addition, as a result of experimentation (not always successful), some rules and folk methods have been developed. So we will erase based on them. Now let’s consider the question of how to wash sneakers in a washing machine, with all the nuances.

Take a close look at your sneakers from all angles before washing. If threads, foam rubber stick out somewhere or there is a hint that the sole may come off, then it is better to refuse automatic washing and wash the sneakers by hand.

Be sure to wash the sole of the dirt! Use a regular toothbrush to remove small pebbles and dirt that might get stuck deep in the tread. Failure to do so could damage the washing machine.

Take out the insoles and laces to wash separately. The laces can be sent along with the sneakers, but the insoles are washed separately, rubbing with an old toothbrush with powder.

  • The important question is how to wash the sneakers in the washing machine so that they do not damage the drum. Knowing the passion of all people to machine wash shoes, some manufacturers produce special bags for washing sneakers. If you have such a special bag, then you can put sports shoes in it. In this case, it will not dangle much inside, which will prevent the ram from damage and significantly reduce noise.
  • If you don’t have such a bag, then throw old towels or other old items into the drum. The main thing is that they are soft and not fade, otherwise the paint can ruin the sneakers.
  • Never load more than two pairs of adult shoes.
  • Pour powder into the tray and wash on a delicate cycle at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.
  • It is better not to use the spin, as it is not effective and can cause damage to the suspension system and other parts of your main assistant in the wash. Some sneakers may deteriorate after wringing out.
  • Drying mode also cannot be used.
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White sneakers look classy but require regular maintenance. It is necessary to wipe them with a damp sponge after each wear and wash as they become dirty, since it is difficult to get rid of stubborn dirt.

You can wash your white sneakers as follows:

  • Wash off all the dirt with water.
  • Treat the most contaminated areas. You need to take regular toothpaste and an old toothbrush and rub the dirt. The second option is to make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and laundry detergent. This tool should be used to treat seams and other places where dirt accumulates most.
  • Load into the drum, put in a special bag, select the program. Oxygen bleach can be added in addition to the main detergent.

Laces with insoles should be washed separately by hand. To bleach, they are pre-soaked in bleach or liquid laundry soap.

For white sneakers to last longer, you should only wear them in dry weather. After use, the surface can be treated with a melamine sponge. It perfectly wipes black streaks, dirt and dust without harming the material.


These sneakers must be washed very carefully, otherwise they can not only lose color, but also ruin other products. There are several rules for washing your shoes:

  • Before washing colored sneakers, do a test: wet a light-colored, plain cloth made from natural material and rub an inconspicuous area of ​​the shoe with it. If a bright mark remains on the fabric, then the sneakers will shed. In this case, it is better to wash them by hand or dry clean.
  • For machine and hand wash, select a low water temperature.
  • It is better to wash a pair of colored sneakers separately from other products, otherwise there is a risk that they will be painted.
  • When removing stubborn stains, do not use stain removers for white clothes, as well as products that may leave faded marks: ammonia, lemon juice.
  • To remove dirt, special household chemicals for washing colored items are well suited. It will preserve brightness, add saturation.

Washing features depending on the material

Mode and temperature

The safest way to wash shoes is at a temperature of 30-40 ° C. There is enough warm water to wash away stubborn dirt, but the shoe does not come loose. If there is no special mode “Shoes”, the most suitable will be. “Hand wash” or “Delicate”.
Each shoe must be put in a special washing bag. You can also put laces there so as not to wash by hand. It is not recommended to load more than two pairs into the washing machine, as this may damage the drum and the machine door.

Advice! During washing, the sneakers will hit the drum hard. To soften this process and keep the machine parts intact, it is recommended to put an extra softening object in the machine, such as a light jacket or towel.

The wash program must stop after rinsing and the final draining of the water. Spinning and drying must be disabled.

Suede and nubuck

It is best to wash such sneakers with your hands, in water no higher than 30 ° C, then after drying the pile will not be too hard. Procedure:

  • To prevent dirt from smearing, sneakers should be pre-cleaned with a brush.
  • Pour water into a suitable container, lower the shoes into it, and using a brush, rub it with soapy foam against the lint. Laundry gel can be used instead of soap. It is not recommended to use bleaches.
  • Rinse in clean water.

A quality alternative to washing for a suede pair is steam treatment. Contaminated areas should be treated with a cotton swab dipped in ammonia.

Advice! When drying, suede products must not be hung on clothespins, ugly creases may remain.

After complete drying, it is worth walking over the pile with a dry brush again.

If the suede is glazed when worn, it is possible to return its attractive appearance without washing. To do this, brilliant places need to be treated with a crumb of a white loaf, an eraser, or a solution of table vinegar diluted with water in equal parts.

White suede or nubuck can be stained with the following mixture:

  • milk. 50 ml;
  • soda. 1/3 tsp;
  • ammonia. 5 drops.

Mix everything, moisten a cotton pad and rub the dirt.

How to properly dry your sneakers after washing?

Improper drying can lead to deformation and cracks. For this reason, the use of an automatic tumble dryer is prohibited. In order not to spoil your shoes, you must follow the following rules:

  • Prepare unwanted cotton or toilet paper and stuff the steam tightly from the inside. This will help you dry your shoes quickly as these materials absorb moisture well. Old newspapers can be used, but there is a small risk that ink will leave marks.
  • The shoes are dried at room temperature. Do not place it on a hot battery or close to a heater. The sole can deteriorate and break, and the sneakers themselves can become stiff. If they do not dry out for a long time inside, you should use a special shoe dryer.
  • You can speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer. You need to set it up so that it delivers cool, not hot air.
  • The area where sneakers are dried must be well ventilated.
  • Do not put dry steam in a closed cabinet, it will smell.
  • In spring and summer, they can be dried on the balcony, protected from direct sunlight.
  • It is more convenient to have not one, but two pairs of sneakers or sneakers to allow the washed pair to dry properly.
  • Insert insoles into sneakers only when they are completely dry, otherwise an unpleasant odor may appear.


Sneakers and sneakers can be machine washed if the temperature is set and the shoes are well prepared.

The preparation procedure is as follows:

  • Pull out insoles and laces.
  • Clean up adhering dust and dirt. Small stones, which are often clogged in the soleplate, hitting the drum, can ruin the washing machine.
  • Rinse with warm water using a toothbrush.

the cloth

Fabric sneakers, sneakers, espadrilles, slip-ons can be safely washed in an automatic machine. To do this, you need to choose a delicate or any other washing mode that gently removes dirt, the temperature is 30 °. Spinning and drying must be disabled.

How to hand wash your sneakers?

Hand wash is more gentle than machine wash. In this way, you can wash sports shoes from a variety of materials: suede, nubuck, leatherette, textiles, rubber. Pre-soaking is undesirable, since prolonged exposure to water leads to deformation of the shoe.

Here’s how to wash properly:

  • Remove the laces and insoles and soak them separately in soapy water.
    Wash off obvious dirt, dust under the tap.
  • Pour warm water into a basin, dissolve washing powder, gel or soap in it. Immerse your shoes in it.
  • Wash the sneakers inside and out using a stiff brush or sponge.
    Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry.
  • Hand wash soaked insoles and laces, dry them at room temperature.

Often, the sole of the sneaker is poorly cleaned with powder. You can return her whiteness using improvised means.

There are several ways:

  • cover the sole and other dirty areas with baking soda. Wait 10 minutes, pour 9% vinegar with tableware. Use the resulting foam to clean the stains using a tooth or shoe brush;
  • you can remove traces of paint or a ball-point hand with the help of citric acid: pour 20 g of powder into 50 ml of water. This solution is used in combination with laundry soap;
  • to whiten rubber sneakers will help 3% hydrogen peroxide. It must be added to the water at the last rinse at the rate of 50 ml of peroxide per 1 liter of liquid.