How To Turn On The Washing Machine LG 6 Kg

Instructions for the LG washing machine. F12M7HDS4. How to turn on the washing machine LG Electronics F12M7HDS4.

Before the first wash, select the wash program (Cottons 60 ° C detergent) and wash without clothes. This will remove residual water and other deposits from the drum that may have remained after manufacturing.

Loading and sorting laundry.

Sort laundry according to soil level, fabric type and, if necessary, volume. Open the hatch door and load the laundry into the washing machine.

Adding detergents or cleaning agents, additives and softener.

The detergent needs to be added to the dispensing tray of the washing machine. If necessary, add bleach or fabric softener to the appropriate section.

Now let’s take a closer look at the question “how to turn on the LG Electronics F12M7HDS4 washing machine?”.

Turn on the LG Electronics F12M7HDS4 washing machine by pressing the Power button on the panel of the LG Electronics F12M7HDS4 washing machine.

You need to select a washing program.

To select a program, press the button several times or turn the program selector clockwise or counterclockwise to select the required cycle.

Start washing in washing machine LG Electronics F12M7HDS4.

To start the wash cycle, press the Start / Pause button. Washing machine LG Electronics F12M7HDS4 will start running a little without water to determine the weight of the laundry. If you do not press the Start / Pause button during standby mode, the LG Electronics F12M7HDS4 washing machine will automatically turn off and all selected settings will be reset.

Completion of washing at washing machine LG Electronics F12M7HDS4.

At the end of the wash cycle, a melody will sound. It is necessary to immediately remove the laundry from the LG Electronics F12M7HDS4 washing machine so that it is less wrinkled. It is necessary to check the circumference of the seal of the hatch door to exclude the possible residue of small objects that could get there from the s.

After the end of the wash cycle, the door may remain locked for some time (approximately up to 5 minutes), depending on the environment in the room.

Now you know how to turn on the LG Electronics F12M7HDS4 washing machine “.

Next, consider the buttons on the control panel for turning on the LG Electronics F12M7HDS4 washing machine:

Turn on the washing machine LG Electronics F12M7HDS4 Button. Nutrition.
2. Button. Start / Pause.
3. Display washing machine LG Electronics F12M7HDS4.
4. Program selector for washing machine LG Electronics F12M7HDS4.
5. Additional options in the washing machine LG Electronics F12M7HDS4.
6. On / off. sound signal of the washing machine LG Electronics F12M7HDS4.

Little helper to the hostess.

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How to turn on the washing machine at the right time for us. Completion of the timer :. How to enable delay start in LG washing machine. How to enable the delayed wash function? Samsung

26 Aug 2015 Description. In the washing machine, you can set the delay time from 3 to 19 hours in 1 hour increments. Displayed time.

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Review of the 12 best washing machines. We erase, steam, dry!

Narrow washing machines with large loads
Do you wash a lot of things at once and save space? This is quite possible with narrow washing machines, among which there are models for every taste.!

Samsung WW7MJ42102W
The Samsung WW7MJ42102W model belongs to the class of narrow, but at the same time very capacious washing machines. Dimensions 85 x 60 x 45 cm allow it to easily fit into a small bathroom, and with a load of 7 kg, even a large wash will not be a problem! An inverter motor makes washing quiet, and a drum with a textured surface takes care of the safety of things. Several programs are suitable for washing different types of fabrics, from outerwear to baby clothes, and a special bubble generator will ensure better powder penetration into the fabric, which means better washing. Adds convenience and a delayed start function until 19:00.

Bosch WLT24460O
The narrow Bosch WLT24460O washing machine is a more advanced model in its category. There are a lot of washing modes here! These are programs for washing delicate items (children’s clothes, linen, woolen and silk items), and for thicker cotton and denim fabrics, and for down jackets. There is also a quick wash (only 15 minutes) and a delayed start for as long as 24 hours. Thanks to the wash optimization function, the machine automatically reduces water consumption and
electricity, and this is displayed on the digital display along with the washing steps. A voltage stabilizer that protects equipment from power surges is very useful.

Bosch WLT24540OE
The Bosch WLT24540OE model is very similar to the previous one both in design and functionality, but there are some differences. For example, there is an “anti-allergy” program. with rinsing in a large amount of water to completely wash out the detergent, “stain removal”. for washing difficult stains, “wash in cold water”. for economical refreshing of not too dirty clothes or for delicate washing of delicate fabrics. Full leak protection is also provided, which is optional on the previous model. The rest of the car also got a voltage stabilizer, a delayed start function up to 24 hours and a quick wash mode.

How To Turn On The Washing Machine LG 6 Kg

LG F12U1HDN0 is another slim model that can perfectly wash 7 kg of laundry at once. The special 6 Motion drum rotation aLGorithm (6 movements) allows you to gently wash different types of fabrics without damaging them. Worthy of attention is the TurboWash mode, in which, with a half load of the machine, the washing time is reduced to 1 hour, and
water and energy consumption is significantly reduced. Additional modes include stain removal and a mini-program for 14 minutes. And the most frequently used program can be entered into memory for convenience! In addition, the machine can be controlled using a smartphone, using it as a remote control.

The AEG AMS7500I machine holds a little less laundry. 6.5 kg, but it is amazingly quiet! The inverter motor and Silent System technology ensure very quiet operation of the washing machine: only 49 dB during washing (at an average level of 55 dB) and 73 dB during spinning (at an average level of 77 dB). This model can be run and washed overnight, which is convenient with a tariff with cheaper electricity.
at night. The set of programs includes modes for cotton, jeans,
wool, silk, etc. The stain removal mode is also present, as well as the functions of an additional rinse and a delayed start for 20 hours.

Loading up to 7 kg of laundry is not the only advantage of narrow washing machines! Among them, you can find models with advanced washing programs, with remote control from a smartphone or with reduced noise.

Washing machines with steam function
Additional steam treatment of linen allows not only to instantly freshen things up and make ironing easier, but also destroys bacteria and gets rid of allergens. Such washing machines take care of your health and convenience.!

Hotpoint-Ariston RSD 8229 ST K
Hotpoint-Ariston RSD 8229 ST K opens a list of such washing machines. This model can quickly process things with steam, which is fed directly into the drum. As a result, your clothes will be free from dust and stale odors and will get a neat look. This function will be useful not only for those who do not want to endlessly wash clean clothes that have been hanging in the closet for a long time, but also for allergy sufferers. In addition, the machine has a special anti-allergenic washing mode, in which the powder is washed out especially thoroughly. Other advantages include the presence of a half-hour mini-program, a large hatch with a diameter of 34 cm and the ability to load as much as 8 kg of linen with a width of only 47.5 cm.

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LG F12U1HBS4 is another model with True Steam function. The duration of this program is only 20 minutes, after which you will receive clean and decontaminated clothes even without water! In addition, steam can be supplied to the drum during washing, which will provide better cleaning and easier ironing. The choice of washing programs is very wide. In addition to the usual modes for cotton, outerwear, delicates and baby clothes, there are also functions of anti-allergenic washing, stain removal and removal of pet hair. useful for owners of fluffy pets! Supports smartphone control and
storing your favorite wash programs in memory. Loading. 7 kg, width. 45 cm.

Samsung WW80K52E61W
Washing machine Samsung WW80K52E61W is a novelty that attracts attention with its design. The standard white casing contrasts nicely with the sunroof door and control panel in a dark blue color that is not very common for washing machines. However, design is certainly not the main thing. The washing quality of this model is also on a solid “five”. The steam function allows you to get fresh clothes without washing, and there are many washing programs for a wide variety of fabrics. There is also an energy-saving mode and a quick 15-minute wash. Despite the fact that the width of the machine is only 45 cm, it has excellent capacity. up to 8 kg of laundry at a time!

Samsung WW65K52E69W
Start your wash and remember you haven’t put a few more things in the machine? This is no longer a problem! The Samsung WW65K52E69W typewriter will become a real boon for those who regularly forget to throw this or that thing into the washing machine. A special door on the hatch will allow you to immediately put the forgotten inside and continue washing, as if nothing had happened. Very comfortably! Well, the steam mode will be a good help for both allergy sufferers and those who just want to always wear fresh, as if just washed clothes. At the same time, the machine has the same stylish design as the previous one, and is quite spacious: 6.5 kg with a width of 45 cm.

Among the washing machines with a steam function, there are also spacious models that wash up to 8 kg of laundry per cycle, and models with adding laundry right during washing for the most forgetful!

Washing machines and dryers
Tired of fiddling with a dryer or hanging sheets on the balcony every time you wash? Washing machines with a drying function not only wash quality, but also dry the laundry, significantly saving time!

The LG F12U1HDM1N has a number of advantages. Firstly, it is very compact (45 cm wide), but allows you to load up to 7 kg of laundry at a time. Secondly, it has a lot of modes for washing cotton, down, childrens and various other things, including stain removal and quick wash in 30 minutes. Thirdly, this machine can thoroughly dry the washed laundry immediately! The maximum load for drying is 4 kg, there are modes of automatic start of drying or start by timer. It is also worth noting a very large hatch with a diameter of 35 cm. it will be much more convenient to put and take out bulky items!

Samsung WD806U2GAWQ
Samsung WD806U2GAWQ is another great option for those who want to spend less time hanging clothes and drying, because taking into account seasonal humidity, this can take a lot of time. The Samsung WD806U2GAWQ model can dry up to 5 kg of clothes in one go, and wash as much as 8 kg. At 48 cm wide, that’s impressive! There are several drying modes: gentle, timer, automatic. There are also many programs for washing, including a quick wash, a deodorizing mode and sterilization of items with heated air. In addition, this clipper has full protection against leaks.

Electrolux EWW51476WD
The Electrolux EWW51476WD model washes up to 7 kg of laundry and dries up to 4 kg in one cycle, and its standard depth is 55.5 cm. However, this is compensated by other advantages. For example, the maximum spin speed is very high here: 1,400 rpm. Despite this, the model is very quiet, the volume during washing reaches 49 dB, and during spinning. 75 dB, so you can start the machine even at night. As for drying, the machine has 3 different modes for cotton items (depending on their moisture content) and one mode for synthetics and wool. In addition, after drying, a post-steam treatment is possible, which smooths out creases in the clothes, making ironing easier and kills germs.

Washing machines with dryers are very convenient to get not only clean but also dry laundry in one cycle! Among them there are compact and spacious models, and some combine the functions of drying with steam.


Use regular citric acid to descale the drum. You will need it 100-150 g. This simple descaling procedure on your LG washing machine can significantly extend the life of your device. The composition of citric acid is absolutely harmless for all parts and assemblies without exception, but it is excellent for descaling.

With its help, we will descale all parts: heater, drum, pump wrapper. We do the following:

  • pour citric acid into all compartments for powder, bleach, conditioner;
  • we turn on the machine at full power and at the highest number of revolutions, as well as the greatest operating time;
  • when the cycle is completed, we check the unit from the inside. if it was not possible to obtain perfectly shiny surfaces, we repeat the procedure.

It is recommended to do this cleaning at least once a year if you use special descaling agents, and at least once every six months if you do not use them.

What you need to clean the drum?

Once every six months or a year, you need to clean the drum of the LG washing machine, as well as the water heater, sealing rubber and powder compartment. There are several possible cleaning methods here.

Washing machine automatic LG manual

There are washing machines in almost every home; no housewife can do without them. The washing machine helps to make the washing process easier, faster and better. Thus, your clothes will shine clean without much effort.

The LG washing machine is very popular today. She washes very efficiently and quickly. Has many modes and additional functions.

Many models have additional features such as:


LG washing machine instructions for each model are inside the page.

The machines come with different types of loads, different types, dimensions, freestanding or built-in. You can choose a washing machine for every taste, determine the one that suits your family.

The LG typewriter instruction is very simple and accessible, you just need to read it carefully and wash it with pleasure. Having bought a washing machine, do not cast too far the instructions. LG washing machine instructions will help you understand the details and nuances of washing, you will understand its functions and modes.

The LG machine, the instruction of which is in Russian, has many additional functions that you may not even guess about. Only by carefully studying the operating instructions can you be sure that you are using household appliances such as the LG washing machine correctly.

Washing machine automatic LG instruction, usually included in the package, but if you lost it, download it in pdf format and read it on your computer.

The LG automatic washing machine, the instructions for which are necessary for the correct washing, will be needed by any housewife. Correctly adjust the modes and set the temperature, timers and much more, you can only study in detail the “LG washing machine instructions”.

How to clean the filter?

Most often (about every 4 washes) you need to clean the filter. To clean a filter in an LG washing machine, you need to know where it is located. It is usually located at the bottom of the facade. The FH2A8HDN4, like most LG machines, has a plastic panel on top. If you do not know where to look for it, use the instructions.

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The panel must be pushed down with a screwdriver by pressing the valve. In this model, it is not removed, but only lowered. The filter is taken by a special protrusion and turned counterclockwise by hand until it comes out freely from the hole. Attention! There are two important rules to follow here:

  • The filter is removed only after all the water from the hose has flowed out.
  • After removing the filter, water usually flows from the pipe. Don’t forget to substitute the dishes.

Now we remove all the accumulated dirt (to be sure, you can shine a flashlight into the hole), and then wash the filter under running water. We put everything back in the reverse order: first we screw in the filter, then close the panel until you get a click.

Chlorine bleach

If there is a moldy smell and ugly stains are visible under the sealing gum, then it is better to use regular whiteness. Today it is not very popular at home, but it is suitable for cleaning the LG washing machine from an unpleasant damp odor, soapy dirt and mold. over, it is a very effective (although not very pleasant smelling) remedy.

For cleaning, pour 100 g of whiteness into the powder compartment and all other compartments equally and turn on the FH2A8HDN4 at full power at a temperature of 90 ° C. After 20 minutes, stop the cycle and let it stand for about half an hour. Then drain the water and turn on the rinse. When the cycle is over, open and wipe the door and the gum of the seal dry and leave the machine open until completely dry. This procedure should be carried out every six months to clean the machine of dirt and prevent fungus from starting.

What are we cleaning?

First, let’s figure out what needs to be cleaned in the FH2A8HDN4 washing machine. We need to free the following components from contamination:

  • drum;
  • drain hose;
  • filter;
  • compartments for powder, conditioner and bleach;
  • sealing gum;
  • pump (drain pump).

How to turn on the LG washing machine 6 kg

Our site offers you instructions for LG washing machines, which will help you to properly operate the machine. You can download the instructions on our website, without registrations and passwords. Click on the pdf-file icon, and ready-made instructions for the LG car in Russian on your computer.

Tips for Cleaning LG Washing Machines from Dirt

Even the most careful use of the LG washing machine involves cleaning it from time to time. Can the washing machine be cleaned at home? And how to do this in order not to harm the complex automation of the FH2A8HDN4 unit?

Washing machine LG

A few simple tips will help you clean your LG washing machine from dirt at home. This does not require any special knowledge or special skills. You just need to follow the instructions described here.

How to turn on the washing machine and wash the laundry

Washer. This is a complex household appliance that requires adherence to certain operating rules. She needs a water supply, a drain system, electricity. Overloading can damage the device. This machine requires a special powder marked “Automatic”. The washing program must be selected according to the type of fabric. Only after taking into account all the nuances, you can wash the laundry.

A hose from the top of the back of the washing machine supplies water. It is connected to a cold water pipe. Often, near the place where the hose is cut in, a tap is placed for emergency shut-off of water in the event of a malfunction of the washing machine. Make sure it is open. If there is no designation on it, then just remember where it is. Subsequently, if, after pressing the “start” button on the device, water does not go into the tank, you will need to turn it (which means that before that it was in the “closed” position).

If the end of the water supply hose is not connected anywhere, look on the cold water pipe for a separate nipple with a lid. If there is one, turn off the water in the apartment (taps are installed next to water meters by standard), remove the plug from the nipple and connect the free end of the hose to the pipe.

After that, open the tap to supply cold water to the apartment and check the connection for leaks.

It must be tightly twisted so as not to let water through, otherwise it will flood the neighbors below. If the pipes do not have a lead-out end for the washing machine hose, you will have to call specialists to connect. It is not always possible to do this on your own.

Having dealt with the water supply, you need to inspect the drain hose. Its end should go into the sewer pipe. If no permanent connection is made, lower the end of the hose into the bathroom or toilet. For such cases, the washing machine comes with a plastic curved plate that fits over the end of the hose. Without it, the pressure of the water draining from the machine will knock the light hose out of the tank.

The last step of the preparatory stage will be to inspect the electrical cord, which should be free from damage, kinks and bare wires. After making sure that it does not pose a clear threat in use, plug it into an electrical outlet. Now you can start washing.

The most common washing machines are horizontal loading. In this case, the door is located on the front wall and looks like a porthole or a round window.

In order to open the hatch, you need to slightly press on its rim and release. Second option. on the right, under the handle, feel the tongue and, pressing on it, pull the cover towards you.

If there is no door on the front of the machine, it is a top-loading machine. To load laundry, you need to open the top cover by the handle. Most often, such a hatch device is found at Bosch and Indesit.

Inspect the drum to start washing. Usually it is designed for 3, 5 or 6 kg of dry laundry. The most important thing. do not overload the machine.

A washing machine with a small load is not difficult to identify. If the machine is less than 40 cm wide and the drum is 15 cm wide, you can wash up to 3 kg of dirty laundry at a time. You need to put things in the drum in a straightened form, without tamping. As soon as the space runs out, you must stop downloading.

After finishing, for machines with vertical loading, you need to click the drum itself, and only then. cover. When closed correctly, a characteristic click of the activated lock will be heard.

After the laundry is loaded into the drum, it is required to pour the washing powder into a special compartment. On horizontal loading machines, this is a 3-compartment drawer.

On top-loading units, the powder tray is located on the inside of the top cover.

If the laundry is heavily soiled, it is worth choosing modes with a prewash. Then the powder is poured into the compartment marked A (on some models it is marked I). In all other modes, the detergent is poured into compartment B (or II respectively).

In such machines, you can only use the tool marked “Automatic”. Excessive foaming of hand wash powder can damage the device. If capsules are used as a detergent, they must be loaded with the laundry. Laundry gel can be poured directly into the drum or tray. Powder is poured only into a special compartment.

The amount of powder depends on the amount of laundry. It is calculated by weight: one tablespoon per 1 kg. For example, a set of bedding for a double bed weighs approximately 2000 grams.

In washing machines from different manufacturers, the washing programs differ slightly in names, but they perform approximately the same functions. Their main difference is that they are designed for different types of things and the process takes place at different temperatures. Most often, programs are indicated near the touch buttons that launch them.

or around a round scribbled wheel, with which you can select the desired washing mode.

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In addition, there are often separate buttons for an extra rinse or spin. They can only be used before starting: an already activated wash program cannot be changed.

If done correctly, you can turn on the washing machine. To do this, click on the “Start” button. It looks different, but the designation on it is the same type and it is easy to recognize.

When this button is pressed, the door for loading laundry will be locked and will only open after a complete wash cycle. The corresponding indicator will light up on the display and the machine will begin to draw water.

If there are small children in the house, it is advisable to turn on the key lock so that they cannot interrupt the washing program.

It remains to wait until the end of the cycle. Depending on the selected program, it will last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

After the wash is over, the corresponding indicator on the panel will light up; most often it is red. Some models, such as Candy, beep at the end of the wash. You can also understand that the program has ended by trying to open the download hatch. The lock is automatically disabled on all washing machines in 1-3 minutes after the end of the process.

Be careful: on some Indesit washing machines, the door lock is released in stop modes. It is made by manufacturers on inexpensive models for the subsequent selection of spinning or draining water. Therefore, before opening the door, make sure that there is already wrung out behind the glass, and not a stop in the middle of the cycle when the tank is filled with water.

After removing the laundry, leave the loading door open to allow the tub to dry. It is also recommended to open the powder tray. If water remains in it, then it must be poured out and allowed to dry completely.

After the laundry is unloaded from the machine tank, it is advisable to wipe the rubber seal with a dry cloth.

Rating TOP 10 LG washing machines for 6 kg

I conducted a study of popular LG washing machines with a 6 kg load and made a rating of the best models. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the following machines:

  • FH-0C3ND
  • F-10B8ND
  • FH-2H3ND0
  • F-1096ND3
  • FH-0M7NDS0
  • FH-0C3ND1
  • F-2J5NN4L
  • F-2J6NM1W
  • FH-2G6NDG2
  • F-1296CD3

Let’s move on to a detailed examination of each device according to different parameters in order to be able to determine the best.


The LG washing machine with 9 basic long and short programs is a narrow one. It additionally includes the following options: stain removal, baby clothes and down jackets, prewash and delicate fabrics. At maximum load and Cotton mode, it consumes 56 liters. Controls the formation of lingerie coma, leading to imbalance. The drum starts spinning slowly in different directions until it distributes things.

Number of programsnine
Spinning revolutions1000
Size (WGV)604485
Features:energy efficiency A
  • quiet work;
  • simple control;
  • no unnecessary bells and whistles;
  • maintainable.

I have been using it for a little more than six months. I chose the car without unnecessary bells and whistles, inexpensive to repair (just in case). For the entire period of operation did not disappoint. Washes things well. The functionality is sufficient, the capacity is large and small. In general, I advise.

Best LG Washing Machines with 6kg Load

In the rating, I presented you the popular LG washing machines with a 6 kg drum. And now I propose to get acquainted with the best assistants in the direction:

  • price quality;
  • with the presence of drying.

Comparison of the best LG washing machines with a 6kg load


In this model, 13 options are programmed, designed for different degrees of soiling and types of fabrics. Additional items include: down, children’s and sports products, stain removal, express 30 minutes. The LG 6 kg washing machine can be built into headsets, since the top cover is removable. There is a blocking from accidental clicks, control of increasing foam and imbalance. 19 hour timer helps you schedule your LG washing machine.

Number of programsthirteen
Spinning revolutions1000
Size (WGV)604485
  • large volume;
  • all the necessary functions;
  • understandable in management;
  • musical notification of the end of work;
  • silent.

Before that, they used Daewoo, so I can compare with her. Small-sized, but at the same time a very large drum for 6 kg. Management is clear and without instructions. It washes and rinses things qualitatively. There are intelligent programs where the machine itself determines the weight and uses it to calculate the amount of powder and water. I have been using it for 2 years and I recommend it to everyone.

Best LG washing machine with 6kg drum and dryer

Of the LG washing machines with a drum volume of 6 kg with the presence of drying, the FH-2G6NDG2 model can be noted. It has all the necessary functionality: 9 basic washing programs, drying up to 3 kg and steaming. All this makes it possible to perfectly wash different types of fabrics and dirt. Steam will get rid of odors, allergens and make the laundry softer.

With all this, the LG machine with a load of 6 kg is compact and inexpensive. It also uses the company’s technologies:

  • 6 variations of drum rotation for better dirt removal and gentle treatment of things.
  • Diagnostics of malfunctions by cell phone. In case of failures, you can always independently connect to the machine via your smartphone and find out the reasons for the malfunctions. Some of which you can fix yourself.
  • The motor is directly connected to the drum, which reduces vibration, noise, and gives a smooth ride.

The best LG washing machine with a load of 6 kg in terms of price-performance ratio

This category includes the narrow body F-10B8ND model of the LG washing machine. It is made of steel 1.5 mm, does not have any special frills in design, but is equipped with all the necessary functions for different types of laundry and dirt. Additional modes include:

  • Delay start up to 19 hours.
  • Super rinse.
  • Self-cleaning of the tank (it is recommended to turn it on once a month).
  • Prevent creasing.

There is a small screen on which you can monitor the progress of work, and the countdown goes in reverse order. The device controls the formation of excess foam and imbalance. Low running noise thanks to inverter motor, plastic tank and balance control.


A device from LG with a 6 kg drum, with touch control and 9 functions. Each option is designed for a specific type of fabric. You can also adjust the spin speed yourself. Drying for 3 kg and with 4 variations will save you from hanging your laundry. Now you can iron it immediately after washing. Delayed start at 19 o’clock allows you to pre-program the operation of the LG washing machine at a convenient time, which is important for multi-tariff meters. There is also a steam treatment function. It kills allergens, improves washing of stubborn stains and makes laundry softer.

Number of programsnine
Spinning revolutions1200
Size (WGV)604485
Features:drying 3 kg steam
  • perfectly washes and dries;
  • silent;
  • spacious and small-sized;
  • automatic drum cleaning once a month;
  • low price for such functionality.
  • instructions for all LG washing machines at once, which is inconvenient.

Regarding drying, I can say that terry towels dry completely, but the set of bed linen is not quite, so to speak, “under the iron”. Very quiet even at night inaudible. Itself reminds of the automatic activation of cleaning. If you actively use the drying program, you need to clean the filter once a month. It accumulates fluff from clothes.

LG washing machines with a 6 kg load are popular among buyers because of their stylish design, variability of functionality and a spacious drum. LG uses its own innovative designs in each model, so it is sometimes difficult for buyers to make a choice.

Cars can differ in different parameters, have additional options, and all this creates certain difficulties when buying. Especially when you don’t know about the nuances and developments of a Korean company. Therefore, in the review, I will tell you about the best models with a load of 6 kg and will help you make the right choice, without overpaying for unnecessary functions.