How To Position The Washing Machine In The Bathroom

Partial embedding

An ordinary stationary front-loading machine can also be built into the headset. The main thing in this matter is to choose a model of a suitable height and width. This is not difficult to do, because the dimensions of the washing machines are standardized and in most cases just fit under the countertop.

How to build a washing machine under a worktop

The standard height of the base cabinets, the headset, varies from 84 to 88 cm, and the standard height of the Washing machine is 85 cm. To remove it, you just need to unscrew a couple of screws from the back. Thus, you will reduce the height of the unit by 2-3 cm.And to protect the equipment from leaks and dust, its upper part should be covered with a film or a thin sheet of hardboard or plastic.

There are two options for how to build a washing machine under the tabletop. without a door or with a door.

  • Installation of a Washing machine without a door. This method is good for its ease of installation. All you need to do is find a car that is suitable for the height and insert it into the prepared niche. If suddenly the car needs a move or repair, then you can easily pull it out from under the table top. However, due to the fact that the front of the machine remains visible and there are small gaps around the body, the interior will be less uniform and orderly than when fully integrated. In addition, the visibility of the front panel and the gap in the niche oblige you to always keep the “washing area” clean.
  • Keep in mind that if the Washing machine is placed against a wall, then the tabletop must be fixed to the wall, and not just placed on the lid of the appliance.
  • In order for the washing machine installed under the countertop to look neat, it should be chosen to match the color of the kitchen (the choice of such machines is small, but there is) and the most suitable in width and height for the prepared niche.
  • The most versatile washing machine color is white or silver (stainless steel color).
  • On country style kitchen, shabby chic or provence the washing machine can be hidden behind a curtain made of pretty fabric in the colors of the interior.
  • Your regular washing machine can be decorated with vinyl decals.

Small kitchen with washing machine

Washing machine in the kitchen in Khrushchev

  • Installation of a Washing machine with a door. A stationary machine can be completely hidden behind a cabinet door if you choose a model with a reduced depth of 45-50 cm. In this size, the equipment fits perfectly in its niche and leaves enough space for hoses. However, when choosing a suitable model, we advise you to measure the depth not by the body, but by the car door and its most convex points.
  • To ensure that the powder receiving tray does not rest against the hinge or edge of the door when it is pulled out, provide a small gap on the left side of the machine.
  • It is advisable that the cabinet door opens more than 90 degrees. This will make it easier for you to unload and load the drum.
  • To have access to the drain hose filter (at the bottom of the case), make sure the kitchen plinth can be easily removed and reinserted.

All about placing the washing machine in the kitchen

If there is no room in the bathroom for a washing machine (hereinafter the Washing machine), the easiest way is to place it in the kitchen. After all, there are already all communications. a pipe supplying cold water and a sewer drain. All you have to do is find a suitable place, choose a model of the right size and, if desired, integrate it into the headset or install it under the tabletop. In this article we will tell you how to do it correctly. without compromising the interior and ease of use of the Washing machine.

Pros and cons of placing a washing machine in the kitchen and tips for using it

Placing a washing machine in the kitchen is most often a necessary measure, which has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros.

However, when moving the machine to the kitchen, you need to be ready to put up with some inconveniences:

However, all these inconveniences are not critical and can be completely solved. Here are some tips to help you get used to your kitchen laundry quickly.

  • So that noises and smells do not interfere with you during gatherings in the kitchen, try to start washing clothes at night / in the evening or in between meals.
  • Washing powder is best stored either in a closet in containers with a tight lid (say, under the sink), or in a completely different room (in the same bathroom, for example).
  • To prevent the powder from spilling out of the tray every now and then, just replace it with liquid detergent, which, by the way, always dissolves completely.
  • To keep the machine as quiet as possible, adjust its feet well.
  • If you are setting up your kitchen from scratch, try finish the floor with ceramic tiles/porcelain stoneware tiles, not a laminate or parquet board. After all, firstly, it is not afraid of possible leaks, and secondly, it minimizes the noise of the machine during washing.

How to fit a washing machine into the kitchen

There are three ways to install a washing machine in the kitchen:

  • Separated from the headset (near or far away);
  • With partial embedding in a set, more precisely under a worktop (in a box with or without a door);
  • Fully integrated into a headset.

Now let’s look at each method in more detail.

Full embedding

By choosing the built-in model of the washing machine and integrating it into the headset, you can completely hide it behind the facade and achieve the unity of all surfaces. Thus, the interior will turn out to be more neat and visually more spacious. If your kitchen is small, then it is best to choose this method of installing the washing machine.

  • Disadvantages of built-in washing machines: higher price, a smaller range of models, the need to remove the door and pull the machine out of the box in case of repair of the appliance.

By the way, built-in washing machines differ from standard models only in that they do not have top and side decorative walls. The front panel has hinges on which the facade is installed. Below you can see a photo of the interiors of kitchens with a built-in washing machine.

By the way, you can even build the washing machine into the headset into the end as shown in the photo below. In this case, the width of the model should be 59-60 cm.

Kitchen design with a washing machine built into the headset end

As for the top-loading washing machine, it can also be built in, but this will have to be done somewhat outside the box. under a folding tabletop, for example, in a bar counter as shown in the photo below.

  • It is important that the Washing machine basket is designed so that the drain hose filter remains easily accessible and not covered with a plinth panel. Otherwise, you will have to remove the base every time you want to clean the washing machine filter.
  • It is best to entrust the integration of the Washing machine into a kitchen set by a professional.
  • Ideally, the washing machine should be placed next to the sink and dishwasher (whether you integrate the Washing machine or not). It is both easier to connect to communications and easier to use. That is, you will end up with something like a “wet” zone, where all cleaning products are stored and there is access to water, if something needs to be washed. In general, the built-in Washing machine can be installed anywhere except under the hob.
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Stationary placement

If your kitchen is already equipped, then the washing machine can simply be installed in the free place closest to the sink. If the kitchen is small, it is advisable to choose a shallow model (45-50 cm) or even a compact washing machine with a vertical (top) load.

If desired or necessary, the washing machine can be placed away from the working area of ​​the kitchen and even separated by a curtain or screen.

How to position the washing machine in the bathroom

Correct placement of appliances in the bathroom is easy, given a number of simple guidelines. For example, after installation, the drain and water supply hoses must be closed, positioned behind furniture, plumbing. The following rules will help to successfully place the equipment:

  • Access to stored household chemicals, cosmetics, and other interior elements should remain simple, regardless of the size of the model.
  • To minimize the use of free space, equipment can be built into a niche, a false wall, under a shelf.
  • In an elongated narrow room of Khrushchev, it is better to place the technique in the far corner. This will provide easy access to furniture, plumbing.

The equipment itself must also be easily accessible. Convenient location makes it easy to clean the filter, ventilate the drum, repair the model.

Under the sink

Placing a washing machine under the sink is a rational solution for small spaces. In this case, a cabinet with a mirror can be placed above the washbasin. This combination guarantees minimal use of space. It will provide the comfort of hygiene procedures and the convenience of washing things.

For installation over appliances, wall-mounted washbasins are suitable. A budget option would be to combine appliances and a shelf-mounted washbasin with a shallow bowl. In these models, the drain system is mounted on the side or behind (placed along the wall). The purchase of a shallow washbasin with a mixer and a sink built into the wall will allow you to create a luxurious and “light” design of the room. True, such models are sold at an excessively high price and require professional installation, taking into account the specifics of the design, supply and discharge of water.

Combining bathroom and toilet

A combined bathroom requires a special setting for ease of movement. In such a room, equipment can be placed in different ways, leaving free space in the center. The location of the toilet and shower area under one wall allows you to install the model between them. Placing the shower area near the back wall of the room makes it easy to install equipment near the bidet (or conventional model). With the modern design of narrow rooms, you can install a toilet, bidet parallel to the shower area. They will leave a free passage in the middle. The equipment is installed at the end of the room. Nearby you can place a washbasin, a wall cabinet with a mirror. If it is necessary to combine very small sanitary facilities, it is possible to locate the purchased model opposite the bidet. For such an environment, a technique with a door located at the top is suitable.

Bathroom design with washing machine 50 photo ideas

It is impossible to imagine modern life without useful technology. Therefore, the washing machine in the bathroom is simply irreplaceable. It ensures correct cleaning of personal items, bed linen, home textiles. But in rooms with a small area, it is not easy to successfully fit dimensional models. In old nine-story buildings, private houses with poor planning, you need to carefully consider the available options for placing equipment. You can use the free space of the corners, place it between the installed furniture, plumbing. If possible, it is recommended to redo the layout of the room to highlight the central free zone, the passage along the wall adjacent to the doorway. Using simple guidelines will allow you to practically equip your home. They will help to create maximum comfort in using even tiny spaces.

In the corner

Arrangement of narrow rooms should be carried out with the maximum use of free space of walls, corners. Many popular clothes washing machines are narrow. They will fit into the corner opposite the shower area, next to it. Corner arrangement of equipment and a locker is allowed. The location above the model of roomy furniture will free up the rest of the wall space, eliminate the clutter of the room. The presence of a heated towel rail installed above the central part of the wall allows you to position the equipment under it without the need for rearrangement. Equipping premises with a small square, square shape allows installation on one side of a cabinet with a washbasin, a shower stall. The far corner of the opposite side is ideal for installing equipment: access to it will be open, the model will take up a minimum of free space.

Replacing the bathtub with a shower

A significant limitation of the plumbing room does not allow for the location of useful equipment. In this case, a complete redevelopment is required, including a change of scenery. For rooms with an area of ​​3-4 square meters, replacing the bathtub with a shower stall is suitable. The model may look like a freestanding box with small dimensions. Products consisting of a low pallet and a glass cubicle in the shape of a parallelepiped are suitable. The shower area can be built into a niche and not have a back wall. These models are equipped with a glass front panel. The floor and back wall are tiled, shower and mixer are mounted separately. According to this principle, shower cabins with wall sizes of less than 1 meter are equipped. A narrow technique with a deep drum can easily fit next to them. The creation of a simple design will also free up space for oversized equipment with a capacity of 9-10 kg.

How to put a washing machine in a small bathroom

Top loading models are suitable for small spaces. They have a minimum depth. They fit perfectly into the corner of the room, stand next to the pencil case, chest of drawers, cabinet with washbasin. Models equipped with a swing door should be installed away from the doorway. Otherwise, when ventilating the drum, the door fasteners may accidentally break. In an elongated room, it is recommended to install the equipment near the shower area.

This arrangement will eliminate the clutter of free space and leave enough space for the passage. If it is necessary to install a model with a swing door perpendicular to the washbasin, check the ease of access to the equipment. This arrangement is acceptable for rooms equipped with a hanging bowl with a tap. The washbasin on the curbstone, such as “tulip” will not allow you to comfortably load things.

Next to the washbasin

Installing equipment next to a washbasin usually results in a build-up of debris between them. To avoid such problems and to carry out a compact placement of equipment will help its installation under the countertop, above which the washbasin will be located. This installation method has the following advantages:

  • under the shelf next to the equipment, you can place a small cabinet (if the drain from the bowl allows), a laundry basket;
  • on the side surface of the equipment located close to the washbasin, due to the presence of the shelf, there will be no drips of water;
  • the shelf will protect the upper part of the equipment from damage and dirt, on it the owners will be able to store towels, cosmetics.
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When attaching the shelf, do not place it close to the top of the equipment. It is better to leave a margin of 5-10 cm.This will eliminate problems with the installation of a new model with a higher height.

In a niche

A non-standard apartment layout is not a problem for creating an original and rational environment. Therefore, in a room with a niche, the equipment should be installed in a wall recess. In the upper part of the open niche, if necessary, a boiler or other water heaters are mounted. You can also place shelves above the machine. They are suitable for storing towels, cosmetics, detergents, powder. Installation of plumbing shutters will be a practical design solution. Drawing and patterns are applied to them. They will allow you to neatly hide equipment and prevent dust accumulation on textiles, household chemicals and other stored products. When using technology or to open access to the shelves, the roller shutters can be easily lifted and fixed at the desired height.

Choosing the location and type of machine

There are several factors to consider to position your washing machine in the bathroom. To buy a standard-sized car, bring in its bathroom and connect communications. this is unlikely to work, especially if the toilet and bathroom in the Khrushchev are not combined. So, in order to aesthetically fit the car into the interior, you need:

  • determine how much space can be allocated for a washing machine;
  • decide on the type and size of the bath;
  • determine the optimal dimensions of the washing machine;
  • draw a diagram of the location of all items in the bathroom;
  • see what washing machines the market offers;
  • decorate the bathroom in accordance with the chosen design and color;
  • purchase and install a washing machine in a designated place, connecting all communications.

What place for a washing machine in the bathroom in Khrushchev can be allocated? The location of the water supply will play an important role here. If you intend to completely redo the pipes, then in this case, you need to arrange everything as it will be convenient for you to use both the machine and the sink and bathtub (shower). You can place the washing machine in a small bathroom and fit it into the interior as follows:

  • under the sink if the bathroom door is opposite the sink, and the bathroom is to the right (left) of the entrance. When creating such an interior, you need to think carefully about the dimensions of the machine itself and the shape of the sink. After all, if the design is too high, then it will be inconvenient to wash. In addition, such an arrangement has one more inconvenience, which is the summing up of communications.
  • opposite the sink, if the entrance to the room is located opposite the bath, this is the best option for placing the machine in a small bathroom. At the same time, a cabinet for detergents or a basket for dirty linen can be built into the space under the sink. The design of such a room can be decorated with a glass partition.
  • place in the corner of the room if it is supposed to use a shower cabin instead of a bath;
  • put the washing machine in a niche, which in Khrushchev can be made by combining the bathroom and the corridor. In this case, you can put a rounded bathtub or shower cabin, while there will be room for placing a bathroom and a sink.
How To Position The Washing Machine In The Bathroom

Above the washing machine, shelves for bath accessories and accessories will be appropriate, which will complement the design of the room.

  • fit the typewriter into the niche made behind the toilet on top. At first glance, this may seem inconvenient. Of course, this idea has its drawbacks, but with limited space in the Khrushchev and high-quality design, the interior will look quite good.
  • For small and narrow bathrooms, small front-loading washing machines are the best choice. But at the same time, you will have to take into account the fact that such machines are designed only for 4.5 kg. If you do not want to save on loading laundry, then, as an option, machines with a vertical load of laundry are well included in a narrow bathroom. Such a machine will stand securely on the floor, and you will be able to wash large enough items in it. Top-loading machine fits perfectly into the bathroom interior in Khrushchev.

    If you want to put a full-size washing machine in a bathroom in a Khrushchev, check the width of the doorway, in some bathrooms it is only 60 cm.A machine with a depth of 60 cm and a width of 65 will definitely not fit into such an opening. Keep in mind that the hatch door adds a couple of centimeters to the depth of the machine. Therefore, you need to choose a machine with a depth of no more than 55 cm, otherwise you will have to expand the opening.

    You can save space for a washing machine in a small bathroom by using a smaller bathtub, by placing the sink above the bathtub, or by replacing the bathtub with a compact shower cabin. In addition, you can expand the space of a small bathroom in Khrushchev by combining it with a corridor or with a toilet.

    Important! Redevelopment of a toilet with a bathroom must be approved by the relevant authorities.

    In the spacious bathrooms of modern buildings, as well as in private houses, it will not be difficult to find a place for a washing machine in the bathroom. Placement ideas depend on your imagination, and, of course, on the location of the outlet and water supply. If space permits, then it is best to place the washing machine as far as possible from the bathroom itself, so that moisture does not get onto the equipment. Otherwise, it is worth installing a partition on the bathtub, which would not allow water droplets to get onto the machine while taking a shower.

    We offer common ideas for placing a typewriter in a spacious room:

    • under the countertop combined with the sink;
    • embed or hide in furniture;
    • put in a niche;
    • put symmetrically with the dryer.

    Bathroom design tricks

    The location of the washing machine in the bathroom and its harmonious fit into the interior of the room requires careful thought over the design of the room. The perception of the room as a whole will depend on the selected materials for facing the walls, floor, ceiling, on their color, and how bulky the washing machine will look in it. Therefore, decorating the interior of the bathroom, you need to adhere to the following rules.

    • The design of a small bathroom looks more attractive in light colors, white is preferable, it expands the space.
    • When combining colors in a bathroom, use no more than three colors.

    Important! Choose colors that won’t be annoying. Green and blue shades soothe and soothe, brown looks good in the bathroom. But the red and black bathroom is not suitable for everyone.

    How to place a washing machine in the bathroom

    A washing machine in the bathroom is the dream of many residents of our country, because in the bathroom you cannot hear the noise of the machine when washing, you can put dirty laundry directly into the drum of the machine, if necessary, keep the drum door open, and it will not interfere. In general, there are a lot of pluses for which such a placement can be to your liking. But at the same time, whatever one may say, one has to abandon the typewriter in the bathroom, since the dimensions of this room in the Khrushchev simply do not allow it to be squeezed there. However, not everything is so sad, thoughtful design will help make the dream come true. How to put a typewriter in a small or large bathroom, we will tell you in detail.

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    Installation nuances

    When installing the machine in the bathroom, it is important to follow the safety rules. This applies not only to the arrangement of objects so as not to hit your head or foot, but also to connect the machine to the electrical network, water supply and sewerage.

    When installing an outlet in the bathroom, you need to choose only a moisture-proof outlet. And the most important thing is the organization of grounding, which will save the machine from voltage surges. It is best to entrust such work to an experienced craftsman.

    The connection to the water supply can be established through a separate pipe outlet or through a branch in the main pipe to the bathroom. The aLGorithm for all the work is described in an article on our website on how to connect a washing machine with your own hands. As for the organization of the waste water drain, the most reliable and correct option would be to connect the drain hose to the sewer pipe, but in no case fix the drain hose on the side of the toilet or bath. This is not hygienic and makes the bathroom design unattractive.!

    So, you can find a place for a modern washing machine even in a small bathroom in a Khrushchev-built house. In confirmation of this, there are numerous ideas presented in the photo. Carefully thought-out design will fill the interior of the bathroom with warmth and comfort, and the washing machine will become an integral part of this design.

    Washing machine with bathtub: what you should consider

    When choosing the best way to hide the washing machine in the bathroom, do not forget to take into account the model of the device and its technical capabilities. If the laundry is loaded from above, you will be very limited in the choice of solutions. Separate washer and dryer? We must free up more space under the table, hide equipment in the closet or behind the door.

    Location under the countertop

    Only devices with a capacity of 5-6 kg should be installed under the countertop, the height of which does not exceed 85 cm.Most bathroom countertops are installed at this level, although 90 cm will not cause problems when using the sink.

    Leave some space around the washing machine

    In addition, when installing the washing machine, leave some space around it so that the appliance does not damage furniture, countertops or other interior items during washing, that is, strong vibrations. Don’t forget about ventilation. However, we do not need to drill additional holes in the cabinets, as it is enough just to open the door after finishing the wash for several hours.

    Consider the location of the water supply and sanitation

    Of course, the location of the washing machine must be compatible with the existing water supply and sewage system in the bathroom. Otherwise, when installing equipment in a remote place from communications, great difficulties and problems may arise. However, thanks to the modern fitting, all types of installation of the washing machine in the bathroom are possible, which can be countless!

    Washing machine in the bathroom: a good location of the mini-laundry in the hygiene room

    Not everyone can afford a private laundry room in their home or apartment, which will eliminate the problem of an unsightly washing machine in the corner of the bathroom. Fortunately, there are many great ideas that will allow you to harmoniously integrate the washing machine into the rest of the interior and make it almost invisible. While modern home appliances are increasingly appealing in and of themselves, they may not necessarily match the style of the bathroom. The photos will show you some ideas to hide or place the washing machine appropriately indoors, solving the problem of unsightlyness once and for all.

    Bath with a washing machine: a photo of the rational arrangement of equipment

    A washing machine standing alone in a corner that does not match the style of the interior is no longer a problem for you. Choose one of the popular photo ideas and hide the typewriter behind the door, under the countertop or in the closet. If you have a lot of space in your home, be sure to take care of your comfort while doing household chores. Indeed, in a roomy house or even in an apartment, you can create a mini-laundry, which will become the center of care for your wardrobe.

    Countertop for a bath under a washing machine

    If you don’t want to bump into the washing machine every time you use the bathroom, then place the appliance under the countertop. If desired, make a sliding door that will hide the object of everyday use from sight. Instead of a sliding door, you can opt for traditional doors to match other wardrobes in the room. However, a washing machine under a countertop without doors looks very attractive.

    Washing machine in the closet

    If the area of ​​the bathroom allows, you can place the washing machine in the closet. The remaining space can be used to insert a dryer or to install cleaning agents. The furniture used for the washing machine is an interesting disguise for this device. Everything is closed and completely neutral for room decoration.

    Washing machine hidden behind the door

    The ideal solution is to separate a part of the bathroom for a mini laundry room in which you can store all the accessories. This solution requires a lot of space, but it is quite practical. Particularly interesting can be the sliding doors that separate the laundry equipment from the rest of the bathroom.

    Modern washing machine: bathroom design combined with household appliances

    The typical bathroom in a modern home also acts as a laundry room. So how do you set up your washing machine for comfortable use? Even in the smallest space, you can place appliances to decorate the interior. All you need is a good project.

    Washing machine in a large bathroom

    If there is enough space in the back of the room, then you can even design a special locker for the laundry, where to put the washing machine. If the technique is not used, it remains invisible behind a closed door.

    Washing machine in a small bathroom

    If space is really small, the washing machine can be installed in a corner or built into a finished cabinet made of plasterboard and ceramic tiles for cladding or WPC. Then the device will perfectly match the interior design, blending harmoniously with the stylistic design of the space.

    Washing machine in the Khrushchev bathroom: which is the most practical solution?

    A recessed washing machine is not an original idea, but if you own a small bathroom this might be your only option. Even a small space needs to be used as much as possible, so shelves or a sink above the washing machine is a must you shouldn’t forget.

    Appliances in a niche can look simple and natural

    If we have a niche in the bathroom, then select it completely in the corner for the laundry. In addition to the equipment, you can place all the accessories you need for washing there. Niches are easy to create and hide. Thus, you will construct a mini laundry space.

    Washing machine in the bathroom under the sink

    The owners of Khrushchev, like no one else, know how cramped the rooms of a mini-apartment. However, even in a small bathtub, you can install a washing machine that fits perfectly under the sink. Thanks to this idea, you can use every corner of the room.

    Modern designers use interesting and proven ways to place and assemble a washing machine in the bathroom. In the presented photo gallery you can get acquainted with practical and interesting projects of bathrooms with a laundry. Use ready-made solutions that will come in handy in life.