How Much Does The Washing Machine Weigh By 5 Kg

LG washing machine weight

Even its owners will not be able to name the approximate weight of the LG washing machine. This is understandable, since many buyers are more interested in the capacity of the drum, the number of washing programs and other technical characteristics of the machine. At the same time, information on how much the machine weighs will help not only to better know your “home assistant”, but also to extend its service life and facilitate installation. Why kg is so important and how heavy are LG models?

Different models and their weights

The basic specs of LG models, despite a common brand and similar design, vary greatly. So, the weight of washing machines varies from 45 kg to almost 150 kg, and the parameter depends on the type of load, capacity, type of installation and other performance indicators. Conventionally, all washing equipment can be divided into three groups: heavy, “medium” and light. To find out how they differ, a brief overview of the three weighted automata will help.

  • LG TW7000DS. One of the heaviest washers in the LG lineup, weighing 148.7 kg, width, depth and height 70 cm, 84 cm and 135 cm, respectively. Moving and transporting such a colossus will be problematic even for two adult men, but the machine offers rich functionality. This is a freestanding front model with a 20.5 kg hatch capacity, direct drive, display and timer. The efficiency and energy consumption classes are at the “A” level, and the drum speed during spinning reaches 1000 rpm. 14 standard modes, including night, express, children’s, sports, as well as steam, washing down, woolen and bulky clothes.

Most LG washing machines weigh 65-75 kg.

  • LG TW351W. This model is among the lightest washing machines from LG. The weight of the TW7000DS is only 48.7 kg, and the height is 36 cm. Outwardly, the machine does not even look like household appliances: it looks like a metal drawer. Despite the rather modest dimensions, the washing machine can hold up to 3.5 kg of laundry with the possibility of additional loading, has a display and is controlled from a smartphone. But the rest of the technical characteristics are clearly inferior to the full-size models. So, the energy consumption class is marked “B”, the washing efficiency is at the “G” level, and spinning with a maximum of 700 revolutions reaches only “E”. The list continues with six basic modes, automatic control of foam formation and drum imbalance, full protection against leaks and locking the dashboard.
  • LG F-1496AD3 Models in 60-70 kg are considered “Golden mean”, and one of them is LG F-1496AD3 with a weight of 62 kg. This is an “average” front-facing machine with a load of up to 8 kg, display, direct drive and body dimensions of 60/55/85 cm. The advantage of the machine is the presence of a drying machine with a capacity of 4 kg and engine acceleration at 1400 rpm. Energy consumption is in the “B” class, but the washing efficiency is maximum due to 13 programs and a delayed start up to 19 hours. The safety system is also thought out by the manufacturer, since the “Aquastop” function is built in, the dashboard is locked from children, and the imbalance and foaming are automatically controlled.

Why do we need this information?

Finding out the weight of the purchased washing machine is worth not only out of interest, but also for purely practical reasons. In some situations, it is necessary to find out how many kilograms the machine weighs at the stage of choosing a suitable model. For example, the weight indicator must be specified if:

The heavier the washing machine, the less it will vibrate during washing and spinning.

  • a narrow machine is selected. Compact washing machines are great space savers, but because of this they are lightweight and have a small footprint. As a result, the washing machine during the cycle can “jump” and vibrate strongly, which threatens the wires, communications and internal elements of the unit. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to heavy models or look for equipment with a built-in “Autobalancing” function;
  • it is supposed to wash heavy and bulky items. If you often wash down jackets, blankets and other bulky things in the machine, then it is better to bypass light models. In this case, a hammered drum will quickly unbalance the machine, which will lead to strong vibration, “jumps” and other troubles;
  • I want a freestanding model with a load of 7 kg. As a rule, built-in washing machines are more stable by attaching to the furniture frame. Standard machines cannot boast of this, therefore, too spacious units with a drum volume of 7 kg or more must be heavy.

When buying a washing machine, it is worth finding out all its characteristics, starting from the material of the case and ending with a set of factory washing programs. We also pay special attention to weight, since the duration of operation, delivery speed and complexity of installation depend on the dimensions of the machine.

How to determine the weight of laundry for a washing machine

The washing machine has a limited capacity. You cannot wash as much as you want. load the laundry in accordance with the capacity of the tank. In the technical specifications, this parameter is called loading. it is measured in kilograms. Let’s figure out how to determine the weight of laundry for a washing machine.

Maximum loading

In addition to the mass, they take into account what the products are made of. Depending on the type of fabric, the drum is loaded:

  • Cotton. 100%.
  • Synthetics. 50%.
  • Wool. by 30%.

Take into account the amount of water for the intended wash. For 1 kg of dirty things. 10 liters of water.

Why you need to know the weight of dry laundry?

The larger the load capacity. usually 3–8 kg, the more items can be washed per cycle. The smaller the capacity, the more stages and the more the consumer spends water, powder, electricity. When choosing a washing machine, consider your needs:

  • frequency of washing;
  • the amount of laundry to be washed at a time.

If you have a roomy drum. with a margin, and you wash almost every day, do not worry. If the load is small. 4–5 kg, and a lot of dirty things accumulate, you cannot do without calculations. Before putting things in the tub, calculate the weight of the laundry to be washed. If you put more in the drum than specified by the manufacturer, the wash will be of poor quality.

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How to calculate the weight of your laundry?

There is a maximum load table. It is compiled for a specific model. The weight depends on the fabric. To find out how much the duvet cover and sheet weigh, look at the special table. Here you will find out how much a T-shirt, jeans, tracksuit or business suit weighs. Having such a plate, you don’t need to weigh things. Knowing how many kilograms you can load at a time, you can quickly calculate the number of T-shirts or pillowcases that can be washed in one go. Weight in the table is “dry”.

How to load laundry correctly?

Loading your washing machine follows strict rules. It is necessary:

  • Decide on the material. what to wash.
  • Distribute products by color.
  • Distribute according to the level of dirt. wash very dirty in a separate batch.
  • Turn clothes with locks, buttons, buttons, fittings inside out.
  • Put things with fittings in special bags. The same applies to little things. socks, scarves, etc.


A function through which the user receives several benefits:

  • you do not have to bother with calculations, checking the tables;
  • resources are saved. water and electricity;
  • a suitable program is automatically selected;
  • The washing machine is protected from breakage. there is a blockage that will not allow the washing process to start when overloaded.

How to determine weight?

To find out how many kilograms you can load into the Washing machine, you need to look at the instructions. The technical features of the device and the year of manufacture are important. The Washing machine does not always have a minimum limit. Some people agree to wash one sock or even run the water “empty”. But many models are limited to 1-1.5 kg.

When filling the machine, take into account the type of fabric: this affects the “wet” mass. Products from different fabrics take up different volumes. With light structure, more, dense fabrics, less. One kg of wet wool will weigh more than one kg of wet cotton. Manufacturers indicate that the Washing machine should be loaded according to the technical standard, but there is no need to ram.

If there is a minimum load?

Many Washing machines do not have a minimum weight threshold. And if there is? Manufacturers often do not mark this option. They only mention that a half-empty drum is a cause of resource overuse. This indicator affects the vibration level in spin mode.

Why is 1 kg minimum? Things should be evenly distributed to allow the apparatus to maintain balance and vibrate less. If there is not enough laundry, the vibration will increase. One kilogram is sufficient to provide an acceptable vibration level. Strengthening the latter is unsafe: microcracks may appear, which will provoke a breakdown of the Washing machine. It is not recommended to wash clothes one by one. if your model has a minimum threshold.

Before starting the first wash, read the instructions carefully. find out all the nuances and features of your washing machine. By following the manufacturer’s recommendations, you will be able to avoid many problems and will not waste resources.

What determines the weight?

The difference in weight between washing machines of different models can be tens of kilograms. The weight of the washing machine is determined by several factors, including the body material, the volume of the tank, the type of installation, as well as the presence of additional functions that require additional equipment (for example, drying clothes).

Experts say that the weight of the washing machine is largely influenced by the counterweights that are needed to properly balance the drum. The mass of these elements can be different, depending on the manufacturer. hence the difference in weight between models of the same dimensions.

How much does a washing machine weigh?

  • What determines the weight?
  • Light or heavy is better to choose?
  • Weight of a standard washing machine
  • Tips for choosing

Choosing a new washing machine is not an easy task, because the variety of options on the home appliance market makes your head spin. All models differ in dozens of parameters, which are very difficult for an unprepared person to understand. It is necessary to separate important parameters from less important ones, to study concepts such as washing class or spin class and take into account many other details.

In addition to basic criteria such as loading type or dimensions, there are also less important factors to consider. For example, the weight of a washing machine is not the first criterion that buyers pay attention to. However, in some cases, it becomes one of the key selection criteria (for example, if the family often moves from place to place). In this article we will tell you about the importance of the weight of the washing machine and which models are more preferable. light or heavy.

Light or heavy is better to choose?

When choosing a washing machine, not every buyer is puzzled by this question. for most, the weight of the unit is not decisive. However, if for some reason you are not one of them, this information may be useful for you.

Lightweight washing machines are believed to be less durable. This becomes especially noticeable during spinning, when the device suddenly begins to vibrate and bounce strongly. Therefore, many people prefer heavier models. the heavier the machine, the more stable it is.

But very heavy units become a real problem when the washing machine needs to be transported to a new apartment or service center. Therefore, it is better to dwell on the average indicator. read more about it below.

Weight of a standard washing machine

However, very light and very heavy washing machines are still in the minority on the market. Most of the models have a weight ranging from 50 to 80 kg. It is this indicator that can be taken as an average.

If the weight of the washing machine is in the range of 50 to 80 kg, it means that it has good stability and, moreover, it is quite transportable.

Below, you can see the average weight of some popular models of LG washing machines.

Appliances for washing up to 50 cm deep

The maximum load of laundry is 6 kg. The width is 60 centimeters, the height is 85 cm, the depth along the upper part of the case is about 44 cm.The hatch protrudes by about 4 cm.Therefore, the depth of the device with the hatch closed is about 48 cm.This should be taken into account before buying a machine and placing it in cramped conditions: narrow bathroom, small kitchen. You can put up to six kilograms of laundry and clothing. This is the standard one-time load for machines of this size.

The weight of some models with the described parameters:

  • LG FH0B8ND3. 59 kilograms;
  • Samsung WF60F1R2G0WDBY. 53 kg;
  • Bosch WLL24260BL. 63 kilograms;
  • Indesit BWSD 61051 1 BY. 62.5 kg;
  • BEKO WRE 6512 ZSS. 55 kg;
  • Hotpoint-Ariston RSM 601 W. 62.5 kg

Appliances for washing with a depth of more than 50 cm

Many washing machines with a load of 8 kilograms. Dimensions are equal: width. 60 centimeters, height. 85 cm. The standard depth is 55 cm. They can wring out the laundry, they have 13 or more programs. Drum volume over 50 liters.

Automatic washing machines with these parameters weigh:

  • LG F1096TD3. 62 kg;
  • Samsung WW80J5545FX. 61 kilograms;
  • Whirlpool AWOC 0714. 68 kg.
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Among the machines with a depth of about 60 centimeters, there are models with a maximum load of ten kilograms. The width of such models is 60 cm, the height is 85 cm. These devices have a modern design and many additional functions: steam treatment, self-cleaning function. Model “Samsung” and “LG” can be linked with a smartphone. This will allow you to start a wash remotely or change a program without getting up from the couch or on the way from work.

The weight of front-loading automatic washing machines and the largest load of laundry of 10 kilograms is:

  • LG F4J9JS2S. 68 kg;
  • Samsung WW10M86KNOA. 83 kg;
  • Hotpoint-Ariston RZ 1047 B EU. 75 kg

Curious lightweight model

Daewoo DWD-CV702W is a representative of household appliances from a Korean manufacturing company. It can hold up to three kilograms of laundry. Small washing machine with original installation method. attached to the wall. It is 55 cm wide, 29.2 cm deep, and 60 cm high.Weight is 16.5 kilograms.

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How much does a top loading washing machine weigh?

This type of model is bought with a lack of space. Often they are located in small, combined sanitary facilities, in which it is impossible to install a machine with a horizontal loading method.

Appliances for washing with a depth of more than 50 cm

The depth of the compared models is equal to sixty centimeters, the width of all is 40 cm, the height is 90 cm.The maximum load of laundry is 6 kilograms.

How Much Does The Washing Machine Weigh By 5 Kg

Washing machine weight:

  • Indesit BTW D61253 (RF). 57 kg;
  • Hotpoint-Ariston WMTF 601 L CIS. 58 kg;
  • Electrolux EWT1366HGW. 61 kg.

On average, top-loading machines with a depth of 60 cm weigh about 60 kg.

Front-loading devices

How much does this type of washing machine weigh? The share of these models in total sales is higher than that of top-loaded electrical appliances. They are more popular. They modernize them faster than other types of machines: they build in drying devices, steam treatment, reduce the dimensions.

How much does a washing machine weigh? Overview of washing machine models

It is difficult for the modern consumer to choose among the many washing machines. Maximum load weight, dimensions, availability of additional functions. parameters considered when searching for the desired model.

Before buying from those living in rented housing, the question often arises about how much the washing machine weighs. This question worries those who pick up the electrical appliance from the point of sale during self-pickup.

Varieties of light washing machines

Today, there are automatic and activator types of devices for washing clothes on sale. The latter were popular two decades ago.

One of the lightest washing machines is the Renova WS-30ET. The production is carried out by LLC “Nova”, located in the Rostov region, in the city of Aksai. The dimensions of the device are: width. 41 cm, depth. 33 cm, height. 63.5 cm.The weight is 6.7 kg. You can load 3 kg of laundry. Case. plastic.

Traditional small washing machines with a cabinet depth of up to 40 cm have a weight of about 50-60 kg. For example, Zanussi ZWSO6100V with the largest load of 4 kg and a depth of 34 cm weighs 52 kg. The LG F10B8SD0 model can hold four kilograms of laundry and weighs 56 kg. Hotpoint-Ariston VMUF 501 B with a depth of 34.8 cm has a weight of 57.5 kg.

Factors influencing the desired parameter

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Sometimes sellers forget to indicate the weight of the washing machine. Paying attention to some points, you can roughly estimate it.

The increase in the mass of the device is facilitated by:

  • Body material. The steel used in the manufacture of the component parts can make the model heavier. Conversely, the presence of plastic parts reduces the weight of the machine.
  • Dimensions. The larger the body of the electrical appliance, the heavier it is.
  • Loading weight. A large amount of laundry and clothing is loaded into a wide and deep drum, which is also made of heavy stainless steel.
  • Availability of additional functions. Built-in drying and steam treatment significantly increase the weight of the machine compared to simpler models.

Which is better: heavy or light machine?

If, during the spinning process at the highest speeds, the washing unit shakes and jumps around the bathroom, this is fraught with the disconnection of hoses and wires. Of course, arbitrary disconnection can lead to damage to the machine. To prevent this from happening, manufacturers weight the structures with the help of counterweights.

Samsung washing machine

If the weight of these elements is greater than the weight of the wet wrung out, the device will not vibrate. But, it is not always possible to use weighting agents. It turns out that a certain weight of the Samsung typewriter 6 kg is important for normal operation, which will ensure long-term and trouble-free operation.

If the washing machine weighs little, this adversely affects its operation:

  • Firstly, such a device is much more expensive than standard units.
  • Washing quality is poor.
  • Poor spin quality.
  • Loading is designed for a small number of items.
  • During the spinning process, the machine vibrates and makes noise.
  • Small washing units quickly deteriorate due to wear of internal parts.

Based on the positive and negative aspects, we conclude that the heavier the Samsung 6 kg washing machine, the more durable it is.

Samsung washing machine

About weight

Not every user thinks about how much a washing machine weighs. But various washing machines can weigh from 30 kg to 100 kg. But this parameter cannot be determined by eye. In this case, the material from which the device body is made plays an important role. Buyers should be aware that:

  • The stainless steel case is much heavier than the polymer case.
  • The bulk of the washing machine falls on the balancers, which are located symmetrically on both sides of the structure. They are necessary to maintain the balance of the device during operation.
  • The heavier the device, the less vibration is observed during spinning at maximum speeds.

What determines the mass

Today there are a lot of models of washing machines on sale. It is believed that the narrower the structure, the less it weighs. In fact, this is not the case. Modern small-sized automatic machines are not inferior in weight to full-size models. After all, the mass does not depend on external indicators. And from the mass of every part included in the device. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly by eye how much a washing machine Indesit 5 kg weighs.

Washing machine Indesit

How much do different brands of washing machines weigh?

When choosing the right washing machine model, users pay attention to various factors. Dimensions, capacity, a set of functions and additional options are taken into account. But for some reason, the weight of the device itself is not taken into account. Experts say that when buying a washing unit, it is important to know its exact weight. For what purposes is it necessary? And how this information will help you choose a high-quality and durable washing machine?

On the weight of popular models

The mass of modern Bosch washing machines can range from 30-100 kg. On average, this figure is 50-70 kg. The exact weight of the selected model can be found in the instructions that are attached by the manufacturer to each device. Users claim that the Indesit and LG washing machines have the optimal technical data. The weight of these devices ranges from 50 to 70 kg, which is considered an excellent option for ensuring functionality.

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Washing machine Bosch

So the weight of Indesit IWUC 4105 is 52 kg. Different models of the LG brand weigh from 56 kg to 69 kg. This indicator depends on the characteristics of the device. For example, LG units 5 kg or more are equipped with a direct drive. The engineers placed the motor and the drum on the same shaft. This made it possible to reduce vibration and noise of the unit, even when operating at maximum speed.

Washing machine LG

In custody

Experts say that if your LG washing machine weighs less than 50 kg, you shouldn’t buy it. A high-quality washing machine must weigh at least 50 and not more than 70 kg. If the favorite Bosch 6 kg model, Indesit IWUC 4105, LG is within the specified weight category, this indicates the high quality of the spare parts used. This in turn indicates a long service life and trouble-free use for a long time.

Tips for choosing

With a variety of model range of equipment for washing, choosing the best option is rather difficult, the buyer needs to take into account the following main points:

  • Narrow units fit easily in small-sized apartments, therefore they are in high demand, but we must remember that they have a significant drawback. a rather small support area. Manufacturers deliberately weight these items to prevent strong vibration at high drum speeds.
  • When choosing the optimal model for your apartment, pay close attention to the presence of automatic balancing in it. this is a new option that was recently introduced. Its task is to control the rotation speed and reduce it when strong noise and vibration appear.
  • The optimal weight of a standard front-loading machine should not be less than 50 kg, this allows it to remain stable, and when it weighs about 80 kg, the user has no problems with moving it within the apartment or when moving.

Each specific model has its own weight restrictions, since the weight of the product directly depends on the size of the drum loading and the dimensions of the case.

Washing machine and its total weight options

Laundry has been and will be relevant at all times, and a similar technique helps us in this difficult, daily matter: it saves water, electricity and personal time. Each hostess values ​​her helper. Choosing reliable equipment, many consumers are concerned about the following. what should be the optimal weight of the automatic washing machine. You can find answers to frequently asked similar questions by reading this article.

Washing unit weight

Many consumers do not pay enough attention to this parameter, believing that it does not affect the operation of the product and is interesting only during transportation, but they are deeply mistaken; the weight of the washing machine is of great importance in the spin mode: the greater the weight of the product, the less the body vibrates at high drum rotation speeds. The weight of the machine can vary between 30-100 kg, but according to external data this cannot be determined in any way.

The basis of the total mass is made up of balancing weights, which ensure optimal stability of the product, they are made from a mixture of sand and polymers or cast iron. Their total weight should be much greater than the total weight put into the laundry drum (meaning the wet equivalent, not dry). only under this condition, the spin mode will occur without the occurrence of unwanted vibrations and movement of the machine body along the floor.

Which car is better to choose. light or heavy

Each user wants to buy a not too heavy machine, but at the same time there is a risk that when wringing out too light a product will vibrate strongly and try to “walk” on the floor. Because how much the unit weighs, its ability to withstand vibration depends, therefore many manufacturers install powerful counterweights.

Today, models with electronic balancing have already begun to appear. smart technology independently reduces the rotational speed to the optimal version. Experts believe that it is impossible to give up artificial weighting, since the weight of an automatic washing machine is very important for its safe and trouble-free operation.

Lightweight versions of compact products are easily built into kitchen sets, they can be moved without any problems, but this is where their positive qualities end: in comparison with a standard product, such a model has a higher cost, but a lower load up to 3.5 kg. These devices do not wash things as well as described in the instructions, and their vibration and noise impact is much higher, although the spin speed is lower.
The conclusion is not in favor of miniature versions: heavy products are much more practical and much safer in operation, they have only one drawback. difficulties in transportation. In principle, each user decides for himself which equipment to buy, based on personal preferences, but as for weight, the standard is better. this is an indisputable fact.

The weight of the most popular models

Washing machine repair experts say that the best models are Indesit and LG, which have a perfectly balanced weight with functionality. Below is a list of the different models with total weight, front loading:

  • Indesit. for models from Italy, the weight depends on the depth, standard ones with dimensions 85x60x42 cm weigh from 62.5 to 62.8 kg, narrow versions with a depth of 33 cm. 52.5 kg.
  • Ariston. Italian craftsmen have achieved a small spread in weight depending on the size, it is 63-70 kg.
  • Samsung. Korean engineers with the help of innovations made the maximum weight of their products within such limits depending on the depth: 55-65 kg.
  • Candy. product weight with standard parameters. 63.5-64.5 kg.
  • Bosch. the famous brand from Germany weighs within the following ranges: 64-66 kg.
  • LG is a well-known brand from South Korea, here it also depends on the depth: 36-64 cm. respectively 56-73 kg.
  • Zanussi. from Slovenia, weight varies between 52.5-54 kg.

Experts state the fact that washing machines with top loading sometimes weigh much more than their counterparts, although they have narrower shapes, this is done in order to prevent the effect of rocking the product at high spin speeds.

Weight of standard washing technique

The weight of modern washing equipment varies between 30-100 kg and depends on the class, functional features and built-in equipment. Up to 50 kg are miniature products that can be built under the sink or in a special compartment of the kitchen unit, more solid specimens already weigh up to 70 kg, and then heavyweights come with high spin speeds.

When choosing household appliances for washing, you need to focus on the size of the drum load: if the family is large, then you need at least 6 kg, and for an average one. the best option is 3.5. 5 kg. It should be remembered that the main advantage of heavy washing machines is stability during washing and spinning, and this has a positive effect on its service life.

Heavyweights have only one drawback. problems with movement during delivery or subsequent movement. Experts consider the ideal weight for washing machines in the range of 55-80 kg. The final choice always remains with the consumer and you need to choose such a unit so that it will help you in everyday life for many years without breakdowns and unforeseen repairs.