Error F12 On Washing Machine Ariston

F12 error on Ariston washing machine

The F12 error on the Ariston washing machine most often appears before the moment the water is completely filled into the tank. Often, the machine does not start to draw water at all, issuing the corresponding code on the display. A rather remarkable symptom precedes the F12 error. the intake valve starts to work hysterically, making specific sounds. Read about the F12 error on the Ariston washing machine and the malfunctions that cause it, read this article.

Let’s decipher the code

Error F12 is one of the most serious. In 95% of cases, it is the result of very serious malfunctions in the electronic or electrical circuit of the washing machine. How is this error deciphered? And it stands for this: interaction between the display module of the control panel and the electronic module that controls the entire washing machine is impossible.

Unfortunately, most often this error is initiated not even by the electronic controller, but by the display module, since it cannot communicate with the “brain” of the washing machine and coordinate its actions. Accordingly, it blocks the operation of any washing programs and displays the F12 code on the display, or transmits the specified code using the indicators on the control panel.

Displaying the code on Ariston without display

A washing machine with a display communicates with the user by displaying information on it. But if the washer does not have a display, it can also tell a lot by means of light indication, you just need to correctly recognize this indication and draw the appropriate conclusions. What is it about?

  • The Ariston washing machine of the “ancient” Margherita line begins to blink intensively 12 times with the indicator of the power button, then takes a break for up to 15 seconds and repeats the blinking again, while the indicator of the “lock” will be on constantly.
  • Washing machine of the Ariston AVSL brand blinks with the LED that marks the “Super wash” mode, as well as with the delay timer indicator, while the “key” or “lock” LED will blink very often.
  • On the washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston ARXL, ARSL, ARL, this error is displayed on the control panel by blinking indicators “Drain” and “Spin”. At the same time, in some cases there is an additional sign in the form of burning function indicators, and they all burn together.
  • Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis will notify about error F12 by means of the third and fourth temperature light bulbs (40 0 С and 50 0 С).

In order to correctly identify the code that a washing machine without a display sends you, you need to watch it very carefully after turning it on again. Usually the indication code is repeated many times, you just need to count the blinking of certain bulbs.

Search and elimination of breakdowns

After studying the decoding of the F12 code, do not rush to despair, although you can already look for a good master’s phone in your business card holder. First, try to check if a local failure in the control board is causing the F12 error. To do this, you need to restart the washing machine three times, holding pauses of 7-10 minutes between shutdowns.

Error F12 On Washing Machine Ariston

At the same time, you need to disconnect the machine every time from the network not only from the button, but also by disconnecting the washing machine’s power cord from the outlet.

Chances are that it won’t help much, but it’s worth a try. Next, you need to check the display board of the control panel, the wiring that powers it and the electronic module itself. By tradition, let’s start with what is simpler. with checking the display board and wiring. How to do this better is described in the article Error F06 in the Ariston washing machine, we will not repeat ourselves, but go straight to the electronic module.

If you, after checking the rest of the electrician, are convinced that the error code F12 leads to the control module, feel free to call the wizard. By doing this, you will save yourself a lot of time, and at the same time nerves. But if you really want to “dig deeper” with the technique, find and remove the control module in order to hand it over to the master for repair. This can be done as follows.

  • Removing the back wall of our Ariston “home assistant”.
  • A rather large block is installed in the lower part of the washing machine in the left corner at the back wall, to which a bundle of wires goes, this is the control module.
  • Without removing the wires, we remove the module from the mounts and take a picture of it, so that later we can put it back.
  • We disconnect all the chips with wires, remove the electronic module to the side, after which we get together and take the part to the workshop.

You may be asking why you need to remove the electronic module yourself if you cannot repair it yourself? Well, firstly, not all handicraftsmen are not capable of repairing modules at home, and secondly, even if a master tests and repairs this part, you will at least save some amount of money on calling the master and dismantling the part. At current prices, calling a master and dismantling an electronic module costs from 8 to 33, depending on the region.

So, let’s summarize our today’s story. Error F12, as it turns out, can be very serious, as it is caused by breakdowns in the electrical and electronic communications of the washing machine. You can solve some problems with your own hands, but if you have never repaired washing machines and any electronics in general, it is better to call the master and explain in detail to him what the problem is. Most likely, a good technician will find a way to help you. Happy renovation!

How and under what circumstances is it manifested

If the Indesit washing machine does not have a display, then the electronic module (bypassing the usual circuit) will connect some of the control panel lights, which, in fact, will indicate an error. We are talking about the lit indicators “Super wash” and “Delay wash”. On some models of Indesit washing machines, only the RPM indicator may flash.

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Error F12 in 99% of cases appears shortly after turning on the machine. In this case, the user does not yet have time to select any washing program, and indeed to do anything with the control panel. The Indesit washing machine freezes immediately, in addition, the on / off button may refuse and then you will have to de-energize the machine by unplugging the power cord from the outlet.

The meaning of the problem

The F12 unit malfunction indicates the absence of the connecting circuit in the control unit. A malfunction is signaled by the indicator board, which has not received a command from the module responsible for controlling the entire unit.

The abbreviation F12 indicates a breakdown, which is mainly repaired by professional intervention. However, in some variants of the breakdown display, you can try to cope without a specialist.

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We got together to do a grandiose wash, put the laundry in the drum of the device. Have installed the required program. As a result, a breakdown is displayed on its screen, with the abbreviation F12. The pump does not pump water into the tank, or it tries to pump it and at the same time creates characteristic sound effects, since it works as with obstacles (in jerky mode). If such a malfunction is displayed for the first time, then it can be displayed in any set mode, without an obvious pattern. However, in the future, such a breakdown will light up on the display immediately after switching on.

How to determine the malfunction if the manufacturer does not provide for a display in the unit. Notification for such devices is carried out using LED illumination, depending on its modification:

  • Ariston Margherita displays a malfunction by blinking the mains indicator light (the number of blinks corresponds to the error nomenclature. 12 times, with a break of plus or minus 10 seconds and repeating the cycle). The illumination will be complemented by a constantly glowing “key” light, which is responsible for blocking the device door. In addition, the switch knob is constantly rotated clockwise and produces characteristic audible clicks.
  • Ariston units of the AML, AVL, AVSL type, etc. notify of a malfunction by blinking of indicator lamps indicating the delay of the modes, “super wash” (two upper indicators along the second vertical). They are accompanied by frequent blinking of the button for blocking the hatch of the “key” device.
  • Hotpoint-Ariston modifications ARL, ARSL, ARXL, etc. display the F 12 fault due to the blinking of the indicator lamps responsible for the spinning and draining of water (the third and fourth lamps vertically, as in the figure). In addition, it is possible that the entire horizontal panel will light up, with auxiliary functions placed on it.
  • Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis displays a malfunction by blinking the temperature indicator lamps (two lower lamps on the panel responsible for the temperature mode operation).

F12 breakdown, how to repair it without professional help

  • There was a malfunction in the “brains” of the washing machine. The F12 problem appeared for the first time. To eliminate it, you need to remove the plug from the socket. After a short period of time up to 10 minutes and connect to the network. As a result of the shutdown, all modes should be reset (software reboot) and the device should work, and the problem should be eliminated.
  • Break of the contact connections responsible for the operation of the control unit, which consists of two indication and control boards. Examine all contacts (disconnect and reconnect all cables).

Have you followed all the recommendations? The machine did not work and did not reset the error? Then you need to call specialists. washing machine repairmen.

Code recognition

Washing machines without a display give an F 12 error like this:

  • Washing machine Ariston “Margarita” will prompt about the malfunction by blinking the “On / Off” lamp. The indicator will flash 12 times with a break. Additionally, the “Lock” indicator is on, the handle clicks, turns in a circle.
  • For Washing machine Ariston (type AML and AVSL) LEDs “Superwash”. “Delay timer” blink, the “Lock” light flashes more often.
  • On Hotpoint Ariston typewriters of the ARL, ARSL, ARXL series, the “Spin”, “Drain” indicator blinks, all program LEDs are lit in parallel.
  • Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis cars will give an F12 error by flashing the temperature light at 40 and 50 degrees.

What does the F12 code mean, what to do if a malfunction occurs? There is no contact between the display system and the control unit. You can try to solve this problem at home.

How to fix the problem.

Display module

Causes are similar to control board malfunctions, solutions are the same.

Frequent breakdowns and how to fix them

To reset the F12 error and solve the problem, we will test the main engine parts.

What to do to identify the causes of the malfunction:

  • Connect the stator and rotor windings. Connect a device with a voltage of 220 volts to their connectors. The motor should rotate. If the brushes fail, you will notice how they spark.
  • When starting, you can hear the engine making a lot of noise, heating up, not working at full power. Probably, there was an open circuit in the stator and rotor windings. The multimeter is connected to the winding lamellas, as shown in the photo.
  • The resistance can vary by no more than 0.5 ohms. In another case, a short circuit could have occurred. a visual inspection will help determine it. You will see burnt areas and smell bad.
  • Measure the resistance of the stator winding by alternately applying the probes to the case and terminals, as in the photo.
  • Normal resistance will be very high.

In the event of a malfunction, you will have to completely replace the motor. After installing a new element, the F12 error code should no longer light up on the display of the Atlant washer.

F12 code decoding

Error F12 is a serious one. Almost always, it signals serious failures associated with the electronics and wiring of the Ariston washing machine. What does the error mean, how can it be deciphered?

Everything is explained simply. there is no possibility of interaction between the display module of the control panel and the electronic unit responsible for the operability of the entire Ariston unit.

Much to our chagrin, the F12 error is often initially generated not by the electrical controller, but by the module indicator. The reason is that it is unable to interact with the main brain of the Ariston to coordinate its own commands. Therefore, he begins to block the working steps, displaying the F12 error on the screen, or sends the named code using the panel indicators.

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Washing machine Ariston. error code F 01

You, as usual, put your things in, select the wash cycle and start the program. An Ariston or Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine blocked the hatch, took water, but the drum did not start spinning, and the code F01 or F1 flashed on the display. However, for the first time, an error could appear at any stage of the washing machine: washing, rinsing or spinning. But in the future, it is displayed immediately after starting on any program, even on Spin, Rinse or Drain.

Note! In rare cases, the F 01 error may appear and disappear. If you have just such a situation, do not hesitate to repair it, the washing machine will not last long in this mode. Soon, your Ariston will display error F01 immediately after turning it on, you will not be able to wash your clothes at all, and repairs will cost much more.

If you have an Ariston washing machine without a screen, then it will report error F01 as follows:

  • On the most “ancient” models, with two indicators. power and lock of the hatch (like Ariston Margherita), the on / off indicator will blink (one flash). In this case, the program selector knob will click and rotate in a circle in the clockwise direction, and the hatch lock lamp (“Key” or “Lock”) will be on constantly.
  • modern Washing machine Ariston, with indicators of program stages, (models AVL, AML, AVSL, etc.) will show error F01 by blinking the indicator of the “Extra rinse” button (the first from the bottom in the column of buttons for additional functions) and more frequent blinking of the indicator “Key »Lock the hatch.
  • In Hotpoint-Ariston Low-End models (ARSL, ARMXXL, ARXL, etc.), the Key light will flash (the first indicator from the bottom in the vertical row). All horizontal buttons for additional functions may also be lit.
  • In Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis machines without a screen (AQSL models), error F 01 will be signaled by flashing of the temperature indicator for washing in cold water (the first temperature light from the bottom).

Error F01. what to do, how to fix it yourself

  • Failure of the control or display module. If F 01 appears for the first time, try unplugging the Washing machine Ariston for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. Perhaps the control or display module malfunctions, and after a reboot, the error will disappear. Frequent control module failures can be caused by high humidity in the room where the washing machine is used.
  • Low voltage in the network. Voltages less than 200 V may cause this error. Restore normal power supply to the house or apartment.
  • Damage to the power cord or plug may also cause an F 1 error. Replace the cord or plug.
  • Connecting through an extension cord or a weak outlet can lead to a drop in the supply voltage below 200 V when starting the motor, and as a result, to the appearance of the F1 message on the Washing machine Ariston. Connect the washing machine to the electricity correctly: to a separate line and your machine. If the socket is physically outdated, replace it with a new one, always with grounding.
  • The contacts in the motor control circuit have come off. Check all connections from the washing machine motor to the control board.

Our advice has failed and the Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine continues to issue an F1 error on startup? This means that you have to state the fact of a breakdown. Unfortunately, you can hardly do without the help of a professional master.

Decoding the error

The F01 / F1 code in the Ariston washing machine means a malfunction in the motor control circuit that drives the drum. For some reason, the motor does not respond to signals from the control board (electronic controller), therefore, on any program, the drum of the washing machine does not rotate, and the washing machine itself writes an error.

Note! For Ariston washing machines of the Dialogic family (Ariston AD models), the error interpretation is fundamentally different. In particular, error F1 or F01 means a break in communication between the control and display modules, and it is completely similar to error F12.

The appearance of the F1 / F01 error, as a rule, is associated with a serious malfunction in the motor circuit. But sometimes you can fix this code yourself.

The Ariston washing machine does not spin the drum and issues F 01 on any program immediately after starting.

The control board (electronic controller) is out of order. the main microcircuit that controls the operation of the entire washing machine. As a rule, the motor control elements on the board are on. Most often, these are triacs. for Ariston models with a collector motor or IGBT transistors (field workers). for models with a three-phase engine (for example, AVL 109 or Aqualtis). But it happens that other radioelements on the board in the motor control circuit (transistors, resistors, etc.) also fail, the tracks along which the signal is transmitted burn out, or the contacts burn out. In rare cases, an error F 01 can result in:

  • failure of the firmware of the electronic controller;
  • failure of the control board processor.

All elements of the electronic controller responsible for engine control are ringing and, if a malfunction is detected, are replaced. Burnt-out contacts and burnt-out tracks are restored. The firmware is also checked, if necessary, the controller is flashed anew. If it is not possible to restore the functionality of the module after all these manipulations, or it is immediately clear that the reason is in the processor, then the controller is replaced with a new one.

The brushes of the electric motor have worn off. In Ariston models with a collector motor, the brushes wear out over time so that they no longer generate enough torque, which causes the drum to stop rotating.

The motor brushes need to be replaced.

After starting the wash, the noise of the motor of the Ariston washing machine is not heard, the drum does not rotate, and error F01 pops up.

Washing machine motor defective. Burned out motor winding or leakage to housing.

Repairing the motor is impractical, it will need to be replaced.

Damaged wiring or contacts in the area from the control board to the motor. This causes an open signal in the engine control circuit. In private homes, this is often caused by rodents (mice, rats).

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Damaged wiring must be restored or completely replaced with a loop with wires. Burned-out contacts are soldered or replaced with a new contact group.

The price is indicated only for the work of the master, details are not included in the price and are paid additionally. The exact price depends on the model of the Ariston washing machine and is determined by the master after diagnostics.

Unfortunately, many people neglect the rule: “the first symptoms of a malfunction appear. call the master” and hope for the Russian “maybe”. That is why we often encounter situations when at first the bearing rustled and began to leak, then water dripped onto the motor. And in the end. the Ariston or Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine does not spin the drum, and writes the error F01.

Wire problems

The wiring connecting the display and control units of the Ariston washing machine could have burned out. The reasons, as a rule, are power surges or the ubiquitous rodents. Defective areas are cleaned and re-soldered, new wiring is installed.

F12 code decoding

Error F12 is a serious one. Almost always, it signals a serious failure associated with the electronics and wiring of the Ariston washing machine. What does the error mean, how can it be deciphered?

Everything is explained simply. there is no possibility of interaction between the display module of the control panel and the electronic unit responsible for the performance of the entire Ariston unit.

Much to the chagrin, often the F12 error is initially generated not by the electrical controller, but by the module indicator. The reason is that he is unable to interact with the main brain of the Ariston to coordinate his own commands. Therefore, he begins to block the working steps, displaying the F12 error on the screen, or sends the named code using the panel indicators.

How to fix a breakdown at home

To fix the F12 error yourself, you can try the following options:

  • the F12 error can be reset by disconnecting the Ariston from the mains. If there is a normal failure in the system, then after restarting the washing machine will work normally. Such actions are performed at least three times, the pauses between test runs should be from seven to ten minutes;
  • check the contact group going from the indicator element to the electronic controller. In the event that loose wiring is found, just install them in their places.

There are practically no chances that such actions will help you fix the F12 error, but it is worth trying. After that, the control panel, the electrical wiring that powers it, and after that the electronic modular device of the Ariston washing machine is tested. Traditionally, they start with what seems simpler. wires and boards. But if there are no positive results, you should think about calling the master.

Module failure

The main reasons for its failure are similar to board breakdowns, they should be eliminated using the same methods.

Other reasons for signaling F12

Often everything happens trite. moisture gets on the electronics of the Ariston washing machine. This is especially true for vertical loading models. This can happen when heavy items such as jackets, small carpets, rugs are being washed in the machine. The Ariston washer is not able to squeeze out such items, when you take them out, water floods the machine and error F12 appears. From this, either the control module of the Ariston unit or the display unit fail.

In addition to the listed problems, there may be latent malfunctions in the Ariston machine. They cannot be identified by our code, but only they will provoke electronics failures. To detect these breakdowns, you must have sufficient experience in performing repair work.

For these reasons, many craftsmen do not advise trying to carry out repairs on their own.

The sequence of repair work

Naturally, calling an experienced master from the service center will help you save both your free time and your own nerves. In the event that there is a desire to work on your own, then you can find and dismantle the module with your own hands, taking it to a specialist for repair. This is done in this way:

  • The panel of the Ariston washing machine is removed from the back.
  • In the body part from below, in the corner on the left, a decent-sized block is mounted, wires fit to it. This is the module responsible for the management process.
  • We remove the Ariston module without disconnecting the wiring. It should be photographed in order to perform the installation correctly later.
  • Having disconnected the chips, we take the module to the workshop.

Is there a need to independently remove the module if you still have to repair it in a workshop? Firstly, this way you can avoid unnecessary expenses. Secondly, there are always craftsmen who will do such work with their own hands.


To repair an Ariston car yourself, you will need:

  • set of screwdrivers;
  • pliers;
  • a tester who will have to check every element.

Ariston Washing Machine. Error F12

The Washing machine Ariston display generates error code F12 until the tank is full of water. Often, the machine does not take water at all, sending the appropriate signal. This error is preceded by one notable symptom. the water intake valve begins to function with tears, making unusual sounds. Let’s figure out what the F12 error means on the Ariston washing machine, we will clarify the list of faults that cause it.

How the F12 error code is recognized

Ariston cars, models of which do not have a display, signal an F12 error as follows:

model namesignaling method
“Margarita”The on / off light starts blinking. The indicator lights up in a twelve-cycle cycle, there is a short break in bulk. In addition to this, the “Lock” indicator light comes on, the handle clicks, turns in a circular motion.
AML and AVSL typesIn case of error F12, the “Superwash” and “Delay timer” LEDs flash, the “Lock” lamp lights up frequently.
Washing machine Hotpoint ARL, ARSL, ARXL“Spin” and “Drain” lamps are blinking. At the same time, the remaining LED elements simply light up.
AqualtisIn case of error F12, the temperature mode lamp flashes at 40 and 45 degrees.

Note that there is no contact between the indicator system and the control unit. This means that the problem can be solved on your own without calling a specialist.