Error 4c On Washing Machine Samsung Eco

Samsung washing machine error h1

Tubular Heater is a device that heats water to the required temperature required by the program. The reasons for the failure of the Tubular Heater can be the following:

  • lack of food;
  • incorrect connection to the electrical network;
  • broken wire;
  • Short circuit in the connection block;
  • Tubular Heater burned out;
  • the temperature sensor is out of order.

Attention: the performance of Tubular Heater is strongly influenced by hard water and baby detergents, which contain soap instead of synthetic detergents. These factors contribute to the rapid formation of limescale.

Samsung washing machine error 3e

The signal comes in the absence of feedback from the electric motor and tachogenerator. In addition to the general reasons described above, you can also add the following:

  • Short circuit (short circuit) or breakage of the windings in the electric motor;
  • corrosion on wire contacts;
  • inoperability of the tachogenerator;
  • incorrect signals from the tachogenerator.

A faulty tachogenerator control module is not able to match the engine speeds, and therefore there is no accurate determination of the drive speed.

Most common codes

The machine issues these codes most often. Consider them in more detail.

Samsung washing machine error codes shown on the display

5eNo draining of water from the tank of the machineClogged drain hose.
5sBlockage in the sewer system.
e21) Clogged internal hose lines. 2) Clogged filter on the drain pump. 3) Kink in the drain hose (no water flow). 4) Inoperative drain pump. 5) Crystallization of water inside the machine (storage at low temperatures).
n1 n2 not not1 not2Lack of water heatingLack of food. Incorrect electrical connection.
ns ns1 ns2Tubular Heater does not heat wash water.
e5 e6Tubular Heater for drying laundry.
4e 4s e1No water supply to the machine1) The shut-off valve is closed. 2) Lack of water in the water supply system. 3) Kink in the water inlet hose. 4) Clogged hose or mesh filter. 5) Aqua stop protection has been activated.
4c2Water supply with a temperature above 50 ° СSupply hose connected to the hot water system.
sud sd (5d)Abundant foaming1) The volume of powder is over the norm. 2) Washing powder not for automatic machine. 3) Counterfeit washing powder.
ue ub e4Imbalance during drum rotation1) Twisting of the laundry or the formation of a coma from it. 2) Not enough laundry. 3) Excessive amount of laundry.
le lc e9Spontaneous water drain1) The location of the drain line is too low. 2) Incorrect connection to the sewer system. 3) Loss of tank sealing.
3e 3e1 3e2 3e3 3e4Damaged drive motor1) Excessive load (overload with linen). 2) Blocking by a third-party object. 3) Lack of power. 4) Breakdown of the drive motor.
3s 3s1 3s2 3s3 3s4
uc 9cThe voltage in the power supply network is floatingAllowable voltage parameters are out of parameters: 200 V and 250 V for more than 0.5 minutes.
de de1 de2There is no signal that the loading door is closed1) Loose closure. 2) The mechanism of fixing the door inoperative.
dc dc1 dc2
dc3There is no signal to close the Add Door1) Not closed before starting the wash cycle. 2) Closing mechanism inoperative.
ddcIncorrect openingThe door was opened without pressing the pause button.
le1 lc1Water at the bottom of the car1) Leaking drain filter. 2) Leaking powder loading unit. 3) Leaking from internal connections. 4) Leaking from under the door.
te te1 te2 te3Temperature control sensor is not sending signal1) The sensor is out of order. 2) Lack of contact in the mounting block.
tc tc1 tc2 tc3 tc4
0е 0 f 0c e3Water is drawn above normal1) The water supply valve does not close. 2) Water does not drain.
1e 1s e7There is no signal from the water level sensor1) The sensor is out of order. 2) Lack of contact in the mounting block.
ve ve1 ve2 ve3 all2 evNo signal from the buttons on the panelSticky or jammed buttons.
ae ac ac6Lack of communicationNo feedback between control boards.
ce ac ac6Drain water temperature 55 ° C or higherSupply hose connected to the hot water system.
8e 8e1 8s 8s1No signal from vibration sensor1) The sensor is out of order. 2) Lack of contact in the mounting block.
herNo signal from the drying sensor1) The sensor is out of order. 2) Lack of contact in the mounting block.
fe fcDrying fan does not turn on1) The fan is out of order. 2) Lack of contact in the mounting block.
sdcAutomatic dispenser brokenBreaking
6sBroken automatic dispenser driveBreaking
hotTemperature exceeds the threshold of 70 ° CDisable the “start” button without disconnecting from the network
pofLack of power during washing
sunShort circuit (short circuit) in the control circuit1) The triac is out of order, which is responsible for: turning on and off the electric motor; regulation of its speed. 2) Short circuit of contacts on the connector due to water ingress.

Information display on samsug washing machines. not equipped with an information display

Fault names are identical to machines equipped with displays, except that some functions are missing in budget machines. The first two vertical rows indicate the presence of a malfunction, and the combination of the lights of the third row forms an error code.

Combination of signaling devices
Error codes1 vertical row2 vertical row3 vertical row
4e 4s e1¤¤1 2 3 4. ¤
5e 5s e2¤¤1. ¤ 2. ¤ 3 4. ¤
0е 0 f os е3¤¤1. ¤ 2. ¤ 3 4
ue ub e 4¤¤1. ¤ 2 3. ¤ 4. ¤
not ns e5 e6¤¤1. ¤ 2 3 4. ¤
de dc ed¤¤1 2 3 4
1e 1s e7¤¤1. ¤ 2 3 4
4c2¤¤1 2. ¤ 3. ¤ 4. ¤
le lc e 9¤¤1 2. ¤ 3. ¤ 4
ve¤¤1 2. ¤ 3 4
te tc ec¤¤1 2 3. ¤ 4. ¤
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Error be

After a long time, the buttons on the control panel malfunction, or when pressed, they do not send a signal, or they stuck. They can also sink in due to the ingress of third-party solid particles between the button and the body, which prevent reverse movement. And samsung washing machines are no exception.

Samsung washing machine error codes

Among the leaders in the production of household appliances is Samsung. Automatic washing machines have become an integral part of everyday household business. Among the new products, it is worth noting models with an innovative diamond drum and an eco bubble foam system, which allows you to effectively dissolve washing powders even in cold water.

Samsung automatic machines are controlled by a microprocessor. Microprocessor control takes over such functions as: control, monitoring and notification of processes during operation. But for convenience you have to pay with failures and failures in the operation of individual nodes and controls.

Microcontrollers, receiving signals from sensors, compare them with the aLGorithm of work, which is programmed in the processor. Based on the obtained analysis, the unit is diagnosed and in case of non-compliance with the aLGorithm, information about a possible malfunction is issued.

Samsung washing machines, depending on their cost, are equipped with information displays or, as on budget models, light indication is produced.

Samsung washing machine fault codes inform about possible breakdown or malfunction. Referring to the instructions for use or the recommendations set out in the article, you can find out which node gives out an error signal, the cause of the breakdown and how to repair yourself if possible.

Error e2

Error e2 is associated with the inability to drain dirty water. Among the reasons are the following:

  • clogging of the channel, filter, sewage;
  • bend of the channel;
  • breakdown of the drain pump;
  • lack of food;
  • wrong channel connection.

The operation of a household appliance is carried out in rooms with a low temperature, then the water can simply freeze.

Updating the range of samsung cars

Among the novelties, it is worth highlighting the models of cars of the samsung eco bubble series. On the diamond drum, the holes are arranged in the correct sequence to allow the foam to enter and stay in the drum.

The foam generator dissolves the powder in water, mixes it with air while producing abundant foam, which enters the tank during the entire wash cycle.

The smart check self-diagnosis system analyzes the operation of the units, and the resulting file is sent to the owner’s smartphone.

The volt control function protects the device from power surges, which minimizes breakdowns associated with power surges.

Inverter motors are installed on samsung devices, which do not have rubbing parts in their design, which guarantees an increase in the service life.

The heating elements are ceramic coated to prevent limescale formation.

E1 or E7 error on Samsung washing machine

Washing machines make life much easier in our time. People are so used to them that the failure of the apparatus to work is perceived very sharply. Unfortunately, breakdowns are common. But modern washing machines can “tell” where the problem is. This happens by showing a special code on the display. For example. E1 error on a Samsung washing machine. You need to know what these symbols mean and how to fix the situation.

What does error E1 (E7) mean?

The appearance of the E1 or E7 code on the electronic display means the incorrect operation of the sensor that monitors the water level in the drum. the pressure switch. It generates the wrong frequency that does not match the normal wash cycle. Because of this, the machine reacts to the process incorrectly, and in order to avoid problems, it starts the pump, which drains the liquid and stops washing, giving a message about the problem.

Note! The E7 code appears on older Samsung models manufactured before 2007. The error is handled in the same way as in new machines. if the pressure switch frequency is less than 15 kHz (indicating a full drum) or more than 30 kHz (empty drum) it lasts for more than 5 seconds.

The code can appear on the display at any time during the wash. But more often this happens in situations:

  • During preparation. while the machine pours water into the drum and flushes the detergent out of the tray.
  • When the machine starts to re-draw water to rinse the washed laundry.

In new models, there are other codes, for example, 4E, 4C and 4E. This is especially true for units manufactured after 2013.

How to find and fix the problem

What to do if an E1 error appears in a Samsung washing machine? In some situations, the user will be able to solve the problem on his own:

  • If the cause was a failure. unplug the machine from the outlet for 5-10 minutes, then turn on and re-set the washing program.
  • We check the water supply. it must be turned on, with a normal pressure, and all the taps that open access to the water supply are not closed.
  • We look at the contacts on the control board. Those who have departed must be connected in place, making sure that the connection is secure.
  • The pressure switch tube must be connected and not kinked. It runs from the pressure take-off chamber to the water level sensor. Without it, the pressure switch is not able to understand how much water is currently poured into the drum.

It is better not to try to fix the rest of the faults yourself. The easiest and most reliable way is to entrust repairs to specialist craftsmen.

Reasons for the error

There are many reasons why the E1 / E7 error occurs on a Samsung typewriter. Although at first glance it seems that everything is simple. So, Washing machine Samsung can issue E1 (E7) for the following reasons:

  • There is no water in the pipeline. An unexpected cutoff of water at the time of washing does not coincide often, but such a possibility exists. Sometimes the error is provoked by a blocked tee tap on the pipe, which the user forgot to open before washing.
  • If the Aquastop system is installed in the Samsung device (protection of the washing machine from leaks), then E1 / E7 may occur due to its operation.
  • The pressure switch tube has come off or bent.
  • Intake valve filter clogged. Before entering the inlet hose, the water passes through a small mesh. Over time, it can become clogged, which will slow down the flow of water that enters the drum. As a result. the machine gives an error E1 / E7 or similar.
  • Failure in the control module. Usually such violations are short-term, and are “treated” by a simple restart of the washing machine.
  • Wiring problems. The wires can burn out or fray (or simply move away), and the contacts can oxidize. This is fraught not only with the occurrence of errors during the operation of the unit, but also with a short circuit. And this is already a direct threat not only to the machine itself, but also to human life.
  • Intake valve defective. For example, after a burnout. A non-working valve will not be able to open and close correctly, and the E1 / E7 code will appear on the display at the start of the program.
  • Other problems with the pressure switch and the electronic “filling” of the washing machine. They arise due to the presence of a factory defect, a short circuit, the ingress of liquid on sensitive circuits, etc. At the same time, the electronic module can issue all kinds of errors, and not only E1 or E7.
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An E1 or E7 error code indicates a malfunction in the drum water level sensor, known as a pressure switch. In this case, the cause of the malfunction is not always the breakdown of the sensor. sometimes everything happens due to loose wires or a shut off water supply. Therefore, you should try to deal with the problem yourself, and only if the case is serious. contact for repair.

What does it mean and why does it appear?

All the error codes that we have indicated, namely E1, 4E, 4C and CHE, are deciphered in exactly the same way. problems with water intake into the tank. At first glance, it seems that everything is simple, however, there can be quite a few reasons for this “behavior” of the washing machine. Here are breakdowns, user errors, and banal short-term failures. Let’s try to list these reasons and draw certain conclusions.

  • There is no water in the tap. The Samsung washing machine will not be able to draw water if there is no water in the mains. Utility workers quite often turn off the water unexpectedly, so this may well coincide with the moment when you are going to wash.
  • The water is shut off. It may also happen that you simply forget about the closed tee tap, which is usually installed in front of the inlet hose. The article Choosing and installing a tee faucet for a washing machine you can read in detail about such taps.
  • Errors E1, 4E, 4C and CHE may indicate the operation of the Aquastop system, if, of course, your Samsung washing machine is equipped with such a system. The vast majority of modern cars are equipped with similar devices that protect against leaks, so you need to check them first.

To determine if your Samsung washing machine has a leakage protection system, take a look at its inlet hose. If it looks like the picture below, then there is definitely protection.

  • Intake valve filter clogged. In the inlet pipe of the inlet valve, to which the inlet hose is screwed, there is a small mesh. This mesh is often clogged due to lime deposits and other debris brought in by water, and water flows through this clog very slowly. As a result, we see an E1 error or its analogues on the display.
  • Short term failure in the control module. Usually, this problem is solved by itself after restarting the washer, and the E1 code crashes no more than 1-2 times and then does not appear again.
  • The contacts are oxidized or the wiring supplying the inlet valve is burnt out (frayed). A similar problem can cause not only the E1 error, but also a dangerous short circuit that threatens not only the washing machine, but also you.
  • Inlet valve burned out. This malfunction is accompanied by error codes E1, 4E, 4C and CHE also quite often. A burnt-out valve is not able to open and close, therefore an error in such cases flies to the display almost at the very beginning of the wash program.
  • There were serious problems with the electronics. If the control module of the Samsung washing machine gets water or is exposed to a short circuit or a factory defect, the machine may “swear” with any errors, including E1. To diagnose a problem with the electronic module, you need to contact a specialist.
Error 4c On Washing Machine Samsung Eco

The moment this code appears

Strictly speaking, the E1 error can appear on the display or control panel of the Samsung washing machine at any stage of the washing program. There were times when it appeared immediately after turning on the washing machine, but this is rather an exception to the rule. Usually, in 90-95% of cases, the E1 code appears at the following stages of the washing program execution:

  • during preparation for washing, when the washing machine begins to collect water and rinse the powder from the powder receptacle;
  • during preparation for rinsing, when the washer begins to set clean water;
  • during repeated rinsing, if your washing machine has this function.

To determine the E1 error on the control panel of the Samsung washing machine, which does not have a screen, you need to pay attention to the lights on and flashing. If you see that the LED opposite the inscription cold water is on, and the LEDs opposite the washing modes are blinking, this is an E1 error.

Let us also draw your attention to the following point. Error E1 has many analogues. All due to the fact that different models of Samsung washing machines have different self-diagnosis systems with their own code system. In particular, codes 4E, 4C and CHE have a decoding similar to the E1 error. over, 4E, 4C and CHE completely replaced the E1 error on new Samsung washing machines, so that on machines released after 2013, the E1 code is generally not found.

Error E1. Samsung washing machine

Eliminating the causes of the problem

It remains for us to talk about the methods and features of eliminating the most basic causes that give rise to the E1 error and its analogues. Let’s start with the damaged Aquastop hose. The picture that we posted above clearly shows how to identify a damaged hose with protection against leaks. There is a special indicator on its block that shows whether the leakage protection has worked or not. If the protection is triggered, the hose must be replaced.

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The intake valve mesh filter is also fairly easy to clean. First, we shut off the tee tap. We unscrew the inlet hose from the washing machine. We remove the mesh filter from the junction of the hose and the body, put it for half an hour in a citric acid slurry (2 tablespoons of citric acid 3 tablespoons of water), then rinse it with a stream of water and put it in place. We fasten the inlet hose and open the water, the E1 error should disappear after that.

If you have problems with the supply wires of the inlet valve or with the inlet valve itself, you will have to partially disassemble the Samsung washing machine in order to repair it. We completely disconnect the washing machine from communications, open the top cover and find the inlet valve under it. We check the wire going to it visually and using a multimeter. With the same device, we check the valve itself, if it is faulty, you need to replace it. You can read how to do this in the article. Inlet solenoid valve for washing machine.

Finally, I would like to once again mention the malfunction of the control module. We, of course, hope that this trouble will bypass you, but if you still encounter a similar problem, do not try to carry out repairs yourself. If you are not an experienced electronics engineer, it is better to entrust this work to professionals, so as not to strain the family budget with even more expensive repairs.

, Note, if you suddenly saw that your Samsung washing machine has stopped and does not want to work, and two E1 symbols are lit on its display, be aware that the washing machine cannot pour water into the tank. What is the reason, you still have to figure out, but we hope that this publication will facilitate the search for the problem and its solution. Good luck!

Error SD, sud, 5D- pops up with copious foam. Causes

You, as always, threw the laundry to be washed into the washing machine, pressed start, and after a while, to your surprise, you found that the washing was paused and the 5D error on the Samsung washing machine was on. You may also have noticed that there is an excessive amount of foam in the drum. Although it doesn’t always happen.

What does this error mean?

Most Samsung washing machines have a built-in foam control system. If the amount of foam in the drum exceeds the norm, a mode is turned on to eliminate this problem. Error code 5D, SUD, SD means only one thing. this mode did not cope with its task, and now the machine is waiting for an independent decrease in the amount of foam.

You can fix the 5D error yourself in the following cases:

In most cases, this error code on Samsung washing machines is just an alert, and in principle you don’t have to do anything. It is necessary to wait until the excess amount of foam settles, then the machine will continue the washing process on its own. After finishing washing it is recommended to check:

  • The drain filter is working properly, maybe there is a blockage in it. It is necessary to eliminate it.
  • Are the detergents you are using for your machine.
  • Have you overdid it with a portion of washing powder? We recommend using measuring cups.
  • Have you loaded porous or fluffy items? Then the powder should be put in half as much.
  • Try replacing detergents with better ones.

What should be done in the event that the wash does not end, there is too much foam, and the 5D, SUD, SD error is on on a Samsung washing machine

Try to interrupt the wash yourself: activate the drain mode or try to open the door and take out the laundry. After that, clean the drain filter and run washing without laundry and detergent powder for the longest wash program at an associated temperature of at least 60 degrees. This will help to remove excess detergents that interfere with normal functioning.

If there is no foam, and the sud error in the washing machine remains, most likely, the matter is already in a more serious violation. In this case, we recommend that you seek the help of specialists.

Probable problems that need repair

Believe me, this is not the first time our experts have encountered error 5d. Here is a table that contains the most common causes of failure.

Error symptomsPossible reason for the appearanceReplacement or repairPrice for work and consumables
There is no foam in the drum, but the error persists. Washing at idle did not give a result.The problem lies in the foam sensor.The sensor will have to be replaced.Starting from 3000, ending with 4500 rubles.
The sud error in the washing machine appears immediately after the start or during the washing process.The problem may be a broken water level sensor.Replace sensor.Starting from 2900, ending with 3900 rubles.
Without using washing powder, the machine works in normal mode, with the powder a 5d error appears.The problem lies in the drain system. There was a blockage somewhere.You need to clean the drain hose, pipe or sewer.Starting from 1000, ending with 2500 rubles.
Samsung washing machine 5d, sud or sd error appears anyway.The case is quite rare, the problem is in the control unit.The solution depends on the degree of damage. Both repair and replacement are possible.Repair. starting from 3800, ending with 5500 rubles.

The of repairs are given, as well as the cost of consumables. The final cost can be determined after diagnosis.

If you have not dealt with the 5d, sud or sd error on your Samsung washing machine yourself, you should seek professional help

During the conversation, you can choose for yourself the most convenient time for the arrival of a specialist who will conduct free diagnostics and carry out high-quality and quick repairs.